Listener Mail 9-13-17

Wednesday, September 13th


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First the general reaction. Sergio did the sideline reporter I would a lot of emails like this one from Dana Dana is subject line stop problem for the love of all things hopefully don't play this golf guy again I agree but. But to cover the controversy that FaceBook is uncovered in a few emailers I have to play Mississippi. Listen to what he says it's I was selling my elementary school. Summer you. And remember hold a guy is twenty. I am right Mexicali what's he doing an elementary school the age of thirteen and I do math don't look at me. And that's what people want to know is it was he in sixth grade would that hello Carol control again we are facing pages blown up saying there's no way to be in elementary school. David says this broadcasters 29 he would have been in the eighth grade on 9/11 maybe that's the English and Spanish trans yeah. And you know I mean I think this is a language barriers. I'll have a word for this school. Mole what he was going to school in California. So my my stepson says there school is K through eight top. So she could be going to educated jury and it is an elementary school kind of steal Sanaa. Are you just you know had a slip of the tongue it was middle school or elementary. Or he's the Lorraine bastard. I don't know. And yeah once the gun was lying that's O. No details on how the website ran radio dot com the big news today we now. I'm ring tones. Slowly rolling out you can grabbed the moves on AC 30. In the I can't wait till Christmas though they are as humans or ever. Greater dot com really easy process more are on the way we have sponsored westward and here Bob rezone. The clown laugh. Everything you request includes. Or working on. We have a good drop and Bob singing and I I hate you people yes I'm back guys I would buy that. There are very is bomb drops and I making. Individual brings. But hey this. I'm Dan and I have had it with you people and all a lot of help on this. Oregon is pretty stellar work and it feels good and yeah. There the students tour start a slip on moral and also posted some more photos of maestro Nellie knows and Randy is Walter all. Dogwood trees already annihilated is maestro fallen asleep while he gets made permanent now. You can wrestle CEO sorry the red radio dot com first emails from Reynard scary and she says my name is marina we know rain yeah. Moreno that and she wrote this yesterday before we head there you are being announcement today she's an overt you guys talking about ring tones. And I wanted to know you're going to have Brandon clown laugh. Off the ice finally you. I see my boyfriend is terrified of clowns I would love to have it as his ringtone. It's funny I. All that's left yeah that's right the that they are that apple could approval and then you. You mean it's going to be her ring tone when he called yeah I can you snag a spot. And I can only areas of Siemens. I'm proud to know all I know it's OK I don't think tanks just changed in the country. A heart attack ad here crew I'm leaning back. Found this and Gmail and Jessica. 'cause as I know everyone loves to hear moves on skates but I miss the story time with a man who saw. Wouldn't be possible here that this morning he had a story to tell. I don't really have all started since. Includes stories and yeah this emails from maggots and here she writes I woke up with that Christmas songs silver bells in my head unit alone Superman. This is Christmas. And then this city. You know then bring it really gave him and and like your. I had your Turkey brine on my mind and suddenly I start saying cold Turkey brine my Turkey grown on me and it's your visa. Or us when me and and I heard clearly I woke up hungry for Turkey I can hardly wait to stock up we'll have me. Yeah per C. Well I am waiting for things in the Jersey find any candy will tell mom. Just a figure speeds will be available in weeks mirawi slap the announcement comes sooner red radio dot com in the stupid store sold us stole our do. Oh my god grant that the Nazis and I. Then okay I'm. If you don't mind. IA our ground. This email from a Leland Leland he says I wanna pair of Jim Jefferies second son Leo Leo Leo he doesn't. Did say he didn't say it once today it should screams. You would have called us this younger cousins Steve and those few anchors there is only about we didn't wanna be Barca are. All all all in Michigan as my fiance was a part of the show she was black person uncertainty Blackburn only black ribbon he was going when he was. I mean on my own GM Don because that's what does things you have. Hair Reno apart pay me he was talking about how basically racist Reno has any any point six Christina if you see through the front row he'd like I've seen one black person here you're the only one in a hole. Police covers brownies and Memphis. Hmmm so me and says I want the pressure Gregg decided to bring my