Listener Mail/ Jokes from the Maggots 7-17-18

Tuesday, July 17th


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Period like okay now. And. No no. No no you're not. I do that he has no idea show. I had my December's numbers you pencil ready. And keep your number Judy yourself down and no I a couple of things here that as they get the show ready to go I got about an hour for the for I am tests on you B test well. Issue. And I've got to I've got about an hour left to do to really test my ability is on the unit that I'm told by all view. I'm usually really good at remaining objective. Present in all sides and even making arguments I don't believe then yes that's kind of my thing that's my change for that's my exam get to a point where sometimes. I'll be making an argument for something that everybody knows I don't really believe in but like a new listeners somebody will hear it and I'm so good at it. They go well. You really do think that cops are hunting black people who are yes she says that's the point of making that argument. But boy I gotta tell ya game and I ever got 52 minutes now I I figured out away or to defend it. What our president did yesterday. Good luck yeah. Op giant. I don't know I explain it but right so many new Britain and and so many of you wanna know. Kind of like the whole entire rest of the planet so I'm working on a hot I I. And I am sorry parity try and I'm Marty channel my inner Hannity and Limbaugh that's I was gonna say who will go to my. That's well and and criticized him I I did that yesterday. As this was happening in early part of my attempt in an hour we do that then an hour after that we have today is customer service horror story only. Or where I will be challenged as a man to hold it together. Because it involves my wife alone the way she was treated by via bio bio a local outlets. Of a major business that is supposed to have buys that are the best. And what I believe is nothing short of a scam. And something that in less I get an explanation. Is something that all of you need to be aware of and something we should be not tops we should not be tolerating. And I have I have no idea I have no idea if they. Advertise and any of our stations. Around but if they do. And they can't explain or defend when we're gonna talk about today. They shouldn't be and I doubled stand firmly with our corporate partners and say so you're saying you want take money from frauds. Does that sort deal with here yeah in less humble don't don't even. And you know young man yes you will are going to I think your eyes are going to why do in that. As you hear all of this play out at. I didn't know exactly where we were yesterday. And then yesterday afternoon we hit nuclear Armageddon with the facts are overwhelmed mean. To the point were I was about to get my car and drive to this location and to get in the manager's face and I thought well. No no. We're not gonna do that so not only tested today but. That's also surround it was a fun isn't good news items of productivity and more get right started. And every time yeah yeah he's on non. Testing done on how. Behind changing now found it. Boy had a double down. Israel radio dot com and posted this is our process by Friday's grand. I'd miss seeing you Brandon and our free show. Meaning the area of the streets. Bad hi I wanted to because special because of the way you view you have been hyping this broadcast and I didn't get to listen to a because of all the thank you issues that I have going on so you manner I know I made it. This movie is as entertaining as innocent and our aside to listen to any its stake takes it takes a and then with people going in and out of my house yesterday and some do it pausing Zain and there was just only. Really good so so there it is as deep and heavy and intense and now and and real Wonderwall I had grabbed the toilet so good O'Brien I know all day I don't want I don't wish us boxing know in our meeting you kind of were like Aaron really wanna relives some of this new. None but it in general role EU EUU laid bare your ongoing is it confidence issues. Well I had well maybe and it's mostly like I have a problem with being kind to myself and I in doubt everything that I do and it'll see at least it was spiraling depression which is just not fun to deal is but it's gotten a point where it's like kind of started to affect my personal life and I tended. But I've basically been putting. My life through hell I follow this because you know I keep saying all I'm such an idiot I'm so stupid they have done everything that I'm doing is all my phone she's like no no no everything's fine you're not doing anything wrong but I keep denying it. And it's just this process and I didn't kind of dealing with and and I LA it all out there and the it was it was kind of really uncomfortable to bring up because I don't like. Showing any signs of weakness when it comes to you my own my own personality in what I do because like. I gotta be as strong guy. So it was really really neat to like here. I'm mrs. Brandon also talk about it because it it's like you get an insight to. But the true genuine friendship that is there between them and of course there lovers love Harry Miller to their relationship belong. We'll add new dvd a genuine