Listener Mail 6-19-17

Monday, June 19th


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Back to the rub anybody and don't show on ninety draw. Eight PR execute got there. Call limit any. Saying hello area. Heart failure or neighboring Iowa so he's name is nice is I guess yeah. Well not exactly very you know better. And better and I area and I know yes I Darien. I had a quick comment about the sexual assault case. I'm a navy veteran and I had a really really get buddy from the Nady come motivated stay with me for awhile after he got out and altered. And me my friend are all very sexual weekly grab ass and all that you know we we joke around about trade all eighty days vicious joked. Under no way would it ever be okay former friend ever touched my wife and I had this friend tell me one night when he was plastered journal. Key I should leave my wife because she's better border denial of. And I just wanted to say that I don't think the letter writer did. Taking it out of proportion and anyway I mean I would I wrote that person off completely how to talk to them ever since usually like birdie or years I was military. Thank you for your service flyers. This email Fareed the red radio dot com unrelated but also not part of regular old boring those around me when I. I just want people understand Don we're about to go into that segment food and southern candidate dollars in postmaster here. It didn't really hadn't given email without the booze and you know it's a cup before. And those men emerge even though I suppose they would delivering your emails in the first thing is just a random email they make anybody have been Abu. Pop quiz Bob Graham a roses from last week who was buddy. Hey I need more information. Yeah you read a story about so many many now old and I'm Amanda's close served there wasn't colored it was on both lists and her. On snare whose. School. How does that and uranium is a model. Who likes what it got back at it it typically use the Fuld the guy with the Bryan you and makes them. Celebration of life out in her mommy daddy called in these days do you have any bribe money in around me she actually had some Brian line around. Which I asked dawn to FedEx and it just wasn't the name it was under the oh okay it was. So you. Anyways. Says hey rob I would like to. Lowe's say thank you for the line and ever suspected you send me why in the overnight. I would prefer to shake your hand this last. How wonderful. And I thought oh she looks this celebration of life. Very well there really nice. And don't get any ideas don't start calling in thank you and now life is good among all sides yeah I can't. EC game. Wanted to stand at fifty talking about these old people like Connor fourteen year old that we talk about all the time. And face veil I met Bill Polian you know you didn't you're lying old first. Now the college years. Your dad mother. Brad radio dot com first email this from Brian name brands as rob I've always been a huge fan you're due to and a true disciple of the church of work harder good for you. I thought I knew most of what there was to know about you rob the listener good until. Last week when I found out you are a lakers fan. I screamed aloud enjoyed because the lakers so then my team my whole life. You born and raised in LA I grew up going to games at the forum. So they used to play out of the staple center I got to see Jabbar and magic and good for you. At the very end of their careers and went regularly to the Staples Center to see Kobe and Shaq in his legacy. This is a name dropper it's official god dammit I have a man crush on you I. You only go let's take it now I guess not all because I'm a Laker fans. The other sealing the deal right. Surely your Jersey during basketball oh yeah. They sure. I did well yeah. The. And and I examines a time maybe he's doing elapsed yeah. We're not for me then. Yeah me. All of their probably really long. That's right because big convenes. The way it worked in an all out. I can then candidate like you do not know. Flipping through here. It is of prospects are forward. Milk and. Cheers for America me and I realize this is news and most of you but yesterday was Father's Day all you AM what pictures tomorrow Brad radio dot com my dad was up for the weekend. Bloody guy you haven't yet so very glad that I'm raising my dilemma doing Chris as a damn right well. I did I have spotters are raised me. Brian I am my count calories and young girls and then I. Have you a father figure father figure and I and then my kids turned and so dom had his dad Brandon. Why does life changes lives and your dad he lives in Southern California SI don't seem all time. And her dad a lot of more time. You sure you use I want to do is well do yeah. Oh you shouldn't eat your dad come to Thanksgiving this year you'll get an idea maybe he's been threatening to cut in the northern Californians turned Thanksgiving. At a gated Christen Chris do you