sister whose name is Christina because she wanted to go and wanted to meet rob well fast forward to September 9. My sister and I were frankly waiting for robbing brand and get out on the show and hopefully get a picture. And we did find Brandon yeah I introduced myself and asked where rob was in my sister was heartbroken to learn that Robin are you left. And rent was due in the meeting greeting ever imagined Jefferies. In more than one stick around and so yes Baghdad that must be one matches exactly. Bombed by McLaren ask for me he writes I was nervous meeting Brandon because he has become more of my hero. Format of the show and I'll see him all I could think of was poorly. All you are amazing brand I just wanted to let Brandon know that he has been a huge influence on me and an inspiration I mean I was I try to expand my career ambition solo. I apologize for dragging this email on route thank you. You say this is please say no about Brandon. There is an hour. It's slower. And I would have cut half of that. I just really wanted to celebrate that is my hero oh. And I hope model they may be unless you get a chance to converse with him not like an idiot thank you. Can you provide and thank you brand for the nerdy yet fun intellectual pieces. I'm sorrow radiating out longer they didn't have pulled the plane go legion Jefferies sell his eyes Elena hung out lock this guy only wants. This celebrity he then let's for the college is rated as excellent. Yeah. It. This is from James I gave obviously injured more text called Brandon mail here at all. And in male the only team firmer faster say in a whole other I forgot about the result is there an emblem of the moment jingle bell yeah branded email Brandon man. LaBrandon. And oh yeah. Eagle. And yeah okay base inside her. Days and I was catching up on last Thursday showing Brandon mentioned that he was an biker game pulling. Brandon is a biker you have photos to share what kind of like did you riding do you still I don't. And in a biker game I just I had a motorcycle for a short period of time. And and I don't know how to plan any pictures of me right as I'm writing my bride couldn't I couldn't take pictures. I'm Merrill they know my plan is again a motorcycle and please end this day in the last couple of years but. Financially and billboards and out son and and is by 35 we'll have a motorcycle was kinda did really Harley yeah. I don't want one of those being you know soft tails I want hollow one of the crews are not a prison by select more of the modern that's more sporty versions. Little leather jacket for cool yeah Glen jacket. I was like yeah Ellis Wyms they are now I am I know there's different kinds of Quincy biker gangs the actual and those bikes are we really cool looking hell yeah. A lot of them seem to have the same would tighten I don't know what Helen is but you. At least they look I know it's a Harley but what type aren't they right so it's like. And and they always look so hot as it turned my niece is yet they're very high but they also sell. Yeah well we'll let go of the prostitutes there. Yeah I AEA at all. And any other way yeah if you're if you're in the neighborhood of life and I you can always just complement their. They have and don't touch it early huh I don't never touch from the next email and Brandon minerals from Boston they had us dead. There are there does. He says I was wondering what Brennan's wedding song was which included Frank Sinatra and some female singer. But have a buddy getting married and have to choose a song for the reception and I thought that song would be perfect. Frank Sinatra sing that song with his daughter Maria and Nancy Sinatra. Or some woman. Someone you're thinking about and it gives us something stupid is what it decides columns no. That's an easy for you remember your listener did you Obama humble have been. This email is from George so. Terror he says I want to say thank you for bringing laughter to my days were seen. We're I appreciate. Yeah and that's why I read that way execution in brining laughter but my more sensitive does bring new realism the whole show or technically brining your rear. Yeah makes more sense why did she write that missionary whenever insulin. Sorry officer I was and heard that's I ran over the baby whenever. Well bait is for the same thing applies to one thing it wasn't the thing that's different each time. I want to say thank you O'Brien laughter you're saying it's been rough lately and I always count on you people you also make my day awesome boss. Love if you could play moussaoui's case that would be great. My sister's only 47 has stage four cancer. Oh sorry and his millions are hysterectomy and my mama young 78 no such thing a parent. Is going in the hospice. Well thank you again general laughter same discussion on and saint Thomas and you know snowflakes attitude all right streets are. So you. Okay he says. Okay. Exe now is from our drug odds she's also ready