Listener Mail 2-17-17

Friday, February 17th


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Anybody until. KKR's. Dawn. Get this printed out email Ari via red radio dot Thomas from Daniel had. We pretty ladies free cash freeway with songs from schoolhouse rock he writes I am going insane. I know all of the parts of the free cash leeway they are so. We know. Easy. Did you block my number because the wind is always busy when I call that we know we're just were popular are concerned night. Now let's see does he know them oh boy cut to has been identified on the air. Those that delay and obviously Dana is an idiot for Kirk. About one. Got three. And does not bad let's general yeah hollering. Yeah. Today it's all over people know more in my mind. When we're done we'll be given away over 101000. 500 bucks to a bank in this round. Right now because we had a hundred bucks every time we don't get a win it's a musical montage is played over. Songs from schoolhouse rock Kohler 18 is Aaron good morning Daryn. Good morning to play the montage two more times to give you chance at 400 bucks here's your first listen as our songs from schoolhouse rock god one. Cut to. Cut three. If Aaron can do it she gets 400 bucks Wheatley at 715 with a new montage for a hundred dollars a he can't do it we had a hundred bucks we play again at 715 that'll be 500 dollars with the same montage god one. But to. Cut three and our errant wind 400 bucks. All right cut to what is cute circulation. Relation to par three is conjunction junction and yes. Oh Joseph blow did you. And cut one that is Pacman Mac. We always learn about taxes though remember Jack was and a house rock okay. 400 dollars for aaron's songs from schoolhouse rock tax man Macs ought to hear it I just when you're literally here I mean it didn't sell like it. Some meat like gonna lose them for copyright and tell you hear them and in a brand called send. This circulation in conjunction John's son blind. State and federal dumb. And I can. And you are white and. But to. Three. Cars made here now. Then your Q&A. Hold on Steve Miller's of course had a guest of one of the cubs was on the bill I'm just all little hero and had no. Yeah I guess we're not gonna give you the most famous one dummies to ease our congratulations arrogance 400. Play at 7:50 am feeling a little generous. I'm gonna try one of the easy you're one not easy I know you meet couple these that might be easy you're one you're amenable and well heartburn yeah. I don't know though it sometimes and I say it's easy it is. It's a holiday weekend for a lot of you hopefully. So rich and handsome fifteen for a hundred bus we could get a win I knew all three of them right away the answers that's not the. Woman right once this year not just guys that are listed on the outside here today. On the website is ran radio dot com by the way I yesterday we just ran out of time and he's got bogged down the doctor robinsons. So we want people live on the air TV drinking with the maggots system what we're gonna drink today yeah. We got up here we all gathered really quick. We keep all your suggestions please send us are in the red raiders outside we keep them in dawns giant box though. Is full denied just say. The the drink suggestions yours is little unclear and we really quickly. We showed our hand in the dawns box and we pulled out today's drink which is the Gator pain. Which is basically Gator raid in Champaign Brett okay for us our online they keep airlines like supple huge very did you get dawns always I didn't I didn't don's order. I have choices for Gatorade I have red or yellow what would you like yellows the original or her as the 31 and I believe he's on the Reynolds the next. They do look at the same pillar of Milosevic used to. More arrests posted you can email us RE PN radio dot com first from the Chris. I says I am writing you only to inflate your collective ego. Last weekend I took the kids to Disneyland and throughout the long drive only one thing kept me awake your show's audio files. Well all yes you could say in my entire family owes you their lives. Passion anger this grates my groin fifth. Very next okay my grind some truth. There's a machine somewhere in America. Are just for order and okay this came in I yesterday Thursday so wind is the nice thing back command and it's a long time ago. Lisa says I hope I was of somehow last night and you've got the information you needed. Before you left the bull's eye store. I'm sorry couldn't get it for myself but it was getting kind of busy and I couldn't leave my post I hope your feeling better we all my voice is feeling better. I and I am starting to feel better okay you as well again and demons and CNN producer now I'm Lisa I huge family saying she is so so we my. I. So I have not stepped foot in a target since December oh basketball's nice story. It was more bad girl that is amazing now I just have to say there really isn't really is amazing because I was trying to like not. Not spend any extra money on anything and necessary and for years and now. I heard a natural match. Hardy is. My weaknesses because like some stupid candle are sending that I'd certainly don't need that in my mind it looks cute so. I'm out with extra junk now there's that she didn't go in the air or let's not sure I would only say you went to target last how. We re decorating the house and I want to. We're not healed and I went on the island to look further some candles and they didn't have what I wanted and I didn't even think a lot. They got me out when I'm Nat and I saw lots of those yeah. I can't do. Humid and the secular and you don't have boobs. This is sure yeah. Even now my weight gain and movies is 1222 so. Adding yeah sake as liter bottles sports Gromit the yeah Brower we have. Any area IE. So. It is that it's very hard for me to shop at target so I've not I've not gone there because they'd want to eliminate a temptation to buy stuff that I don't need. However I diss their pharmacies and they needed to get prescription and bush you need your