have a dad I'm just so yes I assure noon so your father how you applaud. Here to know. Me now. Aren't you long gory my dad's dead yeah. In the same day that I'm not I loved ones I was read Demi Moore makes ms. Palin's company movie look at your next hurdle that. Yesterday was fine say in the air just female best Father's Day ever because they -- picture he got a pack of our espresso bar if you saw and our barbecue rally. Bull by the by which all that is available in the stupid story Ers saw there at radio dot com Marie also have the whole list of retailer you can go to in central and northern California northern Nevada as well. By the way brand and when you were drinking with not now because your close to sixty days and I and indeed he's exactly fifty OK well then you're not close to six. And fellas yesterday is that. When you were actually the one that introduced you to the idea of when we make bloody marys using normal you marry me and this was north. Broussard graduated so that abetting a once you. Some math spice. Has anyone ever added. The lead a it's all right you know I like. I thought oh god the only am I agree with Amanda that you. For me that I would add to it is a pickle she asked did the -- we've gotten we've got everything you need we can rebrand the whole thing. It's these bloody Mary mix it marries another pickle juice CN suing you at this present barbecue sauce to an end the barbecue rub it can be rimmed around the glass little yeah how open yeah. And to radler now I am going to see bacon all available in the students aren't so are we will not be selling taken out. Credit rating about Tom. This one is from is a bad lie is a bed she says I remember Don used to wave about her favorite water bottle slash canteen. That she used for her tee and stuff. What was the brand the new guy and daily news and hiking that. And I want and I can't even for water and quote unquote other things. Right now you'll pretend to be hit each and. Derailment may well. I love yet these or. Clean and her. Called clean and seen her in hole oh yeah I play and how ENAS. Why is is great I just I shop and a lot more like western type stores are bass pro shops that have a lot of the yet he's. And teens do and you know I would go. Eric don't get him a grocery stores and much more expensive than if you go to a bass pro shops are trying to college kinda don't Wally world. I'm not mine you'll find deals. One's great. So Jenny or clean and he had. It works early and and again the idea of these is so. Hello I have always said you send up to the ice is left Jennifer what I might know still the ice is here after three days. But it. So hot here on Saturday were ever here is for you was high and I was out analogy here is an Alaska I would didn't hide my truck. Water was still cold and it's he would eat even though it was like a million degrees and I wasn't. And a million degrees but we are experiencing quite the heat waves throughout California Nevada the southwest. 1710810. Well I know I. And Saddam of it is done this. Whatever feels like a million. So when you check the work and they're it's integrated temperature and look what it feels we'll take a million downloads that testosterone did this for the record it's 'cause I I'm a big fan boy I'm calm on the weather channel and it does not stay in the news. Feels like a million degrees. I'm pretty sure that the. Oh million. From Jorge Jorge says Iowa is at the flea market this weekend in the when I see number end in some. I'll it was. That is until midnight screening when an apple and a miss Brandon yeah. I was gonna say hello but don't want to bother you didn't want to bother you again that at ten. All wrong so all right I was the brown guy star visual I'm still here at the flea market as. I was staring that was the wrong guys darling there really what you are saying maybe I was a star in his eyes. I was wearing a pink shirt. Black pants and a San Diego Chargers hat it was so great to see is celebrity out in public with us commoners were you at a flea market this week I. How is it the farmer's market. It's time. Flea market well it's a flea markets last farmer's market. And and where you can go from one spot it's it's all know the good farmer's market stuff menu you walk ten feet to the right is a bunch of junk but remember I was. Shirt threw his brown and a chargers had the eighteen I'm sorry man houses and it's yes I saw you buddy good to see you thanks for scaring you. And you know. And she admitted. Connection things stories like. You're at the free market and I was wearing pink shirt. Does that email comes when a and attachment for news articles from Adam Adam says hello Brad does this article mean less travel for dumb dumb game. Is a sliver airing ads about the issue at abbey dawn husband on the on. If you. It goes around the country facing zoo museums zoos standards the article you attached is that the AG Sacramento zoo which sadly that's were located sacrament of golf morals. 