Most Popular Adult Halloween Costumes for 2017

Friday, September 22nd


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You're listening to them. Told him anytime. Listen online. Casinos are you rap radio dot com first one from Ashley. That's my boyfriend had surgery this week so we have to keep his birthday celebration pretty low key but I was hoping you can win the birthday song for him. Today he is 29. No mention of his name soldier Ashley's boyfriend you're going on site. And if you having surgery or some phone line or he just had surgery and just had surgery and then from a band don't say Daniels has an idea Miami easy once for birthday shout out. Her name is Samantha and she is 29 today. And yes she knows one more year until she's aged out. She's still hot and Kansas 29 and a boyfriend was surgery just one and I as well. You're the I alluded to in my during the the Steve Nicholson's Edward talk and sports I mentioned that I didn't get to watch a lot of the niners game last night because it was always. You know the mother had. Catch him. Sounds of the games on but you know we're busy we're Owens over our shoulders I thank onto quickness from bowling last night so you say you've all three games each. And then you add up your score you what's called a series. And so like me if you're if you're like me will you always run usually get over 600 because I mean you averaged 200 and saw and so last night. Global three games and my told holds on for the three games was. 66. So go again yeah. Yeah find out how. Oh is that he's credit as soon as we founded pat my my team in our security seems like I made no among or like your yourself I'm sure she hears a and after the fact and have written out to look at it always in the computer. They're fireplace Chile computer. Speaking of that our security chief in my bully in the many people perfect games Fremont. Let's get greens are not when he's handling his fortieth come. Well last time you Bulldog I never a perfect game thanks Amanda it's time for holiday. Engine up on the holiday or 94 days Chris. We are sixty Sudanese until Thanksgiving double double in just 39 days until the following the. Loan all of a slew goes slow please not. Ought to savor all of. Time passes and the same rages on record style that whole time flies and Grammy ball. Time moves at the I pray god just like a watched pot never boils gives us. I had to go home today watching putt I guarantee you're gonna boil exactly three minutes is 11 seconds at Bristol-Myers. I prefer Aggie as. And I'm just saying should be they they time is the liquid because it's impossible to hold on to help. There was times why do you say times time. Possible launch and just put on a pillow so once saying. Not get back. Hamburg has hit its high. I am and I just slips or if you're so I wanna see you very Indian every moment of this season's bowl ad I'm Diana. A survey company analyzed interest searches to figure out the hottest costumes for the year for women. If you can if you base it on broads going on interest and. Do not science isn't on there but here's what they and they've got burlap and Mason jars. And Mason jar has trailed cover Srebrenica called don't trust. Bridal shower. And yes I bought the stuff and a farcical take place let you want a shot no. Anyway they wrapped it and birth. Still Q it's this it's a good pictures that came out. And presents entanglement why why why would you take a picture you put her FaceBook page. So certainly that was so Q mark do you buys Merle I just showed you up. Well I am gonna get wrapper by Terrmel that would be sure. Oh yeah. Being dad yeah. Aim would grind you pop up. That reminding you the floor. The way he's still in need. Go with the hot costumes or women this Halloween in ascending order we'll go from ten the number 110 place mermaids send I don't know you know which version of these of the sexy version. Mermaids are sexy text unicorn stance need to kill twenty Angie just tape of them birthday pattern your head if it's a good measure their foreign contacts and he agreed on your age before death penalty the last few yards and 1 unit morning it alone it's my birthday. You just say somebody who is trying to get everything together and they just take their kids you think yeah you have to go to the trouble making a horse costume are and I think. Lot of war and especially for your kid just just blew up a birthday hat onto his forehead. Six colors on their face and just remember to make an appointment DR to get an offer them. I mean just hope he's Mormon big decent news fine. The hippies on the eighth most popular eighties for women let's have fun unknown here how. Am planning for months get linkletter is a bell bottoms and castles terror because our hands. Your brain oh this C game fiasco that got a Julie and Harry yeah. Each I Wear a sign that says make loans now start out our I saw why it is not just just make love this yeah. Don't pro war so she doesn't want that part on their power. I now since have you drawn. Actually don't you know and that's what you should as thorough in his you're just Wear a sign says make war. It is not love. Current seventh most of us and always get into the movies you know the movie flop this year and customs apparently are popular Baywatch babes. One piece is there in Kansas and I want to use any excuse it seemed not Wear clothes outlets. I'll gain of drones characters or six most popular Harry on the season gobbling the national. Girl Maryann writes the German area star Gary and she did yes okay batter I can show. My Halloween party a minority you all know the girl runs dragons have no idea is pretty consistent bouquets only pretty your address the dire. It doesn't Wear and loan just for the record it's all you brought you're fat and ugly so caught. Some house is certainly very scantily clad good band and especially if you're fat non we don't dress like until you want is ill. What people think yeah and just know just know you're fat you're breaking that dragon's back. One of the biggest movies of the year in a surprise here so we'll have a lot of