Man Wants an Eclipse Baby

Monday, August 21st

Man posts a Craiglslist ad  for  someone  to make a  baby  during the  eclipse


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on ninety. ARX two. Dawn show. Ran great. They don't follow. I mean here. And whether or not the legitimate apparently the thing you're looking seriously. You should have some more on the glasses. That they were manufactured by the American paper topics LLC doesn't like being officially licensed com. Can make the glass and if it doesn't say that they may or may not be safe and easy go back to maybe where you bottoms from. Oregon I'm from Oregon and promotion we'll call on any. Is they're good vs say and why does drinking get the glasses or the rough. Says yeah that's that's so meanwhile that's why you need to check. You know and those but apparently those companies are trying to send out alerts there about oh wait a minute we screwed up near her imaginary hole where I got there recalled mrs. Texas it turned express yeah. I'm sure there scramble announcing they found outside so the clips is you technically and in less than an hour in the process starts at about 9:15 Pacific time. Com it is when we're told and everything goes to plan you're going to be able to barely see the moon starting to creep over the I and then it really culminates about an hour later 1018 and one inch depending on where you are bots. That's sold today the mayhem began last wed and as day. When traffic along the eclipses path of totality started to back up that's last Wednesday hands. Some gas stations already run out of gas. Many schools are closing so families can make sure children watched safely and as when they within the path of totality some schools were talking earlier both schools are doing around our various areas. Sounds like most of them are having the kids. Watch the clips with glasses parents and signed permission slip some schools. Our going what's called rainy day to the rainy day schedule they just shot her in place basically in the Baylor watch. The NASA feed or they they watch an inconvenient truth against. He asked. But if you're in the past the totality what a lot of schools have decided he was they're just closing though I know we don't want anything to do with the yeah. Why are you guys decide if your kids you're watching you're not where it's taken in the clip today it's hard saying. These US corporations will lose out on an estimated five billion dollars today it worked really got all workers flock to windows and outside and even online to watch the amount line. If that's that Americans work ethic. Why do you make America great. This kidney right now GM let. Cause just cause it was surgery. In central Oregon would you like we're the one of the very first places where these clubs or that. Wednesday last Wednesday traffic backed up along US highway 264. Twelve models. Sky it has people began to get there to senate camp for the and sensible and and night mere twelve month Mayo now on Wednesday. Jesus how other people that we're in it though thought it was fun I say yes I was a part of the experience I. Are there and John Murray and is littering the twelve miles because they're there to see eclipsed all parties bear and yeah. Those that are just trying to get home movies or the hospital bed truck Bradford from Kirk has a couple got. Yeah. Miles has appointment of it. Aforementioned kidney in the cooler immediately flew Fuller and start around eight he's a born on the car do you. The Tennessee Department of Transportation is especially worried because they are within the path of totality. And thousands of people have flocked to the region. They are concerned that people will stop in the middle of the road to watch the Clinton and give us your emails all day along the path. The totality of all over the nation every department transportation Zain please back I don't know somebody call. I wouldn't be surprising to those students signs we have everywhere a play designed the digital signs say. Don't be distracted while driving even though you're looking at this sign without distracting you from. Yeah also give you warnings that's a drought yeah or via an amber alerts yeah mom and bungalow be Republican ticket policy and then I wonder. Did you they have they have a sign that says don't look at the clips and I have to re which of course is a talented kid don't touch the hot stove. I do. And little. Mister sorry. You'll lose. Side note has opened its doors talking about it and I think is it being mentioned about the signs did you know who's in Texas what they like to do is put how many deaths so far this year on the row. I don't know that it's really adds yeah they're version draft Paul if you don't become a statistic. There are estimates that up to one million people becoming the middle Tennessee today who. When this eclipse wow why else would you go to middle Tennessee hello Jordan. I am day and let us. Arms sold my company actually is closing down nationwide through the whole company to either correct depending on. More and instead they're viewed across the nation. Are they closing down just for that time period like we're shutting down for that that thirty minutes or are they closing down for the day. I know they're only closing down for about ten minutes. More notable quote unquote total. Times totality is gonna and it. You look at it why not you can't beat them join them we live we live in an age where ready you know they after Super Bowl nobody doesn't email us Amazon prime dame nobody doesn't mean. It's Vermont then nobody does anything on Mondays through Friday noted. That's a Smart guy and the light on the west just shut down for ten minutes. And I wonder if that's your extra break for the day must still get your feathers and at least those days because after you lose ten minutes really shut down and go back to their desk and logging in and yeah suitable one of the canyons and LSU but these pictures of little ball and I got to applaud. We don't wanna see your color happy pictures of the sun. I mean there's no way that sugar yeah you need the Internet says nothing