Listener Mail 3-19-18

Monday, March 19th


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on 98 rock. ARX you've got next. You're listening to the and dawn show. Good Disney no hurry deer ran radio dot com. Are no great girl born this. Scolari won I Baghdad I don't liberal in that same here so hungry disease knowing that they don't understand OK well because I got he brings a Lotus. AA that's where the maggots did you knew where. I oh it's Monday. Yeah go really really bad you name lives on me. The motives of those man bring you the email had he had an email before the first manned that didn't make no ten. Said no with a job market where did well. Let me. And John Boehner yeah. Yeah. This is an area in a dairy does well those letters that will horrified a certain number of parents are parents to me though we're just already in the doctor Robb say when the mama seven year old his friend is that. Actively talking also seven talking about having sex. Darian writes in says hello I'm a high school ansari I'm. Oh sure. My generation. Might have noticed the first six elementary school. Everybody knows what's next man. Laura Hayes knows all of them. Bell one here and there. I had great. Are beautiful and I'm movies. Your face is bat if you. And here's. Hey did you like Ricky Gervais you really should watch Tom and I don't know. Celine bad it is elementary it is pedantic it is not funny it is not original it is deliberate and an absolutely horrible way I could not believe the train wreck that I was watching while also trying to figure out how to help this guy get a Netflix special. Told him no answer there's no reason why discussion beyond that play tennis this. I heard awful. I saw there too because I'd also like some Ricky Gervais. I humanity special I loved it I'm glad he did to us and I saw this after it was over and I thought who's com. Tony's girl loses I thought it was the guy who did the done pizza ads while the. Did you know idea abilities are dealt add photos and did you watch any element though he saved yourself. Some hot here is rare interview looking media in our. Christina. Mother inferior and I heard specials amazing woman she's the funny one and really. That's for sure maybe that answers it right it was like part of the favor Obama lead you Jim I especially you have to do my husbands or whenever. Oh my god yeah it was it was staggeringly. I just. We have put into words you may get through the whole thing lack. I I got through played about forty minutes because one of their one of their sales points was that he was gonna he's edgy you talk about various things including porn and I got a little more imparted it was. And and not funny not original terribly present and I said OK guys it's forty minutes is enough that I I've done my time here on number I myself. Ever being there are moments I like how did you give this some 98% match I watched that. I mean a lot of times they're right on the sometimes I start watching whatever it is I like that look because I have nothing to do with this thing. Why that's the guy at all I'm convinced that's the yell back there. See the match is new because before they would actually let you grade the episode or that or to show. Guys are stars but because the people who actually mean it like Amy Schumer morally getting like one started complaining Netflix is saying this makes. Might healing OK surely deserving get brave I think that's. I did during the match saying result generated now by by a bite algorithms based on genres and she shows that you're watching a little bit don't match up those shows to you more of the machines taking over like I like darn good sometimes because I watched Sons of Anarchy a million times the pixels could for legal watchdog snuff and recommend a I don't you. Let me on the membership site should wanna see how to tell a funny story we actually happened right along with rob video up. Christine and I drive and I'm honoring we're getting married I teller about median a couple of whiskers in the grocery store that's how you tell funny stories spoke with that its members about Brad radio. Come first emails from parents caring there's a picture and taps she says my kids were playing dictionary. And this is they're growing number grad radio truly maggots in training now you're pretty dictionary what's the category we're gonna draw our studio. That's their radio shows and understand our. That's your kids singing it's being used didn't hear the parent scene police should be in jail. So they drew. They drew a building with an antenna on top this that's broadcasting now and then they June of us here there's. There's a dawn and rob and Brandon and and Amanda were on the outside of the building for some reason and what caught an Alley the Mahler Caron the moms I guess alleys of the one who drew it. This is is that there's a thought bubble above my head and I am dreaming of my wife Christina. Thanks so. They got the Lola the mobile radio because. Fans call out of loss on wall shaking hands on currents. There age. They give yourself Huntsman they're you know now the only injury you're enormous head okay just let him call him a friend. Little girls is like it means to me did she was sold side issues pictured as me in the goats and shaking ends that. I am like. Which is true does Kansas couple pop up his. Hey I am