People are Becoming Addicted to 'Fortnite' part 2. A 9 Yr Old is Sent to Rehab

Thursday, June 21st


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Go back to rub anybody until I'm 98 rock lines KK r.'s Q dot net. 89899. Mile. Hello John. Glad John. Yeah evidently. Showed today thank thank you sir I thought we can but luckily for you but. Well I was 21 lead throughout ask your question. But Peter wanted you probably ever bit addicted to. I alcohol or drugs drug are correct. Actually I am addicted alcohol right now and on was addicted to drugs. Okay. I didn't recovery now for about years to app. Hello my whole life would hold up now what does it matter. What what does it matter. If we didn't do something or not what am I right that doesn't make it a disease then if that's Ali. Oh years they get a load of I wanted to know ground work here because lol okay it's okay. Yeah walker remembers shoes before you didn't just. Somebody's let's not true at all to me. CNN's the dreaded disease by. CIC for example I don't need to be a rapists to judge her rapist on an out your phone's cutting now and end your me it's making you sound even more stupid than you are because you won't. Actually answer the point so wolves try to fill in for you on the that the main I think contention here. Is addiction fine. Disease. Is the key. I don't care we call everything and addiction I'd find ways that I find with people being addicted to. To work I'm with dawn compulsion and addiction whatever I thought that we are classifying. Everything now that we're addicted to. As a disease. And that comes with all sorts of excuses. Financial aid. Spent literally legal benefits and protections. And if we're going to protect everyone who is addicted to anything none of us are going to get anything done. Listen addiction. Is no laughing matter. And it's not an easy thing to rule that they had to stop. I whatever it is you're addicted to. I will give you that every day of the week. People that have been in recovery for thirty years it's not like those thirty years were amazing and easy to conquer. They still have their demons they sought to find a way to battle those demons without whatever their addiction is. Notice saying that none of that applies but is is we becomes a whole week as humans. That we don't wanna hear how hard it's going to be we want to be given another Alps. And an active if there's one thing an addict is far eat pork she is another out so that would leave. And back to. How do you even become. Addicted to something and back to a call we have the previous segment about kids and your talk and video games kids in video games cases arm of the most prone. To become obsessed with video games which a lot of people say then. Leads to the addiction part and that goes back to the caller that's the parent's job to regulate behavior. And watch things but remember the new twist on this is that parents go to the games that's what kids do and then suddenly. They're kids turning into Satan themselves. And the parents don't know what to do and it's against the video games fault specifically. For tonight for all the reasons we talked about before. Because this battle or Al game and goes on and on and on and on and now. A couple in the United Kingdom. Has placed their nine year old all right into rehab. To address our addiction to fort night because why it was a nice girl play this game she went as far as you freaking kidding me right now. She went as far too wet herself. Rather than walk away from the screen to use the bathroom now Brandon. Is it is it not appropriate are you saying the game itself for no kid at nine should play. Well I'm chooses there's absolutely videogames for nine year old but from the how do you all of explained it it doesn't sound like for a nine year old however would you would you agree Brandon I hear that I want that. And access to I don't have any idea it's so cartoon mean and and just kind of out there that it's not necessarily like a realistic call of duty type of game where you're actually more time seater type stuff where there's bullets and blood it's not so graphic. But it is a you know it is considered a battle Royale you're taking out other players so I would say. Yeah it's probably a little inappropriate for nine year olds but in today's standards this is this is like cartoons compared to what's out there. So here's the if you decide you have a very rich her nine year old that happens. Met wolf okay then why then my next question would be why is her nine year old played it for hours on end and what that start today just leave Vick did. I have the store the girls' parents bought her an Xbox want that in January. And she downloaded for night but by mid march. She was sort of blended. Two months later she was showing signs of addiction. Says the mother Carol we got called in by her head teacher asking if everything was okay issued fallen asleep twice in lessons. And her grades were slipping when we asked our daughter what the problem was she became on usually our humanity of an aggressive. Which at the time we just knew your were hormones and well. Well I am missing there's so much missing here because I sit and I think of the parents that I know. I I I I come from then obviously not our own personal experience. There's