More Rudeness: Parking Lots, Shopping Carts

Thursday, October 12th


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Up anybody and gone 98 rock. ER excuse. Guess. Yeah another scenario they just all wetting a line does well yeah yes. Sodom sat on the about the other day waiting in me return blind. The eighth person in front of me you know one and one of those little right along now baskets. Yeah that there are. Her piano lady had to help them get it out of the card image you have eight so I stepped out alliant. Help them carry the puck and get it out went a step back and line the guy behind me aligned took my spot and I had a weight behind. We know now all these guys you got. Signs of being courteous and help them with the box. Several blocks and he did got to leave it behind the hole. He's just a bit turn and I had a way behind him on the panel like okay whatever. I doubt you are mellow person honest I commend you for that is that is that is a situation I don't care my mood I'm sorry I am saying something are you kidding me man you saw. Cold always say is on the NB a cares to go to. It's true people just suck we do you do an entire show. Got a couple more or Michael writes. I'll hold the presses and I hear you say via Boozer liquor no self checkout line that must be a California thing is over here in Nevada you can purchase anything you want. In the self checkout line what does the man is a wild west hey hookers they're illegal it is in California. Isn't self checkout line is that to scan them but it could find an embargoed as little rough start until. Don't know yeah if you want from Kayla. Think she says and I see this all the time warehouse stores especially when the busy she says okay what about if you're holding a space. And then your spouse comes with a basketball. I was in line they are ridiculously long so I decided to get a spot my husband was getting the last of our approach is what our car and came to stand with me. And the lady behind me hit our car with her. There's there's I don't know how. And said that he couldn't cut I told them I was holding our place IRS now you learned he was visibly at seven insanely Moore was I in the wrong yes. You had your card with you. Heads you brought the whole car and then he just came in through an extra that they end totally fine what I. Well here's what I see across all the time what if she is in line with the cart. And and he shows up with a whole extra holes other non. Last person I see that happen Ali why only the same reason we're reserving our space and wine. That's that's false line advertisement. In line you guys what's line yeah. Based on the size of the orders in front of youth and second of all this reminds me of the people that will stand in the middle of the parking spot waiting car. Her around yeah even snow and we're both go to Virginia. He didn't are eerie you know you move your ass and personal find the next available spots and you know my point I'm. I'm so sorry Larry you're wrong and brand and that's the number one reason why oh my gosh I even think about the I it's true. You stand the aisles looking to see and that was all sever ties and this is beyond. Heard you know we always guess wrong no matter which line you can't you all we won that's the point it's funny picking out which line we wanna go out. Phone numbers 8889 at night I need eleven I Jennifer. And you can't go any kind of guy you might pull. Any anyway. Now when you analyze and I went through and we want leading my aunt and that check out Hank now. Not only a block yeah yeah well they sure I can make an immediate that I vacation. Well I look at what point you know I'm from random person kinda context. Do you have gone up next. I. And at my head that I guy he can't they do so that I am here. Yeah I mean I felt I. And that is okay well so I took a picture that this is in Mexico have probably just improve this scenery I was a bigger problem is is gonna we're talking normal commercial break this story out of China that went viral so I Wear this mom gives her four year old a whole live. Don't want a restaurant to go to the bathroom and you know we're gonna get that story did you hear us. And can you imagine you walk out of the mall because that's trial we see people changing diapers and they're in their cars not even in their cars an example of this than than the truck's tailgate in their lane in the baby down and I'm like what ever I wouldn't do it but I don't care. What can you imagine you walk out and they're on your car well. Promote your car yeah I. Wow I would be so this I can't win when they know sometimes you'll see when you're in the grocery store in the big parking lot. I've come out and had like a kid leaning on my card game and are waiting to get into their car around what I what you do. They have lost my heart how. So when. I just I didn't have to do is going to the restaurant is just like. Kids and what this child was taking their garbage. I'm delighted that she's just the dollar store at least I'm delighted to grocery store. And I'm leaving now and should the right society don't get a garbage cans or counters. The litmus little boy takes all of his garbage and just sets it on the counter. And he's probably like five and immediately. And any kicks in and I wanna be like. But his mother is my final that she's a she's right there and I she's already found she's right there might opt. I want this isn't the Droid or you can music. Are you like I wanted to interfere and go doesn't go yeah. The car is literally right there are no toll finally. Did you ever anywhere you did. I could be inside the mom who. Oh god occurs as slaves and basically what they're here to clean up after us you know as all's I do it's not gonna change now saying I mean they might they are reacting you because. Because we're such cowards but they're gonna do in the next door because then they're gonna call Richard I. I know they don't tell lucky it went today that. Yeah