Listener Mail 9-14-18

Friday, September 14th


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Rub anybody in dawn 98 rock. Fifty yards you've got this. Listen online. And radio I'm. Jolie. My bad. Which I want close girlfriends Sheridan. Be 22 birthday though is that these Sheridan like the Joseph hill and generally shared. I know I didn't think she has such a tool for boys for well I don't know. I told them what he sees and hears them in the it was a joke hello there I'm tired good morning guys like those. Your prayers for her brother commissioner. I appreciate your enthusiasm he'll just call ends they have a question for the commissioner and go to the because the question without. It's thought that things are international federation sports fans playing I am the commissioner of sand. But. Federation that you're the only person in the organization owners secretary. Treasurer no at all. That shows that for the needy and why did as well you can show up in a sunny on the right you Powell bow before me now tied what can I help you win at my lost sheep. Harris so I've got tickets to a giant game use. Armor they can do at least a decent and I wanna know what to Wear today who are the giants' plane. Bear player in Karachi. Why I'm just curious why there's there's not a wrong answer to this our nominees fans who have been that many games are these aren't playing why are you going to a game where your team isn't playing. Refrigerator that's good and I. So what you do is so you you go nondescript. So because the a's are plain so you can't Wear a is apparel to woods I was a Rockies doesn't matter giant. Forties the weather here I know you well know no you can routes you can root for whoever you want like every year at the Super Bowl we all pick it seemed to root for you don't become a fan of that team though because remember apparel equals fans and the minute you put on apparel if you are now part of that team it's like the minute you let your neighbor to sit on your face. I see is now parks all of your marriage whether your wife you know is it or not. So I can't wait you just don't not this trip just where you Wear whatever is appropriate for the weather. Anonymous sporting related don't you day air real nice weather go through these things don't get get minimize overall brand. Personal knowing his stuff because they're not plane know no other baseball teams up because you're a fan of the a's and you can only be a fan days. That's where any other sporting apparel from another sport and you don't show up to a baseball game and hockey Jersey. You look like a ball high sand on the connection are. I feel like you belong and home. Home institution and sometimes I just like I even Knoll is named let alone to look like don't kid you not get a beer if it's got the logo. Has Jai. Re seeing Mars or just I mean that's it did yeah itself to bring you those styrofoam cup deploring and you Dan ridiculous. I have heard gunfire. Rihanna. You just don't nondescript if appropriate for the weather polo shirt. Follow it with a logo that is nothing new sports emea Nike swoosh or do you try this Wear whatever you want and not possibly tell you it's a way that's why did you wanna take a risk to get your. If you yeah on the world. If any growth. He emails. Drummer at a radio. Dot com John I actually did get a question for you. We posted on FaceBook as well this eighteen I'll empowering you think that helped Foster care if they get out the system and then they have to become functional stuff. So like like I guess you are a few too many six. Like I can just donate my suits and an and the cost to get where he's like and worked her appointments or whatever it is all about if I have that right. Hi I just got my tacky clog this should be an Qaeda may. Good together and so there's that you wash symbols Null and older Williams are likely won a blessing and it hurt interviews of anybody to go to were who's got close his in this is that as you head into a new season Brady had in the fallen and autumn and winner Ernie surged. I should get rid of our oldest doesn't go while the last time I was fall I wasn't as bad as I am now. Yeah and as long as the cars there and good enough condition to good condition and what. They say and you specify in there modern styles inch of yeah. They do give you if you if you read more I know a lot of a storied past the headline. But they will get specific argue with the clothes or not they're not being ridiculous about I don't know not by any means but if you're wondering will what what are they looking for a lot of us are always curious about the ran into did indeed at least checking out if you think your own web client has jeans and shoes and jacket on my dad listed there and it does you know it says it's. The date of this is for the drop off the clothing drive but it also listen there. Year round a place where you can also donate her. And that will help these children. Check that out on basic core red radio dot com email us RED Brad radio dot com first ones from Benjamin havens and so I just want to CNN oh for the first time and tell you that I started listening to your show yes Don your show. I PV yeah credit goes down then I guess not. My name is Ben we know men and I am local truck driver in the Lake Tahoe area yeah. I don't know why there's an underling any more while driving and yeah there are you ain't so. I