Listener Mail/Jokes for Amanda 7-14-17

Friday, July 14th


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Any money and dawn. People thinking you. Any round of the storm Hillary Clinton being dumb. Wait a minute how can you mean now that doesn't include. I had. Minty not reading the first time being done I remember him even for every. That being the Corey says hey Amanda hearing your experiences fills me was so much help. I know we don't know each other but you seem like such an amazing person felt well you soldier on no matter what obstacles come your way you keep referring to yourself is a tragic over share her I don't find it tragic at all. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share it gives me hope that I will find the strength encourage in my life. To tackle my own obstacles. You Korean now. Howell the regular old. Thinkable pictures of dawn and her mother. Here for the story can fan problem whatever bud. Here's a. Thought that would. Membership site members are. Rap radio dot com Amanda explains why she doesn't eat food in the morning but well. Behind the scenes video and brains just basically poke the yeah. My attorney Hank and I did my share. All right. And she is a little mad man. I didn't hear no I was just pretty cocky in the morning and they kind of eating food makes me gag. Email that. Yeah the only. Email sorry he ran radio dot com first emails from Charlene they Charlayne as my name is Charlene we know. It's Arlene. Arlene I don't. I know you can't possibly read every you know in my listeners but I love your show. And I appreciate the pandora and transparency to transparency with which each of you present yourself it's demanded identity here. On sensitive PMS more. And it's sorry whatever and I want to say thank you Don for on a shame badly sharing your face a merger talk about it before but it struck me. That if you can speak out about your faith on our non Christian radio station during an even less Christian radio show. Train in the atom processor and it may even if I. Can speak to the people. It in my own little world. What an amazing platform with which you have been glass you'll never know this side of heaven how many seeds used planted. In the hearts of your listeners. I don't think he's coming this season he went round and powerless. Once image yeah I'm a good idea of our dollars you got kids in college you just don't know about dragons Asia. What it's going to be 500 dollars calls. Oh my. Mexican government college instrumental. He puts us at. Team goes from Jennifer Jennifer turned it. Says thank you rob for the recommendations Obama. Walters camels all that's right got my German shepherd maestro and before him my German shepherd ships from. Says my dad recently retired from a career in law enforcement anyone the purebred German shepherd for retirement so I sent them the bomb Walters. This is their newest family member jackass. All inch. Exxon jungle to date on June 25 and since this picture he's already doubled in size hunt. His ears are starting to come up he is handsome Smart and absolute perfect on. As gore. Shepherd all. Debit borrow more roll and he knows what she's doing zilch you lazy sobs and so well. You find information that red radio dot com by the way on my Astros page they weren't freaking out about the ears couldn't go yeah I know that America's dirty. Home and that was successful. Demo maestro peers and are coming up I'm gonna have a floppy your mother blamed him and different. That you made fun of that. Injuries over the years never came up does that really funny ill and the irony was that his years as a maestro was born all. On March. There are yes I don't know what was up I should remember that. But in September on my birthday is yours came on. And I steals from Josh hey Josh says hi rob since we heard so much about your naked miss yesterday. I had a question. From what I gather you sleep naked. And you often walk around the house mrs. cook. So when you get a bid to thirty trip to show do you stay make it inquiring minds once and yeah do you get your ass you're looking weird Josh. How do you want to know. All watching but like for this morning no I didn't get dressed and all just sat there for two hours doing show preferably in a game. I think a lot of it depends on. Time of the year so play like that it when it's summertime and it's 100 billion degrees outside. I keep the house bed 72 degrees I'm very comfortable 72 and only to Colin that. I don't like Jesse warmer than that. So it's 72 I can walk around naked and be completely comfortable. The during the winter I never use this year because I like if I have to choose I like colder as opposed to modern heater never comes on my home. So in the wintertime. Bible literally sleeping in in this drive my fiance or not but for me it's like 58 degrees get paid out. So Lou what but in those cases when I get up by you addressed in the morning drones in sweats that I think yeah. You naked yeah. So little really didn't follow a million years ago doing radio do. The new beach a lot of ups and my only because the slow I was dating life oh OK and I wasn't. Came demise of my swinging when you're not like this and you knew this call and I am not like our locker any house noontime not a newness and I don't say that that experience taught me that most news this hour. Discussing the on track right there yeah there's nothing to be embarrassed about yet but I'm not here I bet we'll say is a beer in here whoever you are out there are few minutes. Alain and I. I don't think they look good you don't have to look at you know. Speech you know you know and really does and if your guy like me you're only at a new news beast beach to look at the other bodies. I know that's why shouldn't be. And I answered about that are we a as quick version of Amanda's favorite feature Joseph turner and sorry dear Brad radio dot com he's sending jokes please don't call your terrible at telling them. But also Emporia and it's just to keep Amanda out of going into a deep depression. So email us. At gas stations off. Inflation. Oh yes. There is usually as this feature goes wrong in my hand and dawn. Afterwards chuckle and a man doubles so thanks. I damaged criminals and there's no bulls that's tank this one's from shelf. Think if this is even an aerial will be donated to him he writes three old ladies were sitting on park band's front man and trench coat came over and slashed them well. Oh the first old lady had a stroke. Hold the second old lady had a stroke and the third old lady cried because her arms weren't long enough. Yeah and added I'm getting the business. OK. Okay. I'm gonna try to deliver this one but I really my only. Ullman isn't that funny but I. I forget and I'm Jay did you I know but. You're go from dale I. Okay video why did the towels return to the marijuana field for lying because it was the pot calling the kettle black. Yeah it's fine. I yeah but the okay now imagine yeah town's. Has the thinnest cows. But. Animals to have you seen that video garner around of the woman playing the violin. And the elephants is. I she's as viewers from wherever there's an elephant. What elephants just are so when MacKey pulled her to the music is OK yeah. So Knowles and some violate ass yet. No I haven't. Do you like you because you like elephant. Baby right now. Just call my fiance Matt. Nvidia and 04. Years old light skinned girl on my CE cook a couple cars tomorrow it took awhile I just want. Check back and there's got a one liner he says the mountains aren't just money there are still areas. Hill area exist. No current last one file this one. And it has whose child abuse makes me. Followed she says really he says the other day I saw a guy washing his car with a song. Afterwards his son asked dad did okay form and ads are Indian red Brady showed us. You've gone show.