Listener Mail: Robert E Lee/ Jokes for Amanda (Best of)

Wednesday, December 27th


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Now back to rub anybody and don't. 98 rock. AR XQ dot net. And dawn show. Thanks emails from 1988 in the end we were talking a little about working party last week previewing what we thought we knew man so the city of Houston came up and Anthony says Robin having an argument with a friend. And using you as my only source. So don't let me down a goal we were talking about the hurricane and I mentioned that Houston is America's sixth biggest city which is something you said on Friday. He's in the room sources. Tell me prove him wrong well depends and then what you're using as a metric because the city sizes vary. We usually use population but you have to use you have to define what type of population you're using. In order to find an area so she's because I live in the radio world in the media world. I defined areas by their book by their overall reach these that you think it this way if you just use. Population yeah. The first or do you just use population only of the city proper San Francisco. Is the fourteenth largest city. She's the best idiotic when you consider the entire day area an area which is what we do in the media world because of your your broadcast in San Francisco your broadcasting all of those suburbs. So to me I eyed view city sizes through my prism of media so your friend is right if you're only talking about pure human populations. Within cities Houston an enormous city and seeing his fourth. Two point one million people there's no question by the way in the top three they are of course. New York ballet. San Francisco yeah. How do is let alone not even not even close eight million and that's just New York proper just Manhattan. Eight million afforded aliens for LA and three million for Chicago I'm rounding up. And then Houston's two point one million. And so we just you population juices forced. If you're using the radio world which is what I used used in six batted episodes of I am like I like have it memorized Jackson and Cisco's fourth. And and then you see ratings it goes different so I don't I don't know if I'm healthy you. You're not serve that bad now this is used in your source does say I was a buddy. Just say I meant the radio world Bonnie. I was robbed the radio world class and radio market. This is from high UK can I says thank you so much for your recent soapbox a robbery earlier up. Today is someone I know through FaceBook posts about how great he wasn't and remember you wrote a soapbox on the topic I knew you would post sources which you didn't. By all I got all excited to reply to my quote unquote friends post. Fact after fact and link after link on how Lee was terrible human being and not an abolitionist. But then I remembered people like that Marty made up their minds and nothing will change that so I stop doing that instead I wrote you this emails you. I wanna say yeah what you in the red team do everything you all bring great and balanced perspective to so many issues except of course for on. Yeah you don't I love you. I also you rob a special thank you for helping me realize that I hated my career and it was slowly killing me mentally and emotionally. I was coming type of person I never wanted to be wake go to job being a good bring stress home let it affect your relationships. You talked about following your passion and turn it into careers of three years ago I quit my job as a realtor. And the king classic critics. Oh OK Jay yeah. Does go broke cash. Do you liars. Dropping income was hardly managed I had to start from the bottom no. Please see our. Working a few hours that we can clean up the gym as time went on I got more and more coaching hours until I was working full time. I remembered you saying show people what you were worse don't sell them and make sacrifices for future success. Taking every opportunity to move up in the ranks I volunteered to help the gyms events I was the first pick up shifts when nobody else would work weekends and holidays are spent my free time what need to be better coach. I did absolutely everything I could to show my value and it paid off. I never had asked for more hours raises or promotions they just came walking down the I didn't ask to become co owner of the gym I was given part ownership because I'm so valuable to the business comic. You'll not only is my Kurds taken off but I could never be the husband or father I am today if I'd stayed in real estate all. So nice oh that little push a bogey over the edge to use so thank you allow us. It's a little song all you got to do a war zone lies true that is still a little push the or is this is from Dallas Dallas says I'm sitting here watching the fight free whims of the Mayweather McGregor fight. And whenever I hear the announcer in the name is Paul