drugs runs against that it's true I. So media person or. And I went in there and they did a little bit aggression shopping and got my prescription. Which by the way I am such a nerd I am buying. I went to go get my prescription and it today firms this guy he was like OK give me ten minutes. So I'd go off and do my game you know shop with a kid might never come back at our seized those on the equates to lock off. Now now now. Good pharmacists would've page views Elmo and big tennis and saying no they did OK yeah. He checked the event that's all honor them and as bad. Any really I have and with target asking the way you look at their debit card that's linked to your checking account so damn runner. I like it gives you a 5% off at them and my. Largest files as saying I'll just let her sit and whether you're right if it's ten dollars and fifty cents off. You need mood of the. All add another hundred dollars by bugs off. MBIA and how much you have to spend or to add up I'm just curious. Any race I. And is the point where I. I use that and they used their card will act because Obama's name is McCarthy have a coupon app and site is about missing so I can save as much funniest customers is going. Lane lane in time. Billy eighty agent earning at least leap. Yes so's she had asked if I had made red card but remember all my wallet was stolen. Everywhere we can easily get rid currently days since the in my red card was in there. They took everything that was a wireless. And Sony lenses of explaining that to her and she's given me a number to call them blob. On things that wallet thieves opened up the wilds and not a bad back object that I don't anticipate your wallet. I know what here's the weird Spain beat you've never heard of slow and I read stories that play somebody will find their. They're stuff like the place we'll have their whether they left the restaurant store they'll have their stuff and as the block begging the person just want to open it I've heard me ever. Resent it. That's what are they taking credit cards in this door or yeah. And so I don't concern for trying anyway so I ate only in ball down required for our Social Security numbers and things like that explain. Am a card hassles at security card it's gonna be held no clue I yeah well you know right my claims it did check clearly says that. That about what was going nine and she gave me and our she told me number to call another addition is really seen because. And she didn't issue like waited until the very last minute when I was walking out to say. That she liked the show off. I never been this week I'll let him and you didn't by the way say I don't think you can ask now miles just didn't mainly young man is Thursday and as I. It's just I couldn't piccolo. Paula good morning I'm done. They appear in an airplane incidents and. I mean that hit the deer on take off in North Carolina on when we're okay do you. So we feel like uncle Jerry was getting his private unpleasant it is on the upper peninsula. And then later that day touching go exercise. Sleep touched down low gear came out of the woods and got right now it's like a light plane but got right of the airplane and loan. Children there and folded airplanes. And countries hit by that was like really thick and wrong. And country it is and the like videotape of the video. Beyond the hunter and Mike and see let's. It was really dread those reindeer but no. Beckett was nothing that LA has actually admitted to doing that in my quote. Perhaps plot that you I'm afraid episode you know. The buck stop with Jerry doubt he's. Your uncle Jerry's insurance company out big bucks. Guys bush okay current rates. Here's. Here's an email Ari you grab your thoughts comments from Amanda hit the says I was listening while walking back in my office from a break and at some point Rudd is is earlier this reason this employer she says rob said the word bitching. And it seemed to echo through the hallway eighteen big run of my employees a few minutes later my boss walked up to do with a sizable Hawkins at your radio show isn't on anymore. It's now got the word bitch she tells us that or I said oh no of course not sarcastically of course she rolled her eyes and walked off your totally worth it. Sounds like a bitch I. Hey hey hey hey exit by the Nazis and if it booked now I don't most scenario but as a boss and somebody complained that. Then the boss has no. I'm uncomfortable the boss has to go okay need to create come. The people complain loan and he feels light and real problems. And yeah. Why did you go out I heard the word Betsy you know what light Terrell I don't know talk to the persons as possible their legs that's what they're gonna do. God get real problem this from the woman who I. Hours from now will text me because she'll be angry that flight doesn't have Wi-Fi. Did data's ship but I still had perspective. I didn't. I think Jesus every morning when I Famer Carl wonder the little things that I would I delay. I'm glad you deal and holes and you just don't behave like yeah grateful for. Do next emails from rob. And Robert says thank god your app works so well we do about a new and improved apples from a few weeks ago he can get that red radio dot com iTunes store herb dangerous storm. Or just get it's free people. Via radio show. Roberts says they got the app works so well because some undersea work. Asked senator. And funders CN word in our building and play now we can't have any radios on in the office and things around in your eyes on. Tell one person this zip it or create a work environment and understanding. That this to the radio does not really what you're there to do in the business. We have a job where you're you're being paid to listen to the radio show up once and otherwise. Because we do in the day and age where nobody can listen to things privately are quietly behind you speak just like a boss won't tacky tie is. I ask you box have been for about forty plus years back Lee and I. My client. You don't ought. You know is it's not I now. Live yeah me exe act. Next email