Listener Mail/ Jokes for the Maggots 6-13-18

Wednesday, June 13th


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Rub anybody in doha. The scene now. I'm sorry you. How your part of regular old boring list. Monarchy you know it's possible we're gonna read this thing at the home holiday meal on the go into that segment leader the only. And that's when the maggots interviews here Arab. Admitted it didn't look who let me grab the slip out in my view is supposed to hand that he comes to bring the emea. But you get an email before. You may yeah brother you could be. You certainly. Megan says did you guys please play the moves on skates on them. The birthday song at all in no particular order that's an odd combination with gates is that Syria from mad if she says today is my birthday yeah yeah. But I'm also a Jeanne Allen. You know there thirty Smith the age this is your. That is yellow and I'll be divorced in three years and she quit. She says I would be worried about being traded in her younger model by my boyfriend who's ten years my senior but. We are closing on our first home together before the end of the month. So he's kind of stuck with me for awhile aren't really. But he's got eleven months and thirty days to figure out how he's gonna extricate himself and his financial ruin and he's played some of them don't worry I don't think he'll figure it out make him. She says I'm listening to the show yes Don this show since 2000 hang. I've never had a red birthday shoot out out out what does that. Spine fusion I. Also and another banner a shootout I don't know why I don't know it's do or. He knows almost ten years so let's hope not but so are shout out on my birthday I'm. I'm so confused as you wanna shout out or shoot a shout out as she wrote shoot out a shipment shall okay our lawyers there. You're. Who's on skates you might have to wait for that old woman who react. Are not young either Sean. Other. Already. A tune. What's up man. This column for this unscathed. Oh okay well we already have a woman Megan she's sexy she's 31 ceiling. I the reason being is because I don't treat dad passed away yesterday. All ripe old age of fifty it was a cancer she sent and by we have been mentioned my foreign exchange he spoke at a home. After ten contain relevant it's kind of tough issue room. Odds these awful and clearly has depressed seen as a woman turning thirty years old salt that you're gonna have to share this song Teixeira. So you know. Walter nice today. Cincinnati craze that's you we had a sand are of foreign exchange student what do box tomorrow and if she could let guys take him. Betty. Thomas from red radio dot com we are meant forget those in my every know we can close it down with my wife if he knows about that as well on the membership site. Members that ran radio. Bonus video from yesterday we actually at a couple. Throws or not discussion yes there are gonna lose to the other one you're very email but I'll list the road and they needed to settle debate whether or not brings to brush your feet. While you are sitting on the toilet yeah doing the big one and it is that was. National all of it. You can see the video must love and of course Don answering prematurely like a done. I'm glad it's at the and that don't drink in the mail that he and their lives and done guys now that's. Lucy knows or they leave right daily she rides a sanctioned problem I can't watching practical jokers the same and I'm so mad that he always watching and I'm trying to enjoy an episode after work as I write this and now I can't because you pointed out. All of the frauds and say Corey I still love your show yes Don you're shadow that was that's that I ties into the re okay. That's why we win they were there doing their live show which is nothing like their TV show and so overly choreographed and scripted and terrible. And we just come to the conclusion that their monster comes. And that's what makes there shows so appealing. If you think this is genuinely how they're being right now in the moment and think now you're thinking and now. And all that. I know they see someone they can I know I know it but I just I am convinced there's no talking out of somebody wrote unabated and indeed I intended to mean we actually met them and they're really not know they're not they're fake they're phony let it be nice steak that you know how to pretend that would look to look. Listen now well get some honesty from my partners here on this. But here's a little news flash for. You hear all the time people writing and calling even on FaceBook they post that they met one or all of us and we were fantastic we were so nice now. We genuinely all but you know what. We don't always wanted to sometimes we're not in the mood. And we still law are you know how. We turn it on we. We realized that we need to be because you're our fans and you matter to us in that moment that's what we weren't a crappy mood that we don't wanna deal with yet so we know it's. Can be done. Now you take a live stage performers who are frauds for a living there. How easy do you think it is for men roads it be nice and guess what the difference between them and us is. When they walk