Listener Mail 9-13-17 part 2

Wednesday, September 13th


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on big rock. You're listening to them. Anybody and dawn to show called raw. This is. Zach. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. That's why he's not out DL yeah. Bottom. Of the art guild give him an even more because. You're engaged you're probably eat mom but I wore my wedding down the whole time. And then actually got married in February but yet each. Grill ready I've got you OK so why even. Eight or ethnic and pillow live bird an idiot I'm the only backlash really got good. People wouldn't even hear an exact court ordered by now about where are engaged. Well I mean do first of all the only reason I think they're getting any backlash for wearing a wedding ring when I'm just engages because I'm on the radio. Because that's how big people on public just assume were everywhere in Vietnam and north from a public figure of any kind they might say something that's why we just went public with that although I really didn't find that to be the most disturbing part of the guys he. Let's go to clearly wedding I had no idea hello Danielle my morning layman is he didn't have. Tomorrow name the fellow. The mortgage I am you know I think I I would probably about the wedding rings baby Margaret and about letters. I am when I had been accompanied. Forget all about him and number let me give that a I want people you know I'm engaged you don't I don't enjoy playing great he upgraded by the for the wedding just like it's boring now. You know I wanted to say I don't really fired because I'm black and it's gonna walk I get a white man who and I don't remember any of the things I'm hearing now you have to feel what you guys I just can't believe that somebody would diagnosis I'm just. A relic parties I'll. All right it is that it was so rules on a hole so yes the reaction here. Emails are you read radio dot com Adam rates at a light around screw that email where your brain when and how you want I won't mind while I was engaged because my wife fiance at the time like to say tonight that guy's a jackass doing my chapel courses you know I'm gonna do that. Think they're the sort of Reading that email is not that is going to affect me as to remind everybody these are the types of people that we have that are out there. You're sure that was the worst part I'm actually am very confident that was not in the works now part of behind you now. Even about the UAE a. Way you didn't like the other. Where he says I wouldn't expect any less from someone things interracial marriages OK until I got you never have kids rob we're losing ourselves and our cultures everyone cross breeds increase month after month. I don't get. I really don't get that kind of hate. Larry here's this from Tyler I trailers as hey Rob Blake that guy we'll be blanks is pins today for saying that dumb crap to you. Do you damn Obama Terkel decisive. Samantha says oh my god I cringe at the last part of that email that you need to be shot in the knee caps. Yeah it's my night as the sketched turned upside down literally drain out like an animal. The skin and do all that ball is alive. Al allegedly I don't know my who has been the target that. I I I wouldn't want to see that happen to him. Oh and what you just look away but yes but then why he. Do you do that what I want to have happen to him is that yeah it sure haven't changed your heart that look like I'm now well get some pins. Pretty rarely somebody that racist. It's pretty bad Chris says that needed went off on rob wearing his ring even though he's not married yet must be really fun at parties I'm not a like minded people it probably doesn't go to parties Wright is a row. Exactly thumb. Guess I should sir I don't lose nor any Genentech. Yeah thanks for my fiance Henry knows what the nickname for Richard is right yeah. I don't know why I don't know why is Dick yeah but I'm but she texted me she's actually OM GO DO MG I hope the guys Richard falls off. Well I. Behind. The gist of his in the Xena. Is that in every way possible or destroying marriage in the American society by things like apparently interracial marriage but also just gay marriage the armed and now me wearing a ring ring when I'm not married so we're we're destroying institution of marriage just because we had a story in the news I thought I highlight this a guy named Chris set the gap. Is once they self described anti LG BT QRSTV don't SY NC activist he is anti everything you do the OB GT community. He has called gay marriage a charade. He says that if the federal government recognizes gay marriages then it must also recognize other parity marriages. Like pretty marriages the acquisition if they're not real and so like zoom files CIA field marrying animals we heard all this before here where mark understands. And to his greatest latest point you have to recognize a machinist. Marriage the government must have been recognized man's man honest woman woman thank you have to recognize the man who Mary is a machine. 