is from summer. It's she says I was listening to audio file from February 15. You guys are talking about the wife cheat on the husband and those doctor rob Letterman and and when you guys took phone calls rob went to answer a phone and said hello summer. For the notably in the summer if you have. There was a big long pause so why say it out loud hello. And then the call came on I feel extremely. They're really long. Talking to me. This email is for he Jeannie HE the kind of long but I think worth they'll. A whole pay as Tyler and I cut out like good guys and she said it's that it. In the letter she says I right you guys is he known in hopes that it makes your heart a little Fuller this Valentine's week or are remembered around and they was Tuesday area that I. That there's like very forget the moments ago so far. So five years ago she writes I was a newlywed to my high school sweetheart ten years well we just bought a new home when I was promoted to an amazing job and was on top of the world. A year and a half any knocked up one of my friends. Old couple rumor and left all right guy. And I thought it was. All they walk off like that ties Wesley and urges they always work out sometimes they failed. Marry early and it is rare she says I got laid off coach says race and shortly. I said she got laid off Jessica influence. Shortly after were we had to sell our home I was devastated and threw myself into school and any jobs like it yet. As well as working out like a maniac who had earlier zen is. And if that. He so I'm I jammed became my escape we had a lot of fun he was charming you know that person everyone just wanna be around. But things got serious fast after a few months they started to change he was happy funny around everyone else a behind closed doors he was another person who now. I was so emotionally attached and allowed things I would never have allowed before. Well I pulled away from my family and friends and I pulled away in general. Because I want to protect him. Others thought he was such a charmer that they would never believe unified tried to tell them the emotional bullet lead and abuse when girl. I told myself that those who didn't approve didn't understand him or they just didn't care about me. I got caught on the emotional rollercoaster. I'm really happy good times. An awful times we've followed shortly after by making up and happy times again for the problem through all of this was I am a religious listener of your show. As I heard Robin Brandon speak of what makes a man and what doesn't. Things that we're just unacceptable or Amanda talking about terrible past experiences or dawn describing to a tee. The appalling experiences and behaviors and I was just a fine. But dawn I couldn't say you were just jealous or didn't understand him like Indian people in my life the excuses didn't apply to you excuses spelled wrong occasionally when it. I. Really so you didn't have a bias you didn't know him yet even knew exactly what I was going through a new pestered me via the radio. It was easy to avoid everyone else but you just wouldn't stop making sense. I was living in hell. After almost four years of cheating and lying controlling daily emotional put downs and even physical abuse just as you said. I am done. Totally done not angry upset sad just done. He's gone as I write this for the next few days and I packed up all my belongings I don't want anything else earning a stream keep everything can. You art. I don't care how scary as is going to be it doesn't matter I'm just done so thank you all and dawn especially used for not giving up on me via the radio. And reminding me almost weekly insulate couldn't deny that you were talking to me words cannot express my gratitude. May you reach others just as you have done for me am forever grateful. And if there are any resource or support groups that you knew directly to I was so grateful absolutely Don you're gonna. Right so right and that there are eating give up on yourself I appreciate your kind words I don't wanna take that away from me but. You did this to herself and you didn't give up on yourself he kept hearing it it could've been really easy to turn off and chipped it out. So are just so proud eland. I will definitely be in earnest Matthew easily dons are you easily could run for must your family friend and a single day began when it came out and I free yet. This is us another very nice one ounce from Clarissa. Says I Theresa we yeah. Yeah. I just wanted to write your show to tell you guys thank you for being you. I listen to your show every morning on my way to work and you guys keep it real. 1998 but a cracked. I love listening your doctor rob segments which we have later on this morning if we stay on schedule. Because I can relate some of the writers and callers and I mostly love hearing all your different opinions and inside it really helps. The listeners gain more perspective. I'm 24 year old. Oh my god single mom divide. And I am just trying to figure out life all of it I wanted to tell others who are likely to just hang in there. My life from an outside view appears to be very collected but it's not her I worker very stressful full time job. I don't have the time that I won't my son. My love life would make for a terribly sad chick flick minus the happy ending balance shoots might overreact my whole life teaches is filled with toxic family members of the I've been cutting out slowly but surely. And it feels as if this has hit me all he wants. And all I can do is do the things that I have to do to make sure that my son is okay I get worn down I have anxiety attacks but I reach out to my friends for now with. And a pep talks with myself everyday. I feel like everyone to anybody. It is just trying to figure out how to get through each day. How to reach or even find our goals something I've always found to be true is that you know when your heart what the next step is to take your life you know what needs to be done. To get through the obstacles are reach that goal you just have to do it. A lot of