Paper or Plastic - Travis from Reno

Friday, June 9th

Paper or Plastic - Travis from Reno

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Let's play paper or plastic for the final time farmer friends are Roseville Hyundai dollar 18 is Travis good morning Travis. Maureen. Good man although last hour of duke would take plastic he would 1688. Bucks but all those paper he had six dollars and eighty cents. And he was very excited to be heading to chiefly to spend it on some things up Travis all you need to do is I can open your. Open your other two envelopes and find out if you chose wisely is tell me paper or plastic. I don't know what a lucky paper that the. Yeah I'm eating right. You chose lucky paper come on let it be lucky to have you Jose plastic. You would have won 700 I. OJ EA. End slides and saint class I. Thrown a curveball SA please baby Jesus you chose paper. You get one dollar and eighty cents. Ebola a long time series. Am happy he was in the room. All third and eight is now. And eighty cent and let's not oh yeah.