am a local structure above it just via truck though no one like that suit and I X-Men that I quit. Edited the unemployment. John Goodman will be cooler yeah. Just Lake Tahoe area I am only recently discovered this awesome I sounds funny show I always laugh when other fellow maggots right in. And tell you they've listened listened since 1996 because that's when I was born. Well it's funny. Larry is. Fans. Next I emails from. Oh good more people identifying themselves although I don't think you're you know cause pain to do this she signs it as Jimmy the little person well look I. The exhibit is okay. And not really care how I feel smooth things done very little and Mikey I can you be getting any ambient and you're proud of the urea and on the eyes met on the I don't know what I'm. Doom. It's his route short. You can't believe me I am I. Jenny says they just to say that every day and listen your show working and makes you laughs today which was yesterday made me laugh so much. I was having a rough morning John FaceBook showed being memories from three years back. And one of the memories was my mom huh. And she wrote on one of my pictures that she loves me and misses me and my mom passed away suddenly two years ago. And it was very hard it is local and even those two years later I still have my sad moments and I start to cry it was a rough times since I saw that FaceBook memory and then your show was so great. But it made me smile and laugh a lot this is talking around us are you still not until she established that and again I'm. Thank you for making every day half the court. I'm sure you lenses steadily in the including non teaching them and it seems a little bit and. This is from Casey hey Casey been a loyal magazine's 2009 money plant manager and I am. What and the Jews Waterman talked. Company hires. An old management position for this sudden kind of grown fines but I don't put on yesterday's news. My main plant manager and I listen to read every morning the only my mornings so much more pleasurable I make my day go by so smooth until. My supervisor got yet a superb I don't wow he's so expensive player. Johnson. And managing them and there spurred he needs some and you're really under their dreams come up. So my supervisor comes up to talk to me and I have to take my ear buds out in his segments are actually low bug jokes and maggots I love your EU windows like the postman a mis hit and I don't need it moves on skates mile. Eyes all around on brand new show is awesome awesome and yes dawn and your. Show. Thanks emails from Daniel hey did you know I rob I'm glad you talk about your police ride alongs inspired me to go on one a couple weeks ago. And now I know what crystal meth and heroin look and smell like a god did you did you visit the jail all the busy little triage room where people wait to get process is scary as hell and there is nothing more flattering and drug addict offering sex in exchange for helping to escape OUSE I've done well. Lol hello twice as well but I'm right along as we usually are right along. They they have someone else the call another few units. If you estimate has to be processed and taken a joke take the hands of the engaging your ride on in us. You wanna see the jail where you've done a dozen or more ride alongs like media perhaps in the jail. Com and so I've seen in a couple times including what a few times you know I told the story about officer pat my driving stinky the homeless guy occur. Who hail we've all windows down. Fifty degrees out it I mean we were still gagging and pat is an account for how many years was like I never thought never and never has the advantage of bad. Yeah yeah yeah. I. But the jail as it's quite a sight there's a few things he knows when he into the June 1 thing I guess we need to a certain point in life. You notice what I noticed last time I was and visiting the jail is you notice that all of the com most most cops. Don't get into law enforcement to work the jail. Prison guards are little different but. You have to work the GO. For a couple years especially in most sheriff's department. And so the first thing I notice is how young holds the cops that are they're processing the lead the criminals law yes it's like you're visiting your high school. And the band. And then of course you see them all lined up sitting on the bench waiting to be processed and then what he's talking about as they start to goes through. And and they have to do the cavity search Jean Carnahan is they. And I I didn't have I have an anybody prop. Propositioned me first acts like hey buddy but you can't talk to Waller said their diet but I know you'll be shocked this but I met a few listeners why. Sitting there waiting innocent until proven now. They're drugs so and but because you can talk to them but then after they. Do that they go through the process and they'll they'll make deal trying to deals with the cops or when we brought stinky and he was stinky say they processing and and no Joseph I mean the economy tops in jail like follow god why they're waving their that they start looking around for life solve the yeah. It's something that I. It was they have like a hose down station and man did they beat him I I don't know what there's a point which you don't get to watching more and aura I passed out from the smell remember which was there's. It looks like it's Lil documentary on