Listener Mail part 2 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th


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Back to the rub anybody until. Now he's wrong. Email us your RAZ and Brad radio does come these are not. A regular Earl Morse. All of the book and music don't bother doing everything they know how. And the middle left and I. And I have played they don't again all in the what's the Bozeman not coming in everybody would really be done so many emea and student did to me JQ what have you heard I. Ski CL these are some reactions to things. Then that people heard a first bonus from Oscar chaos there as my name is Oscar you know Oscar. And he's responding to grant and our first one to seven days of Christmas wish for about forty minutes ago. To Jennifer you go online and read radio dot com and click on the official weight and submit your wish it's all brought this player friends are Roseville Hyundai. Oscar says Dan rob. Why do you have to start the 27 days of Christmas was such a tear Jerker yeah I'm sitting here on a construction site was nine construction is. Watching this big burly truck driver bawling like a little girl who'll. You'll let me I'm trying to project no all. You start to that point seven days of Christmas. Just and then there's this from Torre they Torre's she says listening to the 27 days of Christmas letter this morning had me in tears well. My dad passed away when I was sixteen of bile duct cancer a this is that's what happened to Jennifer's there was shown big givers. A first biological dad. And and step dad just passively as well. Or is as scary in terrible form of cancer. That from what we were told is basically in durable and death sentence so what went through the same misdiagnosis that the letter writer's father did at first it was the flu than it was kidney stones and it was a gall stone and then finally smiled looked cancer. Thank you so much for granted her wish I hope it helps her mom feels some sort of happiness in this tragic time. I know was the little things that our friends and family did for us after my dad passed away. That help my mom and I get through that difficult times told us. Those those those wishes were we look at him go. Only you know do the little woman is lost to husband's own daughter we find out at the end of the letter. And sometimes there's little things awfully a little spot there was that Jennifer letter writer while mom and and a 400 dollar shopping spree com that's always news. Go to red radio dot com and submit your wish we have another which were hoping to grant today yeah it will be doing on every day's remember if you get a phone call from a strange number. And that's not what it shows numbers as 27 days when she wants the caller IDC answer tennis is the bill collectors. And ignore it now. I connection time. Well yeah back to regular morning mr. mail us. Our radio every dot com this is from a mark am. Yesterday. Why it why you why all any Miller during the Syrian wrote in. And said that we had we had helped him drives I've written from wears a huge drive from here. One place or another is so that he could drop off supplies to help other victims of a hurting us sleep in Puerto Rico so of course we played president Taylor. You were also praying for the people of where to recon. We won't go away to create. And we also love quarter. And there. That's probably. Why I continued. To watch in awe and try to figure out which group of people. I anymore and hate Maurer. And find more fans of it right now whether it's the the die hard. Totally blind transfers. Who just refused to in the anyway look outside. Of the of their narrow minded ideologue ideology. That says the man can do no wrong and everything that's against them is phony I hate those people with the white operation. And then. On the other side of the aisle. And in this is a fairly new one that I'm watching these Democrats who after all. Of they lead the circumstantial evidence are still today claiming that Hillary Clinton didn't steal the nominee attorneys and I'm. Which she clearly did anything and we now have memos we have smoking guns and there's still people out there that are saying he knew he knows who. I guess so bulls all the same category. He dumb asses finally they die hard they're just there. They hated her ears spray it like they finally have their time. And the other folks it's like they hate all the bad stuff that's been talked about Hillary rightfully as well playing they need trail the FedEx com. Mark wrote an incident the I'm out we're now holds. Only try and all were annunciation. Appointment who couldn't. His attitude of the fact that both play on the moon wasn't bashing him no matter how old he pronounced it. Well I did ruled Google's search a little lexis nexis a shirt a search. We found that 0%. Of any news reports opinions by those mentions prior to October 6 now why is that important. On September 20 is when and hurricane Korean made landfall in points. Call. From September 20 through October 6 goods president trumping every sentence pronounced it Puerto Rico. Instilled. That clip that we just played you when president trump played with the pronunciation. All pulled literally go. As he was alluding Hispanic heritage month at the White