no way in hell my sister already with on her son. She and at. Instead of march isn't gonna happen without her knowing what's going on with the game he's played in between. How long she cuts it off you should take it out of the room doubly certain hours he can and cannot play I think there's monitoring going on. She she knows exactly between that time what's happening. It's not like they went from January to march and all. I don't score almost or cannot sorely weird what's goal will supplement so let's hurry so then these parents they don't even make the connection in March though after the game because they may just thought well she's nine and and and an eight kids they mature at different levels they they blame it on polishing just becoming you gotta side of the holy does that lazy parenting brand because he had. How do not identify these. Game has been the common denominator all these problems do you not realize it might be video games they're not going to be a dean's fault but your inability to take the game away and tell your daughter you need to turn his gay must you need to go to the bathroom the family also started noticing regular payments of 67. Dollars per month on their credit card. Which is the daughter said were from extras that she'd paid for on for tonight how to shared access to their credit card he only got to do is have it if it's your app on your phone is just tied to your Google account heard well might and I knew that I know that you can yeah using their parents' phone or their use and that their parents account. Number she's playing on Xbox want the same thing you would you tie it to any sort of payment like if there is they have like. You know streaming services or whatever they have their payments information RD log in there's so how do you still again had he not identify that. Is there not a way. To. Is it I know is there not a way to block that we can be able to do that because I literally. Or is it the reason. That's not been a complaint of the parents I know is because their children and their children know they get to grasp he picks. I think you separate trips Jersey. There's a parent parental guidance you know there's parental restriction you can put on things but if their parents like these parents are so lousy player now the whole thing. It's just gonna have it easily except that it accessible I question right so she's nine in your demeanor this Xbox. I mean did you should look into old. Did you look and everything that could or could not be a problems so that you can properly make sure you're monitoring your kids see your kid doesn't end up like other kids do and have those problems and a lot of parents do complain about it's hard to get their kids allegedly games it's a big battle it's a big fight global block I mean what you just you want okay are we finally can affordable just go get a free your ego lancet down blob in front of his seal later. So after they find the credit card charges the parents said they limited their daughters play time on the Xbox. 21 hour during school nights and two hours on weekends. But the seriousness of the situation was made apparent when her father found her sitting on the urine soaked cushion while playing the game. Says mother Carol I've found her backside was red raw she was so hooked to the game she wouldn't even go to the toilet and quote. When they confiscated the console the girl punched her father in the face. That incidents. And after admitting that she was secretly playing the game to remember they limited her. The incident getting punched in the face. And her admitting that she was secretly playing in the games. Throughout the night how to share access to rules that jays erupted ten residents time to just leave it. Copies of the works and it's its audience. If Xbox so it's just sitting out in the family room now she she gets out. No she's not she pretends to go to sleep she gets up and she goes out easiest plays all night in there and they're in bed. When my girlfriends is literally lost this crap up. Does it Carol it's got a game room for for everyone it's nighttime show lock the stuff up like she'd locked away and I. Moment when when they try to do that dad got punched in the face so that's why he knows that the kid was the eastern nine year old daughter and yeah he's he's there's a ways of avoiding that in teaching that kid not to. To do that so she is malice meaning that Psycho therapy and an unnamed rehab centers to help her break her for my golf. Addiction does sorry for the parents should have I hope the parents are getting some counseling still on how to be better parent I brand in its diseases they include it's nice problem all the diseases and parents. Hello Gil good morning. Philip hope. Let's go oh yeah go ahead please. Are you really. A sorry alleged al-Qaeda plus error on good morning and yes because in my garden I did I call a reasonably well I think. It's very important. Topic they got to talk about angry that you guys that about the did beat addiction you. And conjecture I felt I have you. Now yeah adult boys and it bit for the problem there house called and I literally accurate and Al Arab and I bet he is the college gave me. A couple of high my kid with a ball and I know that like they and it didn't act as an apparent. That's