Netflix. I think it's from first collapsed and it's like your first day at what you're talking about a when you get to the jail and they actually do get. We go to prison than that shows their last days like the first the last and the first let me just looks like. A little deeper and whether they're short of the sadness that it's nice scene and just that that it's kinda sad the desperation of some of the people is what what was this like. I just wanna go home to some legal hold its gonna be a great kid. This column I got there and you don't even have to seek out documentary you watch those various jails shows on TV or Vegas jail I mean can you get all kinds you get the people that come in completely drawn out of their minds they wake up eight hours later like oh my god what did I do what I. The crazies like the literal crazies the psychotic crazies there's a lot of improve flinging the. It's it's a glorious time. As this is from pristine acres Steve says dear brand though why I. Who gave out an audible EU yesterday when rob said Tootsie Roll it. Grow flat and around my level those things are grow. Yeah A days they get some real problems. This is some courtesy period is says I'm a faithful and committed maggot member I'm working out of town as a carpenter. So I get texts from my fiance every day saying. Yeah listening it is yeah. Suffolk. Tried to explain to her in the almighty rob always knows best but all she says is. It. Could you please explain if you Gabby why drinking the magna is no longer around she won't listen to me about it also. Tell her if you don't like it don't listen please don't tell her I said that's up. So yeah. I look at it if things Evans club now. Creepy or cool. I'm I'm I'm a slave to the news. It's like I have a bunch of stories saved up that I could be doing preach stairs in the air I can only do that when something happens and playing the becomes. Generally as or drinking with the maggots that was reaching its end anyway is where every week we would take a recipe from the listeners and we impose an online and we would try to cocktail. It's live on the air and we would give you are thought it'd just we we ran out of recipes we started getting the same ones he had named Randy decided to go sober and it was the exact time. Get rid of pulled the plug anyways yeah and Randy gave me the excuse instead of saying sorry after ruin your fun. I'm sure are sorry we have brought us that we might bring back a version of it like maybe quarterly may be taken off early this year we do Tahoe precedent. I still have to wait for all these elbow that you have you have there's hope for you Gabby and I stop bothering your man whatever it is husband he's. Carpet during his charity money he can sit down here but now I mean he's he's busy there is right there. I'm worker yeah. It can be a bit more earnest. Ernest. And you're okay. It's the end Greg can I don't think you. This is from marina. That says my husband that is an avid listener of your guys show he emailed you last year in regards to asking where the best places to propose were at all. Yeah he took your guys' advice any end up proposing in the at Disneyland a year ago tomorrow as I wrote this yesterday so you're gonna say yeah. In he proposed to me while we're in front of Cinderella as she's my favorite. Awful awkward. Was dressed up a Cinderella yeah okay are you into people watching AM. You know I'm not really soon I mean abracadabra. Inappropriate for his father. The door is not personal it's and he didn't shift troops to CNN her awkwardly dude don't pump the pump. I just at a time. You can get this. Kind of children that once they must somehow autograph color of a speech. Yes roses are red tunnels my break. The broken in front of Cinderella of course I said yes and we've already gotten married although big and any celebration is in march of next year. All you he's so cool you guys read this email on the air because I know and we'll be listening thanks again for giving him the advice he took it and made it his own and it will be a day I will never. You guys are really spread now out of her like him for years as there is. I am not really I mean we hardly ever celebrate this. Max and emails from Chelsea Chelsea she says would you please play the birthday song for my mom Karen spelled wrong. How appearance those hurting me incorrectly she's fills the car in. Shani Kelsey says she always make sure that the family sings your version so all of our birthdays. She is the saints of a woman and also a total bad ass. The neighbor that she posed off the porch with a sprinkler can vouch for that second part wow I love you my and you still got. Fall notice Amman must be very old Norman lemonade. I pulled off. Car and then we'll try to get you before here pass away and also got this email from Scott Hayes got so my wife Shannon and I've been listening to your show yes Don you're shallow. Since our radio slash alarm clock went off at 6 AM that fateful day in May of 1999. I. Age though began when your show came to Sacramento you. Well we've been here live events like your Valentine's Day shows now. Throughout the years. Thank you for digging every weekday morning entertaining. And emailing you to request birthday song for Shannon is today is her birthday. She's an amazing person wife and mother noticed in order she's an amazing person and why I. I love. So I am wrong to