Listener Mail 6-21-18

Thursday, June 21st


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Our radio rant radio. Tom however they are not part of regular old boring this. Com but here's the thing I'm gonna read these estate tip that a little bow on our previous discussion double comments doing it in there. And then we're gonna move on of that segment hopefully they don't because they'll finally John when he comes in brings a lot of emails and that confuses. Them and give. And that those things Gordon again are you mad they are right you know hired I urge you reading email we boarded rose Rand dom meaning you get these hearings daddy email you get both Randy. Lou. Lou Levan got this huge embodied. The. But. First one is from Connie Connie just to clear about our question she says type one di a be this is inherited. Or gotten as a virus at any age type two. Is because of something you have brought on yourself and then she says as a type one diabetic I got when I was fourteen months alone you'll want. It pisses me off that someone things drinking drugs or playing video games is a disease. You've got to be kidding me something I have never chosen impacted my life. And made it difficult to live a normal life and times this is nowhere close to choosing to smoke or inject or drink something. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think that is the same thing. And then a common front Tracy nitrates. About a common brand and major raids branding and I love you all need to. Yeah I nailed it it's disc association. I have been working in mental health free teen years and she might be an expert. And whereas we were once encouraged to actively engaged in reality orientation. We are now actively discouraged from doing so. Everyone has to have an out and or label for not wanting to deal with the fallout of their choices he had any addiction is a choice because there are so many supports out there to help people deal. He meant is that brandy in the gulf. Did you hear yeah. I think guys on a frustrating day and holding was going to and he brought the loaded. I it was very. The mail from rabid radio dot. All of our fine products including our bloody Mary mix. Have a gym right here in door and but I'll. Or it has any of our fine partners that are surging blue beauty marries the all of locations of Broderick wrote how true helps. Asset midtown and Roosevelt was also the patriot in Carmichael they survive booty Mary's halftime our grills inside strikes unlimited bowling Alley. In Rocklin California and our newest partner Steve believes beads and bust it. On Nablus a zeroed in Folsom loans. Boulevard in Rockland and south Virginia street in Reno they all serve up the beauty marries and all of those are listed and the addresses are posted as well at the superstore liquor. Brad radio doc comes into the emails first ones from Clifton eclipses the says around the same time every year since 2006. I would get anxiety every time rob mentioned leaving for the red summer vacation a well well well well but this year. Every time rob has mentioned and imagine complains about the big game. I have had a twins do happiness and relief. Because I've held off a listening to the Prague castle. I wanted to save up on them and binge them like I wouldn't like Ashland Smart. For the first time in twelve years and actually it's good for you all get to help Arthur and yeah. Finally and I could pass happy Bristol leaf and a yeah Iowa 33 hours almost. Broadcast listens and that's Brandon Bob Jesse producer Brandon available red radio. Dot com and brought you by check to you repairing everything re. You from printers and scanners to screen repair mother boards. Keyboards touch pads is Saturday just go to tech do you dot com TE CH the number two the letter you. Dot com every don't have to go to their shop she can of course they have mobile services will come to your residence or your business. They need to do remote services depending on the problem you'll find out though do you detect to do. Dot com course this week's broadcast. Featured my wife and I christianity or on the taking questions from the the one they called the prod hands adds this. But who who would send in their questions and Brandon was the moderator and some follow up questions and things we got this note from Stephanie Stephanie she says I just listen to the broadcast episode with rob and Christina. And you read my question that pertain to my parents' age difference. Another lower some and had me dying beforehand dad has her parents are like 33 years' in difference yeah. She says this is the first time something ever written has been read on one of your shows that this felt like a more intimate encounter. We're real thought was put into the the real costs but it it on the show and that means so much true icon for some not when you look up to so much probably Christina yeah. I know not a big deal to me in my days. And he did get to touch us and more intimate way I'm prod cast overnight it guys is that that the broadcast you're not limited by Tom Lehman. Commercials there's no callers in erupt in her hand good. Ruin everything