A Man Serves His Severed Foot to His Friends

Wednesday, June 13th


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Anybody and on Monday rock. They TRE XG dot net and. Stick out and that's all that's left for. For the what's in the box game. Brought to us I saw hope Goobuntu we're gonna play twice more give away one. One events ladies let me. I'm Josh. So uniquely just more times they and hopefully give all the prizes away but for now working. On. An intellectual exercise or reason behind it if you could. Ethically and legally like like dawn I and I understand Don Hewitt said. Even if you had the opportunity. Like say in another country where 80% of the world does this you would not eat horse meat now when you try and. No because I I know some people do this I'm not judging and I'm just saying I don't with I don't know not to say I don't base my morals on. A law. I'm a law could say something is okay that I totally disagreed with some not gonna do about a lot of debates it. Who made this is edgy so we'll make themselves feel better they they don't know who they actually are so they should decide for themselves what they like based on its alarm. I and I understand the quandary and you you love horses but I I would try horse meat per. Earns no desire in India in another country who prepared the way it's supposed to at least try it absolutely in. I only only if it were presented to me is like this is a delicacy in and if you're traveling somewhere would be disrespectful if you don't accept you know the foods they were given why not can't always here. They eat it excel and like I would order play and we when I had on my wife and I go to Europe eventually all all. I would have to try and at least algae is available here's the quandary for me though do you feel brand in the same about. Doggie. Wear it is open lean serves in much of Asia and you know you're reading dog not the old joke. Behind the Chinese diner but my father's eaten dog when he visited China few signs now I think he didn't noted the timer found out later but. See this story connect with the on my I don't. I don't know I feel like I. Sure but ethically I don't want to yeah. I don't know I I have had reports people in my family and knows that the bond between human and horse can be very strong and I equated to the same thing that I would have with my dog. And so I would really have a hard time. Fees feasting on a plate of dog thinking about my dog Walter. Yeah this is lack any course. Dog or cat because to me that though those your pets. I know horses that are used for work as well I had plenty of friends that we're snaps but for ranching exactly but that's still their pets. That's still something they bond was in love or some cats and when you look at that yeah we're working all my gosh absolutely so. But you know cows yes sweet lovely as they are no I I I eat them they're not a pet. When we used to raise pay our own pigs for their meat. Get text or photos like ho do you want this it was like a pet pink. You know save this pet pig I'm like no fun haven't paid a meeting it like it's not terrible they're lovely they're wonderful they're so Smart they're super sweet treat a great while we have them. But that's something like eight. So there's there's not that connection and bond saying like live but they. You know our domesticated in it and by the way I think yes we all realize how hypocritical goofy is we have to get it. And and you don't know you wouldn't care if somebody said look this is horse meat in this horse never had a bond with the human you still wouldn't go all they'll try it. You're correct you just wouldn't whereas whereas if I turn that around the opposite branding you wouldn't eat Walter you're I wouldn't say if I if I had a shift flying from Europe. After Walter and I haven't really asked why is that hard to make some priest is Alan Walter you wouldn't do. I could regular stuff. The step beyond that that I posed Pryor added to the commercial break if you could legally and ethically try it. Eating human flesh. Once you. Where is not it's not it's not for any purpose like the Donner party years the alive movie or your trapped in the Alps and you have to survive its. There's a way that you counseling Howell. But there there's a way being offered you that you are eating. Human you're trying. At least are you curious enough. They because humans are humans are worse and everything we've just mentioned humans are much worse than dogs and its terms of their spirits. How they evil that they do guess calm now of course we bond with humans and we also need a lot horrible human Superman horrible horse for God's sakes. The other and and disease that gets in the dogs are all horses these damn that's just it's impossible. But humans a lot of humans I wish her roaming the air so could you be convinced or are you curious those price to domains. We try human flat. I cannot be convinced Sidon and never been curious. Now I argued chances now to think about eagle what made no serve dried prepared right now are no way to you really like food in general the substitute human now I don't even care of it became a thing. And if yelled decided next week we sells their human rib at the grocery store and I don't want him back I just still. It's not even a desire and this is gonna sound extremely goofy but you know there are some people that will only eat animals if they know exactly how they were. Raised because. They feel they're eating that energy if it was. A tortured animal that didn't live a good free range of life that that was killed improperly all of that and so. When you break act that's the last she what I wanna eat is the one that was really evil right now put that my body out things sound toxic human. Yeah so how well yeah. 88 yeah if you don't care bye if I guarantee that all that any diseases took out of it or cancer you like eight years old probably rotten price of the phone numbers 8889899. The eleven won't what do you think Brando your culinary guy like me would I human flesh. Ash behind me and definitely interest in I'm