People are Becoming Addicted to 'Fortnite' part 1

Thursday, June 21st


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Anybody until I'm 98 wrong. Obviously that he sounded pretty dodgy. Ari do you ran radio dot. Your email address is. I'm Jessie Mae. I don't know where Jessie was abandoned. Lanier she writes in and says I'm sure you've said something about this news we have many homes. Since I need to plan my summer wind is yours summer break. Please this is that we're. Tomorrow's our last day in and your honor and you wall's summer vacation for. Well we back after the a fourth of July so you better find something really quick so you think it. Bomb update we go back to our resident expert Obama all things nerdy and gaining Brandon says that are not a sweet I know that the overwhelming majority of people know what when I'm about to ask you describe especially if their parents or more earth they were actually playing the game live for us on what do you agree refresh people's there what is for much. Fort night is. This hot new game was basically like and a battle Royale where your your pitted against a bunch of other people friends and whoever you connect with online. And it's it's a death match quote unquote and it's almost like really cartoon mean you do you gather things as you go along in the game. And as the the round progresses. They deem the the actual. Arena which are playing in. It's smaller and smaller and the more people you quote unquote killed is not as like you're you're killing them you're eliminating them clung to guns or like. Batter out paint guns or your your hitting them with certain objects are necessarily like emulating guns. And so you're gathering dings in the the last person standing wins BC. When you are you are actually I'm Gregory if I'm wrong you are actually playing against 99 other people. Seen on her I haven't played the game enough to know exactly how many people but I know a day is like a big death match battle Royale against a bunch of people sort of right came up with that number because I don't know anything about we're talking about it in this story says each gain more match. As each competition is known starts with a hundred players so why is it because you Iggy is in other words. My my knowledge of video games goes back to Atari and Nintendo and maybe Grand Theft Auto was last time I played. I can play those games by myself and my understanding is with fort night. You're you're logging on your plane against other people or with other B yeah you basically in the network so here you're logging into the game and then whoever else's is playing in a match she's enjoying that in a match together anytime announces Charles started the same time that's why a lot of people compared to Hunger Games like a video game version of the Hunger Games last person standing. Is is the. That is the what's the difference between this and the a lot of our nephews and nieces actually. Pearl wild have been playing other games where I'm like who are you talking to. And they've got a headset on there talking to someone else across the country that their plane went does this kind of like the same thing. Yeah you can communicate with other people on the games a lot of these online games have that feature you really don't necessarily you could have the same console you can be. Friends with people and you can just toxin that Michael basically like a voice messenger so it's kind of like built in all the games now. Now back to the popularity of four night it hit a 125 million players worldwide just a year after it was first released. Forty million people are estimated to play it month leave the popularity has partly been fueled by its availability for free on Smartphones. As well as on traditional home video game console making it popular among teenage gamers. As well as seasoned players that is like a way you can I guess pay Wright is free but then there's another level where you start spending money. I just like any of these other teams of these these other apps you can keep getting more gluten more stuff so that you can like he can start out with with more. And then take advantage is any other players they just play for free. Merit not a new topic but a new twist on this we we I got the ire of a few people. Last week the majority of people seems to agree with our. Our point of view but there were some people were quite upset over us discussing an entirely different subject drug use. And pointing out that addiction whether it's drug use alcoholism. Gambling things like that. Ultimately there's a choice involved you choose. To start the process. And and and while you may in the case of say opiates which is the big thing now become physically dependent. On them. You chose to start doctors didn't force them down years are I mean I guess in a rare case you get my car accidentally hooked you on morphine and and they send home with more pills which. You choose to take to stay out of pain. And then there's another level to the choice part of at some point you choose and not get off of them my I would I'd I was there have been chemically dependent on opiates after my at my back surgery. Getting off that was one of the worst experiences of my life it was two weeks of absolute hell but that came out of the idea that is addiction. A disease though which many people claiming faxed the V. Not only the American Medical Association but every medical association the world. Says the opposite of dawn on and all of us. Yes it is a disease so what do we we discussed that full and a lot of a lot of former addicts recovering addicts. Call then wrote and said you guys are right I mean when I was addicted I was sad it was a disease but it's actually a choice with that said. Of course this is the part that's not true gaming. Playing video games much like gambling and other things. Is it an addiction it can it be as opposed remember that there's a great addiction and compulsion. A compulsion is something that you keep choosing to do over and over and over again. And addiction means you can you're powerless over it you can't stop like the opiate your chemically. Depending on an album somewhere in there may be can stop or any healthier but that's that's that's it. Now Brandon I know you play occasionally I do not I not nearly enough and I I haven't played in years but I do remember I do remember being in a bit. A teenager. Late teens early twenties. I would stay up all night playing games