in exile of the Internet is going. Break today with nothing but it's like it's like when when you go to the coast. And you take sunset pictures like every day and you have. 75 and they're all the exact same picture in your post all of them on your FaceBook page and annoy the hell are your friends that it was going to be like today before making requests for things snappy posted on social media pictures of your damn kids. Don't wanna see and. Mean it is it's similar to Justin and is not an every day and they'll show on. Gary my husband was telling her. We've hung up a little bit of bad guys who works at the zoo is like a total nerd and he's actually. There in the path of totality yeah but he was telling Gary. I'm still experience and why meticulous photos they access content of the best friends who knows what he's like why why do I get beat her experience and the right glasses hope. Fully he's in Nebraska because Nebraska is expecting more than half. A million would be astronomers from around the world for the two missile extravaganza and they will be covered in clouds and thunderstorms today so bad and won't be able to see if. I hate to Colorado. Especially in the door gurus. That invest in all the money to buy the houses and rent the houses are thousands of dollar has faith they used up their vacation time. Some of these nerds playing in this for years because they knew was coming and all of us how ghoulish yes but only after I'm now. Did she know they're trying to get somewhere else they nod to the minute they heard this you know they're trying in good form and that number 97500. Dollars they'd rather stupid balance hot car. South Carolina is the big plays and they'll be the bad Charl Charleston as the last big city. That will see the total cliff South Carolina is expecting. Two million visitors today poll is the real estate to watch the eclipse as it is the prime location for focus along the eastern seaboard and phone numbers 8889899. Who has to take off work today. Because her kids daycare center is closing for what they're calling it inclement weather as in the clips. Well my god I'm going to virgin screen it's fifteen minute mistakes ridiculous to a whole new low. Well that's like that's like the the schools in the path of totality we're just gonna close you you do whatever you wanna do and your kid because for about fifteen minutes. But at least clearly we don't want him mainly due to your kids safety police and those are closing and you never brought your kid this classical pick no no no she only day off. Oh I'm sorry here's an closed for the day I'm so sorry I don't know why I heard that we're like you were able to drop dead now don't come. I'm inclement weather there closed for the day increment weather define as an eclipse so she's the only way mom can take care Guinness take today off and there was. Preschool than a paper on all the windows and we're not gonna do now. That you can take your windows. I hate you tomorrow. How the students are. It's fair and your item in this lakers fifteen minutes in the air and they're closing bogey and that's probably an exaggeration. In terms of the entire banking. Sorry. Preschoolers can give to who rat's ass is about. God damn son you're talking four year old is it is pretty young girl obtaining conceive and four and younger so the so the only issue would be. Jay if you if your concern but just keep Bowe below rats inside. Because of their outside they might look up just because their kids not even knowing what they're looking happen if that's the concern just keep humans. You can preschool they still have naps this time that you don't need to tell these you know I. I don't think all of them are based on concern. It's like for them because there's so crappy let's just take the day on May mean yeah. It's possible ways possible. On world pillow dummies. A poor poor fellow. I don't got a text message on my second middle gulf saying they will be between the other cuts today and they won't have been. Precautionary or are there iPad. It's don't want their school. When did you didn't have yet to sign any thing. No. I think he attacks like five minutes ago playing our final cut well they've been war. Thanks what I notice now you want to put you said earlier about the school closings. That's fiscal. Kobe shut down parents aren't even site. Anything less the school out to be inundated with a minute then in the any parent off. It is like look at it. Isn't clear he does not. I'm. Yeah we'll look into these are anecdotal research shows that the overwhelming majority of schools and our area are letting the kids. Somehow look at the eclipse and this. Some of that involves permission slips some is on school or just doing. Willy Nilly and they'll all gone out of business it's own record and it seems like the minority of them are are sheltering in place or covered up their windows things like that. Ari kind of want to. I know BS sheltered in place and they're but they're gonna watch it on the massive fee does yeah and that school. Is Clarence half ass and it's cool to resign Izzy Gibson's. Is this is from unknown named a person is as speaking up more on these old there are a lot of human organ right now. Like that's true every day as yeah. My daughter Liz do you contain my lucky came around. I. Know that's a town. My daughter lives in you gene which is just south of Salem moral the witches are fairly standard thing with. I'm wrong come slowly and dirt. They say in the matter is it's more days of our lives as well. That was just it is every. It's also not true Google it. Just south Salem on the path of totality she said people started to gather last weekend because that's even before Wednesday when the traffic does is slow miles back yeah what the blank this entire town is still move morons. Hotels motels can besides the roads etc. she says absolutely crazy right now with free people everywhere and all the stores are out of everything. Brandon pleasant images and how war. Like a good amount of people and don't or great based systems that are around I can't take the job that'll take the check lol this