infer a pick me up she says but instead of moussaoui's case could I request Brandon paid call. A few. He's I think he showcase it for us and it brought me out of the ball the light I think it might just lightning here again you have to. Calling contest I won a pound of bacon agonize I. Our offense and I am now. Ouch hey here's your. It's. That you that you bigamy a little. That's another reason I'm married and had a good boy and Kirk. John mixed signals from banning paid dandy but the good stories and I just had my first ever rob moment I've been a listener for almost 5 years Jillian every morning and today wallow or there was a conversation going on the ranged from slavery a modern day politics. How come I saw some work I tune out there. Hi how are subject ever get anywhere with both sides always thinking they're right. I was scrolling through pictures of my smoking hot 48 year old fiancee yes yes yes a couple years left. I happen to hear one of my co workers say all lives matter without a second hesitation I replied oh so rapists and child molesters mattered. The table fell silent for a few seconds and the subject to meet okay. I don't blame the Sun Bowl I don't anytime you can Internet pedophiles are rapists or murderers hicks. And that is the buzz kill. And it robs citing didn't do. Yesterday but hey man I've ever heard yesterday the day before Ernie both solemn you've worked so I was I was shopping at a grocery store that I know you also lol. Sometimes groceries shout out like I do. And I because more visual art just because that's the benevolent cents a minute court. I want and I go get all the aisles to someone or knowing him the front page you gotta see you by ground based upon her. I laid all the time. Yeah crazy person voting got a it feels a little mini that way to Michigan checks can't the hoopla I don't think when did you go yesterday that yesterday the border in which there was. Indeed well yeah the court the paso was yesterday's and the dogs but Monday yes I did go. Where you don't Monday I couldn't fly you there storm probably I mean I was just stay as far as way as I couldn't stand should tell him where I would auto correction because. Everybody listens to us and their necks and I have been caught he can pick. Until yesterday I was dragging down senator. And I doubt it easier I thought it was your car red folks on the ice was kind of thinking small problems and they would not be driving that file. And can beat there's no reason why this person turned down antelope and I was like I'm a little violin bow allowed ever turning really cool. Maybe in an armored vehicles some. So I hope I Kenneth C behind I was trying to look in my career veer and near to seal like food was dragging and I can I can make out the person that. Angel wasn't me I items. Next email is from unknown and pay per cent. That's not choose an Indy and what Andy I'm sitting is named he says I live in the divide. Some brands old stomping grounds because as the other day this and did it against you you notice for those you don't know. Divide is it's very rural arm and Georgetown cool garden valley. I'm always tells us so he says the other day this lady knocks on my door and I'll keep in mind I live on property with plenty of do not ever signs. I don't know. Might you shepherd started going crazy when I opened the door and see what she wants she says she's from the Nielsen's television ratings company. And she wants to talk to me about cooking up something to my TV. So I say screw off and call my 120 pounds shepherd of the order. Brightest he drops the goody bags filled with pretzels fancy popcorn and drinks at my door while she books it to work are all. You so I think that's all see her but two days later she shows up with her boss to try to convince me a letter and wow I tell them they five seconds to leave before I let my dogs after the oh. They believe in lucky for them. The story behind what they do I'm sure it's not that bad but they were really bad explaining it. Will they were trying to do and I'm not sure why didn't pay attention to your signs they should have done what they're trying to do is I'm making what. We call Nielsen family Nielsen does both television and radio ratings of the given separately so you an avenue to the radio ratings they need to hook up nothing eat your TV. There that's the second term then and monitor his seat on everything that you watch. And it's it's only a little bit cumbersome in that depends on how many people you have in your household because they give you a special device and what you're supposed to do. If you're supposed to indicate who in the household is watching whatever program so they knew we called demographics. Ages genders things like that so like if you're all watching as a family something you have to enter all of us are watching. It's like five seconds thank calm but that's what they were trying to edu and they bring the gift bags try to bribe you think your