Magglio Naji. Isn't easily voice reminds me Robin Brandon star war started tracking the voices. Since chess team. Well I watched the fight I'd I didn't pick up on that. But I'll surprise you and I didn't really hear the commentary is everybody who has stock Indiana it was a into the commentators are horrible but our yeah they were as an awful so I. He nice peer deep down you. You believe how bad may Wednesday looking in the beginning in the right way why are we talking about blocking is still fifty how could outside our. I pound pound we'd rebounds he knew I should know how I'll always Star Wars actually come to an. How did you forget plenty of fighting about who would be in the fight. You'll skywalker he's taking Kirk. Yeah you greener. All you'll. Ford showed it was really divorcee angry toll kept her condition and say yeah. You hit me yet. It's. Your CMP yeah see very well pretty well how do you I want greening Dini had incurred when he gingerbread fueled up 100 mile tunnel major. I don't think it's. So he's got he's gonna hide behind his base it can look. Look again using anti bush and throw the entire if you hate doing the world. What seemed sounded and it always you can't you can start working and you have to and you're down there's that eager to beat her technique but waiting for the new groups have in order regulating Gothenburg does it mean we. Everything in my. Yeah bend it relevant and it was won't centrist UD. This is from a I want Diane Ladd says zero robbed of the singing of the National Anthem (%expletive) you off as much as it pissed me off. This is Daniel motto of the fight a semi Venus snowflakes thinking well this whole or Dem in the motto just. And I the National Anthem. Generally when this song I sing with it and I finished fifteen seconds before she did I sang the regular pace that you're supposed to say that please tell me if I mean in any. Hole twelve my fiance is he she's laughing out loud because she had to hear you screaming I'll leave me alone yeah. Yeah laughing all the I Jason wrote on FaceBook apparently and a new models were on the National Anthem as a pop ballad and should take forever to get through that was pathetic. Tyler says Demi Lovato looks great but OMG just sing the song properly and now too slow and drawn ounce. Brady says she can draw it out as long as she wants you all just thereafter and you are right there you should look gray smoke. The girls were on display and I but it was it was. She like popping up like yeah. She did seem like a musical long pauses between you know between the phrases I don't wanna lives through this again but I'll play a little. I got this I'm so angry at this page's new. Okay you the idea. An area just turns into a Christmas songs. Usually I don't get it I don't get as bothered you get bothered at some things are you know this bothers me bird. I'm reason I'm she's she's sex and now you say does. It was a massage and a microphone. And a little might. So political opinions on America. Sound often turn to some porn music. This is for Tracey hi Tracey says I spotted Robyn Christine on Saturday I do not have to ask if you were there rice sat right behind you. Oh and you're in the Corvette stock. Soccer and Christie doesn't laugh gives it away just a bit. It's just you know why that's funny. I wanted to say hi but I wouldn't want a man you bothering me on a Saturday or any other day for that matter it's all that you won't just trying to get my robe on and found out. You can always come. Say hi. Rob its nice about Michigan's in the restaurant has verified. It isn't jokes or Amanda. He demanded from spiraling in the crippling depression email us. Our immediate ran radio dot com please and I'll call you don't know how to sell the home of Angela Park now what the way this works I read jokes don't and Brandon I laughed. And Amanda grown burden. Or or shall say with a straight face not always Smart and yeah I'm hard last person on his room early hey Ernie says when you can't astronauts land on the moon. The land when it's. That was based out of a crowded there's little look at our is. This is from Robert. There are certain what does the Secret Service told the officer most closely guarding president trump. Welcome us Agent Orange. You are only eight. I don't Florian and asked her how does the penguins built its house I'll Google is it together. There's one true mind and how do you clear out of North Korean bingo hall. Wow now all B 520. Are you one more. Could be your idea. From yeah sold for only enter this third base side. William I Lilly and what is Beethoven is favorite fruit fly. Bun and then our. But and. And an amendment gone unnoticed and then and then and then you and a. I'm a man here. You hear me laughing like I can look right at you. Tonight and we know the experimental NN. I emailed jokes and Ari do you read radio dot com. And gone.