is. Time for me as a warmup for burning can. People they are you can go there's our hands snacks and doing drugs. Treatments and thank god guns and Fahrenheit blonde. God is Smart he. He injected some further. Common sense and it actually make you more upset about this phone we're talking about millions of people it's true it's not just the deranged. I I don't think statistically that can be proven. Especially when you're seeing some of the prices in some of what having to be spending government checks only go so far stroke because what. What you have here is June. So did I I can I find that you would do whatever you want with your lives. Of course I get to judge Judith and I did it the fact that people are using them than their vacation time and gas and spending. Vacation money thousands of dollars to travel these places is just ridiculous they get. We have a job Kenya tonight they have a job but they have no life person. Is right he's gonna make case then that's his money he's an IMAX. I can do whatever I want us but I didn't Obama dominance is hello Joseph good morning. I don't want you don't. That's much better your speaker and all right thank you. Yeah I do want to go ahead and breaking though a sort of the solar eclipse and school you know my attitude elementary school actually turning a boxer's. Political. And outrage uh oh yeah oh yeah. I couldn't afford glasses yeah. That's a that's a skill that will take him far in life. I had to learn how to make a shelter when he grows. Hello good let's put me. We need some Molly good morning. My good morning Daryn. That's Malik notes a volatile. I don't. I know my response well they found mrs. fled further dollar clip VOA but he never found who made the block says no my email at the burn. As American paper optics that's what should be the train and on the glasses are on the box and obviously classes yeah. What I say American whatever optics paper. America hates Iran important if there's an American and there's an optics are probably good with paper but an American one ever. American whatever updates that's the off brands. Guys are talking about last week the eclipse is bringing out strange things in various people including one poster went viral last week from a man who's trying to make an eclipse maybe. And we heard about Ali yeah these are are are trying to plan out so where they can they can have sex during the eclipse and then they're gonna make a move and clears maybe. So there I don't know the numbers but this has been a big online thing people playing this well. That's easy to do quote unquote if you have a partner well 140 year old man. Didn't have a partner so it posted on Craig's list. And add to stay in the following. I am forty years of age Caucasian male from Europe my heritage is strong and sure it's. Clearly sounds like. My lower. Might look instincts knowledge and strength is 100% sure and 100% and diesel. OK. I MT and all I am looking for worthy female was strong genes beauty and smarts to join me. To experience the totality eclipse and all again. I would like for us to make love. Well eclipse is happening because in the post the New York Times and other. Media outlets contacted this person to confirm the legitimacy of his post that he exists Lal and it wasn't a joke at least he claimed it was a joke and we we don't know what came out because of verifying that her genes are strong. I assume they have to submit pictures yeah. Look at the tag. Made in the US yeah. Fund abortion. She totality of us we will have simultaneous. Reunion only athletically is coming to fruition. That time they were right at that moments usually only for the first time he's gonna make that happen. Particularly as soon as opposed went up last week I assume that they Marty got no we jogged past. Act as rounds and a behind yeah I don't know if they did that well I mean not a they're trying to break in and I I don't ranks they wanted to the yeah. At that moment his goal is that right when totality occurs somewhere in that two and a half minute window is when they're going to reach the peak of their loved them. So they can truly make any claims made his journey find pregnancies you know he is saying this does do. They'll have to try again in seven years out next Luminex total solar my. Being able series that is your minutes but it is a start girls lunar. Warming. Oh this is the knock out but look at the tiebreak he's just trying to make the baby I. He's not saying we're gonna start when we're gonna start doing it. When you eclipse happens there and start doing that however long they need a ten minutes before. But the peak. The old must happen in that two and a half minute window or why they don't have enough space for. The same time I did I not just you read you gacy did we have simultaneous. Oh okay. And we will conceive a child that will be on the next level of human evolution and let's. Confident some woman eats into its. Face it gas and and Costello and they'll tell me are safe and yet. It goes on. We will make loves again though with me and mine. Beneath her pointed directly towards this on her. This is certifiably crazy. Oh hole. And everything will be aligned in the universe are cosmic energy will be a line. And it's what we are now in the brief moment of Ecstasy her. We will understand that everything in together. We will create its new universe will move. My guide this Psycho dad and I think the lady that actually respond to a sad because I think it is she got to me the last line is my favorite now are all that. You must like cats and drugs are okay. Yeah it was. Hello there Jim good morning. Hey good morning guys you know about me if you wanna make they took the baby had ever thought about an Irish different category not old rating for us. Kanye. Any idiotic. You raise the kids all that the child's gonna pop out and he's going to be the next coming to cry right as he's an eclipse may be the universal raise our child got wise they're gonna figure out. While the whole world right within this season. Yeah and I'm Molly understand cosmic understanding is the perfect shot. When it comes including.