friendship you know and it's like. There it it it was just so what you just got to listen because just the way that he'd give anything away Odyssey to seal the because just the way they interact in the way in which she speaks. That not at him to him it's just it's amazing and it's beautiful and end it ever all of us and I mean eat it every person should. Treat each other like this when you're in a partnership you can't. Listen right now they it's right there every dot com via all the back at. The prod thing downloads you know that I do it right I did and his literary icon is an icon for the red broadcast there if you open up the app on our random radio show happens you download from the asked soar into post it on there and to search through your podcasting app for the red broadcast is not what I said I thought us. They try to sort really I kind of relate to a lot of Brennan's talking about saw I'll I'll listen to and we'll circle back and shake it don't do right now beatle was announced for the next three hours and 45 million sales slid. Listen to then you got a NASDAQ. If there's still a highlight again woke up Adrian the only started used to live in my opinion the broken leg of their absentee broken brain. My gosh and that letter this person certainly the gender identity I was good to know is really good like I. You know the pilot right here this is reckoned with circuit youthful manner if indeed I've never even what does. I don't know why I never hear those stories and. All Intel also Brandon in the broadcast there's a lot there's a lot going on there and that that letter particulars from the this is up against so yeah I'd say it's worth it's worth checking out when you signed when did you really and this is why again they were you really got to let it be ready for it. And and give in investing time and of course we remind you as always and we're almost running out of ways to sing the praises of tech to you. The official sponsor of the rat broadcasts. Love them to death was just think in this morning. About the fact it didn't read one of the things I'm liking about partnering with tech do you is reminding so many people or even letting you know that places like this exist I think. And well our target today the squad of geeks. Has given tech guys such a bad name because. And they are the worst there's so bad at their untrustworthy there to an end and so a lot and this is why we've we've created a need to protect you. And this just this morning I got all the sexy guys I'm Wayne out of my house this weekend the new house getting everything set up. This morning at a problem and I was thing in a brand and because my sixteen used to be Brandon. Period everything right. Wrong as my laptops like printers at home anything in home brand would get attacks Durham boxer I'd come we're. Mean you're going into brought Brandon Jennings good when they did he immunity Muehlegg Al and I got a hit and her other things didn't do it didn't and we have tried turning it also gonna. Now I just go right to the sexy you guys and it's so great to have them. Went into. I did turn it off at all. With our technology our assists away the world has become had he read it day that becomes more through every day so that's whether they are ticked QU a dot com let's get to these emails are. Every doctor. On here's a bit this one actually came in. Under the the subject line wanted to start bonds morning off on a good note from my book whoa what a great reason to. Do listener mail first it's from band they've fan says hey Don my name is Ben we know and 126 year old male on although I did have a mother. She wasn't really there were in my life long. I've been listening to your show over the past five years and I've gone through years of audio files on your membership site clumsy so you gee is there. Yeah that's still their dad did he didn't have a mom you were never taught right from wrong I mean there's there's a lot. That is their faith a lot of bad stuff Islamic guidance good news I. Like you if you know. Then says you. On our lean motherly kind sweet caring voice I've always needed to hear that's swinging the way you empathize and sympathize with the people you've never met restores my diminishing faith in humanity. Thank you dawn for who you are. This is so I think he's been. Oh wrong. I. Empathize and sympathize with people. Thank you Tom let's all. I had mastered how many were yeah Shelton. Random I cheater like that again those itself over by the way I'm actually just reminded me Blake Shelton so he was. Cues. It was a festival is certainly concert and organ he was sexy. Was there yesterday or two days ago I guess. And he fell while Wednesday it was a quick fall when he got right back up oh is he drunk he was 88 he is little girl. He admitted it and then the next morning to you being on social media and so the next morning on instant face whoever uses. He actually he he got proactive and he said hey you always a great show last yes you're right I like that. Yeah. We had great show last night the but I failed to I was drawn get on you got videos albums let me see that. And so a bunch people did put up the video and then. And then of course you get the meaning her she knew who rode in instead some wind and I aren't growing think it's