Friday, July 20th


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Podcasts plug Gibson's next game. She's on Fridays he's due in Lara they do have Liberia battled chloride Miller radio people to live parity battles nowhere and only here on that damn show. And the score is six to five Ian to delete lastly gives timed out. And Lara levees you're gonna go first. People that the vote the damage got to vote. FaceBook or what they wanted to go is pat or Vincent moon and pat got the majority of the votes which of course if he kind of knew it was gonna have got here thirty years is that he's famous pat Aston Martin's right. So Larry yeah do both Viet rights have been related to patent so we're gonna hear these album nobody's gonna have a chance to vote are you ready. All of the need I can actually turn out. I'm not ready to my microphone is not forget we don't need that might very often yes is about pat and how Brady is and condiments is his thirtieth anniversary. They miss things back key bit of and now. Down love thirty I had. He knows CN. May give America even in in July and I. When the timing is blowing then he should have known and he's passing down to golf then generations. But I'm not kids have a show that's basically correct. Competition being brutally. It's not even fair. Today an anniversary. Thirty years then that. And then Martin yet you know. T shirt come oh. And her black kids. Hello this. Eight and take notice he gets. I'm from her. Think some are he does it procrastinate. And heroes are born with high dexterity. And they end Jason knows how they shaved. I don't know why he would ever trust us we're obnoxious and really. We'll ask his class. Dammit they're rocking upset. Growing up party that dude he's got him back. Bad at Denmark and if you go on that this certain pummel. Okay that is yours and your battle torn shirt you are you ready now. Yes I had some complaints but nobody cares now. You right. Is music. Loves. Team here. Doesn't know does not and JRX. He's a good. Thirty years. And I. Feel for you. Cats you. When you me desires. I'm so taken news by. All right decorating you have a choice shuttle bay it was it Lara or EA you can vote two ways by phone 7665009167665000. Or he can vote by tech 62515. Do it quickly on the other side we will give you the results. All right tell pads and material fact I got a cure it what did you think. I'll lock I'm humbled and honored they were great bull slump or great. So you don't have a let's go winner I kid you not they're great they're both do it then we'll Sacramento beg to differ in my head overwhelmingly. I don't know the stats you know the stats but I can just glad to the text and should leaning one way or the other night it's ninety's and Lamar say about 93%. Ian while Tennessee and yeah he got it in his lead in the library that is seven to Kyle. Another goes down next Friday in the 5 o'clock hour right here.