serious just just Nolan case like I'm afraid I. That it would be good and then I have crave it more you know its owner I don't know why I'm on the sand silent I think I would try if it were presented to me. Once in a lifetime. Like if you lock into Brooke one of those big box stores and they're handing out samples and a little cup. Meet the islands trying to play this up well I 'cause it on the thicker Kurdish unit. Hello Doug I liken the toothpaste I can. The pieces out of my PCI. III think I have the curiosity but I'm pretty sure I would gag when I was actually knowing when I would get. Because this story that they triggered a little I was gagging a little bit this morning so I don't know might could. Do you know who doubt you'll be dead there may come a time where people have to eat people. Because there's just not Simon green already are concerned. Click an agricultural world already concerned other gonna keep up and feed the amount of people. That we have coming our way you know amazed at statistically trying to figure it out so pickup time. Or your cell all over populated people half. To eat each other words the girls are gonna take over on the forum last month in the and yes I do know there are places in the world we're humans are consumed we know that in America. I'll see. It's what are absolute shambles and they are yet there are cannibals and there are there are other. There are other our cultural places where they may actually consume portions of the bed. Move by eight bite kind of sort of choice for more tradition and sometimes a desperation but we're in America. Where where by the way in America it's not illegal. There's no such thing as a law against cannibalism. In America the closest thing we have is Idaho which is the only state in which the simple act of eating human flesh. Can land you in prison but I now with laws against murder and buying and selling human need and corpse desecration. Cannibalism is difficult. But this particular story has the realistic. Twist of how you could you consume human flesh if you want to which is why I wanted to start the discussion that number is 8889899. To eleven I'm Nicole. I I. Well I literally get now I work at this is kind of work for mortuary. And I see the inside that people all the time and they look delicious the. So so you would've. I know I'd be I. You are easier oh Lisa you're desensitized kids you see it all the time the butcher shop funny she's that is adding that she says we look delicious and so she would still. OK either Pedro are a lot. Hey good morning and yeah I love things. They. That a book on the Donner party and they've said that people stationed strike pork no Brando could probably enjoyed an effort without. Now he I well I will say that. We're we'll get some more in the story in a moment but the the reports of the Donner party ever read fourteen. That people tastes like port that's an urban legend that they never wrote down all the things the Donner party was worried about. They didn't they didn't worry about transcribing. The animal that humans used in most life. On the nose it was kind of like yeah club on the tong who is little more murky. Is if that would just open the doors even more evil. It is humans eating humans and. Humans want edu. At BU you have not heard how this particular story develops in this particular possibility of the EU envoy so. As everything. When it starts that was good intentions evil takes over because that's the past and world. It would know what we human traffic options for suspects let you get to eat the percent. Los on people for. Not getting my evil in the world now that orange nothing is sure. That didn't stop worrying about what's gonna lead to a to figure out why people always got away and that we fight back on wall blonde you win hello there gentlemen good morning. Marquette by god. I was so I actually have a question more than it I would actually eat somebody else and he's showed. Somebody who had a good life case better than someone who lived there and people like. There's an interesting question that kind of sort of goes when Don was saying Russia's moral floor of the toxic Seoul may be. It's in the meet an eight you can equated to the animal world in this sense of course and animals killed with too much adrenaline running through them their meat is tough. So if you live a toxic life. Would that affect the taste of your flesh yeah you definitely want to go for the person who like works out of the time eat healthy is grass said. Free range. Vs the guy who's you know cooped up crack thousand should not every day I have a middle ground now so I don't wanna fax I'll give me some moral legal. Especially when Don brought up human rib yeah I'm like wow I found resolve our strong again like you were me. Don't know if I don't upgraded agrees with this Iran and able hate grass fed meat. A beef it's not very good now if it's not that you could still have a Calgary easy when you give them corn is well worn cliche I. Graze around and all of that in the end and live act like delayed be killed the right way but we get their card LI IY axis of evil. A lot of fat happy person that Ed if if you're gonna eat human that's should be good is the fact happy. And you bring up what people there what animals eat and how it changes the way they taste so I think I want a fat. Alcoholic. Absolutely mind and I start with his liver yeah. Oh yeah Jesse. Janus say. And the huge debts that are my narrow lead show called Hannibal Lecter. Yes people are paying. Yes yes yes I know clowns of the lambs yes Hannibal Lecter Simon means he's O. Jeffrey daughters was at that depth on earth Tommy armour yeah death. So it was just probably he was a serial killer just wanted to kill or he tasted human flesh and couldn't stop but the nonemergency start and we don't know how. I don't know I think we do I don't armed hears this comes up 88 indicated. Easy it's easy to try to dismiss this because of them the nature in which it's presented. So and I know that we live in a world where relate to take everything in we either believe