408 degrees today and are now. Girls and I sent us these Sacramento zoo Whitney which by the way that's where dumb dumb and all meet we use that she'd gone in the months. And also have heard no pardon ran through work though so this now. So help thick she led didn't she lives in the month of pages so fine Deri who is a zoo consultant matter and they say to me was posing her down. I kind of like tomatoes. I read while she was Clinton prove to Americans or something done that's so silly you. The aging of Sacramento zoo according to reports is ramping up for is 75 million dollar transformation yeah. Oh officials announced plans for a re imagined zoo. Which will be built into phases over the next fifteen years and yes sadly we'll probably all still be here. Any stigma that trend that is the way across the country the new facility will be more keenly focused on species management conservation effort efforts and public education about animals. The zoo director and chief executives and replaced by Gary. I worked. As the as. Zoo's main entrance already has received a fresh coat of neon green paint. Still. It goes beyond every day and yeah. It's so stupid can you imagine I don't know being anywhere else hello Dan Diego LA Philadelphia biggest city and in the newspaper offer rush how to paint a zoo full right. And we. We may or may not have an announcement about Gary could result in Sacramento zoo soon. For now we have nothing to say it's all confidential polo tee here's an agreement. That was not dairy idea and I would it shows girl now. Well you know I guess you know he's sure there aren't a lot of guys are beer can market I would turn a little ones now attrition and Pollock mark Tucker. And there's a lot of ground I'm the only I don't Browner and earn a New Mexico rocker like it. Do they came with my prayers and I think you're usually end is just I didn't like Iggy didn't Browner you can look at it. She doesn't want the original roster who doing what you. What does that I guess I know I grew up learned what a bunch of rocker sorry sorry Iraq. He likes flattered and your man and he's makes Hughes or any gotten Browner. Because brown because he was in the sun and yet and you into the emergency teams and you react deeply it. I haven't heard people describe the cells that Leno really ill her parents are. Definitely nice little lead and we knew if I feel like there aren't. But they are you so much a great thing. Guess emails from Richard K like a fun time I don't think it David says I miss your segment of calling engineer Bob. I mean yeah my home boys I want. Do I. And I'll do this. How do you. Oh man yeah Eminem and him I don't know if that's right I know my phone. The does that say short memories there days you might not be in the building yet he should be in the millions my old college professor here. Shouldn't be a mile tall trees he's never moved on my guys have. Gospel I mean you're. No actually I hear it and try to get the thought ma I had that's behind us and try one more rear. Do. You you. I hope America. You. Thank you for calling totally. Following you may enter it now or pressed forward wants us this directory gala I'd. Enter the first few letters of this blast and for the letter you use it. Is old school. And they update their phone systems. George. But doctor rose yeah. 123. Under the name cash transfer into our doctor. Suspensions 642. State. All of a little early next six or security and now the wrong. Oh yeah maladies a receptionist Sioux City and then I don't know it's. You can leave a mess. It was so long to five and 659. You can want. Well. Hey day today and be able. Are okay what is summer vacation. Okay yeah. My number is surely a request he wanted to talk to you who you're not answering your sock I think those players. Big did and that's an if you had a cell phone call the death of ninety goma on cell phone yes I just I don't I'm Amanda summit send somebody did. Macy sue Cameron and her eyes man man man I memorize as my husband's yet not only. Els had a screw it I just haven't had near me I. Almost an engineer Bob's phone number. Cellphone number memorize. From back when we're building our studio might call him every day because it was going all. I don't quite remember thank you so much luck there is such a good little employees. Our enemies stand by as a library. Okay yeah all paranoid. Do this. You look at their contest up there I don't. There's other. Yeah assistant U. Eat only low. And oh yeah he hates it's pretty it's a new phone look allergy get what's the back board. I don't know though what's the color ways to take if you take black face off. Black on black I'm like yeah. All I noticed accelerate why isn't often. Red numbers and they surprised I. There are angry and believe me if I don't let bros golden and in the paint that's an idea and he goes well. Rose gold like little red in it. So I heard it was learned