us don't because were scared thank you guys for being ran PS I'm dyslexic. And over tired so my apologies. If I left out words or punctuation all. You didn't enemy dog may god bless you. They really. Am saying it of one thing now I have banned trying to work on as you know I have I was honest about my a depression and that kind and I. Kind of address last year and then I did the classic thing that I think a lot of people to use a CC start feeling better and you stop your medication and stuck on the the therapy. He stopped everything has your pain and it's like I knew about dead that was a classic move yet they did it anyways he's. And and then I found myself. And maybe a couple months ago completely stressed and completely. Bright back to where was slain in a really really dark depressed place. And so I restarted my medication and everything done. Although one thing I realize is it mental health. Is kind of something that you have to take it daily accountability for. And he need to check in with yourself every day and do things every day even if it's just as simple as waking up and making your bed and think if that makes you feel better throughout the day. EU need to have like to see his daily little check ins and even you know right now I am a million things that are stressing me out but I am learning to cope with fish and better by just. One checking in one myself and to being a little easier on myself because I think when you're super sweet hard earned yourself and not only play. Texts he's pig it makes you feel like a failure every day. But and then like increases your anxiety and like a person say Nino waiting need to do you take care of like whatever problems you have. They don't turn tackle everything Powell once displayed little baby steps every day. I know Graham and I were talking about this and I was like. I was like yeah apple lead you know what doesn't do this and are about to say it which could be a good thing orgy so secure. Probably about I don't know arguments against. There like a dynamic ads and you know rob blade that like to know when I was getting off the rails and he would look at me and be like okay what. Let are you not do it you're you're a list of things that you do will. Every day to keep yourself on track let what do you not do it any large think you would know right away and even though Robb's not like a religious Fella he delayed. You know I'm going to show heard you not read the Bible are you not that I know that's something that keeps you story I like I just remember you saying that when people have to. And I don't care due to. On a. Just trying to get through four hours a day. Yeah the first yeah I would feel like right now I've been sick and I kids have been 60 I haven't been doing those things they can meet that angle. I know old that I can just get right back contract in not beat myself up for from not doing what name and have. Planned for myself and just be like OK it's OK I can get back on track. Annexed emails from a window Palin does does hello my name is Linda Lou. Or people paid a huge favor to ask him all my favorite people that's us. So my husband's name is Bo Jackson Jackson. Then all of basin. Friday is his birthday that's today. He is turning the big 400. Yeah. And yeah we're both older than me just like to have a test your photos your date until he thought. Linda says the 26. Or is perfect I think played right for the pig and Linda says he's had a terrible year with his dad's passing another life changing events or. This man is sacrificed a lot for me and our daughters he's putting me through nursing school and takes on all the financial burdens. He's a full time truck driver works long grueling hours to be able to give me in the girls are nice life. And it would mean the world to him of his favorite people that ran radio. I carry that is about as gift it's happy birthday. Saying he listens you every single morning and says that you guys are what gets him through his rough mornings. All I know you guys are super busy and if you can't do this I understand but let my mom always said it closed mouth won't get fed here to answer your mouth to get some. So keep that mouth open or that. Are you one more this is her talent. It's it's girl scout cookie time and so we've talked well yeah Girl Scouts and and and whether or not unity it's okay for the parents to sell the cookies for now. They just the other common word you'll fill this out now does the kid have to do it. And where's the happy medium with with parents that don't want their kids needed to be in harm's way award and when there was some story about. Well the Girl Scouts are now not allowed to. Actually asked as I would have was. Because there yeah I guess people are parents are and I'm sorry adults are filling intimidate. The adults complaint right. Does say oh boy so I married you shame mean you're girl scout Sheen he's so. As I just want to get your opinions on this one of the ladies that I work with broaden her daughter's girl scout cookie order form. And posted it on our break room. With a note written by her daughter. That's Q now I personally feel like she should have come in and asked does but I do work and hospital. And I can understand not wanting to bring your child into this environment so she gave us a copy of the of the the note. If she wrote. Says. Her. And Quinn could. Selling shares spelled wrong. Roland go scout cookies miss now on the spelling mansion the night. He is fifty and if I chipped it about hedge. It might get to and yet. So all need to do what is important and she signed a skin and. That's and a happy of media has. By those days and our planet and now I'm down and I'll. Britain no ad that background and their great great clearly noted it's all over this is sure none of them are anxious not take them to work and I don't know I mean. I don't hold Brooklyn is but she does bring up a good point whether and I wanna drag a young kid in the hospital. Victims are all with catheters and other things I don't know if that's what you get. And gone.