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Friday, December 29th


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First he knows. Zain says yesterday I need rob. Saying he met you I met crop properly. And I don't know Jose is I didn't mean yeah yeah but he wrote I meet rob the pressure I met her own. But why would you write and EET that's neat lady and English as a second language. You know I mean if you met him that he has broken English yeah and always seem to speak very didn't I didn't I didn't even other than his name because they are never would have guessed yeah any type of he's a kid put. Yesterday I meet Robin you local burger joint. My first impression was how truly some he has all this guy is yeah that's lol great call on. He does not my second thought was not for one minute and I consider him mean short and Jose is a big guy by yeah. They do rob sure that you know he he he hello I'm so sorry talking with me it was not occurring to him. That I was shorts so I was hiring tall stature AA I got a check that was kind. OK okay. Really loved. Think he's doing. It doesn't lie in the end I meet the married there really dumb or really mean the tough tough tough tough I like that anything. I mostly. Was robs handshake Justin's firm like my dad's which is a sign of good man off. All generally about seven album goes those conversations were just like kept hundreds of such a pleasure all. You know what I gotta go tell it well as specific. I'm vehicle and lured girls keep hygiene bath. Says it was an honor to meet you Truman was best of luck rob and all of your future success PS for the first time. In my life I smoke I felt small standing next to someone I have so much respect for your. Believe it was such a nice guy and he had Christine and I were just grab a burger amigos on the way out and you can tell you didn't wanna. Thank you imposed on hard times which it wasn't an Albany paradise huge fan or not it does me here I mean he's big. But just a huge and great guy very at all. This week it was a pleasure to major horse anchor. Might have felt small but you are told next email is that's. From Billy but it means a lot of fun. Both choices leaders do not need down here and I'll I mean. All right but this is funny let's see would you do. Mean I think it's funny. Ol' Billy writes. I was headed home on I eighty and I just passed a truck stop when I see you know blue Hormats saw probably won't mind me. The growth seen Xena classic the parent and like yeah. Miracle. That they've got the map. Okay you open. I was. Unfolded could have been robbed because of the time and the location but I looked anyways and I passed in my crappy car golf and there. I tried to slow down and looking end rob was too Smart for that quickly flew around. If you ask your misses. Rob was with him and I must say she is smoke and odd ASE is that a boy Iran. Most certainly we know exactly who this is because remember. Getting on the freeway and and see in this junker. Or are. The guy kind of look at it gave me the look and look in the east slowed down a little bit and they had nothing to getting away from you Billy it was because I'm in the right lane and I just got on the freeway and I'm in my Corvette and staying in the right lanes right away. Slowdown in the mind of the four lane over a disease or that yeah calm but I think it's YouTube LA we we were talking about you before you recognize us because I think it was Christine is an all man. Like somebody threw his car in the garbage man just took it out Xavier and. Did you where you need to go now it was. That's Dubai. I am this is from that's a legitimate rob sighed and try to it's going to be a lot of the sequence. God Jesus mail rob mail us a favor and listen Rodney yeah. I got here a minute people wrote in it was printed up and I put my final you know when they write about all you people you all for coming on top of the stack. Is it is okay. And got yeah always shared a week for me sorry animal life there's no skis yeah. Might just make. Me funny your tall on this. I would be an all lenders are likely era. Marie me this great game. I'm ready he says after hearing this oozing out yesterday about Robin Christina being so good looking in person knows is the guy who followed us from the breakfast place. Target and he never sent I'll probably see your house. How. We met when we met Jose yesterday at the burger joint I did make sure he'd pulled out first. Even if they gas. And recruit and follow. No cola in his ultimate you know calm after hearing the starters you know about you Cipro and Christina seems silly youngest team in person. Then I had to share my story yes rob I had to thank you didn't pass it's a figures in lists him as somebody literally just gotten here manager type music maybe they did. She says. I set my cute little ass down over the weekend will you watch the holiday cooking videos hundred members out Brad raided a comedy for brining to. The Turkey prepping it cooking the carbon Turkey do these are great. A mash potatoes stuff mean and on slumping geez sake and a cheesecake and only look at their all posted at members I graduated. I'm ready says in NY solid premiums and as soon as rob came on the screen pulls well paying rob. And so I immediately said 00. Treaty is quite well with my husband to whom I explained I never considered your looks either way but man boy you look so high. Hot in those yeah. As good as Christie you know there's the sex tape that I would