Listener Mail 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th


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Love anybody until I'm 98 wrong. I fifty yards you got next. You'll want to show and call rough and on an 88. I can listen on line. Rant radio. The things that bothered aren't. Theme under Torre the season and listen I have never. It's been happier he's not be a night time bathroom user I would die if I sat August 8. He grabbed how do you do that he's control you just hold them all night long because there's in those moments where you wake up in the mill night and he just got to go. That's a hole that is that's an. Odd talent to move this. This is a truck. Now now she says she's an Israeli edges and I'm happy to be do not being night time bathroom user doesn't he's not going into the bathroom. Does not welcome you. After Cisco Systems and milk and Zach is very dear red radio dot com points out about the fighting tight bonds over the females and what Harry. If the two states captured were males and they were fighting they were tracking of female they're still be as the in the house. Oh my god I say abandoned him out yeah. A person that also goes to the. This begs the unrelated news from Sheehan and ASEAN and I'm Shannon has many long long time listener and older. I think she says happy birthday around happy as to birthdays to this DJ I have ever met mile high. Hi yeah. And have the pleasure to listen to for the past seventeen plus years you know I don't get to emailing and as much as I now have a real job. Good luck luckily I didn't remove all mention and I remember her exact email Brenda Kelly and I started to one of their front and we finally do some runs Shanahan. This like the most one of those old oil. And it's she's an I still listen as much as possible hope you have an amazing day. Well thank you very much and that no. Emails from Brad radio. All of these. Part of data base in. We do when you enter. Well MacKey posted we'll give you some of that during the collision. Good morning your mind about six. Or dirty doctor rob her from. Or every town. Commercial free missiles on sand. You really get indices are thirty doctor about it we healthy food if she got over a got her husband over the issue has shown a pretty warm this latest words ladies no matter what your problem I see. The children and a cornyn say gee that assuming and he will do it. The next six or is it members that read read your dot com it is wed men's day October 10 that is the the Wednesday. After indigenous country on the sequel there. To uncheck counts. Sorry dear red greeted dot com persons from John Cage. A lot of people. Koren who complain about our ear warming whatever little things that we do and and you start doing them a when you're not around we're not around and John says this ear warming is getting out of hand. I was driving down 205 and Tracy and I saw a Shelby cobra car. And like the Monty that I am I know I'll do my trust her to and so OK regardless always yeah. Eventually go on the radio yesterday on. I'll that you saw. And had to examine their eyes and president and he just ran. This is from Peter. It doesn't there does that I imagine Zambrano. Hoff took a picture descend unions troubling though it only has one G right is that it's a restaurant actually very famous restaurant. Called the list dual mangled. It has only one GT car. It has zinc and says yeah baggage in vanity and it does not translate to the magnets in infringement is yeah. Well I don't restaurant I Olindo. Bankers. And Jose chocolate covered mangled. I actually went to their website and looked up there their menu of policy and what's what you expect in Paris and firstly S cargo we're. So does this. Speaking. S cargo hell I don't know if this goes to the club. Of the things you get mad at the grocery store like already hard boiled eggs on Hackett lazy not to behind in only easy for all that amazing and stay out of it they contain Randy you know. All of these are marked up one to 400%. So this may be something that's old news and it's actually normal I don't know but not in the snail world. Think you could. It was like all these sales already cooked S cargo does this big packet they are trying to. Piled on talk to each other is that just how it comes. I'd like to start a little packet because. Well I mean I didn't know who. How even when I dare tell you would by okay I had to do this vacuum sealed into if you want to make guest argot probably it's hard to find the gas needles that you can eat pretty remember or I saw the some rain I was like rushing out of wherever I was like. And I just can't go. Well I. Let's dig that's just that is adorable daughter not the buyer or to make a middle of the lake it created a CNN does no idea they're every MAS cargo that's pretty discuss sex. I took it but I don't know that insulted examined. The laws in this vein need I would put nothing pass I'd be shocked if they were pre made guests Argo and you just microwave the competitor. All Michael you saw. What I yeah. Prayers I'm pretty sure there's a lot of holes in my current. Next door his mark this day. He says hey rob when your wife Christina graduates law school. Will she immediately opened up her own shop called the law firm of yeah. Uncertainty. It's true. Only the