House that diversity is talking to government third. Ask is when the media went insane on him about his pronunciation so you remark are totally in the what we all around here yeah. Maybe it's time she doesn't. Yeah I like other things you don't pay enough. Indeed that's exactly what it like a limited and play his game now okay. That they've just been making fun of how trump says it. Do you still want a president that does that back and forth with them dad yes did you. Yeah it's a big huge UN president of the most powerful new turn out country. Right I mean that she says Lauren I'm. You can like the guy did you got to be able to say come on that's stupid cut that crap out. I still I was. Listening to podcasts the other day it's called what really happened and it they're talking about Maha. Ali. Saving some guy from suicide. And there was a speed they injured and they did a little clip. George W. Bush there. Just you getting the most common only way. It's like a presidential award to end it and just listening to him talk crazy thing she's someone to dumb ass but then. Listening to anti Hamilton and I was free. George Debbie act I saw somebody I think it was Jim Jefferies somebody was all in this this is about my ongoing joke for for the last three or four elections. It's amazing how every one we elect makes at least some if not all of us wish for during the Obama years. Because I thought Obama was horrendously awful president I was at Bagram god I miss Bill Clinton so much. And now with trumpets like god I miss George W. Bush so much in fact you know what I miss Obama so yeah. I don't. It is two weeks and some. More and more emails are coming in questions we're gonna answer as many as we can remember we do have the video series on the membership web say and then those members that ran radio dot com were re actually show you and walk you through how to buying your Turkey. How to dress your shirt at a roast Turkey. Partners are a. It's really easy actually make your journey. Stuffing and pumpkin cheesecake in home it would greens are posted. That members out ran radio dot com of course at red raider dot com inside the superstore of personal RT Turkey Brian we just buy it in a packet only abuse and water or broth and needs are when you're Turkey. You Liddy leaded soak for about twelve to eighteen hours been on the size of the Turkey we'll walk you through all this in the video series. And then you take your Turkey out your preparation you could get an increase chemical reaction that helps your birds stay nice and moist. And flavorful so in the student's door of bird so I read your dot com is sold out. They told loyal. And so your only way to get Turkey brine is to head to one of our fine vendors. How they are listed in the stupid story for start longhorn meat company Larry L Lincoln way in Auburn California. JK llamas landscape nursery in. Al in Nevada sunrise natural foods. Douglas boulevard in Roseville California on the northern Nevada locations as the Larry's food and drug. All listed there and ran radio dot com. He does so I have a stupid question that I cooked a number of search keys that I never brine a Turkey. Can you old east just mentioned doing broth or water can you do half and half half half and half. Water as we walk you through the brining video I give you a variety of ideas audio from people that are just scared by you is there first I'm just maybe just wanna use water. Com I do I do all growing. Our main ansari and all Ross. Arm and in fact I also I as I mentioned and I I started on the flavored some of my Brian's with apple cider man earns. Honey I can easily do you have frost and half water levels that will treasured little nervous about. Well menus broth not bullion has gone into Celtic for. I was just thinking for us you know. For SA cheap skates. The brass is expensive and you're right that's that's a great point those big old Kansas Swanson whatever they're not jeans and so yeah I'm the only sport a couple of those at least the one part just a little bit of labor let's agree. Here Apple's stance eat apples stuff I cider vinegar to apple want to I don't know if its epicenter they had heard Jews stimulate. We'll mix with butter and inject it. That's apple cider okay I'm injecting the bird when I'm lying news apple cider maker has the minarets of the chemicals and the birds sit an apple cider or less. Two down. I like the vinegar because it doesn't the chemical sector of the of one minute her Blair's thinking like what's their chemical and apple cider probably nothing much just wondering if they should just sit and that. It won't it but I heard it yeah I don't know if you don't want to add anything I don't think so I guess that's my guests bombs OC and since given questions like that that we are not only did it. No fluke and RED ran radio back I'm glad to be here. The first one is from Randy I Andy's he says dammit. But Turkey brine is all sold out online. Just like you said Wendy. Yes I'd like to blame that I was late to order the Brian because I've been working long hours and having weird times off during the day to get things done as I am an officer and a local Sacramento town hall. Oh thank you so much. This fact is that aren't pretty stupid. And didn't listen Angel rob or dawn