Listener Mail 11-7-17

Tuesday, November 7th


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Now back to rub anybody and gone on ninety. Anybody any. Dawn show. I called rock. Eleven. Somebody else here hurriedly ran radio dot com not part of regular old boring listener. Sorry I mean look at any new news about going to then sang in the beginning Donna. Company and waited as many hall shouting come on guys he's he's gonna gonna gonna bring us a lot of emails and I'm. Ran ran ran went way way way you can read email all morning to the lawyer girl. Did you get doctor department didn't go. Rambling email the name rings the door milieu is doing here. This is my idea variety she says hey here's a total humble brag and a huge. Thank you rob for doing all the resurgent hard work for teaching us maggots how to cook follow my hobby is the meat and HTV. And I inside check and we have never had a bad Thanksgiving dinner or any other dinner there we have hosted her family and friends using rob recipes. He's tried all the different ways that rob cooks pretty much everything go home and they always ban tummy. Is so much the full holiday cooking video series posted on the membership site yeah the members are at radio dot com for brining the Turkey prepping Turkey coach. Carving. The Turkey gravy. Alone and mashed potatoes nothing at all and we even have dawns pumpkin cheesecake yeah. An agreement as well videos all posted a blooper reel also. Then there's this email from Nolan Nolan he writes on my got to my got to my dad. I purchased two packets of Brian from smoke junction guest is now. I'm doing a free Thanksgiving Turkey as a test. And the suburbs around even more purchased a wrong cove rotisserie oh my god sit different I preceded it but it was broken. I ordered a replacement and now it's the laid. Oh yeah it's my question I wanted to ask rob how he cooks it in the rotisserie I want to be done right please help. Go to ran radio dot com you'll the robs a few go to rob recipes you go to holiday Turkey recipes oral breather right their second the last one is the wrong co rotisserie. Turkey recipe just follow those and you'll be fine. Man look at that. Other web site in. Is Brad radio dot com where we have another brand new. And prod okay. Off branded an enemy entity they're the producers right eye and they're doing a pod cast hot. Of big broad man on the heels of advice for couples wanna do more swinging and the poly lifestyle getting pretty. Well for long distance relationships do that is free and ran radio a dot com keep in mind that's where the stupid story bloopers stole. Anderson you really don't don't do brewing unique feature keep movies we have we have O'Brien back in the health major Turkey juicy. Oh yeah flavorful and you have to order from the students are more cautious store sold out online. When there are gone you'll have to go to one must find vendors like. The aforementioned smoke junction cafe. And Loeb wrote in Sacramento California is also the butcher boys meat market on only in Reno Nevada. But why she shoes off. Station in Carson City the travel plaza in guarded bill yeah well Darrell Issa along with a dozen other vendors in stupid store restore its credit ratings. Here's our first emails from Nathan Benes and says I mining is Nathan we have Nathan and I just drove from India on stand and I wasn't prepared for this I. Though we were gonna do this saying how accurate are these guys it's old Jesse young I'm clean I'm not. Let's see if your car I was the track if it could be fairness is. She's an explanation all right I was distracted from preparing for this segment during the commercial break because family law attorney Lana Shearer was leaning. And before she left she wanted to get a picture with both my dog yeah. Damian Williams is so we of course she got down on one knee in my German shepherd maestro immediately obeyed the command he sat and he's at an intentional at all time posed for the picture was amazing meanwhile on the black labs all adds. And all have their vehicles. Ha ha ha I was incapable of sitting for more than three seconds yeah. Eating her hair trying to liquor phase you don't have the stern buoyed by took nineteen pictures that I don't want those helps I haven't showed her. At one point miser. I think I am tired I wanna use. Out of her critics say it's not our home our colleagues that you waited for one Humana and Fareed god name. It is again the sales from Nathan Nathan says hi my name is Nathan. He sees her car I just through Indiana and South Carolina in order to send utility trucks to what told a legal. Make you can't help restore power out there are both a nice job here. Is good is gone all right you're about helping hurricane relief oh my god and a guy you renowned like president orange. As we were also praying for the people of who had to recall any. We love away. Who knows a little corner. There is that the president. And then says I'm now driving back home and I don't think I will be able to make it without the red relapse thank you. You wouldn't you make you usually have a Mac feature on a good loyal helpful oh yeah. The school. So this is from Shiloh is Shiloh says I have listened to your show since I was thirteen years old and I am now 28 while I was there the whole lot of you make my workday is a lot easier to find emailing me all about the wish list part of your show. How does that work and we're gonna find more informed that I can only guess he's talking about the 47 days of Christmas pretty sure that's what we call it Shiloh. And you go to grad radio dot com. We start granting wishes to. Look look. Arm and send us your story or someone else's story and the police are granting wishes tomorrow one point two million dollars in was shot she may have been granted over the past twelve years fifteen years Jihad. And start losing count any and all next email is from nick hey nick. He attached a picture and says was Brandon an aftershock a little part today I didn't wanna era after I am in the show. Yeah this paparazzi shot is definitely Brandon and there's mrs. Brandon yeah. Simply it's creepy artist zealot to a magazine. Proceeds if it was a stack magazine who flew. His energy Google. Also nick says he did not missing Greta van fleet as he said earlier because they've ever played it's I heard her crazy old hippie lead in their bus broke down there. That is true but did they did end up playing it was just. At the end of the show when one of the headliners are playing so nobody was around that side step aside seats are you actually miss the Motorola. Dummy books right next emails from Britain Eric says hey rob my wife and I saw you and your fiance Saturday and bring Christian and stock or mail and then again in target I don't know. The only no. I did not want to interrupt you while you're spending time with Christina but I did once tell you my wife and I both love the show and listen every morning during our commute. I also noticed that your fiance is even more beautiful person off she is and you rob are much better looking in person in that photo and photos of you on the show is. This yeah I was thank you better than you doing photos that all the time yeah. I'm good I'll make you could ascend Heidi at one of the many. Are we just around I mean you can't do it just adored them to get intelligent homer you know a couple that was behind us the whole way and went to the Christmas. She could call and dial and how yeah is increasing its always stop to make an obvious they're look at something. It was till up. Seals from Matthew Matthew says my name is Matthew. Yeah I just want to say I love the show won't let me do I have become a bigger fan in recent months than ever before. I really didn't matter yeah. Do you. I really enjoy listening every morning on my way to work I always. Try to call when you play the pressure cooker but I can never get through all blew harder you are all awesome process and Brandon is the best. Okay. The wind didn't pressure the tomorrow we start giving away Guns 'N Roses to.