Listener Mail / Jokes for Amanda 4-20-17

Thursday, April 20th


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Anybody until I'm 98 rock. It's AR execute our nest. The emails are indeed at Brad radio dot com about forum. You can also pronounce his name the way you might at home voice I mean they are still a landline her variety of reasons. Mom and so. Sometimes when when Kevin he says call me home. Bill calling other than annoying their citizens are your phone has call frowned and if if there's an identified place. Shall try to pronounce the name they always get it wrong is just changed in years now I don't know what's wrong with our. He's it's over for when he calls is culled from Kevin heat. It's justified for Hillary here in. Fifteen minutes so hopefully fellow there American morning. Good morning to Irish and it's hot water will crawl and Brenda and we're all love it yeah happy or why he's OK. He's. Related items on the way. No not buy our bonds was there a value they don't know. And most vanished here pretty quick ground this is your mail for RE zero am radio dot com or remind you. Membership site at him. Grab radio dot com or six days away from our next six hour. Next witness there with a stick around for hours have you special. On the verge contents and it'll all be uncensored as well let's say we do alive you can listen as we go members are red radio dot com. Emails let's start with this one from Leah Leah says longtime listener first time email or because I know rob loves to know that the congratulation. Amanda Amanda he loves me this much how I handled. Every time a Pollard and calls and sands and in England and Marion and I we both start doing the air ground self pleasure. Just don't care. Alias says you lose word games that you people play you pay all kinds there's one. What started a game like that it work inspired by air show. I work at furniture store in sparks Nevada and my manager is Canadian and he does say a lot. Any time he does I started to say B after he says yeah. It's very annoying and I told I told him that I got it from your show so he started tuning in every morning and now he loves you. Good morning enjoy the Molson his favorite is when Brandon screen is nine. Every now and then when he's bringing someone up and that number is and it brings the customer and I hope. Thanks very hurt and I made this. So here amusing games that make me wonder where my life is and then when the highlight of my day is listening to yourself. This here OK okay boy lives airlines don't let the Alexy just going to be until go right down with us. This is from Ross I don't they Rafael yesterday I'd. I'd Brad brought up the story of going to my dry cleaner on Monday. And how we'd we pretty early into a debate we just discussed it then later on from the show but she and I were talking about dogs and and my German shepherds and how much they shed. Does all my clothes there and and I I brought my girlfriend as a black lab and he was like all day was an ugly. I've never noticed that means. So. As Rafael writes the fifth round for years people have commented on how good you aren't telling stories. Even withdrawn and most recently Amanda trying to ruin the that's very you worry Wednesday yesterday about talking to your dry cleaner mrs. wash U Washington to him about Labrador is what's extraordinary. As obvious as the punchline of doesn't she beat those as well as saying it really did come out of nowhere with your presentation. And I think it killed me a little on the inside from the laughter I've enjoyed all day ever since I think I've told a dozen friends that story are pretty things are beyond. Magazine what you. You pulled clear giving me credit you're not saying. And so I was much likely today than. About dogs are like hey don't you we don't think it's the whispers yeah didn't wages these. Mr. and mrs. why she you know that you know why she wash you know you talk about him on the show how dare they they they are they are aware of what we knew they are aware of the show yeah bomb. I don't know if they ever listens. I don't know any did the wash U Washington has ever come out. I don't know if there are set and amused her real name on the air. Slash I'm wondering if I guess I should match and home. This is similar email from Sarah base there and says I think this is what she wants she was timid confused. Because it was a lot of black hair ignited identified black lab here it's probably not a black lab that is clogging up for machinery a rocky Rottweiler. As black head has back care that is a similar texture to a lab but they said they shed its oh march. She probably has a few clients with Rottweiler believe me go to a self serve dog wash place with a Roddy and the employees will instantly become depressed. Oh they're fantastic dogs they shed more than anything. I'm happy to see when it comes and really they shed more than anything more than Huskies are going to be more than a mastodon that more than a snake that sheds its skin area a really nice. One that really careful with your words man is more than an error they get more than they are there gorilla some college and sure every and there's a gorilla in the obviously don't know Mickey did yeah. Do you guys want Stoops this isn't. She said the Rottweiler shed more than an. Anything not more than anything goes dry cleaner and for more than any other household that not more than their dog is there anything specific and that's why you aren't good at that evolution shed more than on. How does one of Columbus is out of another dog related city. This job this this is from or let dale paid out he says rob have you seen the ban on full commercial. With the dog talking and the voice sounds exactly like maestro snow maestro is my dogs. And he does have a voice you tell me if it semitism here. On this morning stroll. Home sleeping right now. For hoosiers or. I don't really hard produce more angry at god and man and on here assured doing laps around the building but I was gonna do as a man it was me in June jazz and beyond known Joseph Lieberman and dawn shown a and I started doing laps around the billion nominated unit and you tell me. Owners and sometimes they both the. I get my. She's scared. And friends see there I have a dozen maybe they're yeah. I think because the voice of the dog in the commercial he's got a mouthful of food I think that's why he's talking my dad had he not been chewing he'd probably sounds a lot different rob although although. And I sent you bad ones it's the easiest one because in the other spots isn't an ongoing it was gonna use a different dog every time the same voice sounds. And on the other spots that humans talking and so would it been harder for. Audience but I am the other ones sometimes the dog's not eating and it's the same voice contact. And I didn't I thought and still doesn't sound very similar thank you could say and I guess is that. It's kind of stick it. They use different dog's death is totally different all eight every spots different makes you know I had another amazing to me there's been. They are lazy and stupid to amateur and it is why well. Byron for almost and Kevin Healy times free legal buys a code word for a thousand dollars on it. I'm just a couple of quick a quick items and Amanda's favorite feature Joseph and the okay had a really good round yesterday as people try to continue to help her stay out of depression yeah. Email us Ari deer ran radio dot com don't call some scumbag called yesterday. In the segment and I'm like did I just say don't call you're bad at at and doing jokes I'm sorry folks my job and just right in my promise I'll present a well so. Are you red reading about Thomas do couple exactly have a few different choices here from Lauren Lauren. What do you call a guy with a rubber journal soon the month and Robert joke to. Oh man did that's a tough one on the pronunciation he has go Robert toe or Roberto Roberto and they he. I'm taking money that went right after lectured you or not being able to agents. Jokes I screwed when there's so what is there what do you call a computer that sings through it dealt. I just flat on this last one is a little bit of the senate foreign radio what's and now you're ready no and I'll do first for you that the joke. What are you put in a computer password these days a lot of places force you insist on you having a number. And a letter that I. It's so when I get to the punch line because it's it's harder on rate is actually funnier joke intrinsic do you believe it. I didn't bunt sign the first thing I'm saying is a number of us. And that will make sense okay. What's Boris Johnson computer password. My eyes one forest one. Radio are you can email us I your serve and Ari the red green dot com we have your chance of the thousand dollars cash drain yet so it's weird did you code word that he'll text to 788172881. Is texting number messaging data rates apply your word today as secret. Have a CE paying SEC are ET text the word secret right now to 72881. For your chance in 2000 dollars.