do. I look forward to every day knowing this is in my life however. I have a dilemma Arnold and I might need to request moves on skates instead. You see Shannon is three day is older than rob as vibrant there's money that's very thinker that it and all I am don's page. We have been there. Here. And married for 28. Gone is not good at math let me help her do the calculations please Shanahan was eighteen when we got an air read. We are the exception to what everyone says you. And you know on him very you don't ever and it's. Well Satan but look that's just rude what they should say is you're too young you might last was going to be off the cuff and that and back in nineteen. Our thanks and good marriages where rainy day we sit here and show. Hope to Scott writes obviously we are both way past hour. Time and affording to the mail that I receive from caskets on senior assisted living is right around the corner. And you lose on skates song would help us forget how old we are for awhile. That'll. By the way one final request please don't retire from here we go again with the threats. We are senile enough to where the best of shows actually sound brandy would that be tomorrow I know I was next we. Next for listening for so long though moos on skates has got a real pro. Up next emails from Sydney city cheered and said hi rob I heard you the other day talking about the amazing painters you had your house and you said nor cal painters. Well I looked them up and their hearts tons of people wonder that man. Good I get the contact infer from you I just got out of an abusive relationship. And I wanna paint my house inside asap to hopefully be step one in new feel all of my new home he's a guy I I'd I'm sorry I was at I was given a card by Ross it's his brother he and his brother Ron and own the company in the cards at north Albania did you know web site on it. And Andre gets us in these email she's right that's all I'll lay down and out it should. So here I emailed her. But it's because abs we've actually got a few emails because good entertainers are hard to find as they are we actually found Andrew's Ross stained our board brand new front doors as the only clean up its courses he got his brother of pain over. On the bus and there's just they're just nice guys and their great attention to them is because their big maggots. And maggots like to do business with the other magazines did you hear from the break guys who fill low. The daily news new rich guys that Doug showed zoom yeah. On zero bid. A the website is instant or cal paint dot com and there are so many other version about the red that's those are my guys. Nor cal paint dot com those are about the confusion. I'm the worst I was there caller you're ready just rocks and Curtis hit the abroad for his concerns are that other guy Chandler is there. I beat you guys listen to read were you won't portion or. He knows from the tell them this is from Trevor was too that he's paid your ever does now that we have Trevor the day. Hold it just trigger this is Trevor with you easily he has his own identity which is fine. Okay he says I've been listening to your show on the red app and I have to say. But I find myself getting excited when the concrete commercial comes on. Oh ladies and gentlemen thank and probably more and you Trevor sends through these as best thing ever. I only wish that I was super rich so that I can buy these guys the Super Bowl commercial to letting everyone in the nation to benefit from hearing about that sweet treats okay let me get this itself sandy tree it's one of these commercials and so bad at three. For taking your Amy didn't argue with me on this journey when what attorney didn't talk enough about ready mix concrete a whole family owned and operated that is learning what my eight years. Germany yeah. We make that suite. Pretty soon delicious. So that's that Hanford sand and gravel. My new partners and than the song in there and now I'm walking around my house singing god damn song. The and so we get this he knows well from Daniel and Anna. Ashland page jail and actually and you actually wrote these said oh my god that damned concrete commercial has now infiltrated my marriage the my wife and I love your show yes darned if yours. We listened separately every day while we each commute ninety minutes in each direction tuned for our careers yes America or over achieving millennial capitalist pigs deal with that. We if you are therefore an endangered species it we connect constantly over your show. And have both been an ear worm with that stadium concrete commercial. Well a lot of time together so we try to make the most of it including our agreement that we only have sex if it's going to be great but how. But after that which for us means dirty and rough. We withdraw my dad's sex is worse than those and us lazy sex is bad sex there so the night we were donor had a pretty good. That was about to get there too. I didn't mean to but in the moment as my wife and I go back and forth of the dirty talk and said are you ready for this week. We both started laughing hysterically in a very small sends it children. And in much the sense that brought so much closer to each other up. I'm connected to your show. Finally have our first version of a sexual mishap that'll always be on top and that's that's that's that's ever added that sleep and ask. And gone. And dawn show.