inappropriate the Euro Dorsey being strong quality were. I'll stop all work and bloodied its concert. But it is his job is a job. I didn't get into the boat did I I I I take this personally because we can make the same argument. We re back I can justify things have happened on the show was a radio show. And and and I thought it and and Blake could make that argument any could get away with it just like we can't death that doesn't you're right but he didn't. Instead he he he I forget exactly what it robe it was something like oh I'm sorry man. This site is. Dedicated to people wanna have fun and have a sense of humor about why I encourage you play please check back tomorrow and see if you're winding unless. A star right next email us. This is from a Marianne Kate Maryann or didn't sound of a lot of follow up two people who really enjoyed are in our new segment we did last week called good thank god. Look where you see is story that is designed to solve everything that you know is going to solve nothing. And the appropriate response is in the most sarcastic voice possible but I'd thank god because I do it. So now people like hearing my voice in their head so it's Marion says I came across the commercial the commercial. Hope's son with a famous actor it was promoting a new ones Texas that says. You can't read write or send a text while driving and has the commercial ended I just heard a voice in my hands and I. That's. Actually reactor as it has autism Morgan Freeman tells us not do you any they've always got sold everything import our. I need every say actually I mean every state has those damn I'll. Dollar keys where they're not giving you good things to read Ager variety don't look now appears pay attention. India and Texas for some reason maybe other states do it still assessing it is really big Alina how many people of died so far this year on the rap mogul. That they have got you want a race inside every morning to Stevens gone. I have a sister two or three how good actor and you're. I graph all right you you're promoting you don't want. Do you try to scare has to be better drivers because of the debt but here's this long. They need to see some of my day just so. The speed let me add this Gary's place for me that ever driven about my job it's a best goalies now yeah. Jeremy yeah I do love I need 85 is the lead of the half the speed and speeds and ever on the road there's like NASCAR it's scary more remembered more prevalent dance all the Rhode Island. Bigger in Texas they should add those signs they count this how many of those deaths were caused by reading those signs. Could I just to clarify one quick thing degrees you heard this way. I personally I don't know the death rate in Texas but I do know that the death rate in Allstate's then higher speed limit is the lowest the speed no nothing to get my man why they so it without chewing over and over and over and over again on the show higher speed Lindsay will fewer car they should have zero deaths that was. The way they drive well you're never going to happen. Hero dad's attorney at Texas it's out of there if we use the logic in the and we said well let's see the higher the speed when the cure the desk so why don't we make it knows speed limit so we never have a car accident I would say to that good thank god doesn't. I said why did it. They should have zero deaths there because I know exactly that's what I just said that is exactly what I just address. I understand that Davis her agent until yeah no I I did it by this greatest mind you are my headphones on the our kids it's sort of pictured. Thank female I've thrown my Haley. She asked the picture and says I saw this on my FaceBook page I my immediately heard rob boy saying good thank god and here's what her friend it'll make sure to drink good battle refreshing drink it yeah. Seven and the friend wrote this lovely message loving my new reusable surprised. So Brady and good her mother wears out until they get a good god awful. Earth is saying she doesn't scare tiger down as strong as though I have other burning a citronella candle right. And I I it was. I'm sure this is all as a follow. This is from community particularly the states is back. Many weeks for me is the one wrote in who worked for are still does work for a and and in home health care caregiver. Company. Where they go in and they danger early do people whether or other and hospice of they have those bad diseases where you you can't control yourself need to be cleaned up and she wrote remember she wrote in. And we does big Phil's got some pop philosophical discussion today and if your spouse suddenly needed you'd change their diapers. What Jew and the reason it was an issue was because she asked in a monster co workers and half of them I know they'll let us let us. I started as kind of a sign of wolf first of all we know that it by about half of all people who are married hate their spouses that's why the divorce rate is what it is. The other 30% lie because 80% of people win all committed relationships are unhappy couple the scientific. The university of rob has proven that over the last you know are excluded then and then we. We started to get into a deeper debate about wall weighed in and I'm so surprised as I was indeed when they're