'cause it's such as jokes singer yes you are results that love each other he is trying he won't he's trying to do is if he's trying to do okay. Can't Harden Tim did in this guy's brain and body's trying to do a version of illustrating the inserted by being absurd he thinks it's absurd. Then we allow men to marry men and women to marry women and so the way he's demonstrating that is he's taking legal action. To have his marriage to his laptop recognized by the state of Alabama. Protest same sex marriage is. He says that's why it's over his lawsuits regarding his marriage I don't seeing little computer. Stems from the belief that if gay marriages are you are legal. They are gonna person should be able to legally marry a machine. Like his computer. You know I'm I'm one to let people have bared their criticism and they cared to believe in gay marriage. If that's they don't water but again I can't get behind because now is I may get the joke and a mockery and trying to pass a law that stupid on it right by Aggie I can't. I can't stand up for you pick it all is said was on just I. I I'm not someone who's for LG BGQ. You don't you don't have to be just don't beat. More hurtful or any of those kind of things. And don't try and pass some serves stupid laws and I don't that's real talk because. The buyers. Top eight San. Now this is just couldn't brought up what his push back on one thing that was said. Staal was it do that fight is over yet came out first for a lot of these anti gay marriage anti LG BT QB. And people. Is rooted is sometimes in their religious philosophy or wherever else so would you say the same thing to someone whose pro life are c'mon that's over some heavy. I know because I thrown out because it's still very concert not controversial it's still am. Last I heard with gay marriage it was a more accepted than not. I like it it's one over the hearts and minds of 66%. Yeah over the hearts and minds of world where with. Where with the pro choice pro life. I thought they were pretty Kermit even while they are now but it wasn't yeah it's 60%. Back during the Clinton years and some people say eighty seat. Because how he fought back now we're changing hearts and mind I just I thought I thought with stuff like that. IE I follow the same place I do with gay marriage that's something you don't believe and then don't engage in it. Right so I don't like the battles begin with each other as our gross battles all the time. We see you know shout each other candidacies can't go to those protests that that's something that matters she is and I guess we'll go ahead but I would also say. I mean it's almost the same thing right it's it's kind of I don't I don't know how you led to his answer yeah. Here's the answer that those pro life crowd would give you. Wait a minute here is different drop. Two people get married okay American Centene abortion your harming someone else that's what they would assess. Oh for real when I age is there is of the opinion are down send our answers from a lot of times sounds. There are cease the pro life protesters on the side of the French and Jenny I am like yeah I did to get our yeah. Yeah I did this is this fight is over however I will say. Got you know with the AD funding of Planned Parenthood and stuff like that it is a little bit kind of relevant these days. I'm so maybe the fight isn't over but I just seems to me and I'm just like very. He is engaging in a philosophical or intellectual I mean you know what I like is. I feel that Warren is is still one of those things that's hard to have a discussion about sir I appreciate you said that because I feel if I say was I'm going to. I can't say and I can't say there's another life involved because on everybody right all right my personal beliefs which items and I can have. It's life from the get go so for me there's another life involved but again I'm not going I'm not gonna go out march and tell you can't. You know I'm not get it apple. And the and so when I was focusing on was the first some people. The demeanor attitude that fight is over because we fight about these things forever yeah. Really means album when you bring your carriage you really does play get overt skill Britain move on. Mind that you don't insanely that was just seems so differently get that they've got I got. How does do you look at that high that this is bad consenting adults love each other and let them be. That was the mindset of pro choice people in the ninety's get over it we've had to offer twenty actors you've brought all of the right sane thing is that you brought up the right answer where there's. And there's someone innocent of all that doesn't have a voice as you said not nobody believes that I. But later on I always have the right. Hello how are you good morning. There's more and radio hey are you worried. Days so I just wanted to comment on your issue it's a wedding band rob yeah I'll do but go ahead I'm I know you don't have this everyone out to have an issue Oreo yes solve. My why. We walk for her to engage in marrying and she got her way impairment everything's locked up. I had. Wedding rings and. I wore Red Brigade clearing but third day of the wedding and my wife gave me a president before we went out to the altar and there was a why should. And I put on now watch out be Alter. My wedding band and apparently it's a big tranda. Whereas a bunch of people going arm back no wedding marine is an outing gays marrying for men and the watch it now the wedding band. Well you have both Seattle lead marine and watch. Okay available in the works for you right I'm not I'm not about and tell people they shouldn't be doing that while I'm walking around the wedding ring when I'm not married. But that's the home. Yeah I see is so yeah I think that's a trend either things you do that I wouldn't do it I mean I. Can't pay to see if you listen and always love and other Rolex but you know I don't I don't get das is there any other day dirty pretty thing. How is OK okay now so it's a free person is coming from my perspective. I already have three roll Lexus. So raw lie so if you got if you import on it would be a rotation wears a wedding band ever leaves your finger and I guess these guys just they only want Washington never taken off. Haven't you know if we want to start talking about now not the way that letter writer Dan. I had tearing apart. It can be Lily marriage. Which I come from a different