so all I mean they they appropriate. Sure it is something they resent about the wins in making games announcing new because they they make them so. Big console. All along I'm talking about games I promise. Hey there actually there is no end to make you can play them for literally 810 hours at a time and may feel justice may just progress. In in your campaign or never and I debts into one of the main reasons why can't play video games any marked as I don't have the time to sacrifice. To sit down and make progress in the game it. It requires so many hours along like back when I was playing more often where you might reach the end of a video baseball game and then you have to decide to start a new one this just goes on yeah. And on you and on and there's the huge distance. Here's right comes you. I really don't have a problem with the words addiction and compulsion. I really don't because we can't get it obviously addicted to things and be over. Compulsive about things we use they get the word disease that's only have a problem because to me you're given a person and now. And I notice we're discussing here were discussing is we we're gonna okay. So what did with what's an addiction I still don't look like you're given somebody down because of course you get addicted to something big ear body becomes the pet pet. Chemically dependent upon it which therefore you get addicted to you keep doing it and doing. So you then have to to reverse that and and get away from it and go do whatever it is sugar oh my god I. Sugar is addictive you kidding chemical make up this jump that it does to your brain and all of that you can get off sugar though. You've got to go through this I'm hopeful mood swings goal is other kind of garbage so I can absolutely see. Powell videogames can mess with someone's brain ivory I really can't I can just see how it can just Massa suffered a brain the and get you to where you have got some played so well when you wanna call it addiction are compulsion. But then you gotta wean yourself all you got like game got turned out I mean you can get away from it it's not like you can't that's like saying anyone who's ever been addicted to anything hasn't been able to get off a bit the last. Alls and that goes so the choice of an idea that's why I think it's a compulsion you can't be dependence on a video game you can unplug the video game it just takes that choice so I'm gonna do it again to questions are this and it. The then that chemical dependence part so people understand with opiates I think it's obvious with alcohol and it's obvious you get. You gave sugary and you get it to your body gets addicted to this foreign chemical that you're giving it now with gambling or in this case video games. The the that the claim and the science it behind it is. It's all of the chemicals they your brain releases you get it you get addicted to visit opening. On and the rush that you get it now that and where and so when would that science where I always kind of got. Lost in the addiction disease thing is wall then adrenaline junkies haven't disease because that's what they wanted they need the next hiding need to go on. And that's what we need to keep disease out of it. You know what we're not TB disease out but wellness I know we're not and that because we need to give people more excuses this is what you turn and show everybody needs a label and an. Not just a label but they need an excuse for their behavior does that mean they don't have to deal with their behavior. An addictions of choice. If you you started playing the game it continued playing again that's a choice is a choice to pick up the game no one's forcing you. To do that so. That they don't believe I heard these words into we've we've made some more of what they mean. So. Also with with with disease other than giving people label was that's important a lot of them and making them feel better hope it's not my fault it's the games just four nights fault yet on what I use and also a somewhere in one of your rants they're don't that you need to wean yourself off thugs like sugar or whatever well. What about people they can't. Is it is it okay that people might need help. That's not to get our global media oh my god people need help took the tit to get off of whatever food. It did it and keep you help all the time I was stuck let's find it. That doesn't mean it's a Disney he. But but but but but but. If it's a disease. And somebody needs help to get off of gambling or video games then they get all sorts of legal protections they get it they're there they're. They're job is protecting. I just don't even I can't even with that of the disease and disability that yes. That's why we turn all this garbage into that. Because we've do you wanna do believe easiest easiest thing it's it's disgusting and terrible poll numbers. 88999110. Justice. They are you know to say thank you. I. Like forgive my that anybody really cares if my defense but orbited in addition bank. I'm so me being 21. I played aids and a behavior Burma. And I thought I'd go to the big split between the playing video games up until you're eighteen year old woman after. After eighteen in this kind of long you. You know mainly going through. School and everything you know veteran middle of the art school it's kind of funny appeared delivery here. Always take Romo situation there and I know my parents and always complain. And swords. That you thought about it. That's another reason that it's a call of the disease because. Look it's the parents job to regulate everything that their child does that so when their child when they quote unquote can't get their child to stop playing video games. It's a hell of a lot easier to say oh my god he's got a disease he's become big business than it is to say I'm not doing a good job as a parent now the first salvo in this. Is that experts warn of an impending addiction crisis specific to fort night. As they warned the popularity of the game is turning into an international. Obsession. Many says psychologists have described patience or zest of the game played at thousands of times sometimes through the night. And even in the case of children becoming violent when their parents intervene so back to justice is quite exactly. You try you view is that father or mother you say OK that's say even play in the game for 45 minutes or four hours and they get violent oh my god what happened in my child how did he turn into the Tasmanian devil