MNF's New Sideline Reporter: Sergio Dip

Wednesday, September 13th


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Or listen on. Hello dale. Good morning everybody good morning jail so tight these guys crack the code. Bad swings on mercilessly mowed down that path. As we thought it was direct true. Don did you do pay raccoon your anti raccoon. It was a reckons. Run out of food and re. Why. Did he ran hundreds line when you've been so yeah I did over the Lee I pulled over or is that after backing over and pointing at him laughing now. I screamed yeah okay. He's clipping but I don't I. I'm we got this email from glory glory says seems like dawn Hayes or raccoons as much as she hates cats in the NBA. And them. But is boring. As they yeah we all know. I elusive goal Laden's is a question for you Brennan's from Tony it's. Says can you tell me if you're at radio app can be used with Samsung your products. I think so I'm not sure because I don't always see Samsung Deere products and and male untested but as you can download. When he asked to find because of what this incident here is like a watch this just wearable technology and times of you can download any app on your on your year. And it should. Go to grad radio dot com for more information on disaster all right so if you're bad at some but he and his service that you're bat at orbital. I think your bad at its. It's hard to get paid for right okay well I generally how words yeah. So answer Amanda and mine a favorite baseball team the openings. And clearly an announced that next season and we have the schedule now next season on April 17 when they play the Chicago White Sox no charge. No admission and all of free game school. Lunch talented who watched two of the worst teams the American League yeah. Winning isn't the Chicago White Sox closer and all. It'll lea there's this Tuesday night April 17 sound I'm gonna involves. And turn it stung this is. All part of VA is have been good like community our reasoning with the raiders in the warriors both and I know when by the end of the decade son. The a's have been stepping up their fan friendly initiatives building on a new brand called rooted in Oakland fit. And rooted OMB. And the until we next. Yeah yeah and tells me dizzy or do you think it'll be busy then total sales rally to beat that. Yeah what I was gonna say so I'm Olivia how could that look at it always some for free. People are so many days or so and make money with the concessions and all that yeah I block. Mounds they insult commonly. Even though it's a Tuesday night you know in school my at all I. If they don't pack that stadium to capacity moments free. That would be devastatingly sad and may be hard to get an idea where you'll believe actually it's basically all free baseball how fun is that. If you don't like he needs is like let's go to free baseball and I wonder if they're gonna wave the party what parking now Amanda like twenty bucks there because. And up up. Remember because the last two times I've done I have it part I have a partner Derek Barbara hard bargain in the other night included they're gonna do the games free parking is a hundred dollars. Mark can get in on the action is going to be 78 dollars per day and I'll see you there. Never Bard and before Villa with some folks satellite still gaps that yes we met up I don't remember where they would diddley and barred the whole way. And so I'm oh wow I mean that just came on board. My husband and I drive and yeah. He had to keep passing parking lots of decision for the giant water about the Shin Bet the giants usually not about 675200. Did you write what I. How far we are locked. A thumb Scioscia sports yesterday we were inundated with emails from people who were just pissed off about the Monday Night Football game the second one. Because Beth moans and zoo on the play by play and both men and women are saints just airborne. Kind of an earful from my husband on. Yeah I did watch I. It was all based on two things I heard from dawn husband and other people put that in news com I did iGoogle pages and he put it in your ear. There's yeah there was another story about. All those ornaments this through quickly while I was researching this other story I did find there is a FaceBook page called fire Beth Mo wins. Which currently has over 2000 like so if you like this. Am led to get home and train because I'm. But here's here's the other story that came out monetizable. And we're talking yesterday about sideline reporter is not worthless they are there just the ones in Santa usually give traditionally it was a it was a broad. And and now in England. Now they do those dancers and it's the person just. Literally stand on the sideline and usually gets three minutes total of fame where they interviewed coach and a lot of times local do is they'll they'll throw to the sideline reporter right before the game starts. You see when they do that. The sideline reporter is interviewing like the head coach one of the teams and getting an item what's your plan you know what do you look where it's only stupid but what's your plan okay you mentioned in my planner for the game so that was southern port bump just in general. Wolf on Monday Night Football on the second game. The other horrible announcing team of Beth moans and former coach Rex Ryan was joined by a new sideline reporter named Sergio de. Any idea that. Now Sergio did it has been working for ESPN's Paula tastes that's their best Spanish station. Sand saves when he thirteen but he's never he's never been