right I shouldn't say again what to do at least teach your kid proper manners hello Jennifer. I had a story as far as the line they went just I'm like they might adopt it finally got to the cafe. And that man credit line and I respect what they were like come you know China tightening and it actually kind of which like okay it's doubtful that I. Think it but don't count her and the pretend like you're regulating that gap do you start our conflict really quick trying to debate that's spectacular my. Well he won I mean he won the battle today and that's how common courtesy ID he figured out a way to pretend to be dead and you went on. I'm I'm oh. There go ahead on the low. I. I'm not hey look fat lady about and I neighbor and car every minute that I that I met I work let me believe that the ability and I had a gallon in the gallery at all enlighten me in light when they opened up and you like watching my children play and that failure in a way area you can. And this lady come with yeah. And yet they may issued a grandma and GE had a lot of those. Alert for a tidy things. Pat holes ending and then that child actually he is the Border Collie and the gray area. It's kind of helpless health right away. Is it basically like ten bed and she's just carrying that around the but what she's so I know what what are they supposed to be used for. Potty trained to potty trained at a house in her yeah. Yeah in the bathroom art you know sometimes you bring an out indeed you'll living room because. If it they need to be and easily accessible not as a replacement for using the restroom in a public area all of. And then what do you do once it's full blow my what my girlfriends have done if there in the middle of potty training and even if they're using email. Bet that Porta potty or an anti whatever the potty training shared home a lot when they got Republicans are not a 100% sure that the diaper on yeah. It's like there's no need to carry that campaign hello Larry I. Hello guys anybody my first time cargo facility guys thank you learn. Broke annoys me is that people who show up in the store for like an hour or have they get out. Attribute in the car yet what we're quirky but this bridge to heart back into the corral an elite sitting out there. That's so you're a person these so there's a limited in how do you feel Larry about the person who takes their part they're anti. Shopping cart. And they don't put it in the in the in the cage but they do at least problems front wheels up on the curve so that another car can park there. No doubt that I'd I'd I'd I'd baguette or did they do you have not met at the glove expert Florida might look. And bright blue nation have a role marriage had a lot of the. Gets me there's different levels of this rudeness I think I had a guy the other day I was at the grocery store and I was and was exiting the grocery store walking towards my Corvette and this guy was trying to put his card back in the car barn but for some reason this moronic store has the cart barn on an incline so you don't actually law. It and now you roles and I'm done I'm watching all of this in horror as I'm walking towards my Corvette but back to the random acts of kindness he's still occasionally see this guy. It was like protecting my car was like making sure and as I wanted and just wanted to make sure regarding. The year ago. And so I took a draw and I latched ai team was two for you'll actually get the cart and I thought the cart barn life. The card thing is probably one of my worst. The worst people aren't hurt if there are the worst idea rob and agony and the worst thing and Nazis yeah. Oh yeah. There. Races and it's not high enough pet peeves and I'm sorry even when I had a DB and two kids. I never just left because I see that all the time the mom's a deal like light up my kids so I'm just gonna leave her right here because I have make kids. That was never an excuse attorney ever. Work NASCAR engine is just anarchy I HI go out of my way to take heart that chorale and net or at the very least it's. Car Carell is full on an incline or whatever like I know whatever and I eat need to keep the cart somewhere near where I parked I I know. Do used to put it this far away from the garden spot as possible because I don't want Lincoln means them. Coming up next at the guy who just apology senator really nice guy and I can't tell you my number one thing that annoys me the most is when we say. I have limited times I can't take my card back and when they say old but it's nowhere near either never fiber ten minutes away. They are Leila literally takes you a second to find it I've Idenix me. Rumors places where there is no heart but why don't want back to the store Diller but the car Mac. Because there I can't even see where they're. A shopping cart barn is so I doubt that it's not an excuse me it's like. We become so self centered that because I didn't plan my timed properly I'm gonna inconvenience everyone else. I just cleaning my cars here. He the only time I. Am I and that I know that I never not a car markets might might shopping cart is one I've just been in the worst mood on earth and that we don't care about anyone break. I can. Occasionally I just isn't the world not my screw it I'm not going back other than that back to Amanda's point values in the kids is the excuse there's the other one I don't care if it's raining outside. If you were able to walk your car to get out of your car and stand in the rain while you load then you can run the thing over and it. The and we and if if I'm with my wife. She is my fiancee now have a system one mistakes the card back while usually heard they had held all jump in the car and come pick her up it's not that did. I'm now it is all I. I was cleaning holy world yesterday and the space next to me was open it was a parking space. And as a lucky if I'm like are you kidding me but card is just right there in the space. And the cart barn is just right behind