Parents are Throwing Period Parties for their Daughters

Tuesday, July 17th


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Back to rub anybody and don't show on 98 rock. They TR XQ doesn't mention. Listening to the raw. Am I and dawn show. Called him any time at either 9899 the eleven or listen on line at red radio dot com. Tomorrow we come in on this and another enemy another wanted to ask a couple things for a girl gave good morning. Good morning radio doesn't seriously as some clarification on our we know assets trust sassy intelligence. Already mad that he didn't get my attitude and like a teenager. Why also I I didn't I didn't expect him to get mad I would like to. That's that's that you fit in and that doesn't get anywhere and that's not that's not presidential all that extra. Bomb yeah and and and I don't like outside of my I think it's disgusting I agree that that never use that word that we played. I'm not mad that he bash the intelligence the intelligence of the United States of America. The intelligence sources at have been truly wrong many times a flow of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So I understand that it's just doing it in a foreign country standing next to a foreign leader as they say it is unprecedented. And unheard of at which is Donald Trump. I just wanna know he's doing it for the right reasons. And and Intel I know that I won't come to a final judgment to speak there and I'm mad about anything I really don't care. I'm I'm I'm an observer of all of us play. Granted if I say edu the following sends how do you react as you know the sun rises in the east and sets in the past. Done. Betsy you agree with my assertion. Did my phrasing bother you know but. I fact this this is this is just a quick little nugget here. It's not it's not bid that the whole basis of the segment as funny quick little warning to I tell you have been tell you for a decade. When it comes to political correctness her look to Europe. Because whatever they are doing we will be doing a year or five years down the road date they are there are more of their money Manson civil laws or not. It was more of these constant in tune with its a snowflakes they have tee time so here is the latest this just just a quick thing and we get toward discussion bash. The university in Somerset England. As decided that the words as they college there's a college. Whom the phrase as you know has been banned from all classrooms. Alone really. I am. I mean if you know why ass. Let's deserts and implies you have prior knowledge to it and if you don't hear in any it makes you feel bad now Zachary got. The idea behind the controversial ban is that it makes students feel inadequate insipid. If they don't actually know what the professor is talking about. Are seen as you know leads to self doubt and makes things difficult question. This is just a one of those figures of speech there it's kind of one of those things it yes it is common knowledge to most people. And if you don't know what you should know that he and as you know it's just sort of give but I do know that should make you feel bad I do feel bad mojo that's OK so you may get something less. Mundane like the sun rising in the this those least in setting in the west Jimmy is on you're having a conversation granny you Mac guys so of course here in the sports and I say well as you know we're and then not Tom Brady as the more you were Mori a name and a match. What do you don't know that doesn't that make you feel like less of a man and don't don't you go oh my god I should know this I'm we're gonna talk about something that I should know when I don't know what I'm gonna tower. Yes I or if I were a. Little wind nude all I would probably feel how I don't know much sports knowledge so I'm not gonna fit in with the bullies but I if I were told a sports fact that I had no knowledge and go oh that's interesting I yeah I I am I found myself when somebody says as you know when I didn't notice I didn't actually I mean it's amazing I don't I don't crumble into into a pillar of salt and if you say well I didn't know that that's interesting I'm glad I do now is it confuses a situation and it gives your power and apparently were wrong. I love how instead of like teaching all of us how to be stronger. With words worst hurtful Morris needs and and what we're supposed to do is learn how to be stronger. We're just catering to the weakness as you know it's like just content is as yet. To highlight what some causes as you know I feel like we did it I don't know. But I've chosen to feel like an idiot that they weren't saying it to make me feel like an idiot. There's a total diversity in sunny looking though you know 88 didn't you know picks up. As opposed to as you know there's talk even in the case of somebody saying you hate he did you know this course or jerky shouldn't talk to people that way. But I still then the I still choose not gonna let their words affect me. Which of course brings it back to why we make these changes you just described personal responsibility when don't have that anymore so this this is going to seem like an odd segue but it really isn't because. They they they in what we're discussing is about making people feel good and which is what we do wanna do that for the right reason right we want to make people feel good for the right reasons. Not over here now now now now you're if you're gonna scratch your head when I start with this but just bear with me. On and and especially the male listeners and our audience viewer don't don't tune out because of the subject I wanna talk for just a moment. About. A woman's time of the month. But look look look look look look look at. And specifically. Because I'm not a woman. I don't have children I don't like children ever gonna have children ill. I I understand. From what I've heard that the first time that things shows up. Can be. Is it confusing is it scary is it's. Well it depends if there's an old 88 bits in there as it that would be different for everyone it depends if your family is even talk to you about it. It depends if you heard had been exposed to that that's something that occurs to me if you're a girl who's never had your mother father anyone in your family. Talked to you about this. I would imagine they'd be a little scary that you go to a restaurant and you're like what the hell is sure okay that would be. But even when you know