pay for yeah. And he's yeah red radios Gibbons dorm and classroom first RY and I. Tom I mentioned we put up the pictures and ran radio dot com Wilson threw up on FaceBook. A picture of Christine and I before I went and headed over to via saint John's charity there's a fancy party for change was black tie event with a twist. So they've for they like you know they they encourage like Red Sox are gracious I Wear red medicine red hot. I saw. Charity events I go do it then they're never black tie. Berlusconi. The curtain goes down. Yeah. Something. It says the scene is stunning in your house Ali amazing we also have a they're all the pictures of the of Santa throwing up in my house. Com Ers and a beautiful couple amazing how's your married off. Cristina spelled wrong. Well Paterson says that now there's an H in there Christie has gone wrong says love the decorations looks like a Christmas wonderland. Cindy says wow you two look gorgeous love cristina's hair okay it's. Funds are because I believe the picture updated an exclusive red raider dot com starts was need do my annual blood draw just for testing for my physical and there's. Christine and I were there early Saturday morning we're laughing is there's a sign that says actually no cell phones as I was able to capture picture literally almost every single person. In the waiting room is on their cell phone out of course gas on using my cell phone to take that picture. They're painted sand trap guys and myself are now but Dario is my she's my personal blood drawn her she's the one. Off who listens and she knows that I used to have. These phobias about giving my blood and our says it was great to see you again rob you've gotten so great about your enroll blood draw from all. It was really nice meeting Christina says yes now. As always she's seen you grow over the years I don't think about it is that because they give you a lolly. And about movies. Like homer since Indian aid from Powell could. It's just not. Move along now I'll give him more stuff about me but in a different way DA round and this is it shouldn't. Cheryl cook I Darrell says dear all mighty commissioner rob. Got a question for the I. International Federation's board says. That's catchy for this stupid and if you're unsure about your sports fan them that's why I am here he's really no one now. Does it actually I'm the commissioner of the international federation exploiting himself now that now no one. I sporting more in my sport are certainly behind me says I was appointed that on my birthday he. Like sports fans everywhere is he was born was the chosen one. As my husband and I need a ruling for the future of our children but you don't just make that decision yourself I'm forty niners fan. And my husband is I pray that insane or. It's our kids were born in Sacramento but we now live in Nebraska. They are three ends too old so they are not pink to team of their own however. Once we buy them Siemens Harold the decision shall be no need Florida. Now that is exactly right Cheryl so far you are completely correct if you buy apparel where children. Our anointing them in your own vision as fans and a certain dad had so much apparel from different team right do you want you want your kids like dogs. In any way. Would you deem and pass the your daughter to feel like I don't pat on the ballot bowl now. It's. Do they inherit their dad. Choice in horrible scenes because remember you if you remember seeing your own have to pick your your dad's team that would make them forty niner fans. And that and that is specific to geographical things are gonna it's gonna moment around and mom's choice is irrelevant because she's a woman throw. I appreciate the issue that you heard you may inherit their dads. Or do they have to become chiefs fans. 'cause of where we now live now they do not have to become she stands your Nebraska yes sure you draw a circle and say well the closest geographical seemed. Our McKenzie she's but they are not your team you you are you fall under that rule of you're in the middle of nowhere so here in the middle of nowhere you can either. To pick a team of and he seemed if you don't have a guide which is gonna respect your question but once you picking you have to stick with a forever that's the whole point. Of being a sports fan for the I FSA does what dawn doesn't like about the whole. Currency lawyer no CD OC. Drain that though it is good news when and home there you go right like I don't think I treat you better day she's got. God is better look all my dog you know you get a little tired get a little I only know the guy that shows you some attention. I had great relationships are important no relationship is more important than that between a man and his board yeah. So her thank you for Ferrell or your children must become forty niner fan. You must follow in dad's vision of being forty niner fans. He can you do college scholar now she would be answered college went okay himself because therein Nebraska. It's their dad has. Has a college team let's take their dads college team or I mean there are Nebraska aren't bad and are crazy about what is that the Huskies or whatever they can now be born classy way and I know by. That's. She might not understand exactly as we get. Any the when they reached the age of reason and that is AA are supposed to then she was eighty years old they are supposed to choose their local sports scene. And that would be the Nebraska Cornhuskers ABC don't have the option