you. My dad's and you know they seem that in that moment. Man incapable of not taking that card back with mine. I will not leave that there I refuse to rotate them like the look around when he saw the picture ever you why aren't you are the problem. Because they know I'm a nice person I he'll come along. Amber good morning. Good morning rat line. I think it's funny guys bring up the cart because yesterday I was actually out Wally world. And I just wish I negotiate my car and I was returning my cards and some gentlemen probably like its fifteen. Well you just couldn't card out formal sidewalk area since Amanda looked at a Momo really. Kirk are acutely I don't retired on BWAY UB. And I came back and he would grab the carton put into the car are. Yeah and sometimes leaves it up so resolutely to dawn earlier sometimes when you call people out like that because we live in such. A passive society they won't they'll do it all are muttering under their breath but my belief is though the next parking lot they go to they're going to be the same thing and just hope that some shopping cart it's very rare. They call someone out and change their behavior forever but it makes us all feel better when it's on their butts. This is one area I I I do not keep my mouth general manager about it I've already told you this I'll just walk by and not get it doesn't go there. Art doesn't go there my dad and that's nice enough electoral college for that pull out. Okay you might not feel that way and. Hello Sean good morning. Morning. Blood moderator or slow it. But hey hey hey Miami is literally word on who greater Miami and Daryl learned Miami. Jersey. He got a dirty diapers throw Mariah songs as bad. Yeah. Are you an NFL I. And it is all games are just there cool air awful now they're anarchy are never going to another one live after I saw that guy home. All woman the C word because she told C down. And I saw some of the other things in the stands and you hear about these. Across the country you Wear the opposing Jersey you're in the wrong part of the staff came someone's throwing beer on you this is the first I've heard throwing a dirty diaper on. There aren't rooting for the wrong team. OK I'm just what does smack talk. It's a new version yeah I was just basketball when it's. All going well there are Rebecca good morning yeah soon. And I'd the kid yeah. Talk big but an important that they could hear old. Have a little. What area. I'm the girl kidded him I can't connect to light up my daughter and well yeah. What are people are shouting wanted to theory on this if a parent her body cannot. Let the public know that I'm sorry you don't play it I think they don't. Or it can happen. I think I did he did I audio. I don't know how big that these aren't the pair split. Not to. Because that's all Tyler you're your kid is babysitting them might just can't believe you found the borders it was a fellow yeah. Hello there Adam good morning. Read gave me hope for her. So and I know the head. Target I got give kids that are under the age eight to oh Linux. You not I don't return to shopping cart because it's not inside the area where I can leave the car. TEO. And you don't need to put your car your kids in the park first they can help you know are they can sit in the cart. And then it eat it and then you roll them with a part to the cart barn and then you pick up and you're taken to the car kids are not an excuse Fermi will not be reasonable atom. Did you move somewhat but it didn't you got this thing excuse. There didn't wire can feel like or how do you figure your kids in the car when you're unloading there. Duff it's really hard with their kids under two I don't know if you've ever had two kids under two birds. A lot harder than you think so when you. How so when you come out of a store and your car is still look stuff. What do you do with the 22 year old kids under two wider unloading the Clark. Because you obviously do you put him in the car and he wants it to carve back we don't wanna leave them alone so that's the question now is what are you doing you're trying to unload the car. Well I don't world McGwire let's. Yes I haven't won it didn't go to Carson usually and then the other ones too. So you don't want to move. I think it usage I'm. Com but one of my girlfriends had twins so obviously they work under you with the same time. I'll tell you what she did you might find it too much work that you asked about tennis this guy's not you I'll tell you what she did. And when she would unload the groceries she would put them in the car. And this yellow and then she put them back in MacArthur and go to the cart. Barton was right next certain cancers she charted you should try to park it's close to a cart barn is she good so she's still conceiving kids that they were in the car but it's not. She'd. It's a one and one arm and one in the car walked over put it away and then walked back over with both kids and our army isn't put him back in their cars seem to be on her way so. I mean I don't know if you wanna put that much work into a much Aston until she and it. Well I don't. Understand why did two year old can be helping new dude bad patient he's sick he's using any excuse said that this kid is gonna move around and maybe run around in the street. Well I want kids in the car seat that other kid. This can can help you. If they can help you load the car. Or do something. Or or if they're both two little ladies. And keep them in the didn't keep them in the car even. But the game demos and Garcia beat them both houses say inaudible site deli items are heavier than big box store and yeah. Eighty gallons of Manny isn't any alone in the car and Urals. I think you do my friend it then you can ultimate card and then take an American cars close up DP can't. I I just how did people do this before serve and I know the spurt and then had. Well the deal is is that parents of the past. Had no problem. Right I mean a few spaces over