Listener Mail part 2, 6-21-18

Thursday, June 21st


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Back to rub anybody and don't show on 98 rock lines KKR execute gun nest you're listening. And online at red. Oh sorry dear friend greedy. Continue to instant reaction here's an angle in the end. He says. I'm sad that people want to eliminate the moose on skates song. So can you please play moos on stage so I'm not here yeah. So you won't see Santa and stimulus and even on the mall on blue Wall Street. I'll speak so you won't be sad and Taylor got to bring our ears but don't be sad. Played today that idea that right I'm supposed to like tell you know that's a stupid reason of that good reason I was five million green and yeah. Ask you see it's it's it's just a song side any reasons. But now there's this for my Shelby. You're just felt like me and. Says I think it's time to make hey thanks for wasting our time songs. I'm sure all of the idiots out there that wanna hear the news soundscape song whenever hang nail that won't go away. So it is also played a loose those days. So you're gonna play the Fitzroy surcharge somewhere and that's why I think a shell losing now they only get the thanks for ways seeing are dark times on because they don't really need moves on skates if there millennial daughter didn't call more than a hang nail. There are calls for a saying yeah yeah yeah you got some worked upper Abram. Or not. I think it's perfect excuse that perfect good job against our Griffin during. Base. It's. Then there's this from Malaysia is Lisa she says I want my input in and who says. On this whole moos on skates on my mom died last month so sorry after losing her fight to leukemia lose my. Then. What losing her. Don't just treat what she proved. Losing is only one well sir I I don't I'm I don't know I don't have. God I mean that you can't through then cannot wonder without knowing somebody who has cancer anal licking his blood cancer about an inexperienced with the juniors I thought maybe that was a phrase you know exactly where was I mean I didn't wanna be disrespectful site into my mom died last month after losing her fight to us. Blues scene there. I have good days and bad days when I'm having my bad days and somebody calls in or rights and a request the song it puts me a better as they please don't stop playing yeah. As for other people listening to I love Billy did doctor rob little thing that we do. Saying oh man you know bit yeah oh. Editing at least I mean I mean 5 AM and 10 AM and it it is models say. Maybe that the letter writers that wasted cause for everybody else out there this might well hello there SA. The morning Saturday. A guy. Who occasionally I would hate all. Yeah I'm thinking you were trying to recreate the issue first ever video apparently the world all it. Oh okay I was tossing out here in the student. Athlete hands in the corner of branding studio but we can all see it it's right there in the yeah in our own moose got. He barely get rid of the song. They got a boost its. Sorry that's. Next email from Cheryl be Cheryl she sent out at tomorrow's our our last show before summer vacation yeah. And we'll be back don't worry you're gonna be doing some of the fourth of July anyways he -- number your kid is vacation plans pride those stupid pictures don't face the we. This is from Sheryl I'm thirty said that I'm sorry should veto Sharyl. Very good I think actually issues that we know rob. I heard that or not my fault sorry. That you heard it you're welcome I. This is from Cheryl we know Cheryl. This is funny then and Suffolk. I just realized that I'll be on vacation same time you are yes they know they can't say god forbid I had to work the whole time you were all gone last year I was working and it was hell. I'm getting on plane tomorrow morning and I can't stop singing skiers in the air. Handgun. Said he could enemy that bad that is a that's a compulsion to chill. That you're doing now know I might be disease severe disease she says I will miss my red family though. But I will Wear my because Rob Sands sweatshirt so I feel connected. Seriously the end and. I think that's news music anyways let's where have you laughter I'm wearing is that you sweeteners though you had a series made about this a way of money it. They did not edit in Monterrey in these years and then you're dying in Africa and taking you dead man that's absurd I asked. Nicer right it's going to die and add her did they need your mind. Is that he'll be mad at me now. May seem now no name. Kurtz is written yesterday as MJ. This just happened in my workplace. The boss got a set of one of the managers slammed the door of the manager's office and us. 45 your. Yeah. Really important. Shouldn't an important new bridge is connects social shouldn't. Just don't forget the I'm a 45 girls are just brushed it off its business not personal personal now. I do not believe the language was appropriately. Directed at me in this is not. And this is the first time that I seen the boss get upsets and I started working here three years ago so solid he's an eventual market. The other pity on who was out with me in the 27 year old. Got all upset started crying and. The 2747. Loves a woman you guys tried to drop ahead hey that's correct yeah. That at the that's why senator got also started crying. And when the boss. Came out of the office and apologized. For his behavior Jewish. Nice that is very and I I don't know why and I'm jaded you I'm the boss but I mean we all lose our temper it a larger buses that wouldn't do that. When he apologized for his behavior Jewish she spoke up and said how uncomfortable she was and that she was from right in the and how it. Yeah I was to use language I could I add 60 god. Working opposite these people I don't see any doubts. You're too soft either work she was so upset that she asked if she could leave the office for awhile to get a way yes. Leave and never come back together or. He is on your best ever met a. And obviously she's seeking a safe place IE XP is a safe place respects analysts say that. They base based in a twenty year bro that's woman internally this person writes I was shaking my head like I cannot believe this person I can but I know I have to be diplomatic so a guy because so I say yes I guess she asked him the fellow beyond. If so the and then she says the catch is. The manager of the managers one being yelled back at the manager. Is the bosses Sarwan. And the 27 year old. Gives the managers fiance. It's so hot so the boss slammed the door and yelled encouraged at his manager who's also his son. The her married and your family. Even gone.