finest finest hour hey what are sheep are going to see a and he teed off CG I had the spurs he hogs she's not how criminal. Our next email from DeVon and they expect that the this thing you guys rip on vegetarians last week actually made me think of a question for rob I'm assuming you grill now. And then went yes now and then I do drill. Your questions and Paul how you handle not co mingling fish and meat on your grill. I assume you don't want your state tasting like. Salmon play because you thought about how vegetarians wolf the really bad I mean I dry today and how soon how many Cherie daddy touching. It means he. ING myriad landing it tastes good attacks than me and so it any depleted. I wouldn't if I was cooking her vegetarian I wouldn't not supposed. They're vegetarian dish where mine needed band. Because I care about band has a clearly rotten human beings are good because what you're looking to I don't want the taste of the cable or never did get in the way all my state. So yeah no I do this but I mean it's it's just inside hero and how much you're. You're cooking so we have I have a six burner gas grill bless you staff and the normal little sports in a sense of the far right side those two burners. Are exclusively all Wii's only use for. All types of fish shellfish such as salmon. Everything that just all every any time any kind of ended when I couldn't fish those two burners whenever you your purchases never had a good co mingle well. I don't I have like one of those standards. Weber grills point 12 inch or whatever and I had no problems cooking meat and fish on the same girls as long as they don't touch you don't really get those flavors and mingling especially when you close the lid and as long as you it's eight meter at. After you cooker referring to the next time you spray the grill you brush it off at college at the same and pull levers are gonna leave on the green and he had no wait wait look at Somalia coconut. Sin not the he had co mingle flavors because that's kind of gross join examined nearly the same and you would mean the cigarette in that we're spending almost too much time you know mentally think. Yeah just consistent you guys are normally I don't even think about it nor care if it happened minutes. Just get over it move on a little bit of salmon well and only an amount not not legally illustrate that I don't I don't want any god in Santa myself. I wanna say I'd be happy is and it's yeah over ten years ago. They've ever faced an admission yet warmest and I can't. Imagine boy only pass. Anatomy so you know I ain't and I grabbed this yet died this I want. I think that probably and crab and I'm having surf and turf I still want the full flavor of the terror. And then the flavor of the Serbs. Understand that why it began wouldn't want that subsection stuck to really understand I just don't want any we wanna give any credibility to. I did I'll give you sane enough who have sworn. Off of me for whatever reason wolf yes I understand why you do not want me to come in contact with whatever you're reading doesn't mean I like you or non Jewish community and all right this is from out now outnumber. But one of the things we start recently. Is that people are starting to label. Themselves it's this is our shows push back against political correctness thing so we have we have Trevor the day I'll do is just. Written in and Bono he identifies his trip to. I should acknowledge there. And he has some jokes sourced later on in the good. Hey Joseph supported ban the crippled well. And so people continue to right now visited him on this is just a basic email from Chad the normal kind chef thank you. While that's. And since he says. I. His is in reaction last week easily just want to say that I love your show gets me through my day at work and my commute to work. I don't know it has something to do with the solar storms Brandon was missing but oh yeah the shows last week where even funnier than usual also keep up the mambo in the jungle or whatever is it. Phillies now. Terrorist arms dining hall hassled just like foreign sound sorry for the show's sucking now. The solar storm does that. Millsap is dollars and and that this week police lab rats are ready and that's not give you warning that they now half. And nothing weird ruled her now me but my own on all of this. Brees is back of course the brand's proud dad and the mom goes on the Jumbo. And we actually have some more some follow up questions and stories about by far the most popular one recently. When Brandon had the ghost chasers come over though stays there are normal investor I. Sponsors pull up in the mystery man. Brandon after the Belmont get out my old tennis and friends and they'll they'll look for mr. Johnson with is a the mask on. It's a I call brought to us as always bias of the gang of ten. To use this is usually where I go into the big long speech about how great take to you is now we're working when I am bloody bloody blue. You get imitates you dot com I. Just let somebody do the speaking forest is from G are not easy out she wrote an email on Friday at 5:10 PM saint tech T was at my house right now hope they were invited. Yeah you call it yeah. You let them out and they are so nice they drove all the way to my house and load by he even waited for