on the big the big boys the flagship down so this was exciting for him the only. Oh my gosh are you so nervous exempt from ESP NBC also. This is. This is so this is big moment. So what they did was they just threw it down to him and kind of introduce him hey let's meet the newest member our team guys. Now. For a variety of reasons after he got his point four seconds of fame the Internet exploded. Let me first play for you his. Then they throw this down zoom in the beginning of the game right after the games we gonna forget which this is Sergio did. And his national debut. Yeah this help him a lot tonight. Quarterback at all. He's still salute. This game films I hope he's pausing between Harry Byrd JC and said that it sounds like the nerves you know I don't pet friendly that. Always sounds nervous saying sounds like he's. Pausing to much. Ball outlet in as a football fan he's saying nothing. Of the I don't know how that sounds mean listen listen to this again. I this is the. And nobody cares what they mean to your your call a ball and it looked yeah. Yes we know you're there on the field like CNET. From a close okay because there are babies and give us the man on the field. Now refers to the head coach. Of the Denver Broncos he's watching me and Joseph when they they then flash still. I'm the drain O he's pointing out that's what you're seeing on the screen there's the heady times Joseph's car thank you so much doesn't want to do. Helping him a lot tonight. Quarterback at. Are we know all of us thank you but yes he was a quarterback OK okay great thank you glad I didn't know that breaks. Yeah I mean why would only cost you honey those doesn't want you nominate Obama who may just I just wanted to catalogs my hazardous the only reason I would never want to show okay. Well maybe this is appealing to loot the non sports fans all week. I don't know how we know that but thank you. So I mean exact at the super ball a football fans like I no longer than the coaches having the time. We're so okay so start nervously as a technique now we're chalk up to lead an international debut. Now Amanda brought up he sounds like he's causing you much. He just it's a way he's talking it's not fluid and mean and I'm the last on this say anything. All anybody talks and this is coming out like this death moves I got food and I still less than nerves you know. Possibly well what he attributed to is that English is his second language polo. I am calmer here and in the but here's the other thing why now here's the thing that really made the Internet explode there were people who said. But he's terrible. Because he's just he's embarrassingly bad okay yeah. Oh English as a second click OK what country do you live and we don't we pretty much Hillary people right away did he write it is no better on the bed that we're not there. We don't give people an opportunity we forgive them later they get better and immediately get on social media and judge them so. We're dying to India for verb looking and sounding stupid plot so the thing that really bothered people the most is that. When he refers to Broncos coach Vance Joseph. Did you hear the word to use. Diversity. In his background now what I heard him say. And I'm trying to interject my tenure and since I wasn't watching them do on this in the rearview mirror. What I heard him say was the diversity in his background as the fact that he was a quarterback and he wasn't running come back coaching now. Okay well I heard ad is not how the Internet took. Because. Let us head coach Vance Joseph is black. And so the way the energy and heard it social media heard it is he was being politically correct tie aid but yeah I mean up. He is. Blackness and time. Person. I've found this help him a lot tonight. Quarterback at all. He even said. This diversity in his background and then listen to what he's taught going to be talking about it's tough. I just could not believe that came tank because they're gonna star races we don't look out through our prism all the time looking for this kind of stuff. So I heard the same way right does that right but. I do wanna say so what so what if he is bringing that that he was black it was harder struggle we cannot do that anymore. I wouldn't be offended by it that's what he was doing. I wouldn't be offended by that I there there are people to have struggles in this lifetime I'd like to hear the struggle actually is that what inspires people. Here's what he had to go through to get here. I need a well I'm sorry I. I think the push back you would get on that. Arm would be the all okay that's great but I don't want to hear about it during muscle a ball game might I. And that you hear those stories all the time quite honestly when I watched the ball they do that much of the vignettes or whatever why the bad guys themselves we'll talk about it on your little's. Still we support shows him what. Oh yeah you look. Hello you hear about this constantly. The struggles of a get well or something that that some. I grew up in its place. Anything. New it's actually inspiring you don't see where what so sensitive. Now canny. Damn I am I'm just wondering if he's got panda girls on the call them and Sergio. Did or did not do himself any favors. Because he he could have given it any of the answers may be that you didn't have just about an offer you could just not even addressed this but instead. After the game he posted alive Twitter video. In which she's crying. Now. Foundation here in football and he does seem to sue confirm. There he did