Paper or plastic - Anita from North Sacramento

Wednesday, May 31st

Paper or Plastic - Anita from North Sacramento


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Aimed at. So. I'm so excited that I mean you get to play which name on autumn or autumn nice name of love and a chaotic be ready I'm ready big decision. Paper. Or plastic. Why are you plastic you want me to open plastic first or paper. Or you're locked her bucket roll with paper the one you didn't connect. A crap. Hermetically sealed envelope. Had you chosen neighbor which you didn't. You would want the grand sum of two dollars and 76 cents. Okay I'm I'm really out of this is looking good on them it is and I only go the way you did choose plastic. Bieber courses cash plus because your garden. And even you or your card you'll find Osama. Again out here. 276. Dollars and 76 under. Colin nice. Guy so my guy. A oh you go to a fancy restaurant with that much money. I would I don't wanna maybe make a car payment somewhere along those lines. Our congratulations. Thank you that you're quite welcome thanks in the rose to undo your next chance for paper plastic coming up.