fifteen minutes were meeting get there because I was at work now. So nice fixed my Wi-Fi problem Formby and even has some tools and gadgets in the car that I needed. Hey and thank you so are other ways not see this wonderful although if she if he's if he's already fixed everything in that time what they still in the house. And they believe there are many the homeless. Sexy you called on your own risk checked the basement etc. I can validity of kitchen bath day here and I got great Y yeah. Or. Hello Alice good morning. Chicken worrying. Today that it is they went toe through like you don't want your. Each day and your fish catching her case you wanted to opening day like crap either. Yeah and I I I understand I just I don't I don't get busy leading to open a Marty tasteless cracks so anyway I would tied to an improvement did she and meet. I think yeah. Southern Louisiana ever really tastes so who's cheesy solely mumbo isn't the jumbos it occur within Brennan's broadcast revenue one tomorrow and yeah. This is this is the the the new totals about all this yeah your your kind of revisiting a bunch of seven. On can we have some doctor prod lenders some lifestyle and poly amorous issues that between a try and there is. Somebody else is coming out as bisexual wants to have their boyfriends hanging out and they don't know exactly how to go about it because they're freshly. How is bisexual because another person needs some help with that quitting drinking it's affecting their home Weisman and then the letter writer as a kid in so they're trying to figure things out. How to get that. How he would handle also my interview with friends that we can't with soap over the weekend his name is Nathan. And he's got this disorder he was born not born with but he came up at an early age. It's a kidney disorder which which basically gives him. Severe. That's stones. He he's had hundreds of thousands of stones and he's had the past now and he's had like 44 surgeries and it into the span of about 1520 years. I'm so we talk about his ailment and how he had a brush with a near death. And kind of how is live with fits and the queries that announcement. So before Hayes any of the protesters show that is not the Momo on the Jumbo we stuff about the broadcasts. That's just questions about sexuality and gender in dealing with the ailment that's not mumbo Jumbo it's against the this could be in the gangs pink glow. So so experiences paranormal investigator thousands of people still write about bat. And we got this email from Stephen. Hi Steve says I recently experienced something that I wanted to get Brandon and dawns opinion on since I know rob response will be at some coincident. And group. Who is another one of his respect and as the skeptic I am great Steve and I'm leaning towards that as well I'll hook. They definitely still made me wonder. Most likely is wondering if. Yeah yeah. You wonder man and the spirits on all. So we're back shoulder Abbie Mitchell Boehner. And so we. Is far and. It the other night I had a dream that me into my co workers went to a party. When we got there are dug in since one of the co workers set I'll drive us home so go ahead and have some great so did the towards the end of the dream. When we're leaving the party I saw Doug looked really drunk so I said I'll drive us he said no I'm good I only had two Beers oil and drive again this is only drink. As we are approaching my house in the dream all the sudden Doug keel to the steering wheel like he had fallen asleep and he crashed in the my driveway. This is when I woke up. My dog was whining so I let her out and while doing so notice that it was shortly after three AMs and our real life controller experience has been woken up by history. The following morning. I got to work and I saw Doug driving into the parking lot and noticed his car sounded funny. And he parked further away than usual. When I walked over to make sure everything was OK I saw the the left side of his vehicle was trashed. He said that last night that I the dream he was driving home from his friend's house around 2:30. AM. And fell asleep at the week. Luckily. When he graze the guard rail it woke him and he was able to correct to prevent a worst crash. I just stared at him blankly for a second. And I tried to Muster a small site like a small talk but man what a bummer. Brought to think about was that dream. It was crazy enough that he crashed his car while asleep just like in my dream but based on when it happened it literally was happening as I was dream. Understand that it is. Okay there is it just don't share. Of seeing what you guys. So Fred we'll start a few friends. Before you today I think being. This is a very interesting case so they couldn't be any other germs clairvoyance inconvenience your pastoral projecting yourself wearing slowly please save. We'll hook you up and assassination is a term used. Prescribe. A willful out of body experience that assumes the existence of the solar consciousness called an Astro bodies and a separate from the physical body. And cables traveling outside it throughout the universe so this is some now think if you've never heard him now out of body experience. This could be one of those things so he's asleep. But he is. He's draining but like so is it his soul that is with