doesn't matter award winner. Remember remember go back to my child tonight. I was born and bred and raised in the gay area AM yeah my dad is from Pennsylvania my dad was originally Eagles van Phillies fan nope not me I have to choose the gay area in Bay Area that's how what words of yes you have a team look good but seed doesn't apply to them on the professional scale because. Us from camera rolls member a woman road and I'm confusing our needs to share agrees Sheryl is not think that she is because that's not really their team that did that that's old mother stayed at night. Can't pick whoever no because if you live out in the middle know where you have to first go to your father's time. And you know I dad or your dad wasn't a real man and didn't have a fourteen man. Club you can pick out. Our polling well hello James good morning. Morning I am pretty sure they restart at the letter stating that that. The mother was done minor sales in other words later. That's ground selective hearing a lot of Alessio 49ers. Didn't care because it was a girl sienna college its own line that's if that's not what I mean clearly it's got to be dad's teams out of that area there that's. Fiance Amanda yeah. Record okay. And that. TV now. Because I named Christine have. Yet caller is correct she is the 49ers and husband as the raiders it's mostly. You greater to have. Hey I. Which brings up that other interesting twist they're now in Nebraska. Adds the raiders fan and still has the right because the raiders are abandoning Obama. I'm moving from Oakland to Las Vegas next season so dad's. And even though it's not a geographical devastation for him. Dad can abandon the raiders and Guinea and picked anybody wants and once he does he's a fan of theirs for life think of your children we. Like your team for life remembered all its Elena Bulgaria and yeah. Long as you remember you know as soon as dawn tired of residence that include life. For life okay this and I know it's more important next scene now for the commissioner of the guy and. Hannity I'm not on law law land on this person. Or rob might come to you in this trying time and they Green Bay Packers fan. As you know quarterback Aaron Rodgers actors is out for the season I keep hearing rumors that they could very well be looking at picking up Alan Burnett. If that was to happen for the love of god in my allowed to ditch my team yes thank you for your wisdom your holiness so yeah really yeah. I. I did it well and excellence they chancellor commissioner. You match. Indiana are. Are you are not allowed to do it sure changed why not. You are allowed because this is part of the ups and downs the bumps in the road of how mean a committed relationship where. Sports scene. Just because your husband comes home drunk one night is that I accidentally may have kissed a girl. Pack up and leave you stay you work on it and that's what happens if they sign Colin GAAP earnings. Few attitude now you can do you think is kind of like your now husband example maybe you're sleeping on the couch for a few weeks maybe get some therapy together of senior waiting for your husband bulls head Loudon and murder and and fix things. So you're gonna watch by the way the Packers are not gonna sign how on Kapanen but just in case. You have do but watch and see how it goes you could be could stop watch your team for awhile but you still packer fan you cannot abandon them over. Hated players political statements things like that you don't you don't ever have to Wear is there a pair again you write is just. Birds and you can't get new apparel and you can't you cannot cheer for another team you are a Packers and you can't Brothers easy very packer fans. At core you were given free will you were born so you can really just got into you are not given free will when you were born when the sport I. That's why does the commissioner of the ISL and we have another question from Jerry is strictly says first of all I don't want dawns opinions she is not part of the guy. No I'm not no one is it's a like who do you do. I. Rob I have a question isn't season pound same song does not. We well. I. Great questions. As it did in the Minnesota NASCAR's fan because that was my dad's team until they abandon Meehan went to Dallas to become the Dallas Stars. We do but I reserve for the other team. I hate disrespectful they are to the National Anthem now screaming their stars in the middle of it stopped being about. Your team at that. I'm finally ready in Minnesota Wild and I currently live in Nevada in this year in the NHL we finally have a Nevada team the Las Vegas golden knights my question is now can I become a nightstand or must I stay awhile and you must deal wild fans there we get this question all the time doesn't matter if you're grown adult even root and her team your actual fan of the team are. And then another teen moves into your neighborhood you can't suddenly become a fan of that team right. Because it's like you've been married yeah. You're live in the same. Gorgeous woman moves in next door she says this is yeah. Because. They shouldn't sit and loyalty matter one more on mass from Adrian day yeah. And says hello all almighty commission. Dear lord I followed your rules blindly and and never question your rulings cleared dummy I have. Just my membership imperiled and even. Please advise what will become available if not already things that are available. Oh no aired you will get you some yeah I remember yeah SS. News.