it's so funny either believe it immediately or is it that's fake. And usually you believe right away is wrong in the thing you say that his fate is true salute presented is this okay you if you have to make yourself feel better than this particular article is fake. Fine but if somebody thought of writing it and go into the trouble that they did then you know this has been thought of been done somewhere and it just never been talked about. Just why we started at the intellectual exercise if you could eat human flesh. Would you there is banned a story shared on a read a post that has gone by rules of a guy who wants to remain anonymous. Abouts. The story of his motorcycle crash. A car hit his motorcycle sent him Karine and his thoughts was shattered to the point that he would never walk on it again and they had to amputate. Now most hospitals. In America have policies where they will release your body parts to you because of under religion. Where you have to be buried hole and so you keep your body parts of their amputated and so you're buried whole does and so he just signed the paper had yet for religious reasons we kept his foot who. After the cutoff. They gave it to one of those red plastic bio waste bags he walks out and while he hobbled. The freezer and he put it in the freezer absolutely expert now for those that are being buried with it there's all sorts of thing you can go two up. You freeze dry you can have a preserve very expensive but you don't Serena or that that so. Yes. He did it yeah yes if your opponent and you have to make sure people know where your body. Ours god idea that interest rates guess who's ever now. According to this guy. Three weeks after his accident he goes by shiny but he wants remain anonymous. He invited ten and his most open minded friends to be very special brunch. And he did document the entire process now read at the web site. Edited. Because of the graphic nature of the photos. Some of them out and they only put up some some photos of the actor product but apparently he provided photos of them is what. Eric is he's holding his foot comes out of the hospital bag. And it is so again it's only once this much trouble to be fake OK fine what Ridgefield goods. But. What he did was he invited ten friends over. Birdie old meal they had apples brutal they had key and puff pastries at fruit tarts. They drank Gian lemonade punches dummy and most of his but the main course was fine he took tacos. Made from his severed foot. That's I was gonna make a foot long sub. Had a big slow he what he did was what it was you know that means if there was. Yeah big shoes. So it wasn't just his foot because he he what he did was he actually one of the pictures apparently was he because eventually need. With the rest of those little the small lake part he tested it. For posterity and he's obviously a little weird see mommy what he he he hoped he'd cut a chunk off the top Michigan and that's what they cooked. They cooked Sheehan meets. And he invited eleven people ten. Showed up that one like Adidas or we are now looks one Fran has a boyfriend who was a shafts and he did the cooking. And they did by the way provide the recipe on red or blue very nice in the finals really disturbing the final tally was the chef and his girlfriend he writes my ex girlfriend or friend from college to friends I had for a couple years to a known for over ten years and one of their daughters including major. Who would also help recast the flip they marinated the foot. Overnight and Tsotsi it would onions pepper salt pepper and why and I. And then served it on corner towards we little months. We're involved as for how it taste yeah. Everyone agreed it was did not taste like pork or chicken the old saying that but big but rather are much more Gainey. And most people who can come up with something this and more like venison Merling dear. I think had to put aside now one friend according to him one friend couldn't do it and he's he wrote a friend had to spit me into an act can't you see six. So I. Have so you anymore. Well baby feet made it into jerky that's quietly dear dear you're young all about him so human jerky would know how all played all right I'll say this friend Matt Andy it. Did say he did acknowledges those who say that I know it's not illegal not worried about legal stuff I am the reason I'm staying anonymous is I don't wanna be known as the weird animal guy. Because in there where there could probably be a stigma too late I can. You're already known as weird not threats. One friend but wanted to be Sherlock is an Al Jim memory invited eleven intends showed up without this series already noticing weird they always come. It is very different letter on the end. I'm comes on that's word came from am won't lead you over on FaceBook and then if you wanna actually lead to the very graphic photos they have. They have a league with the lead smooth of the actual meat if you actually wanna see it hello there Monica hawk. Hi Eric for coroner's office fighting on top seed for a living. I wanted to comment on what Don had about eating a fat person are you guys are talking about actually. You disgust me inside there is. So much yellow bright yellow not green colors that bring every organic and it county and it does not look at. Now let's see how old now Monica. I don't want this honest and Akamai to have. Have you ever. Security to autopsy is but have you ever butchered all whole animal not be Ford's ban. I'm anyway cleaned have you have you ever butchered an actual animal. Curt telling LI I've seen a lot of our younger we had gear hanging in the garage to I'm. My Brothers are doing now. Your great leader in all not and again not all depends on how they live and what they have access to. But but when you lose their certain hole animals when you just can't handle on they're discussing do all you see his snack we'll get back. There we cut all and that's what becomes hot dogs we cut that would notice is good Ellis stopped at a script but it's. Hello there Bernadette good morning. Good morning. I fire and