so around yeah. Right handed them like hey you know what they did get exactly. And it's so sad the we will as they maturity snuff and honesty I don't know I'm I think I'm more part of our society just laughter. Not everybody you're walking around on a fast so but now. Plays in the Middle East Jesus yeah. Artists from that they match we were taught why why why what was topic we're talking about whistling bothering certain people in America and yes they're just rude as its root the whistle yeah. How was your real conversation just say in his route to whistle bald Harris. Oh lady I think they're called in and said that her dad did not allow you to. Whistle inside yes listen when you're talking about like cellphones and stuff at the table and all. And what is considered rude we had another person say to people still take our coats and hats off when they come. That's right it's all part of that same conversation in the whistling on the kind of caught us all like why it. Yeah yeah whistler yeah even threw just whistling so Matt says god damn you guys. After your conversation about people constantly whistling. I experienced my first one in the checkout line at Safeway and I never realized that I get hate whistling so much he just stood there was. Yeah knowing the mind that led early animals or you know there's so. You have to you know I mean yeah is that that's good nervous habit. Probably heard people. Next emails from Anthony K Antony he rode into the picture as well as it had a blast to Tahoe blue but go see. Tastes amazing we're in Reno for a softball tournament drew over twelve hours lizard yeah supplement so. It was worth it for the Tahoe blue as well sorry is the official vodka red radio. You have so Greg's idea farm I noticed you mentioned the outcome of the softball tourney so we pretty know season. It is now yeah. Mobile it'll show up do you. Because all of blizzard. And then there's this way to celebrate it's a blue and Christian thinkers since she said hey rob this weekend I had to kill my cat do to call my answer. Your kitty did all its spread quickly so the inevitable was here. Staying in the only thing that made it better was probably vodka with cherry Coke yeah oh yeah. And would you be good thank you for bringing this wonderful Mancha to life problem thank you Chris and I'm glad it's if we're glad to help and we drink to celebrate we bring them we're sad and yes that is one of the amazing things about Tahoe blue because of the the smooth taste. Included in any soda that you love and that still tastes like episode which of course is incredibly dangerous they actually do that if your home. But my wife plays it with Jerry go. Remember how many drinks I had it at your dinner last year wedding you know what you do you're make and you always makes strong ones I. Free. Plus I didn't taste in my house and I don't bump just right right so I'll turn I think I mean it was a good net if I know let's talk a whole globe cited his taste it. I had trouble locking microchip into. They're walking on crutches this crazy enough Obama what about the AA am here is we let your play and we. Were reasonable guess Scott Ritter same area all my by the way I remember we're we're working now on reversed shame means so when we find replacing Kerry saw hope blew a restaurant or bar in particular in the northern California northern about it area we like to. Honor them so that the losers are carrying. Sir. You know you can my. Any major won't carry Tahoe blue envelope so if you go somewhere and you see you order vodka and you see they don't Tahoe blue certainly isn't so yeah it's imminent they may get I just leave. Everywhere you pay your bills first yeah does that give these let them know. This is from. A name withheld it purses as recently I actually schooled bartender for not having Tahoe blue Mancha. I was thoroughly upset and had to suffer through my Corley tasting Texas nomination because she made it with a different Monica. Lou I complained their food and beverage manager for dean at an absolutist I. The other Bob how. And you ordered some old blue or else the lose my middle class once in awhile business good that should do yeah today he let them know that the once a month customers coming back. Italy gets auto blue panel Sean. And then a couple more quickly with pictures as well Josh pace on Friday we hosted ran radio dot com if you saw hope blew us saint Patrick's aggressive. I thought I am and Josh wrote it and with a patient saying I'm making some Tahoe blue leopard comes further red radio recipe any area that's the one that little orange. Very good to be enjoyed that there are you ask the pot and all hell was that don't we just imitating a Middle Eastern person kind of accent was happy to. And then Michaels sent in a picture. They were in Roberts wrote house root out on Saturday and he says I try the red booty Mary on Saturday night to wash down. My advice and murder and Venus no. I brought little slice is not can be brought us through how true are. Partners. Who serve up the red blue he marries that probably Monica with our bloody Mary and and the broader exported from locations including the patriot you can also had two strikes on limited. Love in Rockland halftime our grills inside they serve the luminaries and all these he tells oppose it and superstore burst. I had radio dot.