following download their mouth the word yeah. Move and we. A next yesterday's begin my wife and I we posted another picture and it but my wife asked me at any penalties for them. Why why why is it we're not just tell them it's. Your house I don't know. I have no idea that this is funny because she she's the she assumed the there's a method to my madness because it usually is something show busy. This was truth people how good the first Fisher goes a couple days ago. I I just wanted to see what kind of comments we would get. And that's and that's kind of been what's driving me is rather than just saying in the odds are new house in London kind of screw with people on them see the and in an. Brought out like I had hoped the worst and not kind of chip it would just be happy for other people because most people around. It's Americans on anything when you hurt you heard others that's how much it's true. Your first that. Could've been a host seller purpose or even that you know quite concerned about it and if you didn't really that's our new house. Here and say why it. Exciting before I get to that and yesterday's picture this is from unknown named female paid female is she wrote in and she said I'm obsessed with trying to listen to the show to hear of that picture of Robyn Christine is their new house. I was doing the dirty this morning with my husband. All I can think about was missing the rehab show up there like her afraid of missing the announcements I thought to pump so. Let's go yes baby it feels great now it's amazing and I. Asked did you schedule your announcement soy can be assured listeners and there's the announcement yes I. New house so. He did it yesterday a I would be married either way army yes Rob Kurz. We are just not look another announcement we're very we have. Get jerky answers because no matter could give you and I am uncertain how you respond to save you do would jerk. Did you can we get dirty answers is people are jerks who has actually nothing to do with me whatever. Not. My god yeah yesterday we're at the manner and we have bunches the contractors and in people coming over and most notably the heroes from hostile heating and air conditioning love them one of the partners we Morgan truth suffer a few years stopped by. I think he did check out the system's commitment is to not get everything ready ansari summer things like that's and dawn is is used them what two or three times now via and we we fell in love with tough when we met with Brian the owner. A few years ago. And we started and referring them out and had people we do we do that little sneaky things before re agreed to endorse somebody we have spies they call them and schedule appointments. Without policy in this example knowing and then we go back to those spies and say so and we find out oh my god they're they're really good. And then when Don actually use them she was the first enjoyed Calder tax something annoying communicated with this. And Ciba oh my god it's real it's true the person they came out saying they were listeners commandments don't know I think we're just give me you know very minute you mean meaning any and. I Matt was at my house my you are new house yesterday for like four hours. Amazing. Just the nicest guy explained everything and and all sorts of options. Two of what could or couldn't be done to improve the system get the most out of the system and hey if you wanna do something even bigger. Here's LM and what I love to was a lot of people are so intimidated by things like. Did like heating and air conditioning on tuna that is you become an actor that I all share. So I come out you're gonna find something wrong with the organ a lot about on the merely because a lot of us have been conditioned to like. Old school mechanics put it there's a good example is a lot of people get to get PT SD by taking their car and and being told there's something wrong with the car and are more like 00 okay and how I know I mean I can't even see so there's something down there and I am an animal works. So what Mac did was he actually he came down because browse thousands been vacant deferred firm you can. A couple months. And he came down he showed me in the picture. That because the the real sure whatever left Iran and and they weren't taking care of the system. It ran out of free on refrigerate and that causes your corals to freeze up. Any had a picture forming. And covered in ice he said OK so an 88 ejected he says yeah I need a new motor new blower that thanks all of this he's explaining he's got proof. And he said if you if you wanna grow up in your attic and then look at it so it's also transparent. Put in the new blower works like a child. Yeah got to make sure that works like concerned and so I so now finally die I and just an amazing personal experience with tough tee there and I wanna. Yeah that's always the big deal it's like you don't want somebody coming out. Giving you the special treatment because they listen you know they treat everybody that way so I like it will do a little. A little program wasn't whenever it's got a little investigating before him pretty sure