Listener Mail 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th


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Now back to rub anybody and don't. APR excuse. It dawn. Or listen on. Obviously any sound and they printed out email. Play Damon RED a red radio dot com it's from jam in the height yeah. First the first one of the years since we're back from our two week summer vacation made it always the web as they are first show before a general audience at any chance you all could play the moves on state. All alone yeah no we haven't we haven't we haven't been touched on this and moos gay right before. A summer vacation when when and I -- -- fathers and their Father's Day some idiot called in Congo wanted to move soundscape which usually play for sad people to sharemarket is how can you be sad when you picture removes Kosuke is there but he is reason that he was calling was that his 21 year old entitled daughter her didn't call him on Father's Day because he wouldn't pay for her car insurance brat. And so a lot of people it don't did not appreciate that as a legitimate use of Nissan's case especially after I pointed out to him that he is the one that raised her to be in the title Lydia. And and so people could kind of. And says there have been other view you don't. Jason we actually certainly the more because that's what we do come. So let's it would Jan one. Could play Amazon's page song nothing bad has happened else. I just need some encouragement and inspiration. That sometimes and picturing moves on people happy yeah. I'm getting my first ever talk today and an international conference in Salt Lake City while I got so nervous I don't know how your. Do everyday I hate having people focused on me that I. This is the easy because to me I'm just talking to Brandon Enron. I'm not suspect that they don't see anybody else and exact dobbs good for me it is easy for me because I know I'm talking millions of people and I wanna. That's the only place in life that I manner that we expect you can't see them which is so helpful she's gonna see everybody a lot of that. Onstage and I am ready to be drunk and I didn't know that was okay to tell her baby due to Solder still unsure where does want a Kyle and that some some doctors. Recommends rival late citizens are doing this morning as some like of beta blocker like it's kind of lawless kind of slows down. Your heart rate if that works for Sunday but don't just go out and do that Willy Nilly because he might have side effect from things like you're really haven and there's the old cookie is a bad idea. For some don't call me. If there's an old trick of picture of the mall naked Ossetia and Salt Lake City just realize you're doing woman has any caffeine you in the battle. OK so you won't. Maltese there. Thinking. Safe so you. Don't be sad. Sir. Hello Lindsey good morning. Mario all most there. Crime mantra we're and I don't turn already laid it out out okay and have a cigarette to sell. It. Another one. Emails for this new mail very dear red radio dot com I'm we will get those emails and moment by. I remember grills have membership web site. Members out grab radio dot com we have a video upfront yes. Our doctor Robb's segments. Got into a three confusing definition of what the basis where the girl finally. Her guy her for months and they haven't actually had sex. Oh but does things on almost everything else them and I was. Try to bellowed as its third base or second bays are and and Brandon was taken is down a road avoiding that which of the bases and how Mario sonic itself. If it in the end actually thought about this more and I was the amount this this this this Mora this morning and there's a little bit of of controversy here in the lenders there may say that's pretty good actually actually alluding to ask for because. Correct me if I'm wrong Brandon. I know you work in view. They put this morning in our pre show airing of the grievances meeting my other. I think you clarified the and it didn't do this is what is that this is your definition so are now would you think this is your definition. First base is kissing. No there is like her and I like that they the hand stuff. First face yes. This high school. All. Hi all not necessarily. Over the bands but it's like just using you and played OK bet some kissing isn't even the main goal seemed okay see I keep getting confused because I jumped in these things when when you get when you get hot and heavy like you did you lose trek the bases sometimes lead you straight to third and so on anything okay I'm doing this first so its first day so. OK so but but traditionally your desk finish first base would be. Kissing Gallagher making out over the pants off second base would be hands below the belt right I guess I'll hide the finger hand stuff Fiat and that's active at second base don't get ahead of BS. Third base Brandon is. Now olds are being used below the belt correct it and fourth base is sex yes. And this isn't easy did you ever use the Grand Slam. No I've never heard of the Grand Slam Grand Slam is the the oops he's I hit now that's another reason I know that is because I I. Couple reasons actually I went to. They know or ball Google. And it. I want the urban dictionary and that's that's how they'd upon what I just did what branded agree with that so they define the sexual basis to. Hate it and I thought okay I'm going to communities communities expand my sample size so I texted my wife and a brand New Year's 32 yes and my wife 27. Same generation and so I texted her and after I explain baseball to corpus stopped it she agrees she agrees with the brands definition. I went OK I am going into after each new person sample I am going to come to a scientific fact conclusion dignity and Don has already