a while they're kids worry in the backseat of the car or does that still visually can see and you know like a few spaces so. Heard that is another guy another point you yeah you lock the car and you moron oh my god at the MD cards. Are you run back. My girlfriend with twins that she couldn't see that card it wasn't that she can get too quickly she wouldn't she wouldn't go to the trouble of a car with their intake or wherever the car was. But at least she was still being polite well the other thing is is I think that there is that and some weird elitists of of entitlement that goes on my parents and her like a lot of kids sold. It's called the rest of the girls and I just didn't sound like he felt that way yeah you know all a what do you Brussels to do I have kids I blowing the. I got. Aaron yeah I wanted to karma don't act outburst and I'll let you go right. And when I can't do you hope I get my granddaughter to the registrar would be. I broke treatment I get hurt buckled again. And I turn you wanna go pull it cost. And little cooler but not yeah. Lionel L apparently it is from that guy even with two kids under tool parents do this they're even know how hard it is so low summer. NY and I wanna hit just a little red light coming I would that you underhill especially hard hit a cart proudly about every ten debate this year. You part of the neck. Why can't. It really knock out a lot yeah actually sat in political and. Hey dozens and did I gotta park there's empty spaces before the cart barn I should get those given you'll know what it's like to walk with two kids under two into was born yes sometimes it's like it's too far. Too far by fine weren't parking next to the cart now lucky so far this door hi Samantha. I'm not so I don't know moral fact that we should be putting our cards where they belong because you're gonna society. What about the fact your car or could potentially be hit by a shopping heard. Well I don't consultant who cares really and I understand. You know what this is purely for me the only way I are you talking about somebody else's car or org or car. Orange. In other words it. He's does like our own somewhere in other words you're in favor of putting the cards battle emerged cart barn because you you should be concerned about other people's property as well. If your decent human being all right. Yeah I want the best. And really but really aren't certain style what we we have. Very few decent human beings and these I think you've I think if you went up if you did a man on the street saying and you went to a a grocery store parking lot. And you interviewed every single person that didn't put the cart back in the car market. And the the final question you asked them was full do you ever don't you ever get concerned about other people's cars there answer would be an emphatic no. That's their problem that's why they have insurance who cares things like Tyson parks where they shouldn't argue they should be more observe. And you know what don't I respect those people Mardi let me tell you why they know they're a jerk try to beat the one they don't realize. Think this is perfectly on Maine are the ones scared me the most right some believes are cart and the middle despite knowing I have this is route one ever though. Okay leasing no strong we people like me it's. It's weeks it's bright they think it's solitaire I don't have much time come and what do you think they they they have no idea that a strong hello Shannon. Yeah. Good morning good and in. Okay now I won't leave its heart in the eighth but you know let. I'm not gonna make big effort and I haven't heard them I'm good I'm temporary with the sport kids might go to the brain injury that's what. Also this aside. But guess what I'm not it didn't pay you gathered the heart anyway. What it takes itself and that is a renewed and why did. Think they're bear. There for us to put a way yes that's what it's big before that makes chills then I think card aren't good just for the employees would even have a car Barnes. Right good lord and. These these jobs you're talking about are nonexistent because how many times you drive into a parking lot easy and teeth. Car Barnes and the anti parking spaces where there's no carts around they're always out there. Usually because there isn't actually the way most of these stores around there isn't a car Wrangler it's usually one of the bag boys or girls and when they have a free moment exactly they're supposed to go out and Rangel of the parts and that's actually the reason for the and get them but because they're so busy often they don't get out there and that's why brand museum almost all Barnes. And then they have to go around and my eighteen different curbs and collect the various cards because people just refused use. Don't listen to her she's so indignant barn I'm getting paid to pick up the cards Boldin got bitten the person in the house to pick up the cards is supposed to be more efficient for them to just go to the cart barn you're being a pain in the ass to the person I passage. Do you think Joba wrangling. Does the same end. Audi as in my opinion because I'm guessing here in the though the mom of the can put the garbage on the counter something worse or they'll clean enough. Some underling that'll take care. Later her call is how you say no one has the story my four kids and I do with the brain injury. You know I. I'm sorry about your father I genuinely yeah but what are my girlfriends her friend. Right now for breast cancer are hurt and she children. And you know one. She still polite kind person blocker I'm using as an excuse all going through. Right now I have these children's I can just be an. Everywhere right we all really Katie because your story doesn't mean you don't need to be in half in you have those poor kids do those organs I didn't you didn't learn how to handle it. Hey I got swarmed bass and hurts to walk right now. Look the part in the park mall. And dawn show.