he's got a disease. He's become addicted because for Knight has roped him yeah. He's become addicted I'm with you on all that. You can insert anything there that we overdue and we become addicted to the we can't certainty that each of which choosing not to is what should be replaced with we're choosing not. To stop the behavior because it would be really really hard aren't with that they. Have a hard time and they needed to go in and and then keep playing keep playing. I haven't read enough on it but I know there's a lot and as you said science out there on how it does. I have altered your brain with all the chemicals and everything that it does why your claims so. I don't disagree with the bat but it's not ask him to the east look okay. Yeah you don't need really even understand the science common sense and make this make sense all of us have something. That make us euphoric. Effect that excite us we have either a hobby and activity. Of behaviors her for some people. It's work but there's a workaholic that was big back in the nineties because people just could not quote unquote stop for working sixteen hours a day god knows I was accused of that so many times. Solar dawn they're just plug people into they've been plug in stuff in the people's brains and remember them play video games and are oh my god look these opening levels are going up through the roof. And then that would mean everything is a disease everything isn't and they chat is stop hello there Terry good morning. Erupt try. I could slow a safe bet you've been done to logic. You are being used drugs is quite amusing to go to Africa. So result getting mosquito bites and catching malaria. Doesn't think the fact if I have been pretty good because Detroit got you there doesn't think the fact it's. Tiger this disease. So when you and but now a national cemetery. When you so when you go to Africa. You have to assume. Using your logic that you're going to get bitten by mosquitoes and get malaria. Because that assumption should be part of any logical. Adult human being when they start to take drugs. Does that feeling that we don't use and we don't use restarts you and expect that a regional restart because. Fairly or about twelve or thirteen years old released. Art yes it was called on that's what it. Does all the hold on. That's false that's false that is a full I don't know where you came up with the people who wind up in addiction. Don't start the actual addiction the average age of twelve and thirteen overwhelmingly that is a completely false statements aren't gonna throw that out. And assume you have no idea we are talking about you saw a headline on FaceBook or something but. Even with that you didn't answer my god damn question because you you go into any behavior. Stabbing your first drink which leaves alcoholism there's lots of people Weatherford drinking twelve they don't become alcohol so the forty. So it added it is stupid comment so your saying using your logic you go to Africa. You you know you're gonna get malaria because. And therefore everything is a disease. I yeah. Because of the disease cheesy yes definitely oh listen. I heard a person that just needs to find a way to make an excuse to call from his addiction a disease. And I say yes to him because I was agreeing that for me. Yes that is I started at twelve. There wasn't and I started because I had a dysfunctional childhood and I wanted to escape. I didn't start it dusty and disease stopping. It's already push that there are better people in my life at that time so I would have made better sure thing is that. But I chosen to do all that garbage drugs I did yeah. No one forced we did I become. Well addicted to some I'm sure I'll bit. But then I came off it had to do all that good to garbage I know I didn't suffer this much I don't like to have. I don't like to say why keep it down and dirty with the rest to view that had all full. I like Robert he describes it up OP it's nothing like that ever happened to me. But I mean this whole thing of it's a disease that's why we started no no waste all the stuff. Her a fur. The escaping that when you're talking about drugs because we can't deal with our life our our problems. And then tell we'd do we are. Are easily find advice we only advice to escape. Imports another way to put another way same thing but applying it to video games. We we get into them because there something missing. And the video games the excitement. Add to whatever is missing in our life like the rush of being an adrenaline junkies same thing I think the real. Ever up to us to make the changes it's always somebody else's problem or the diseases crop. And I and judging anyone. Pretty vice that they're choosing because they're not deal with our garbage I didn't didn't Dele my garbage for a million years. And there's probably still stuck I don't think so who knows you know things come up later that you real life so I'm not judging that. I'm judging when you turn around in college dean yeah your giving yourself an excuse. To not have to deal with gusty a light. If you can't call email sorry dear red radio dot promises from Jeff page that says I play a lot of video games it was my choice to buy the Xbox and play the games this is not a disease although their MacKenzie good morning. Well. And I hit it I had a very big big big big area. I don't think you didn't see it let it destroy it but it didn't look at all everybody around him. Sat locally but it in and and again so does being married to a workaholic. That takes a coal on everyone around you let's use the traditional example the man as a workaholic he has a wife and he has kids. The man gets up at 4 AM and he leaves the house because he's a workaholic to get to work he doesn't come home until 10 PM and he's been working the whole time. But Weis in this example is left band to. Run my house take care of the kids the kids don't even know their father their abandoned that takes a whole. Why is it a disease though because we are holding behind yeah. And more and more people are saying gaming is that disease could these. Standard safe and easy major organizations are calling it a disease and as we can hear many of you believe it is a disease as well phone numbers 888999. The eleventh we'll tell you about the first known person who has been placed into rehab. Four they are our addiction to fort night and the major organizations they're now calling it a disease. Why else. And gone. Iran. On the show.