done it. Things have changed clue. Steps and I I I and I backed it up with. With Google as well holy. Moly and found are more what I think I'll I'll check with on the this is this worth these are the more traditional base definitions bad. Back when we were young C if you agreed on. First base is kissing yeah it. Second base. Is fondling over the clothes like grabbing a woman's boot yeah what's your dirt you have your top on yeah second and maybe your grabbing my crutch that. They made a little close close. Those third base is any type of direct stimulation. Of a of the upright it's so yeah that could be hide the finger and so often that I include. Mouse stuff. Hole. This is where our definition was weird though true because if that's third base. And home plate is sex where is the mouse stuff you know the do you go home I think it I think and if they think are we gonna continue to use the analogy the mouse stuff is only of the third base coach wade GM. Star was kind of mania and then the third base coach not a band and I news like today yes. Yeah when you corrected that yesterday we did have time in the moment and then today oh late wait a minute heighten the finger is secondary yeah. Eight. Although I'm shocked I shouldn't be usually because in the ninety's when my nieces are telling me that have been. Go. The back. The OK you've beaten season but we'll call Libya is not even satellite that's not that's your soul version that was still virgins were good. What you're talking about. Yeah it was. Nothing to them. Not a big deal. You the eighties that was horrifying if you heard a girl did that you'll see why you are a slang are disgusting and Horton know girl wanted. To do that means mobilize all my eyes and hands are retract what I said yesterday. I I'd I savage I impugned the ninety's yesterday now. I want to say greatest decade ever because yeah it did make that behavior normalized for women think on herself and integrate content field. Emails in here radio dot com we'll start with this room will say well he says my name is will we know will my girlfriend Chelsea and I ran into branded and this is brand oh my god with a driving OK I'm. Actually wings' best in Reno I realized it was them walking towards us and I went to tell my girlfriend oh my gosh it's plane and him. I was apparently too excited and ended up saying much louder than expect him Brian can hurt me. They were so pleasant and stopped to talk to us but I was so caught off guard and nervous I was locking up and struggling to talk. Ball once we went our separate ways I couldn't stop selling my girlfriend about what should instead of one of the anti hate and I happened and she of course gave me crap about fan growing so hard I heard just a guy on the radio. And and that's very girlfriend yeah. And whenever whenever you whenever an end and this is a member or girlfriend he is just the steps to YC when you're and is happy his ass. Rick. That's pure joy he says I was so happy to have met you both and hopefully we'll gambit not be so. Awkward. No there really great people out I'll add I Nixon didn't think about Reno is everybody is so friendly they are the customers services grant. People are great and after coming after only being down in Southern California for like four days he was so refreshing because every encounter that I had with people down there. I'm just in general public in customer service was awful self real people learn the best loved and there that's a setting and that's not a guy that's. Not Meister is usually the Southern California the one caveat. Yeah it's did you new act gets me started. On customer shared this. It's it's gotten so out. I just given up I realized that we this is an ongoing thing for years but I mean moving. Buying new house and then having Tunisian. And buying furniture and doing the contractor's home and who win I'm calm enough all share the stories with you. My mom I ate my the second week of my vacation and and let me just did I'd I'd been waiting to do this and do this right now since we brought up. Chris Bubba to apologize to any of you that I met. During the that week of fourth of July I tried really hard to be friendly. All but I was in a (%expletive) poor mood thanks to the nonexistent customer service of every one everywhere. And I especially apologize if you maybe. Happened to see me lose my mind in public at a certain game furniture store that was American galleries and it and don't even get me started. Today light. And all mobile won't Moammar. Not murder what's the network that I will tell you the story when I can arm so that so so that. Is not indicative to socal or anywhere else horrible customer service because when I was gonna say was. For people living in Reno. Who your friends say my god people are so nice if they aren't you happen to think that's not true. One place you can definitely go to see why we think that way is Sacramento for little people are awful yeah customer service is bad everywhere but the people are. Listen you know all the way more about new York and I do so I don't know if this is like just something that most New Yorkers would be like why it. But people in Syracuse and buffalo were support the ice and maybe it's because we live here at the worst all touched every night. Well look ridiculous I guess I'm a little stated they're just because I love stereotypical. New Yorkers. That the reason people like New Yorkers it in my opinion and history is just because they're aggressive and confident will need honest yeah you're exactly right now to add that they're aggressive confident and honest I happen to love that calm and I are not intimidated by and I actually thrive on but a lot of people will use instead of those three words they use obnoxious. So I'm jaded because I