when they repeatedly said not to wait too long damning. It's open 24 sessions has Internet doesn't closed down on to do. Your cup after cup are and I've done dozens of bright alarms at this point. You've got time to swing in one of our commanders. When it's slow when there's nothing the image you see that you have to deal on channel where you're com. Opposite get a don't go decent. Very lean on any cops just kidding ensuing by butcher boys meat market on a plane in Reno and just grabbed the blind there if it if it's here in the Sacramento wearing go my the smoke junction cafe. On annual Brodie Sacramento California sandwich Giuliani think they have coffee tune in your bag of Brian go to Home Depot grad school or whatever kind of be a jerk he stood at times. I as a cop I'd be like hey what's the latest on petty manga. You're surprised. I hear those brown and furry kind. This don't you think it'll what they quit 59 at the top of my friends Smith & Wesson. Yes the stuffy and await an agent cellphone videos. Diamond comes not exactly should be able nobody ever want game maybe you should abuse your power more koppers you don't need to sell on the yeah citizens. They seem like your car business. Does that just purchased my mind yesterday morning and I open my app to see you sold out. I just. Am I RA then there's this duty mail all day well come on. It's from BP. Beat tide BP was able to go to our website that email on the web sites right there in the stupid stores right there ever start if you listen to show it's almost getting nauseating now there were two weeks and day from Thanksgiving here's his question. Where can I Brendan Burke and by the Turkey brine in Reno Nevada. All you arts and play on me come on seriously I mean really. Is a locations butcher boy that we are you mention yeah. The northern Nevada school areas of food and drug locate our loan alluding one right there and we do a number right there really. This. The flag store items are still apply. Well there you handle that. More people just didn't tell him please state has the grinding Marino. People. Isn't there with a laugh she shoes Henry noted that on that point we have this email from bill that he says I walked into the Chevron station and Carson City that's the washing shoe. Looking for your Turkey brine it just so happens it was my lucky day I snagged the last the bag at all. Not anyone else on the hunt at that door and that's a temporary hop hop yeah we're watching issue we're hoping tomorrow maybe Friday. They will be re stocked they will be restock but yesterday don't go today. Because they did so. In the pipeline if you want their gas and bloody naymick in the metro Pacific don't look bloody Mary makes your gas to help you god. And don't drink the gas now. No and a vodka company. To hold Blue Mosque. But the hassles I. Next emails from him whole day at market all I'll. Thanks and says it around in the same Turkey Brian Williams is question everything around him the same Turkey trying to use more than once. I'm happy to friends giving dinner not a thing. But it isn't saying on a wed is day using your blind parents we enjoy your Wednesday night dinner with friends and enjoy your friends did not think there is handsome manly we'll come race separate dinner and one anybody uses a Brian bucket for the second jury who do not do that you're. Brian is contaminated after you so to you raw Turkey in a car. For twelve to eighteen hours this is not my intent to sell you more Brian I'm telling you it's unsafe. Please do not do that. Plus remember now you're using. On the same volume of Bryant which is already been soaked into the first Turkey there's nothing left and even though it looks like there's something that none of the none of the actual dehydrated herbs and seasonings and salts that are there are organized to penetrate the second Turkey has. Don't don't you lose you if you need you can't go online in the Netherlands and. Yes it does appear in time I figured you know it laughing you kind of like my duck that I had when I was stated. I sound like a duck when I was laughing. We don't gut quack a duck quacking like hey Murray all take kid that I got to stop everything that. How it's the emails from Haley Haley says I have a question on using buttered and Coke on my Thanksgiving Turkey. My five month old son was allergic to dairy and sordid all say. And I'm very still breastfeeding so I'd been on on non dairy non solely diet so please kill me. My question. No porn thing what would be an acceptable subs. Do for mother in your opinion on cooking this year and normally put butter on everything you're. When it comes to Thanksgiving well certainly with the Turkey the first thing comes to mind is olive oil what shall keep it moist and will also help brown and up. When you get in the light mash potatoes you can you can use my own knowledge and. Darius I three marrying and dying cat he's a brand DA I. YEK. I'm back when I was dumb. Okay thirteen minutes ago. I was more freely down I lose track is that fifteen years ago I try to be a vegetarian that might be I don't know how those things and it was a new diet fad. And that brand has come a really long way. If you talk to begins now that diet I ate something recently not 'cause on the helmet