Pat Martin Saves the (Green) Day

Friday, August 4th


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Noises Rachel yeah rich don't pay Martin in 98 rock what's happened and I you reach out to us on FaceBook. Yes I did IE they. Just hoping it can Spain and other nightmare for us. Looks like you'll have a little trouble with Green Day take its what you what you give me a back story what happens. Well yeah and dipping as I actually for once in my life gutter really nice. Factory fun this year and. I decided because my daughter are entitled to. Big three days there's even a little because I played explorer which is little in case you wanted to see him so I bought tickets for all of us and a couple of her friends which no big deal and it ended up being like 12100 dollars for the tickets. While I pat how many tickets. I'd buy a ticket and they were forced that they were cute several places and foreign each. And they said it any different take on them and never got any light can. The numbers are anything out of quantum when I bought him and I bottom there's and that when I called and had to tell them what happened to ask if I could give reprinted because they and their hard copy. These they fled the only thing they could do what's called the first saying the people who dealt fold until as stick to spirit that had they ask them to get there reprint. Where did you didn't explain what happened to the tickets you you said you bought eight tickets for you never said what happened to the tickets. Are they learned in the end they think that they came in temple that they came in in the mail and that we had a mean once I'm in our rail can believe live. Live with that very unhappy person I guess he can tell you can say in Italy we think. But 99% sure that they got thrown away. By a Stanley Miller. Why would they do that why would they like tearing your tickets. Can be mean it's it's not ongoing issue pairing did get. Loot 99% sure that that's what happened I. Torn up everywhere looking for people seeking me OK benefit of the doubt maybe they got there I looked everywhere. Now while so you have a family member your 99% sure that somebody got rid of these tickets just to be vindictive and spiteful. Wow that's crazy yeah. So you're you're kids are devastated. My kids had been pretty upset especially. My older flying and you. Has it been like I greedy fan forever and you. She fifty you'll see very musically talented and sheets he didn't win as far as learning 21 gun the iron ticket tickets are. Which he sang and played at the same time in the act like your talent competition in our council and the one. You'll pull it. It ill will listen now Rachel in ninety Iraq being California's rock stations we sympathize with you may couple phone calls and we were able to come up with six tickets for. All right are you hearing yes. Oh yeah. Oh my god but you have no idea how happy I am. They Dugard can be good I can't I'll make you know much. I don't like. And making it. Oh my god you have no idea I don't try to slow heartbeat you people can get back and we couldn't do it whom nobody can help. Well nobody but no idea Iraq core so why we're glad. They know my current Levy guys so much. All right enjoy the show I'm glad we're old LP on this this troubled time. So enjoy the show. I'm in the current. Do it so much.