giving industry would be more drone being more caring to which I had to bite back you go this it does stop Dylan this this is bad stereotype of people begin certain danger betting others when there's rotten people everywhere yes so curry are sir a Carolina wrote back. And she said he read thank you so much for indulging me. And answered my question on diaper changing I was surprised that you guys received so many responses. In the end rob I'm on your side you're totally right insert theme song I'll dammit yeah. I think definitely now OK you are totally right insert things. Most people in general are scum including in my industry and wouldn't go to the bathroom on you to put you out if you were on fire. For the record though if you rob dawn Brandon or anyone in the vinik gallery ever need your diaper change. Okay thank you guys or enlighten us and making us. Sir is do you hear from here all right she says. Glee if they do you think that the nicest people I mean there are obviously wonderful amazing selfless people within that industry. But there's a reason why we get those stories because the scum bags somehow make it through the crack. And and and it's may be the cracks are bigger than we thought I use this exam former having the discussion. Another industry that just used to be pain and other greatest people honorary chair and how my god how can you manage. Is then. Art teacher well again and look at what didn't and again dawns disclaimer for their ads in into this as well of course is wonderful people the teaching profession yes and there are legitimately people could go into it for all the right reasons and stayed there for all right reason do it for all the right reasons. What I question any longer is what that actual percentages because society is what it is so whatever percentage you think of society is awful. I really believe you have to transfer that. To every industry now that's where we're gonna get into the debate is what really percentage do you think he minds like 95% of the overall but there's usually about. And if you're listening to us right now from your heart and you want oh be part of the segment you have to emails RED. Every at radio dot com please do not call with George jokes you know good at every time. Our first wiley is from my GM paid jam packed. What did Mary say the first time she saw Jesus go to the bathroom apply wholly true. That's it that's the nice he's going to get a start in less than bees I do well here's what we're gonna lose dawn on this one. It's from Alan and I LA and he says I got a good Star Wars JoAnne. She. I wanna start stretching though our lord dream you dream beyond you know he's he's he's Seattle yeah. He's telling me how hot oil reboot and you know okay. Let me Gatorade in yeah that's right that's the best thing you read in Cambridge energy he's bigger words being seriously and I yeah I mean if you really need of course be weeks you are there they're good horse and you know he got a guy he regularly multimedia. Gaming technology introduced and then tell words and think right now that's how they go from country Penn street. I'm pretty against dad got really didn't taste I mean I think right now and turns. Don't know anything. Leave your door. Here you're. Here's Ellen's joke what's the most commonly transmitted STD among Sith lords lost syphilis. Is this little easing mom come on don't even have to know and enjoy the joke because it is in the dividend paying admitted well down. What went back whose father was this they. The risk that if you bad guy and I don't care who who lit yet you can now you won't I. They seem okay Andrew I expect her. Gorgeous young Burnett goes into the doctor's office and says her body hurts whenever she touches it and photo that's impossible says the doctor show only so the Burnett takes her finger push is on her left wrist and screens bush is on her elbow and screams. Bush is on her knee and screens pushed on her ankle on screens everywhere she touches she screams. The doctor says wait a minute you're not really a Brunette who are you. And she says morneau and actually applaud doctor says yeah I thought so your fingers broken. Very things we touch thinner that's that's a pretty good bore a joke I usually only and all right we ads. It yeah three final ones from regard though they are current. Were to start this this is another one of those double punch going jokes all did you run shots. What's and the Mexicans favorite sport mullah cross country. And a bad joke was borderline funny. And McCardell he's got a full. Bennett's critics and my father's old podiums are living in you stood behind is brought up. And then there's this last one why don't lesbians cook. Why they eat out. Those maggots emails RED. Brad radio dot com were playing nice early edition of the pressure cooker right now. Is our daily trivia game we do played every single dale don't get a winner every single day we should go trivia people you either know it or you don't army you don't five right thirty seconds and you get a pair of tickets to see Flogging Molly and drop kick Murphy's Tuesday September 20 at Papa Murphy's sparked. In Sacramento California now on none of that matters and let your caller eighteen right now can result free 88889899. There. And gone.