radio they're name they send you eight dollars or who. Eight dollars a dollar a barrel inflation plus premium brand new idea yeah. That's what they were all about Asian invasion of the major. I just thought about how hard it might be front and should do that out those areas I yeah. Lot of people are jaded at the board their dogs or just outright lead there is a must be so hard for them they didn't and those that did. I'd mind anyway justifying that again going on property were says don't but. That's also part of what Nielsen is supposed to do is supposed to act. Accurately represented an area an area like this the greater Sacramento California area in the ratings are determined by about a thousand people. So what they have to do is they have to say okay we need this many people from. The Elk Grove area from downtown Sacramento from midtown Sacramento in this mainly from the lives and because the ideas like that and it's dated in his rural. They're like really weird yeah. You ever present. Nice one this is for my pain in my he says my name is Mike we know my keys as I love when you guys talk about how terrible Sacramento as solid snack terrible. How brave how. I'm reaction is the best arts. I've only visited the ones as a twelve year old but it is a stupid rat kid I knew the place was a dumb you down. That's up from Sacramento and let. Anything is I lived in Reno for the deck for a decade and all the ways you describe Sacramento is Al I feel about oh wow I. Marino to give you a short summary of the people are rooting nosy the restaurants are sub par best in the shopping is awful. The only thing to do in Reno is drink drink drink until you were so drunk the U Virginia and a real city for the Simpsons. In the eye of the beholder I don't think the restaurants are some bargains at all there and there certainly better incessant. Are nice restaurant and people are much nicer. We when we left after being up there this weekend this last week for Jim Jeffries like we're in the car and Christina my fiance is and moved to Reno was so mad. So nice that I don't know and so does he live there are you well or he did involving various. Because their shocking has gotten a really good as a maverick does is fun shopping and that is Marseille the challenge I wish was here. That's right go. This dollars in its. I I am so sorry this is a total. Burying. Dating back I will forget if I don't I'm right now in my. Remember. A week ago or so where you were complaining about how he still likes to get Mac cosmetics that you do my terrorist. All yeah. So over the weekend I had gone to land there's shopping center and Paulson called the polio 'cause yeah and they have a Mac store it's just a matter are far. Far from where Iowa and jeans thing. It feeds your backpack. And knee though I do appreciate that thank you so much and I ever find their way that area. I do sometimes because one of my girlfriend lives in Rancho Marietta. And but she'll come in that she's got to come in the polls and do shopping because there's no old. If Jones and have been out there that they don't have any grocery stores math and so most it'll come in the polls and and a lot of times will be over by the bully you done anything out of stuff. So how did you even try them. I am very that that is that in there Sacramento and had to do that it's really. And equally divided history. I mean we have we have. We ever acquiesce which will what is that we've we can absorb ourselves in some of the Sacramento 03 seniors there's holes or we limb and I heard there's a silly theory has it harmed by my fiance. Thailand but I do really like practically no grass shopping season beautiful what did you guys moved their. Emails from G a slower times. GA picked to. Did you see you for I mean he says I grew up in orange county and lived in LA all my adult life I moved to Seattle for six months and hated it and moved to the gate area it hit Korea for three years I finally moved to Sacramento Theres no more buying a house. Why am I telling you all this because I want you stop. Put in Sacramento down oh OK we will you. It is much do the movie I wish we could. Yeah I would like really hats is clearly alerts are courier is an end and what really bothers you Jean is that we reflect the attitude of the of one majority of the population not a. OK but you want when crops is show's over Amanda we'll stay in Sacramento you'll always still be in the irons the rest how well they. But yeah six. Well I just I look at Florida. And I think that coastal town and I've monarchy returned there are some day. Not theory come back you know just those sometime next emails from JP KJP so on a Monday dawn. With her ADHD. Couldn't stop just do the show professionally because she was distracted by the fact I was wearing well close anyway. On my wedding ring finger for. So I realized he didn't do anything no. Mom Mary I shot you did manpower and Marino and Brandon and mrs. brand in Europe ceremony