standpoint on that we don't take it seriously money gap she soon you'll earn your way out like rob didn't how he has always preach that you shared we give that just soon. What you know we just don't take it as seriously as we showed. So I watch okay that the purpose of the rain is it did we eat it doesn't undo link to the search completes the circle. I must yeah I watch vs what ours forever until. That did the pain and season. Whenever I want him I didn't PM and anybody oh yeah that I can't just isn't. Altar and nobody ever heard that. Three friends yeah I feel unlike can do we have a caller was that a literary hero remember sixteen minutes ago. Then they had to. That upgrade of the ring so you can Wear just so really plain simple band while you're engaged and then. Give the nice you know AT&T began like you are robbed of on the wedding day I got an idea if you wanted to do something. No one more on this subject does is from Michael. We all know why you're wearing your wedding ring before being married it's because your moment urgency you'll. And you said you steer. Yeah. I is totally hear around look I've been Chris of them. Eric I've been married for oh. Teen years as have most of my friends all marriage between 816 years. And you know wells I knew the only reason you're wearing that ring is because she told you to learn how old Justin made probably its okay we've all. There or are there for us I think you're right Michael asked he can't argue with people now I want Acura AR Willie I I am not only that. I mean he got me to be totally and I I I mean I've created this image is radio image. And I have to maintain it and so you don't. Instances that I know what you want me do you want me to like just say yeah man you know. Let me when I'm on the golf course my friends like you Michael Mann I am ripped and my wife or fiancee or she is heart beats. That's what that's because that's how all of us really feel oh my god because he can't beat all of his friends you know they all those I know lose the base mainly due this week you're right I sadly Syrian gunners are right now. And for him I didn't birdie them all marriages must be like that because I'm imagine. If it's a couple. Has created. An environment where they actually love and respect and like each other. And none of what he's suggesting is going on what does that mean that means he's a failure and that can't be OK so it has to be this slow. Appearance failure in large numbers just because I used to be a part of dysfunctional relationships and airway Laura vote. Because I always had friends and talk to put my hope that I could speak and always Mitch yeah I personally northwest. When you listen when you like you said they're trying to erect your range and what can I say all guy I'm Lindsay I hate when he does that with this close. No I you know what I found it by being on the golf course with. With maybe a tertiary friends are one your friends bring somebody else and he starts in this stranger order starts and I'm damn well you know yeah. Damn women can't win women can't live without I'm always stand and they're going. I just stay silent on my dad I really like my girls are just marking the same and then they say now they. Interact with me right yet you know flat ground recognize someone like that but not really do I must be lucky and hope and I'd. Reactions like from the Michael yeah okay sure they're lying you're the war on woman and yes. Hello there are talk show good morning. Good morning rob yeah. See I just wanted to let you know that I think that I used to be scarred and maintains ask you Wear a ring before you're married. I'm engaged and it's my partner to die for me I mean it would just mean that he's proud of me he once every once and now. He's taken many happy and committed to the woman that either way it's. So doctor I didn't mean to get a reality check. Alabama museum my fiance I want everybody knows she's my. And I'm her I'm going that see Michael on hers she owns me. Here's Dick Wolf let it lie almost minute. This is from rob rob Taylor outcry. On trying to read emails OK Simon you're this big I had rob says and the lady said shoot from the lady this is on. We don't lose said shoot the guy in the kneecap was at an email the zinni okay. So in the ladies and shoot the race is game recaps dawn said turn him upside down when bleed out like an animal. Profits sides Allan can you lead out for your knee caps doesn't all the blood pressure your head of the hash tag on logic or consulted. And what a what if we're going into a scientific experiment and I invite JP BR are the letter writer IE our Guinea pig I'm sure if he can lead out from as the. See I try to look at the pictures too much when friends and gone honeymoon but aren't they upside down always OK but actually have our pick because warm only had our pace. Kill. Outside data aren't saying yeah. They're not bleeding off from their neat yeah. I ran away and now I. One little different. This is Germany and gene and he's subject line and she really I cannot believe that guy really cold children from its relationships must. I'm so pissed like you know only time flight that guides are not in a mixed relationship. Sorry mixed is not the correct term I'm sure once it's fine with rob I commend you for not being more pissed off your better person than I am sure that's true. I'm you know what's weird is like obviously we know people like that exist. But I still feel so sheltered when you reveal letter because to me either are often so far yeah. Oh yeah like you played in their groups or something they don't show the cells. All right so I'm so I had to I had this in the the regular listener mail piles. This now from Ty tight side he says Robin in the newly biracial