mean diversity in terms of race because he brings up not only Broncos coach Vance Joseph but you'll hear him refer to Anthony Lynn is head coach of the chargers they're both black. Madness yeah. Again if people if that's not what your audience wants then that's what's so what. I mean if this goes back to a variety of things yet to play your crowd and if your crowd is racist are triggered or whatever it is. Yeah I played well wow. But this was his vague response in which she uses the phrase minority I couldn't count how many times here's what here's what mr. Dick said after the game while. Tearfully her. Talking. Hello oh. And the way. Nine year old. Mexican. The NFL. I've football game. Goes. Safe Moscow country I was in my elementary school. Merv yeah. Born. Growing up in the American League and environment as painful as a minority. A minority. Yes Joseph. Well I wondered do. He was to show some respect. I'm making my debut as a minority. America on national T. They show that America not only the most heartfelt day. And this great country tomatoes. Some people's perspective. Truly I meant notes is for. Because. Although one can do Florida and officials from the you historical. Hopefully. Really tense. And be sure. So little self important man. I'll call yourself an important player way too sensitive I. I might so are the people who had the calories of what he said I'm outraged that the even if it wanted him to come back on the air or even post a video and talk again this guy is just. Awful. And broadcaster period he has had. Yeah he needs said he retire. Hi there isn't a brush up his skills and then you come back. These edits the biggest stage and you were given the biggest stage when you're ready so the it would clear. There wasn't ready now palm and I also I I'd I'd I don't know what he means about it being historical. These are not the first two African American coaches in the NFL is not the first time they faced off against each other's I don't even know what that means I don't see him it's historical for him and I. On 9/11 okay yeah I eleven tie in was injured yeah. Haven't okay either Brian good morning. Hey guys hit. I just wanted to say actually felt bad for the guy in the hoping that he'd be good intelligence or that video. No sense at and my close to Hillary doing. I how does this then they beat the apology or whatever the explanation video made it all worse than it. This is I would I let the caller I was solid feeling bad for him that he was so nervous she finally got this opportunity it's little loses a second language you know let's let's seize up. And then I hear this and why also bothers me like I'm Hispanic it's 29 like why why you got to get your stats a little more. I just don't know I don't get. I think he fell into the trappings is that sometimes. Happened when you have such a backlash on the Internet and you feel. As though you need to you give some sort of response. And because obviously he had a huge backlash yeah. It exploded over him as saying diversity your grammar. That and he I think he felt the need to look over apologized and really he's just not even say nothing. It isn't cost came humans and you know what I have moment you say it into gear box about it but you don't go on the Internet and spill your guts out because then. Stupid trolls say do you use around word. So he he was speaking of turned the African American coaches what you think is great in holding Obama to you know and and but as you say Robinson this isn't. Historical and everyone's eyes would sit and make a lot and I DREAM Act but I mean why why why the imminent we bring in immigrants and in my class. I don't know a lot of understand that are happy that her because I think he. It's a validate his and pick himself and being able to talk about diversity in all essentially. I because I am a person of color I am allowed to talk and say whatever it is that I want to. About diversity I. In house in the securities said that in the he made that clear in the beginning I'm Hispanic and Carolina I guess I'm coming from this episode. Getting your kind of from the point of diversity now you're gonna bring up immigrants with all of the history of our country thank you. We know our viewers aren't analogy Mexico on Omar Al business challenges goes brands and he's just herbal doing what he does talking so. I want to see weekly in the southeast to refresh of Alessio estimated commentary on link I don't know volleyball Medialink. Please don't get hate seeing the you have been on is currently yeah AVW ridiculed by the Internet. So I but I thought I thought there was something missing saudis want to see if we can make this better because you all had the same reaction that I am. I love. The way. Murals. Where you. Orlando. It's. So why are wondering do. Willis CNN shows when you today to get snow. Call me this or zip from utility hello Alex Gordon. I totally okay. Yes I'm not want to thank god author everything you ever more in my well let's see I thought on how you can imagine that out with its diet everything everything nowadays and they come about race it really that's that's a good thing you know I'm. Well I'm Israel acknowledges it mattered about how much really thought you know. Yeah yeah yeah that's that's important structure because it's not light because the Internet right which hates everything it's not like they were put on the bench or slurs against him insane get this you know it's so hard. Lower your gas off our TV it's just because he's bad at what he'd done. Or any hint.