that's a perfect our fans we did go for the gen Jeffrey show Yo-Yo you wouldn't. It was a on the nine. Com and prior to that went to aren't involved we've worked with for years that's right got cristina's engagement ring and I picked up my will be my wedding bands Ali's he had gotten married on the Larry. He had that all time great that's wondering how to do that okay for us so keep that in mind yeah. Let the rain is they design is so beautiful and so perfectly and it just I love it and so we started talking at lunch and I set out of nowhere. And then turned into a weekend thing and remember. Christina secrecy like all fours and that's great it's a beautiful ring you look good and again we're not married but perceive of them officers say he realized. You're gonna get and as she listed all the things you know the face smokers pretty darn thing to say about. How I you know you can you didn't earn and their whatever the hell I'll turn it comes and so we told that story didn't. That said. There's OJ he says take your feet are all under arms are just remember Dudley the end of Christina listing all those things was you look at her sane one of the last eighteen months lesbian the other makes you think I give a crap about what anybody says they laughed and said. But I don't think. A JD says is you can warms rob I'll be the guy your fiance was warning you about. Thank you don't care he won't change me as you say you put yourself out there and we offer our thoughts. Personally I think you wearing a wedding band on your wedding ring finger while engaged is an abomination. They each had ten no further degradation of marriage as a whole in the I'll. I did the load take the sting out I have often heard both you and gonna ask how does it affect your relationship one artery on behalf of things like gay marriage. And what people doing their bedroom both should be fair the answer is that it doesn't affect. Know I relationship. But it affects the entire institution of marriage you know why how 'cause 'cause us. There's more school he used to be man and woman is now man man woman woman and who knows what else is coming this. Yeah you just don't get away. Now always view acting like a millennial and wearing a wedding band that you haven't earned just like millennial one at all don't want new hard work to obtain it. Remember this further demeans the importance of marriage oh my god and its meaning. He hasn't war I can't let the Mora takes us to a whole another level. Does does this is a whole other level thank you this is one of the things. Well listen. Has he brought to you take an offer you product to sell you a marriage. And he brought that man woman and she brought up you're gay marriage. And I. In a sense and our future. If you don't believe in gay marriage then you don't marry someone of the same sex scene here are here. How this works. It is not G ill in the United States of America to its source. How he believed to live on other people I've never gonna say yeah. After believing in gay marriage I will never tell you that I won't tell you was shot up my new business and you just don't have a gay marriage at all OK until the your domain elaborated that you're basing this off a dual. Our truth whatever it may be and and any actual sentence. I did you married and he did so woman doesn't equal. Everyone is going now I would you want this thing that you didn't bring up. What we do to spend all of our marriage not because of gay marriage because we're human. And we spit on it and we we just look for the easy way out we don't take it seriously don't take the vows seriously that. Have a discussion about this your talk. To keep it almost hit talking gets hot out we know it's so. Have your beliefs I will always defend your believes we do not force them on other people especially when we're here this free country eagle it's someone like. I think you'd enjoy Russia and in the Middle East because they for sure marriage to gay marriage ever happened and again what he would say back. Which I wasn't allowed energetic during that ranch hand was it is being forced on him for society's telling them it's okay and then I'll probably hair could. I don't believe it's okay what do you mean studio weeks. Are you are yet to assist and you on this finger here are yelling do this this finger. No this one death because there's more that I wanna throw NB forge a break. How did you react to all that if you want an 8889899. To eleven but then he showed his true colors because here's how he ends blue Leah do you. But then again rob I wouldn't expect anything less from someone who thinks interracial marriage is okay. And I can't believe I wasted that much time on this person they know god you're never gonna have kids rob were losing ourselves and our coach. Real person and as everyone crossed and greens and three month after month. We don't agree on why rob but we do agree we are never coming back and boy back after this. Dawn show.