away from their fans they talk crap about you know they think the city it's actually think we're talking to drop out Diane. I'm gonna get my Mercedes AOK. If you. Ollie didn't say as we're talking. Well even say you know I'm so sorry I can look weirdest news right now I hope I am not be in light. Rooter standoffish with field and that that and there are always. And then I you know I'm not be in like a 100% how I normally would because out here in a mood you're in a move. You lose them when you say you're in a weird. All the time. That I am sorry if I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not concerned not engage I'm really tired and it's. Here's something like that because. You don't want that to be there experience. One other note on our pictures that we've got posted. Ramiro Rio de soleil brands are X he says. You guys are really awesome couple. You need to listen this that you would make really beautiful children you. You eat my year. And a I don't know where the disconnect is here's. Take a moment Christina my wife might not be hearing that personal we know that we look at us. I mean I think that the kids could be just ball Heidi they would come. Out of of her womb yuk this cop that speed and it would be crowned mr. and mrs. universe. Hot sauce so yes it's not totally beautiful children we would be extraordinary parent alerted and that by the way do it. Did it we're never gonna look. Because I thought both looks. Unfortunate my wife so young it's hard for a beginner tubes tied and everything and yanked out of this point though I do believe we're committed. But but this is this and it's at not yeah. God I mean jeez I have my prayers and also been won by and a 5500 dollars cash and here's an Orange County. I'm. So. This is what's frustrating to a lot of people including by the way me it's just I know and my wife knows. For different reasons not fit to be parents and if we had to be we would be amazing but because I know how selfish I am terrible parent no way and I can do that to myself forward kid. But more and more you look around and you see the people who should be parenting aren't. And we my wife man back we're just talking about another couple that some of you are aware of at least a producer nick and his wife my gosh I'm his wife's never really been front and center but believe me when I tell you nick won the lottery when he got her fame and but but they are also there like my wife and I spirit couple their exact. All they want nothing to do with haven't had grazed his. They show quote unquote guess they show they don't want and the amazing they would hate every minute of it which is why they're not gonna do it and you look around. And you see people who have children. Many of whom you know or you see non public at Jesus Christ why are they breeding for that and the rest of us there how are you able to do that branded them this brand and our Nevin hit. Does that at all. A human being asked to be amazed seeing them. That's I know that's part of the frustration that I had so sad not my job I'm well one other note on that. We mentioned yesterday you still have time to submit questions for my wife and me. While we shall we part of the next Brandon broadcasts. Right which of course has brought you by check to use the proud flagship sponsor. Of the round out the rest of the rod broadcast the red round ever gonna call the next one because the last time I was Obama myself was a problem castle he had these us Michael prob be you were the only one. Prob Steen and cast trouble. Right kid is is going to be next week and exe was still gonna sponsor and even though they don't know we've changed the name comments. Everything from a printers scanners are free repair mother boards keyboards touch pads they will come to your business there will come to your residence you can go to then they will do remote services if they can they fix a problem for my wife that way check to you dot com the sponsor and my wife -- in the next guests visiting go to delay the best way is they they could emails are radio -- radio dot com but the best way is your your broadcast FaceBook page true yet easy just go to FaceBook can you search ran broadcast up in the search bar it'll be a group you click to join will accept yes and you can start interacting there. Answer your questions or we will say no comment which we've heard a process. And give broadcast is close and every Tuesday at grand radio that's our next email is from Brandon Faber hey John. Are you still listener mail. Oh yeah. How are you learning brain LO OK it's actually NTT YL me off screen and says I work at coney Delhi and spirits by only compliant. No we carry fellow blue vodka the un official vodka red just odds since I got my boss to bring it in its selling great I keep pushing it on the snooty lake of party people I don't. That adds. Remember maggots Matt now he's not a member I'm sorry just fell maggot Mac is the founder and CEO until idea mend her ways. That she stated I am a member yeah. Okay that. We sold very economical are as sound seeing. Actually pulled up to our last lunge and Honda. Next emails from Ryan they're trying. He's doing well. He says I