think those people are just week. By and and so by much but any. Anywhere daddy people just this. For the most part consumer we have. All the good reminder to did you like people aren't Chinese. Always seen about Brandon and mrs. Brandon and I things and Brandon does for the show we have the broadcasts. He hosted by producer Brandon and it's usually every Tuesday red radio dot com. We do and yesterday for vacation verse because he didn't indicate. Did she not delivered it to do that I laughable will be back to it Donovan nut and another broadcast next Tuesday and red radio dot com. And every time every broadcast you know we mentioned tent two youths are the official sponsor. And we always is it a go soon you goalie given your housing can give did you think they're gonna do it could be but we also mentioned that we work with van. And I want to give him a shout out in and once again tell you live we only we only endorsed people we do business without gas and Brennan's head has been exploding for many weeks bill over the frustrations of some of our. Our studio computers. As a burn them sometimes. And those most recently we've just been having this issue where there's the computer that I used so not only access FaceBook but. News sites and and things like that Ed. Various times during the didn't just suddenly freeze up and it won't let me go to the site and won't let me print things and I'm trying to on the fly ball dawn -- talking I'm trying to. Hubris and just because of frustrated and I know it ain't got served fresh face branded even more does he feel responsible. The number I mean we're trying to get a job to do here rob that's important lies. I know that's what I'm saying and com and looks like the heroes from tech T you have got this all figured out you that you don't even run consume every day they've been trying. Right to use in the online surveys do everything remotely which is great and they need they've been working on a firm last few weeks and finally we have a solution and everything's gonna be replaced sooner gonna halves years and years zones of good Clinton so they are they are fantastic and I love doing business with an and it's check to you dot com hello there Jolene good morning. Harry yeah yeah I hit it. I don't think you guys what they credit for coming down every time I live in Reno and come and really that's and we were part of building at circuit and I think at. Me whether Lindsay you cook. Or not OK. I don't remember those lines. We run third place at all and welcome Greg should yeah so we don't know Brandon and you need to do that. I was. Congratulations. So the next email this is from Rick they're and it's a follow penal so many of you want to have questions or he would call or write us. Yeah I'm going since you have a guy edit that rookie of the rotor called he doesn't specify I don't remember. Arm he wanted to know he he was going into an interview to be a paramedic. Any wanted to know if he should go bald he should shave his head GAAP and zeroed in because one of the interviewers was bald and use any connection but it. Armed. And it turned out that if I remember he was he when he when he wrote in he had tried once. And and and already not become a paramedic and so it was goes that's I was owner. And everyone. The connection he's noticed rightly there's certain people that they all hang out and this connection so he and I realize that's another way you're trying to get in like. All costs and mustaches on call we're gonna be bold and so BP this is and he wrote back. He says. A few months I asked whether or not be good idea to go into a paramedic interview with a shaved head considering that the head of the program one that interviewers. It was bald himself I felt this would allow us to connect more personally if we both had some physical traits in common. But hearing you guys talk about how dumb of an idea was caught up meg glad that I went to hand purse. All I didn't think this topic we even get discussed on the air much less at great length but rob especially surprising was how far you took it with your discussion on personality politics. As for those people those people. They called and wrote in during the segment like them a little bit or not the first to tell me to give up. But it was surprising. To me that the attitude they had was well if you can do the first Arnie probably shouldn't try again I would get a lot of USS. First of all he writes they don't know how long it takes some people some people get courier going in this field and it's not like I've been doing nothing in the meantime this summer. I was awarded an associates degree in fire technology I've enrolled in a bachelor's program for emergency management and Homeland Security. And I am upheld my certification for an advanced EMC license. Sure I may have failed to get in a paramedic school but I was taught to never give up and never give him and I can't believe these morals are sorely lacking these days. I will try again and again no matter how long it takes trust me I've got a whole life to make it work. So it closes out thank you guys are talking about this issue with me giving me such great support. I'm a huge fan kids that. I don't like their attitudes and being. Can be pointed when he given CPR I guess once you get tired that you can get back I'm a huge fan of all of you and I felt like part of your family the way you incur a continued down my course yeah. A sad all the time but I hope your show never ends yes don't own your job. So first of all failure rather accomplish that she completely lost all of them yeah because our way Julie. Oh god that's way too much work for them and listen is because you're a litter and you know how to lose. The main reason people all those people have that they'll be