his friend all of its. Yes source consciousness so they think it's very well could be just a coincidence that he had this very odd though there are no coincidence no its toll could be much so that he could also be easily connected somehow to his coworker and it's such a dramatic type they experienced good hands. Send some sort of signal and you know if if you believe in this sort of thing and they can be connected somehow to. I think that's I actually I think that all of us. Have some kind of abilities not Blake to the level of what some people have been very few have but I I think it. Sometimes you can just be connected to it at any given moment for whatever reason because I feel like there's so much stuff that happens that we just don't know about and we can't understand. And so we tried it. Makes sense of it and if we could see. The unseen world it would all make sense then so I just think that it just. 81 of those unseen things that we can't see happened for him in that moment and he was. Basically there order or not predicting. And when when those us who are skeptics say to you when you're just trying to make sense is something that we've already explained and that's wrong Abbas quit is so we're we're just being dismissed. No I don't think your wrong but. Why you don't hear an explanation in your explanation. If your explanation is it's just a coincidence for being blue though not get enough. Yeah me there are no coincidence that so what are except that that's how you wanna deal it because. There there's no way to get any deeper with senator really knows you're not open to I feel like the more open. Any of us would wanna be maybe the more we could experience things that we're allowed to. But. The. I know this is already gone too far ideals we can't rationalize. Disease because that can't we we can't explain that so how do you how do you explain something that is completely irrational to our brains. You know I always love about them like this this is a great example because. Both parties are basically arguing something that's completely unprovable. A coincidence is completely untrue or how can I prove it's a coincidence other than saying that's how the world works and ultimately these these spiritual connections that we had physical proof of flagging this is pretty deep you know the new name I understand it even talk over my head there I appreciate it. The connection between he and his friend Duggan and eighty dog thinks so much of the letter writer that that is how disappeared then that the not spiritually. The around the world Blatche duct. It's good to lose to his brain insanity like he sent a message or whatever. All and that's really what we all wind up arguing that we have to demean each other while doing it well we don't have to. Some fun and think about the possibilities that these might be I mean here excuse deja Vu Robin you're drenched something. And then have it happen in your realizing how loud that that happened in my dream now or. So this is kind of a similar thing I think because 99 million things I've dreamt that it never happened then that's true but. I mean that. There's so many different possibilities any view in the if we. Really go back to lead we think about like the idea there might be multiple universe is parallel universe is this type of thing and in nineteen. Swerving in and out of them in any given time that we might be seeing things in our sleep we still can't we still don't know what our brain does. Through his fullest abilities in how bad I embrace parallel universe is is that science based that you go away and I. Ben and Matt upbeat you know so that making fun of humble sides are not accepting that I. Obviously is here to connect to be a fund partner does being human but the other thing our humanist pastor known. I think sometimes it gets us in trouble. Pass to be an explanation or else it's not. Possible and doesn't exist and that's how we are coming from and so. He has sometimes you just there's just some things you are never. Clear no that's not a definitely annual. We really really be you know this especially Italy near the ocean if we really knew how insignificant we are no clue and just happens we don't know what how much we don't matter is humans and he wouldn't be such jerks about this kind of stuff. A question from Trevor Trevor. Since says hey Brandon what do I want to have a paranormal experience. Is there a way for meeting shows spirits and I'm inviting them without anybody in the Batman yeah. One party. Buddy why he doesn't want all the whole county Indiana now Amanda I don't know that's of the did you want. Playlist for any near here and neared kind of think you'll like him a seance or something anyone invite people and then he got to make sure you set boundaries this is something that I am not. There he. Twelve person if you wanna know more about that kind of thing you might want to reach out to Melissa had sex period dot com and then she can give you what the how to cut even set those mounted yeah how cannot match get out I sent them. Hungary she would know better. That's a Smart thing to just Google and research healing your friends get together and do I mean you couldn't really invite some terrible things Andy you're. Wherever your mood like the NSA I. They've gone.