am officially popped my Tahoe blue vodka sharing the and here you guys brag on and on about some little vodka and me in the fellow maggots even though I'm not a vodka person I've finally caved and gave it to try and wow. I was able to drink it straight. And so blown away by people who are not vodka people who drink this. Try it and they say I love it straight and I love the dragon bond to my whole life like to ask but I suspect that most I had no way and I and many say he ruins everything is as I made a watermelon mixed drink young. And thank you ma'am come on you period. Simons say. You know I love movies and the ingredients. There's no cranberry juice no doubt there is pineapple juice maybe he was demonstrating. He says and include the recipe don't care. Good behavior Denny's or listens to. Cook greens something we do want. And may or may not be one. For us to have to change up a little. While wired in the first problems mount a bunch generically just changed you know. Not a problem I have town's original maybe you irritate the pineapple juice out that the country. Graham airliner on America. Yeah whereas with old crime the banana strawberry could that are not very good now though feel different playing. He did get a better on many says PS can Meehan my boss did. Me how changing Powell Powell to start the day that we. Of that Melanie how could I yeah. We get some soul that's. That's correct. That's the wrong button but it's the right button on the wrong bank that means nothing yeah. And she's saying because you can count found enough though. That's right Alia where is that where he knows the winners on. Here is and isn't that the winner why wouldn't I the winner won't play before that is it that the loser. You hunting. You watch I thought yeah army and he hot to ask those on Romania and out seeing. How good. Nothing beyond teaching top thousands of positive things that we were the winners on me that didn't you guys aren't married you work I think the digital. Next thing you know is from Daniel K okay and rain bands are just one quick version of the six. Now of course 666 is completely meaningless but a flatter Don was raised to believe otherwise and oh yeah she knows it's predict how it's totally ridiculous that the stale so boys number gas so a lot of you've been sending in either stories. Or pictures or anecdotes involving the number has gone wouldn't live in the house that was 666 main channels earlier. 30 here's an interesting quandary from Daniel day in and he says I actually agree with Don on the 666 issue. But I was wondering how she would have handled my situation. I work for AAA. And I had a call come to me all calls get a call number. This particular call number was 42666. They're all busy lunch time. Kind of curious if Donald refused the call and let the poor baby locked in the hot car. Oh yeah I mean obviously it's meant to do so well did did debt load. And up. That may not be a true story that I'm questioning mad and then. Stratex runs from there. There is there are other royals apparently conversation initiative besides brushing your teeth on the toilet. Was the survey that said one out of three Americans are like me and where their own. We're at least twice. For washing off Paul turning inside out it's Haiti where clean underwear. Samantha says after the talk of rob wearing his underwear twice before washing. The ladies in the office and I got to talking we have questions that we feel we deserve the answers if they are far less. First obviously boxers or briefs for a second silk or cotton. Third are you one of those rich dudes who spends forty dollars for pair of underwear so I thought finally do you hang Lester right. Thank you for your time. Of boxer briefs always. A cotton and now why don't spend a ton how much I get my hand were at Sam's and Costco hey I'm surprised. Re about losing fans that I'm here like our people for God's sakes don't you ever say that I'm I'm. And finally get. Do you hang laughter right why I hang right and I only know that I'd I'd never paid attention I know that because my wife is actually want the pointed out to mean a while ago it's. When you buy it I can see your tiny what's wrong you're supposed to talk to left and I'm what do you mean I'm supposed to do well so she started I use. Going on and on about how men's clothing is made so that you talk left and the reason that. I found out that that's bull crap that's not true it's it's and I loves telling her that and and showing her that's an urban legend you're wrong but. The where comes from is that the majority of men hang lefty Google us because of the way our boys are one of them hangs lower than the other. And so it's damaged so I'm just like everything else some weird I'm just in the minority I do I hang right in the majority do hang up but even when you don't get like if you. Are looking into his clothes tailored to the Taylor always ask you do you dress to the left has a right to deal why though. Because they needed they needed you know work on the scene right now see now we did Google it. They just do it because they don't want to touch it. All. All moment they don't change any odd because I thought I saw. So