every line. Is treated that way but I did like that part should a lot of stuff they surely am like I still have it here. Yeah you guys are like we'll have all this free concert until I'm like perfect. And almost forgot my train of thought there I apologize but there's the picture that we put up that I try to do little photographic art. I've put in the forefront of the picture of the half TD and Iron Man that and then in the background you see a little bit of Williams manner so we put that up and my other comments yet on FaceBook are nice Don Meehan the for example wrote I don't even know them personally but I'm just so elated for the ball. It's tees it's nice what is boring in the number is so I mean he asks us. I like to grab the ones that that that that more highlight the human condition and sucking. Com so JR. On the heels of of posting the picture about the the huffed euros being out there and working on our house he wrote. All that money on a house seniority after the sixth off. Slightly have you have you never bought a house the first thing that you do when you buy a new home. Is maintenance and fix these are much targeting blinds are on the environment that's what you do they ignore it turned out in our case yet we needed something. Six and I explained why we literally got the big keys two days ago bomb but you'll either way I would call huffed and have them make sure everything's working athlete you just get it passed. Passes inspection doesn't mean that it's that is if it's insufficient is that need to be unique about the new house to you but it's not a literally were hot. Fresh off the press is -- house and he's been maintained it for me okay now may be is there any chance or give JR the benefit of the doubt that's what he was thinking that it's a brand new baby just build a house amid all of that Casey shouldn't make yeah. No really here's the thing non. They couldn't they could not test the air conditioning. Because. It had been in two colts because this was in a couple we turn. So they're not I mean it could it could ruin your system if they do that that is the things I even asked the guys at hot so all. Of course they're inspected only what they can and they're only gonna expect to inspect a certain point they're not experts and all the fields of everything they're inspecting. And I think that's what everyone thinks. And so. The what that's why we can all puffed out we're like I didn't know our air works hopefully. Continued business that it couldn't be just before they got what they need to put it through to give us the proper testing it out it's warming up they can't. But I do you know not everyone has bought a house or has had people that guide them in the right way of of hey yes your hat in the home inspector but dot dot dot you might still have to do you ever think OK so don't I jerk about it safe yeah. Like you know all I've never I'm not I've why would you need to have people come out and here's another here's another example do I avenue to go through the same thing. You buy you buy and a house that has a swimming pool. Well you're gonna need somebody to take care of this or you can take care of your social what do you do the first thing you do is. You test the chemical balance of the poll and figure out or you have it you have a guy do that and you figure out what needs to be changed could not. That's part of having them only maintain that you figure. I think he was state Gillibrand and said okay and it's something brand Lil. No one's even live did it just got bill why Hillary out and maintenance are. Do you find or give him the benefit of the doubt because there's no doing that with a guy on instant ground. Where it is stupid name manic dude. Not sicker he wrote yeah I'm Lana has brown spots this places us. They go about. We're honored that they told the new green view it's actually teach you know here's what's that guy that prevent. The water restrictions that. Beautiful almost whipped us. Spot yeah I would want to somehow like god. On the business is garbage and junk out of that dumb to play whose job it. Yes old taping of billions drugs it's for the. So pretty reasonable one of them is no outs but yeah. He's too much time on hand look at how. How slow and by the way I do I I appreciate. People that are emailing her or FaceBook you know wherever. We've with offers of a helping us out late game even where everything from window coverings are saying oh yeah well some things are in handled some things really got. Yeah friends or businesses or things like that we were good behavior if you're if you're. If your sometime in the industry that would usually they cater to new homeowners or people just bought a home. Feel free reach out and intrigue you will absolutely looks like there's so many windows two. We still article the book but it's it's not just look at the number of windows it's the size. All. And part of it is because we do have a gorgeous view and we won't be covering up all of those big. Actual light of the U yeah I must it interferes with my dvd I did this American free trade theory I have the subtleties you need. He had gone.