our. Any honest glue covers grad level oh yeah. Texas here on the Mac yeah well that's a good idea. See this gets engineer Bob. I simply not working you might do. Very sorry if this summer on now and other stations a rule. He could just be grumpy. Old pal. You'll join Bob adds the grad radio show. Why why are you not ever worked yet it's it's seven. Laughs I am network I try to figure out why it played a hundred degrees station is really the key. I deal is. Is that every machine not working because it's it's seventy degrees inside the red radio studios won't be and the air conditioning. Heard larger I would react they're treated BI have these windows open and construction site or the ideal radio right. Gonzo you're at your hat buzz he alone you're at came away shell my mind I am Asian. Farmers I'm daily show doing whatever edited on our yoga and sort of my. It's. We got an email from someone I think I think it's on the heels of last Friday for Father's Day weekend we call my dad. And so we have read Korean people that that that listeners like to hear us call and I think it triggered something in the and is now one pair Bob and his monotone voice and of course you're due out or get the usual god damn quick. Well yes I am a recurring Kershaw and she's a little. Oh wait I understand that your your your bureau literally I mean you're you're you're being clown right you're not really a hundred. Right. Good I'm glad you're probably it not be sure sure it felt jealous LLC. Yeah oh yeah I called the facility Schroeder said. It sent some player because nobody's doing their job me I go buy some more old people that already get him to do their job goddamn it. Re circulate hot air you'd like cold here are common now. Yeah actually Irish Sacramento bee here this week. Don't know do you have. Does so right now do you have some rock in morning radio show. That is competing with us on the air I. Sadly the morning guy got hung up on his flight back truck mater North Carolina national you have wedding so we have a lot of he's mr. automation two and more coach and he saw. Well this area so there's no competition or here in the Bay Area. They will we're in the womb in the ratings and Emmanuel good. Here they and even just tell us did you now mom did you buy. Bob you're Bob other did you have a good Father's Day yesterday. I did I went over and saw Kristi for awhile and I share their condition that was my. Whole season is Africa hot or not prepared Childress. How other records are but he knows that's not our Christie pretty. Christie isn't different Christie had daughters Kristy and and Brian's happened yet and she didn't gym rat on you agree. Jude does she has to our little one now. All you got your member Chris you corrupt there are great by putting her on your wide variety of fallacious they have good rounds yes no I can't well. Yeah yeah. Yeah and all she. He's like thirty try and help. All are now and she's way I'm madness yeah I know there was a time where she was hot now she's the bus stops and who. Or other guys are slowly and there you don't have by the way by The Hague triggered a trick question Bob how old are your life. And there are cheers. Bob. 38. New. Well. And I hang out. Remind people. Did you know I mean I don't know applauded or try to attract you know I mean really it's easy to talk to engage Bob. Artery you know I'm engaged to. I didn't hear your congratulations. You yes thank you very much and have my fiance is 26 so go blank yourself fundamentally. I gotta order to see that there are also another. It's. Really everything you're comforter and I forgot the orange order. Those pictures you know she can Tambo who is in the re terrible okay good luck with the show love you know by now and I hit my bottom. I ain't her it. I should. It. Blew. Learned to see our listeners trifecta your mother she was another pop I'm not really she was home is machine now. And you learn as we watch you remind you know you got so many letters about your mother and then they will literally out. Did you handle. And there's going to be an Emma. You aren't. I was okay. For some reason the I was calling random people and someone else may speak volumes so fine. And I. What then what are yeah it's does my mom. Now for my hang up on me. You had a hit single love line on the one or she should she can do whatever you want to name of the book but I wouldn't do yeah. I hope she's here in your refrigerator yeah. Different kind of do you want us. So yeah I towards Kim might be running out the door I heard when I was encouraged. Great and I said I would senator Ron yeah. Paris anyway. I'm your grade do you refrigerator with. Isn't it it. Well for no I have to keep drinking the night in what clothes dryers and life. We need some you do during the mayor Phil yeah it is not often failed us. The rally just down the thermostat. Hey at least she says by member told your mind and maybe in the middle of talking insurance