broad dressed as Wonderwall. Another reason just to be sexy yeah. It is plus he's huge right now. And this is the odd 14 most popular costume this year for women if you believed interest giraffes. For whatever reasons are. Alone giraffes makeup and costumes are up 121008%. To finalize this time last year remember April drafts. Lol yeah but live birth you're Ali all the people who are watching the bill. The days after the birth I was there are all unpaid interest. Waiting is good for them a woman they have to go as a draft giving birth. That's going to be a tough guy. It's the yeah I mean at liberty Gilligan giraffe bodyguard did draft mortgages by elitist and Joseph brown and and just put a hand how home that bottom and a. Eileen could you got to commit to what I wanna carcass hanging out. Your friends connected to you and now I mean I wanna carcass probably did happen. And as that's really and I didn't mean Andy's getting harassed Kirk and you're just. You're gonna have to find another animal like go play a bigger whatever it is a gray paint it well. First of all you gotta put in the Iraq and extend its neck. The first thing and you can't spray come in and Dan are you the only new. Kylie is pig's feet police fairway I don't get Arizona opinion he's what every it's all. You are. You remember yes it's that it didn't got to look like he's been a fresh mourns the dangling out of here who's. It's perfectly yeah Halloween is supposed to be this is the one time a year you should be disturbing my people step your game substance sexy it is. No I could she. Those are here's the top three for women following Boston's this year Belle from Beauty and the Beast or name that was. This year and I came out early as you get a real life version right a deadly shooting happened seven years ago I don't remember. Vote today in Iraq. I'm an idiot is near constant at this year. And so are talking about your panel and. I among us and so lucky fast. So why not marry have. And kind of building from the past year but my my gay friends Joshua is like a media. Kind of sore Halloween. We told you that I can't be barred two years in a row by some stranger on stranger things back however. This outfit that I is so Barbie was only in my two scenes for a stranger lying bar and I have. This outfit last year there were was when she was talking in the halls and schools. But it. This outfit that I have been building is the one with the pink sweater when she got killed the son of the when she went in the pool party. It's actually that I can be heard two years owner Roman and tell me I'm like yeah. Well I sent wholly different out thing even though it's the same characters especially that should be allowed. It should be allowed brand. I see the lazy. I. Only. Aren't isn't cutting back in the second season hit a damn she's she's gone she's she's done. No more I know the money you make is for card when this season's new do we know that when he sent a dumb October yeah. Pool C so at four days after it comes out you're going to be dressed like said he was not even. I ended and I really just trying to. I chilly it's not crazy because I had to piece together a whole different costumes. And this year I'm not gonna dye my hair red Blake barred I was just any thought I was gonna get a wig instead. So I Al all prewar he wasn't lazy it was a waste of time because it's the second time you learn. To maybe the other girl most of them no no I beat that other girl she's like in Iraq so I. Well well. Sun it is so them my. Other shot because they did says on the fence my other thought is to be Rihanna guitars from game referee Alan sues them big and. I'm biking lady well I don't know missile that your decision at all but the number two the second day. Lot of costume for women this year will be stranger things characters so yeah see in the eye so it's acceptable we also be blended thin air. My little sign that says justice for bark the most exciting thing though is the number one costume for women if you believed interest this year will be. Betty why. Anyone in. You know the ideologues who knows he's everywhere immunity. And I'm gonna bring planning excited beyond the car. Glad we didn't know trigger shooters in the. I was gonna numbers saying that now I'm glad because you know what if we weren't a neighborhood you come to my door you're not getting any candy if you're that it thingy isn't that lovely and. Yeah until an eight year old on. Anatomy you're all your noggin but why are you really can't do 26 year old becomes your Dora there. All right I'll. Man who triggered trying to and in some of them go to. I've seen a Jersey contains dressed up like that the team it always would come attendant nice mail and you taste for a variety in results. Nobody ages thirteen and there's no but candy for you from Williams. India's long is actually during yeah you do get here a couple of softy yeah. And we know that all ages love how lonely yeah you just. And you put it on Google bit you can love Halloween if you want I think you're an idiot. Stricker sure is an adult I just wrong. Not tire around handy by your own and can do your kids and you're also dressed up. Yeah they get here and it NF the only thing I love that has a. Any other banks. And about father's words mine and he did Toews to right front of his own kids. Golf fans that he can't get any parallels when the pressure. Go to the door and end all you know I know are I'm going to the North Face people I think I've made that. We put the pressure cooker right now is trivia game we played every single day although we don't get a winner every single let me share down its trivia people the other know what or you don't get down by writing thirty seconds you get that you get a pair of tickets to the aftershocks Esther looks. Tickets for a tube that Sunday October 22 discovery park in Sacramento California featuring Ozzy Osbourne full. Air dams punch Marilyn Manson suicidal tendencies and more. None of which matters unless your caller eighteen right now you got Smart phone numbers toll free 88899911. Dollar eighteen plays the pressure.