I thought well wait a minute I've had custom suits me maybe she's right M and I realize notion my wife she can't be right spot and I ice to look exactly and add up and and that in the Taylor industry that's why they ask you just don't belong to get interesting just they're just trying to be polite. So the only reason. Chicken next. I wanna stab my eyes because we're all family here so we don't think we just kind of way but only outlook brutally murdered Wendy's. My girlfriends robs look but the feel of them. And they pointed outlook Robben Wear jeans on my gosh look because there'd be a bowl some like you and it was the right yeah absolutely that's the only when you were taught. Like public. No it has since become the I guess because I've never thought. Fit and so naturally it dated that ended yesterday when I got this email I was like yes there is another interesting finding out what I was thinking of the underwear thing. And another report came out yesterday this now this one. Okay this one is dom and gross I mean though this is like so it's fine to Wear your own underwear more than once so what is now it's grounds it is gross but a new study in my if he's seen it and you don't already washing new clothing and as soon as you via. Oh yeah yeah yet now's the time because experts reveal there's a ton of bacteria on the garments they can lead to infections of horse. I don't want other people's dongle or not he's not you know let me tell you and love their own brand. People think on buying new clothing but they don't realize that in many cases. It's not fresh it's been tried on by dozens of people behind. Leaving behind germs all these figures figure stands in fact Torre Patrick reformer retail sales woman. Talked about recently what really happens behind closed doors any clothing store saying whenever customer tries on clothes. The garments are immediately put back on the rack without being shut get. We Stephen do you do it this. Another another don't know this because you see them doing that you'll see them take your stuff. I know like I just like that on and now I see her play the path. Mullah told us the whole thing for an FaceBook but it goes on the talk about when you order online. And you get clothing that is that legends like package done that in many cases depending on who you're ordering from. It's an actual brick and mortar store going out to the show room rabbinate and then they have a little wrapping C section in the back we're gonna dry cleaner yet you think that nobody's ever touched. It many cases no it's been touched it's been born into and it has Bruins do and on even if I mean obviously you'd go to places where even charging Wal-Mart outdoors is it now but you sometimes get it you know if you want to get packaged. Cater east launch and close whenever it is to suggest. Hello James. More rallied on good. I have always heard that it depend on if you're left or right handed if you're right handed and left if you're left candidate and the right he's added I now. Do you see there you see that would that would match up to what was anecdotally reported which is most men quote unquote. And the left and most people are right handed. But I'm right handed and I gained the right. So it doesn't always work and I think all of this is kind of made up stuff I don't is different I don't think we've really figured out that men are hanging even less scientific and it's. So if you're Magid and if you're listening to us right now you are you can't just RED a red radio dot com do not to call you cannot tell jokes her first one is from. 79. Fly. Now owns a Smart troop phones because you're supposed to eat three square meals a day. He had an advisory and understand. And it means. So that your mathematician conference. For any group of men and and jokes for air and personal on a blonde and Internet jump from the Empire State Building the same time who hits the ground first soon the Burnett does the blond had to stop and ask for directions. The other one from Aaron says what's the different between a slut and a niche well. A slot will sleep whenever one of the party individual sleep whenever one but you. Yes I totally let daddy that either vitriol has yeah that's the old thing right when it when you get on a girls bosnians and lesbian. And that's why not this is clever this is from Diego hi all I. Better as he says here's my submission for a jokes from the maggots the ratings for any other radio show other than year. You again. I did a. He's seen the rating. I'll be fired here's the here's an oldie but goody it's from a Phillips pay it out what kind of computer sayings. On it I don't. Global. And finally from Ian hey kid what did the dying Internet routers say before he died of wall and I tell my wife my lover. Very wide body. A part of jokes on the magazine sales Ari the red radio dot com I've got one of those fun that intellectual exercise. Do you minute telephone number is 8889899. Need eleven. There's a reason I'm asking here if you could it. Ethically and legally who think about this. Would you eat human flesh would you triads. Or phone number is 88898 I did eleven Oxley why were asking. And gone. And dawn show.