Paper or Plastic - Gerald from Sacramento

Tuesday, May 23rd

Paper or Plastic - Gerald


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Hey thanks again to rose one day let's play which should anybody Gerald little less hey Joseph Lowery today pretty good tonight so I'll do right now what do you do you work him. Now that you know. Sit on your cluttered home yet. Wait to win some money in your calorie team. Are some all right Jerrold big decision for you and you sit around a nearby home. Waiting to win some money is going to be paper or plastic. Plastic it is you'll real open plastic first or paper. OK let's go right to your prides. It's very nicely got to add that sealed envelope. It's still these up like it's and their nuclear codes. But impacted your men they stapled shut. You know major help you pick plastic and you win 525. Dollars. There are. High on drama thank you now let's see what's in paper Lesotho didn't win. Did you almost pick paper. Now up yet plastic all the way OK had you chosen paper you would want a dollar and 37 cents. Asks yeah you chose wisely my frank congratulations. Thank you. There you go paper plastic brought you by rose Monday take you so much next round comes up. At 415 sharp to new Mikey all right are quite.