they eating I keep I don't ask what is he did these people or if it were legal. Because. These are ready and eighteen where can a book or they had cannibalism. Steady state tax. What was equivalent to mad cow deductions tax. Because they have to get from eating protein. Yeah okay I I don't I can't vouch for the validity of that I had and I don't know why Canada is a growth and Miley didn't do it again I'm not saying that's unsure that's wrong I have no knowledge of of them please keep in mind just because somebody calls on the documentary. Doesn't make it true oh Fahrenheit 9/11 I mean there's all sorts of terrible things that are called. Documentaries that that are not true I don't know about that one just beat you don't ruin our fun yeah. If rob handed me a fried arm like a fried chicken thing is they. Well and then could guarantee you're not gonna catch bad humid does the Yitzhak I can't take like that. No holding and I would still be no US that doesn't even really mad. Air missiles some of the pictures that they were posted so here's here's the there's the leg at Yellowstone so is everything below that. That was cut off that's that's that's as healthy allows us hey that's summer there's the finish and indeed as we know console them. BP is actually human. And then there's the flash. Lot of greens. Like Russell NBX. Ray. And as well. Aren't us out. Of mass shooting that smell that I can seasonings face and she was on the other hand these young man your though it's a line you not may have feet under the weight or good morning. Good morning I. Well I think somebody dies and hospitals if he wanted to take some home that you really can't transport a dead body feel like in your car but. If you family member diet how can you call and they came to pronounce them dead. I think it's damning normally would make arrangements for them to go to wherever funeral home. But I'm wondering if there aren't yet sure how it's it's legal to just keep the body is decided you wanted to eat Gator what do. Well. That's an interesting question I mean we know you can't just keep a corpse lying around for health code reasons even in the privacy of your own home. But could you could you keep it in and butchery yourself you have to have your own foot serene. Would some Ellis will hold a garage in Taiwan is I think it's a lot more meat company I felt. Fairly ever done this before. Yeah as. Hello John your morning. Good morning you packed your comment actually that comment on what ability to do without being accused of a dead body home. I'm not gonna say too much bite yet they will let you pick somebody up and take it to whether you are basically this cemetery here where you are. And I'm glad they're pomeroys I was growing up we. And hunting and was shot at bear and butchered it and it it looked. You know I got in like they're just good at the museum with the people they're like whatever. Bodies inside you yes they identical. But bear like identical to a human I couldn't do it right I will never quite another Brit yes why. This email RED a red radio dot com says blanking disgusting never never never I would rather die from starvation. Thank you believe people would try it this is vastly the worst side of people's own boss asked wholesaler but I wouldn't die of starvation and you gonna put me if you're gonna put me in the Donner party you're in that plane that's the only way to live and and if that's so easy to say. That is an insult you or they error in cellular literally die I mean that it's silly aren't quite and I need to hear my now OK well then that you don't have much of a zest for life. Yeah I've ever been at that position before I don't even think that's anything anyone can predict and of themselves what they were G-8. Do you really have no idea that's radio you might enjoy yourself crawling Yunel because you just don't want it. He is still wanna fight to get through the horrible to somebody else I girl. Hello Bob. Yeah right there. Are not good go ahead. You have a big into is is it total proved. Yeah every time you had radio dot com this is. He's Lindsay Lindsay she says please stop I'm going to throw up I had to turn off the show. On a side note we were going to have tacos for dinner but now we'll just have a salad. Yeah chicken that I thought they would inject this into the ninety that she can tell you why they don't have any email right why don't why does beep sound better pour down and write a at this moment all of it has got a variety of humor is. I Ukrainian about it a second. And there's this from Cheryl she says at first I was listening just saying you but as you read more and more how they could to my stomach started to turn. Ya all come off. I want to say that that stories fake to me soft manner that bad but and then. He went to the odds of random country that we're different that's been a part of their life for thousands. Well that's the difference you know that somebody would do it and you know somebody has done. America yeah that's somebody our audience will do it better here in this discussion but whenever I didn't feel good about today. Sean good morning. Good morning everybody carried. Yeah. I suppose calling about these auto the previous callers was talking about how it is used by aging cured I think you can't double standard I don't know the exact name of peace and arbiters and then I don't bacteria in the brain that cause or does. So all Roger Keating. Good to know thank you got the Cuban that's helpful to whatever member of our audience. Is high ceilings and I'm sure I am the go ahead. There were rarity and hole. Did your best just wanted to but it you know it's called PM mad because that counted people already take it. Yeah. I know. That's what's in the Bible it says they'll no humor at all. I saw all of us there's only two prizes left. But 250 dollar gift card good Danny Applebee's board 250 dollar gift card good any hot dog on a stick you need to know the numbers behind which the correspondent prizes are our phone numbers 888999. The eleven color eighteen plays. And gone. Iran. John show.