and click. You're just begun under the compact cities opinion on what I was done and click. OK take a close on the level for us. Nancy go from James AJ are doing this terminal says I'm just writing to let rob know lit Million Dollar Baby is on Netflix. This means he doesn't need to exhaust himself by walking over drew his dvds in dealing with removing the plastic yeah finally watch it now. And how it isn't a boxing movie but I did bring in. Bomb on his copy of Million Dollar Baby around the floor here it is kind of. Dusty and generally it is true I think it it that's for you don't. I still do not want. Tension of watching the most it was so that the boxing movies I mean you can position that John memorable. It looks. Movie all the dvd in the move on how many dvds he needs and be happy with some I don't wanna I think that. And is there a bonus he had thing is that extra X hello I'm entered in for us Hilary Swank will work out. I'm with your first time caller I. Have you. They gave so much I know I just had to respond to what you're saying about your mom you just nasty and debunk all the US terror. I have similar phone conversation on a daily basis easier. Yeah I don't know rob how. Everybody. There's quartet and Amanda fisheries is certain age is a woman ages like by. The worst of it yeah. I'm talking on the phone I you have to multi in the most awkward person on the phone I don't know how to and it conversation and I don't wanna talk anymore about it. I don't not to say I didn't feel like injured and the worst way for that moment where yeah right yeah it's yeah it's boring and I am and you're not only doors on the Conyers the worst persons as soon. Do you mean it is a pain you wouldn't. Oh yeah I know jag now. The only person I am. Paul did a whole list. Maybe yeah. May her. Again. Also believe so. My good so you got. And from there the on the and play you are. Currently this is what we do the last week before or go on vacation we have great job guys good enough art so you made it home safely after Father's Day weekend I'm sure you really appreciated your gift which was a card. Oh yes it was a very nice cars plus largest appropriately here occasion back and to have life in general. Now. You of course you finished last that scrimmage from a panel of Italy part of tomorrow's update that you saw that dribble. We know genocide are invited only wins. A game. Well do you once you have. And I would I would OK. Okay do you get didn't do so you might be a little bit. I'm able to deal would rather large. All the good news is I don't plan on living as long as Jews all never know it's like Danny and I in the program are you 85 DN AE 85 before you buy one are you. I didn't forum. Okay you'll be 85 and a member she made that one may. Eighteenth place so O is. I believe that we saw. A little bit about Thanksgiving while you're here in the lead on and Gary you are going to be there yes I mean has that always wants giant destroys I know you asked dad and songs in the brand on the spot Brandon and this is brand on their last you're going to be there this year I think so OK I don't think so what we know we don't have any other plans. I know we've got to wait to hear something else. He's no all. Answered Leslie do you remember Amanda maybe even if you heard there's a possibility. Either. And so so we may or may not have other guests or could just be like the five of them stand. Tokyo whenever I love you go back to bed earlier and I don't wanna know I heard about your morning routine your naked you're watching TV reading Newsweek that's. Are going to love you dad didn't. He's so good that picture right send you that I found when I got home. So I couldn't routine today and I've been up since 5 o'clock am working. Well why don't you still working on what you don't have a job what are you working on I really don't know. What a mess. You're always like they're going to. See well you did you dig you did say and don't yell hi guys guy you. Do you need you need me to send somebody like I have people like it send people feel. Well I don't I don't need to do you have Orange Bowl and cleaning up this stuff. Throwing away what got to welcome back to the usual. Ourselves and the daily insurance guy did. That's the problem yet okay. And admit it but as the middle of summer how does how does here's. Elaine become too wet is what people want and now. I leave I had a malfunction. In my pool solar heater on the roof. So les and that. Well I would be proud of water. If you drew one of breeders are all on my roof. And right there and through that we don't roll into the safest and. Ceiling. Over that room until they collapse. I am OK why is he cleanup semester Goosen people over his team leave homeowner and you know I need to keep even hire people to come. Weren't all inside a love you dad can't show you go by you don't owe a lot to do they. I Chop Shop and Denise had a house than a minute and Eric grant.