relationship I'm pasty White Lake view the and she's there for Hispanic pop like. I'm Laurie notice we get a lot of disapproving looks and it makes me angry but I know I can't respond that way every day you know on her so you have any suggestion. Idiot are now is it the disapproving look the look that rob has told us where it played. Wow how did you get her to you said there's that. A great idea to me yeah I mean that's the first thing you have to be able to delineate between thumb like in my case are they looking like what's this what's this young hot vigilant this. And then there's what you're referring to Don once this hot chick doing with this ugly young. Everybody and then and there we've noticed over the last couple years that they've been together there's a difference between the George disgusting I can't believe the two of you are couple you're holding each other and the wind we had one not. Last week we were walking out of the grocery store. And there was this guy old guy there. Five years aren't enrolled I would guess and he was and we were walking out to the this important part of the story doesn't look what Christina and afterwards were walking out from the store to the parking lot. And he is just staring us down but he's he's getting in his car he stops in his car. Any staring us down and I looked over at him and I notice some. And that's it that's literally I don't see any pain or Aaron focusing on the core Mets and beat back out. And as we back out which are gonna only and he is Jean how he drives in front of us and he is just give us the death stare stare at that you know what it is not. Palmer like an eight year and I said to Christine itself back guy he he needs us he's been staring us down only so she says well maybe just want to look at just how. Our guys know he didn't know the car was mine and then she gyms you can't look at it oh yeah he's a racist yourself and the way you deal and as you don't do that. And things like that don't really the only time I had to do it isn't something is literally said or done. In hateful way you have to have a great bond you have to have an understanding of it you have to accept this reality yet to have a great sense of humor over it sweetly joke about it all the time when WiMax. When we met at dawn and dom dom got their career. Couple weeks ago for breakfast. Women up and then we are getting seated as we're walking I say to Christina say a big surprise of seeing this on the back on with the black girl who knows it didn't take it probably in the venue. To have a sense of humor about it and that's the way you're gonna get through all this and the partnership. Reverse once you talked about those looks for years as vice and that guy and maybe should have the right look at and I never understood. They hate what I get to and tell it happened and this is reverse and disarmament or offend anybody out of these disclaimers nowadays. So I've never had this happen and so there was a very tall she had to be African American woman of Freddie has regain on our flight and we had to stop. And. In stopping on the plane no Leo how that the the line yes you know if to stop because people are getting on the than their their luggage SO backs of everybody else. And so on Monday behind Jesus and it was fun era was and so we laughed as she turns around. And I smile you know it is and she. It was I saw hate in her eyes and for a second wife and I met. Huge like no we don't hold it. Let me unique. The home towns trying to figure out late. We'll Wear what I meant either because it was such hate like what do I do that you have this much hate in your eyes she looks to me up and down it just looks at me with like I. Hateful steering the holiday come up with his wife a couple more weight that you heat now. Mean I couldn't say I didn't say I haven't said a word or haven't done anything to hurt not seen the I think that the guys that had nothing to do with race you know I mean it was my shoes that he didn't know as a result random stupid and I thought. Gosh even just the environment there weren't right at the title got some legs that I just experienced this maybe it was weird always trying to maybe Mary we're hello Shannon. Remember Ernie and back lingering wearing it is or your variation. Of not a simple stupid question to you Christina I dream. Sorry what I'm sorry by the rain we had the UIRA no Christina my wedding band the scene on. Then where you fill screen giving you certainly don't think if you're handed you're light. Right now I know and I just so we're clear because I don't people coming out I don't care. And Ed I couldn't give a rat's ass but it makes for good radio and reminds from people that these these opinions exist out there are just take the racism part out of there are people think you know. Literally dozens of filing marriage by wearing a ring when you're not married yeah those doors haven't affairs okay and good morning. Good morning and had other guns and hello there guys are gonna say whenever you're dealing with people who are staring him down because you know they don't approve of your relationship I mean why not do gradually be on the hook or closings it's just ask. We still we still love. And unlike you I told the story before but weren't that a year ago and this guy is Dini. He was just I mean he was so disgusted with us he can't turn the turn around to look at us. And you see him making comments to his wife for whatever and we just smuggled up as close as we could and our Booth and we just kiss on each other for. And just made him as. Disgusted as we stood this emails from Candace take Canada's she says so when rob said he put Christine in the car is that him Buckley and her into your child see yeah. He's on show.