advice for you. Was because. Kids who now got to be adults never learned how to lose. We all learn how to lose we had to take it we have to have the lost woods today and encourage you to get back up and keep trying ever had that the moment there are uncomfortable. There they're given something good to feel good. So that's why they be one and done and ridiculous. And remember the people that they're given something to feel good about our their parents again that are raising them. Sounds agent my may have to create the very generation that they then turn around and its thanks so much for raising this generation but not think you next you know. This is from somebody don't want institutionalized. Immediately. He says having withdrawals I used to. Who travels for work may he needs commute it was about a thirty minute drive so I was able to get that much radio time with you guys every day. Then I got a promotion. I got the chance to work where I live now in the general my five weeks of training which gave me an hour and a half of radio time you guys everyday. And it's spoiled me ball now for the past couple weeks at a literal mind minute drive to work out. I don't get enough of you anymore I miss you. Well yesterday I actually drove to work early by half an hour to just sit in my car waiting to go to work and listening to you school. So I didn't realize what type of affect you guys. I. Email me the important in the media actually authority. You're trespassing and drive it got really knew what shelling that we're here you have the moon and Arab news. Yeah I. There's another sect go according to dawn does this impact Clinton he says I can't believe I'm saying this thank god you guys went on summer break yeah about it. Understand. But wait. He says I had fallen behind on your show. And therefore was trying desperately to catch back up so when your two week absence I listened to all of the show programmes for the entire month of June. And I know dawn must think under rain for warning you not miss anything ahead of people beens listen to but I don't care because it's worth the yes. Didn't know that analogy does she is quite horrified good. It now. How does need CA though. How soon the news about there was a show called house and at least ten years ago I watched that and it. Sounds CIA. Man that. I have an antibody. Next emails from Shelby thing. Drinking there's no way. Speaking of shows. I assume none of us do this only as I watched that paid off student loans game show time. Shelby says it was awesome talked up the questions were funny the host made fun of the debt crisis a lot and I know you don't have a theme song for this but dawn was right yeah that's because they're concerned. No one went home empty hands. And anyway. And it's a new show on true TV where they're big they're they're using the guys who live of the enormous student debt crisis in America. You go on the show you pay off your student debt they don't really pay off you're dead just give you cash would you like one yesterday means they're not gonna pay down their debt at all it's just a game show us. The this is from a Patrick hey Patrick so I was listening to your show heard the doctor rob question yesterday from an insecure girl embarrassed to show her boyfriend her body do your weight and beauty marks. That was the email to started the first base second base yeah baseline plus. Patrick says I have a message through these women these women I. You argue don't fall at all. Not every man's idea woman is a schema wander there's nothing is wrong with a muffin top or stretch marks that tell a story that not everyone can which makes you unique to us. And we love you the way you all. All right good. Again you're listening to us right now you are yet a joke email us. A suit. Personally from Christine Christina she says a cement mixer and a prison bus crashed on the highway. Police advised citizens to look out for a group of hardened criminals yeah. I should point out there was this segment yesterday. Their of one of many that got us in trouble because we had the audacity to tell a joke that used the word cancer. How about cancer was a joke about disease wasn't even Joseph really about dying. But some snowflake. Called in and was whining about how us insensitive or was close to home mommy died of cancer risk close to home for everybody it is they can't say you're yelling you're the only one curry everyone asks c'mon man. Also on that note of course are maggots do. What they do they stepped it up with a darker. Silence here's a couple from Randy baker Randy says I was eating at a restaurant when I heard a waitress screen does anyone know CP. Our I yelled back I know the entire alphabet. Asked well except for one guy. You have the global arms and good and stuff but there. Flip the. I here's the other one for Randy when Jim was when those phone my dad grandfather told him you is way too much at the technology. Jim said no Graham are you use too much technology. And then Jim unplug his life support. Little cool this is the same on that power Bill Guerin Neeson and you know bitch about me yeah. Last ones from Maureen Murray was an elderly man goes into his doctor's office for an annual physical. After a while the doctor comes out he says I'm sorry bill but we have discovered you have a condition which only allows you another six weeks to live through. Or and beard says the old man. Evans felt better and years this can't be true isn't there. You do know after mow the doctor said well you know might start going down the street to that new health spots at the mud bath everyday. Excitedly bill says okay sure. And the doctor says. All but it'll get used to the dirt. Joseph from the maggots good job stepping it up if I could email us. And gone. And dawn show.