held. But it looked good to happen to be buy that brand and it was a really good. And they have like a whole line of butter sour creams I don't know how that Amy and look you're gonna be not she'd go let's. He have to bite crap like that the problem when you have children their exit. Manson and you'll get is a lifelong quest for you now your kid as these Alan he's going to be fine in these products anyways or Israel and they did is so she's not worried about an eighty in the states because she's on that I. She can't even just five months we have in the damn easy if I'm on Golub in Turkey lay out how does this say did you think it just has the miss out on Turkey day and yes. If she's a Sacramento eaten there are some rays natural foods all of our vendors they care products and they also have all those. It's actually wearing a taste of something from diet they have all that stuff. Okay girl. And it's not be here why don't you. Brett you get a breast pump being pumped out. All your breast milk from day he's gonna need for Thanksgiving Day Marco want to then you eat whatever the hell you want on things and an angle. Then pump and dump. That's what you do like if you drink alcohol. I want you may be just how much steel and pump and LG announced after. A match is Larry here mere men in here and her meal. Curtis you know as much as you produce that evening talk after you eat them pump and dump bitten. Just one site is there how many times had to do ads and get it out yourself. Failure to Intel you have no more. Your drive so you just drive out the draft and once you produce some new milk and that means it's fresh and it's a maybe well let's say the. Very health fall. Do you do you when you drink alcohol. He is deeply. I'm like yeah you're ugly and I we like another friend Amanda we were all Emma has an airliner has certainly are all on the trip and they just had their baby in her and I. The man or watching the baby in her and I just went and got hammered in the she's her current. She was like oh my gosh I don't think I pumped enough so she's freaking out right now and the eyes and now remembering what you're saying I feel like she just yes she did like the pomp and yeah I'm glad I got as much data as she could in the next go around and they just don't act out on the. You may hormone and then moving forward your little kid just doesn't get an inexpensive and as he gets older you just as ridiculous I. This is three Kendra try to gender says hi my name is Kendra yeah okay dad just finished watching all of the cooking for the holidays videos on the membership site my mom like Robin Brandon is very in the cooking so she always makes Thanksgiving dinner with help quote unquote from the rest of us these videos. Were awesome not. And really funny watching the carving video I can't think today I'm Brandon is really all. Handle that needs is brand Minnesota rules. So get ready I loved drop crazy mom's stuffing oh my gosh she's so there I was laughing the whole time because you can tell she is just so done with this press. You guys for greens. Great I love the show yes on your show siesta rob I'll be turning 45 and. Her in six days from writing this email and yes I specifically wrote this part in the hopes of hearing jobs at. Piano and yeah. I know. Are my good morning. Hey I absolutely don't. Hello I'm Alicia are excellent great things almost to your. I had a really good chip so I have severe life coach Bob metallurgy and there's a brand called green valley in a guy like coach Harry Potter and electoral trees are green or on the PG. We'll thank you know you that tip hello there Tiffany. I'm ready yes but and I am I thought. I was a girl looks. Maybe we've got a background I've actually calling Ikeda I had to go very create for breast feeding because my son has Terry intolerance. And I'm with you he. Had scary and pump and dump it's not ashamed because it takes sort of Hickory creek area lead you're just. Yeah. You did sixty hurt either baby I'm OK have you found a good batter replacement for that other mom that she can use that. I mean gathered he can't pointing to the name of the plan right now though I am cheap that's. Science diet alcohol Sharon's if they yelled at its pale right now the effort bringing anchor like sticks of butter. Perfectly and the whole foods finds something wholesale for many eyes begin matter that you may. So maybe Isaiah about maybe in his hello there camera good morning. Good morning and I am trying to harm that Turkey right. For more retreat salt Lake Tahoe and Sacramento on the fifty. You know an English. On the fifth C a money why can't get up to Truckee Canada's Sanders. Spears on the arm press wrote junky and he on this the fifty side of it. But if you had a if you had over just go ahead of me 92. Says Sanders leave the easiest place. If you're in south Lake Tahoe may not see if you Indian if you wanted to between silence on Sacramento. When you're down there's tons of places in Sacramento Sacramento there is pretty dry though they're talking out there I'll listen if you don't like that suggestion Gammon. You just go to red radio dot com and click on the student store superstore com and now the list all of our vendors there because I'm that's no way to get the bonds were sold out.