that this is the thing that's got to come you've heard for the living your family and they've got a scratch a little bit for it and all of that. It's still light. All you know it's still not it was I was at just over thirteen. There's just kind of you gotta know when they talk to you that I got their own right now I would do and I think guys like ten do you want to comment I knew when you're saying that girl's guide. Especially I have older sisters. And when they start they'd like to meet. It's like baby came to acquire baby is so weird like out of nowhere. I change. Now you know how men feel like the one week every month I. So let's explain to me that that this is this is what's gonna give us what you want it there explaining to nearly two I have to habit you know I mean I. It's every girl reacts differently but it's like it's inevitable that you'll get it doesn't does sound like I'm. Man you OK it's here in my hand it's in my attempt Ed to be empathetic. I don't know if this lands in the brain and but it seems to me that if I was there have been ten years older. And I was told that I'm gonna start believing them. And there's nothing great about the way it's described I would probably not be happy I would be pretty scared of what was coming charity if not I I was scared of puberty I mean when when just in just is a bowl a going through those chains like don't normally get pimples and hairs and things are gonna be Shayne Lamas dean came. Don't you skin. You when your kids and so I think cancels service for one of my one wave might shiny moons as a child of my father's was. Is guy's kids or boys for those you don't know like it's another thing he's a starting image of one minute. And never. And sell depending on how. Appropriate or inappropriate and we grow up in her Howell how open in you are. You may or may not just play was bitten do you know in front of your parents are some I forget what the situation was I was a ballot. I had to be like eleven ish maybe twelve men and my dad and I we screwed on all the time we had tickle fights and and everything. And he said something and see ideas being young and stupid. I had I think at shorts on us olympians on an and I just pulled them down they start like twirling MySpace and likes. I've been away from home of John and I remember what I was saying that is look up it knows my version then of socket but I didn't know that Santa. And he and he is looked cities that what you get some hair on that brings on. Like. A very. This or whatever I was doing drugs so yeah I believe we just are that has managed only imagine how bad it can be for. And help further niece is in our family of feel bad for I Vista and I happen to us we're gonna bumpers. That look. Let's just fix it but it didn't even sisters and laws where anyone can beat the other girls about their period it's like news if like. And they're like wow why you ought to talk. I. Did it again she accidentally let me get right where I want to go so what about. And reminding three movies. This stigma. This is not brand new but did this has been talked about heard about before couple celebrities and said they had this done but now this the thing it's a growing trend. Across America. Parents. Are throwing period parties now for their teenage daughter. We let me tell you about I would. I have won it at period party what are you kidding me doing any nieces and they had their Perry did not want us talking about it aren't having that highlighted so that's what that's the idea here remove the stigma. This did it's just something he can hit it it's a fact of life yeah it happens it's gonna happen every month we don't need it gosh in party. Is this this this is this invasive as an invasion of privacy thing is your town in the world Serbs do. It many young girls often feel apprehensive about getting their monthly visitor for the first time. So for parents period parties are about making the occasion something to celebrate. Rather than fear. And it includes inviting other women who party gotten there isn't and friends and includes party Fave bursts. Like packs of tampons. Sanitary towels and uterus shaped cake. It's wild this man. There was there might be a lot of work involved and then putting together a party and getting old is he inviting everybody couldn't get all his little packages. How I feel like it's only easy way of going about it because it's such a personal issue for kids. Growing up there I feel like you should be between them and the parents are Dan and whoever what family members siblings whatever the minor party gone through it. And I think it's it's just one of those things he's got to keep more. I don't know it's an intimate thing he you don't need to throw a party over I understand like removing the state nine in making it kind of fun. No kid is really gonna wanna do this survey phone numbers 8889899. To eleven iRows. I get pregnant I thought they want something and that out eventually got it up that's. As my personal experience I have an older sister and I'm excited for my gates. Because they would make in Iran and and they'll and I got my I was happy about it. Sure and I think you're knowledge that's rare you're in the minority that would driving great I guess of all girls felt that way. But is this in this like forcing that on none not even. And hundreds of news or worse than just like so surprised brightness and I don't know why I'm surprised by this. Eight it was there shouldn't be a stigma. There shouldn't be an embarrassment about it men need to get over it girls to get out what are whenever this happens it's a normal thing. Does it you deal with it. But there's I'm sorry there's nothing fun about your. It's it's painful for most it's a nuisance that gets in the way I mean there's that it should be celebrated in the sense of yes you're a woman now in the and this could leads you know that you couldn't get pregnant in this all the cycles that women go through whatever that it is a beautiful wonderful. They don't wanna down play. You know I'd be in a woman and all the things that come along with that but. I just like why is it's just this whole thing of you don't need a party to feel good about doesn't have. Have to be ivory and these encouraging use like awful for most and because when you were describing everything we will but we have these divorce parties now. Which is celebrating something that's a horrible awful process in theory