real and when you did they didn't punch you. They got a record let me add. They did not match we've and they got to grab another compliment I have no problem taking out how he had a big hit packet there's bowl bash that even their behaviors. Heard again. And it was. Hey hey Al don't you let your kids I can watch video gain after my trip I realize that but at that time I wasn't taking this period because I just the other day. They had that. It hit that Aaron you know regime there I hope I just want all very you know there's a lot of it is very complex that they've done yet and I those video game at the artwork and trying to get my information out because I think they're maybe get connection didn't get that you're adding that he didn't I didn't let them I'll let you know it gave her cure all year didn't. And hit it should I. Mean I didn't introduce. There is if there is a connection Cerro what would and then what what would you what would your responsibility. I think I hope you get to carry it happened at that hey you have to hit the around the you have to be aware that this lady out of it in an end avenue red lit everything they have to come may become ordinary and let you listen you know I thank you cannot let it came from more than we are saying I don't have all the Arab men. No no no you do have the answers you back you actually multiple times throughout your call. Have done is what what we don't do in this country and throughout the world anymore you have taken responsibility. You'll sad that you is the parent. Didn't pay close enough attention didn't take the warnings seriously enough when I said the EU if there is a direct connection between all the school shooters and them playing video games into it every single one of them. What would you do. Because the rest of society would they ban the games you said bull parents need to get more involved parents need to monitor a better because your a decent human being with personal responsibility. And as we realized yesterday. 80% of all people or not these. I'm really I really loved and appreciated like her honesty whiff of fun. You could totally see that justice humans we can be this way oh it's probably even here that does not that bad. UC you're allowed him to do it and then you see the effects and she then took action and so then I really liked how her curiosity to know. If these shooters of the schools have been playing a lot. Is is so and other parents can realize. Hey it's not as. Think kick back as we think is this can get pretty serious her reason for it was to get the word out more with other parents to make them aware. That this is what could happen I'd just do your great human. Hello Vanessa. Hey I'm bringing either. Trading at only thirty widen. My apartment. Yeah it pulled on my guns. I RLI yeah yeah end I. Just cannot. Get around that is needed that story out because they. I did it might not every now and we're driving in the car and he thought what did you hadn't done the net charge. Of being. Aren't we don't have a pop at eighteen eat more adult you don't. That content eaten and not allowed. Thought there are good golf. But whatever can't get credit that would happen you know you bought mine that she's nice that they hit back crop. My me that I was thirty but it is here at the moved out. Here that's. Yes they an an egg and you have to remember it's not just seems so much worse then. Their bad parents fed that that's existed since everybody started having children and in the dawn of time. What's worse is that you look at you don't get there they're bad parents but they now are protected. And they have all this it does see because it's not their fault bad parents there at their kids got addicted to this game. It and it they have no responsibility for Bahrain the Xbox allowing access to the credit card not knowing that by mid Marshall and her. Or or finding out two months later than her grades were going down and then chalking up the hormones not to gain that she was playing and on and on the excuses go hello Mike. Hello wanted to bring up some of the qualifications. For a disease. I'm one of them because it's hereditary. And another one is that it's progressives I don't know alcoholism as both of those they also try this I don't know yet to say about that. I think it's a bunch of crap and it falls under the heading of just because certain studies say. Something doesn't mean the scientifically proven there are plenty plenty of other studies indications anecdotal and real life stories of people who. Who comes from both sides of their family genetically quotable predispose alcoholism who do not become. Alcoholics my grandfather on my mother's side was an alcoholic which of course is why I am an alcoholic because. Hey it's hereditary I have a disease and unprotected it's a bunch of crap and it hasn't been. Payment that alcoholism is rated Terry and by the way even if it is. We all get dealt sums being genetically. Bats is a problem. Maybe maybe it turns out that people who have to battle obesity. I have bad past downed them genetically because they don't have good metabolism. So watch it's not a disease it's still want to vans and not sit around and eat that god damn Haagen Dazs every night so that's. So it my oldest sister and I. We can be fit we can