Paper or Plastic - Haj from Sacramento

Thursday, May 18th

Paper or Plastic - Haj from Sacramento

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All right here we go again paper plastic thanks again to Roseville Hyundai good morning what's you have occurred since your issue are all right. You believe we do it felt like god is good for the crew. What should amend her but it or you heard over par Hodge. Podge what's at WW working hanging out we. I think if you do our rooms you're. Brooke he wrote that there you know several old school dealt with that religion or double Arctic in particular secret rocket out that the volunteers are read out but if you're a. You're not race going old school and the equipment all right. We're going government step is that. Let's step back to quake centered on death. All right let's go paper plastic dodge. Are horrible. For their last negatives. Are up to see which UN. Last stick. Oh opening up the hermetically sealed envelope for the for the car. What will Hodge you've just won eleven dollars. And cents or older. There are a little. Not so our brother let's Suu Kyi won one had chosen paper were so. Looks like you'll be buying any new stereo equipment. Repair but. Is accused chosen paper you would want well 99 dollars and 99 cents or not actually a whole pot or. Yeah I know you have that he's he's a vital part. Occurred either like a dog to myself you know. Drive around a park where he got eleven dollars and eleven cents but it takes a playoff wrote I urge you bet but I appreciate you listen thanks into our friends of rose Monday.