it is still horrible awful thing. It yes my second well you jump. City saying you don't we president yet but let me tell you something that. That France I'd had that gone through a divorce there's a timeframe they don't wanna party I. I. It's set point at which they're over it and they're happy they breached the other side that there are fine with going out we don't have a party they're going out. To celebrate a new light that's gonna start for them they want the party in the heyday of the pain. Jerry in party's focus on educating young girls about it teaching them the lessons they may not receive and sex Ed classes in school. It's intended to be an open space where girls can discuss starting their period ask questions. Debunks any miss they have heard by you can't get pregnant when you're on your period number and you see you it was at all Kamal what's kids gonna want to say. I eight. Yeah and you also said this is on as little more in senator or private every now I think it's something that individuals saying in this day and age I wonder is this part of we live our lives out their social media transparency. To last year twelve year old Brooke leave from Florida. Was given a chocolate cake decorated with red icing. As well as a pizza pads and tampons that the advocates say congrats on your period. Her mom Shelley revealed she organized the event after Brooke had confessed she was quote marina. About starting her periods and I wanted to make this event. A little more fun and of course leaves seventeen year old cousin autumn Jenkins shared images of the event on Tweeter. And that's how it went viral when national now more and more people are finding now. Bit more and more people are doing this phone numbers 88899911. Hi Ali. Hi I'm calling in this I totally understand. Early eighties I went to eight years old got my entry of the church time and my whole family's women. So I got congratulation cards to congratulations. K you're officially a woman and an eight years old it was more trying. So he's so how would you wouldn't think you would then project then a party. I would be equally as more foreign or would be better. Oh absolutely especially at eight years old I didn't want my. Friends and everybody around them in good enough thank grandma Manhattan mall. Yeah exactly I. Look big to me it's like. You're gonna be horrified that all these normal things it was just say that you feel and so that is the job of the women and and you liked it if you don't go along with you on that journey of that this is normal and it's okay it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I guess this is to meet this would have to be so individual based. I mean their babies some girls that love this ending this is the greatest idea ever and they want it. Bet I bet they're happy it happened did she got to know your kid. Defeat is big it is still horrified your kid or this is coming your kid I would love but I don't think it's overall something that every girl's gonna want this is a thing now. Won't get in the way we work a couple thoughts from my first of all mean it is a party so I mean how far do we take this in terms of assessing and of course more and more over the top right predecessor's charge attorney and the limos and all sorts of courage. Big deposits usually sets onions and you mentioned yeah that's got to be that that the younger version this week the Sunday this will be Americas can Siena the period party right. Now and dominance in the men now what is this like the original bridal shower is where it was only women but now men have forced the way in the baby showers and some are Mandan. So don't period party man known me I am not wants to go to a baby shower but but they do now it is so so do Clinton or arm and invite later should they be invited and doesn't that make it work you wanna go granny I'm. I don't wanna go but insists hard kids in there are there periods than their colleague and then have the boy is they're gonna wanna be involved for some reason I don't know I wouldn't. State law. Would you yeah. I know it's not like the equivalent of trying to think what did that but let's just say this the first time your parents buried among catches you. Do you want party for that. It's official in Iceland is do we know. Call it a heart he. Well god. Would you do this the normal things that boys are gonna do. You part about. So so yeah yeah the male equivalent right Brandon would be a wet dream Martin value that would be what we have to have a I'm. Funds for adult phenomenal as a kid and traumatized and then how many voters ironic called twelve giant asked that she even okay sorry morning. I mean I NG that. Fact that the what's up. I'm black I'm deporting at bay I mean I grew up at the time of are you there god it's me Margaret and you're like. Really aware of the hour period but I'm just. I don't think we should celebrate like it's a complete and you know. I'll let I was area it picked acknowledge it but it's celebrated the inexpensive. Tell us toll so that's a day and age we live in now there needs to be a label for everything a party for everything anyway in which we can always make you feel good and great. And so that's a good this girl has this party is supposed to be this amazing thing. And the following months she's. Cramping an awful she's a terrible lewd and now she's feeling guilty could isn't she supposed to be happy she's having your theory is this mostly part time. Say I also I appreciate the premise of the of the argument that China was making it because I've been railing for decades about a celebrating mundane things and I of course I get ridiculed and told that I mean an awful. But it but the woman comes in my mind right now are these stupid. I mean we've gone from the ridiculous to the insert eighth grade graduation sixth grade graduation. Here I hate to grade degree and good luck getting that job for God's sakes I talk of the hour let's give your chancellor. Right now that's what they give you a keyword text it to 70881. For your chance of a thousand bucks always Brussels by our good friends at Roseville pundits. And your word this hour is silver. So far still hurt her school. No not turquoise silver billion text the word is still hurts our crisis circle is observers just so people are clear. Yeah or is still vs my favorite SI LO VER. Takes the words over 788100. Chance that a thousand. And gone. The ride. On the show.