be fat it's our choice. Our bodies are there and we proved that a million times her and I our bodies are according capable of shedding the weight but. We were prone to gaining we're we're prone to. To also get in fact. Where we're not we're wrong we didn't robs metabolism or other girlfriends of mine where they will eating eating eating needed. Edie and never date announced that's their body that's how their body is designed so some of us if you wanna be healthy have to work harder sport. Doesn't make it a disease is. My father has an addictive personality we were told that from the time lure children that we may also have an addictive personality. Just be aware of that. We were never told the gusty and disease that he passed all ado let's. Gibson it's so good is that what we're gonna deeper chill. It's true okay but it's not a disease but you know what the perfect love connection has been made. People not wanting to take responsibility. And and it industry formed it makes a lot of money that does these industry makes cash. And worse so easy to fall for it because all I guess until we have a disease but I can tell everybody it's my fault I'm so sorry she's my disease I can't help it. There's a ray of sunshine and all that that you wanna try to grab on June's conversation is the overwhelming majority of emails that we're getting. Like last week we are discussing opiates and being addicted verses is addiction is a disease. Your long majority of you are really angry that this is even a topic are really angry that. Video game addiction is being classified as a disease. The problem is the smaller number view like that last caller in this email it's. Are what's dry you mean the policies around the world of sane yet. It's a disease and everybody gets an out and it's all of course based. In the all mighty. Experts. The people who know. Everything. Because they read books. And they've figured out of their own limited human understanding everything. About the human mind in the human body for example this email from Richard saved it. How appropriate. I love how you all talk like your some highly informed experts on the subject of addiction. I really think you guys should make a point to emphasize. That what you're saying is your own opinions. I think they do actually man. Many actual. Sports huh. In the field of addiction but highly disagree with everything being said I respect that everyone has their own opinion on the matter however. When you presented as though it's fact. It can be highly misleading sur remember what experts say are facts that's a very important for supply. What do you think you would consider the therapist experts. Because that therapist I have had been. And never ever have wanted any of this that I talked about called a disease. He would buy I'm guessing he is initial answer yes of course are services and expert in the when you said that we all that's about their us. Every training in addiction because of that country in addition they shouldn't say that would because that's only you can be an expert. I know if eating disorders such I had I would still never say had a disease but I know that that's also one you've got some will say is a disease and I I just don't know. Genetics I just I a I don't know that when I only decision I mean because it's just I'm known to be people who suffer from it. And I'm not given anyone an out or anything I felt for me it was a choice I felt it was something I I chose to do. Act act as another vice another escape and everything I can't control over how ever even the it is our therapist that I either saw many many news of an endless and you. Let's get a lot of great advice never called it a disease why don't others do but so he would want the therapist that calls. All of this a disease and the other expert therapists that say it's not. Like he just said they're the battle cry okay and I am. Along and they asked him of course being trained in addiction and the reason that matters is because the only way you get training and diction is if you buy into the idea. Then it's a disease and it's all it's it is not and it's a disease eating disorders are not that you that you have to put one of the same classic. It's a mental disorders of the sales are not a disease a mental disorder so you went out on the. Z is is used to be things like cancer diabetes yeah like that's those things are for. In many cases not all like diabetes but you're born diabetes things like that can in many cases you have no control over them now lots of cancers we think. Maybe has on the view of what you put your body but we don't know people do get lung cancer that never smoked believe it or not. But those those things we used to be the only diseases now all this stuff that we have control over getting into. There'll diseases so the other debt what's the not to adopt a child diabetes that was like. Hello let's Sony faulty your own that you're born with what's the other one that's nice to want her to buy you don't use your original bond is that. Check the Kindle what you cause the cheesecake categorize that as it is the absolutely you stay below their Ryan your morning. Eric RD yard I don't know I don't really think it should contain the as far as the big event like four or serious funny game the play. But I try to my point is. A lot of parents are not letting Chris play games there are other if you get out of here kid. They're great mom dad I'm gonna be a professional game or is there and it's really gotten into better place for 98. You know in the dollar is now just like your video game and a lot of people that you premier again. Pretty good spirited kids from playing and keep altered like a Little League exported to become a professional athletes. Stoudemire. Electronic. And that that scene look that that's a wonderful conversation that lost my lead down to. Data whether you do or don't agree with parenting styles then and allowing kids to be obsessive about for your example baseball or. Video games. I honestly I don't care encounters this conversation just don't call a to Z is addiction. In the addiction turns out to make you millions of dollars. Okay that's not that has nothing to do classify it as a disease. I would hope he answered the answer would stay the same. Whether they want that whether they dream of becoming a professional video gamer. Baseball player basketball goal whatever it is if any of those things change should. Their attitudes. And get their lack of sleep and to have them can be bad and school and they don't even do those things they get to do less of them regardless of what they are. And we would agree there are this year is it would take the athlete example they kid who's a obsessive about his football. Men and all he does his practices the ball and he stays in the Jan and his grades suffer. And maybe easing taken some supplements that knocked him. Hi Lee angry and an aggressive on if if if the parents go. Well bay that's what it takes for him to become a professional football players they are as bad as the parents who allow their kids to keep playing the video yes. That same thing he has our prayers to do that right they don't care about grades whatever yeah we've all seen her hair that live through their children. They need their children should be what ever that is in the sport. Smuggle it. The World Health Organization has officially classified video game addiction as a mental health condition. For the first time ever they're calling it dean mean disorder. That gives the addition of significant boost in credibility and it's one notch below disease which will happen probably next year hello there's engine good morning. During our. He she didn't. Other commercial what to go to the doctor wearing their scrubs in the stethoscope and. And telling Beijing you know telling lies your vision on the television. About did take addiction is a disease you know like enabling people they believe that addiction is it Davies. Well to be somewhat fair yes I'd I am painfully aware of that commercial yell my TV presented comes on but that that is a commercial for a rehab center. Back to don's point money money money mom well. But you're absolutely right in this sense you put a guy on TV and scrubs who and they did the commercial omens are memorized he's become Bonnie says. Addiction is a disease next sentence it's not your fault. Side while he's trying to get people to go of thank god somebody will help me of course the collateral damage or people who hear bats. All on TV and have no desire to trade changing because they love whatever they're addicted suit adding that's I mean that's just great because he defines it as a. Your follow it's heartbreaking because you know it it makes me think of the parents that. Have a let the bear whoever it is that their life they're sharpening their grown adult child. Drained their savings because. It's not their kids while they feel so awful it's it's the disease original continued helmets that are disease and they can continues to cause chaos. And a whole or in that these are grown adult kids right but they continue to cause problems for the whole family and the family takes it. Because. The kids though not accumulate in the adults. Didn't he is now open which we got to let him out of the hole we got let him destroy our lives it interrupt our lives because it's a neat. It is rather it is tragic what it does prove to host the haven't. Addicted people in their lives that are now using the disease as their excuse. Hello Nathan go ahead. Yeah armor has won the Conrad a couple things you want to invite RBIs seem to be our that there emblematic out this video games or traumatic and to those. Well the first reality thing. Yeah we're there you know let's say that they're I got older that comes army and how much you'd order are there those are some of the DA about it experience. You know he about you know so they dress fitted push it down our radar because if you don't anymore PG AD but they've been implementing BR. Debate we re enact these events that trigger in my you know I was writing down the road and or Iraq. And things happening like basically he during the incident that car he feels he's like surgeon Madigan who blew so quite. Like this whole leg afford everything and then I just want and what I've got first place thank you thirty years old yeah I assure our. I don't I don't know or bits of content front and I think just you can do is well known outside marriage. Are. Gonna where there aren't I. And it's de tour is outside. My god there's a files everywhere. And gone. On show.