Pressure Cooker #1 10-12-17

Thursday, October 12th


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Now back to rub anybody and gone on 98 rock. I think they are just. You'll listen. They all show. Call them any time. Couple more details around up the story about the talk of no drive there will be eighteen and nineteen year old they get to the window they paid for their border. And the talk of a worker says yeah yeah. Braden who are there. In the eighteen Nigerians not only an hour we're not gonna move. I don't care about you behind us we're gonna wait for our food. So they sit there and they sit there and then the car behind and start talking down the eighteen in the nineteen year old flip them off. Oh you little. Just as there's the other details that tie and other cops actually arrived. Right after my right as the 1819 year old were getting their shoes and they were all there were able to hold the hostile all the window hostage. Taco Bell gives them their food but now the cops show up and on the console like why are we here. So at this time not only are they getting their food but the car behind them they have gotten out of the car. And now there's four guys that are yelling at one another right there in front of the Taco Bell window. So the costs to intervene. And the and the cops say just guys did did your car go your separate ways you got your food sorry guys you're not gonna get your food your all to cause cause and his sermons. Leaves other guys second line they got W screwed up she what they got out of their car and they were inciting and the altercation order. So they all pull forward second car leaves like to console them first car leads in the nineteen year old. They parked in the drive they parked in the parking lot and this is one and they start just getting out of the car yelling knobs are you kidding me boxers still there is an honor Earnhardt furlong they're saying boy. Well blank every one blank though we're say bad cop I would tase them and that was is then that's where. These days Stanley didn't they call it fast money of course I'm far more generous amount hosts do you army. And your questions are harder. Add that I give you more time thirty seconds my questions which were just in June live on the radio who'd not even my questions and more. Yeah I blame Brandon now. He writes the pressure cooker and if you get five right in thirty seconds you an apparent dig a seed George Lopez and I yelled yeah yeah now he says that's. This Saturday night at the silver legacy grand should call. In Reno Nevada 63930. Show winner chooses color eighteen as Leno oh Jolene power you know wouldn't couldn't. Harry. That one is pretty much kind of sort it again the it's certainly true falsely had a 5050 shot after that you really only need to get four right now following thirty seconds. To get a total five. And when your tickets you can pass as many questions as you want. As it goes through them I'm not gonna shoot your time by telling you whether your right or wrong that would be unfair of me but of course when we're done Mike Dunleavy all hang and I'm just gonna suddenly say well that's the under the pressure. Jolene wins or Jolene losers of course we're gonna go Mac is sort of remind you all the questions especially of those you playing along at home or in your office or whatever and find out and got the right answers and we don't plan on the other Jolie does eyebrow aides quit. Condescending in jail Brandon money on the senate Dolly pardon should breast reductions are surgery suite tells you the answer totally even so all of us. There NFL. He said her name at first I was like yeah. Muscle that's your plans so yeah. Remember early on I don't take the first thing you say is a he's a Dolly Parton amazing Lady Gaga I have to acknowledge our missourians are Yemeni questions yeah. I Mary go good. Truly horrible all of us are false California is called the sunshine state. Oh. What was the first food consumed on the moon in Apollo eleven moon mission. Her racquet she is what does the F in FBI stands for. Company to Michael Jordan famously promotes. Lackey what is the capital of the state of connect to test. Pat everytime the Tokyo lies what happens. Yeah us yes what is the hardest. What is the hardest natural substance. Big. No parent married and had seven questions. But see how do you apparently adds what rules you see how high do you know. Half true or false California is called the sunshine state she said true. Florida Florida is the sunshine state calorie is a gold medal in a way what was oldest state warriors now. No finish presented. There's more on this one is hard this one is a unique you know I don't. What was the first food consumed on the moon in the Apollo eleven moon mission she said Mac and cheese. Benefit yeah I am not mashed potato you do either now or you know it was Turkey little. All right Thanksgiving I'm sure it was delicious Turkey. All she passed on this one what does the death in FBI's stand for Federer rule. Has only been here. Hey Jerry and a captain of the B in the I just around on them shown your house. Which she company did Michael Jordan famously promotes she said Mikey. Do she pass on this one the capital city of can Mexico I was always tired Gary is on board and in Mississippi. They're Bridgeport Connecticut though too I think so yes of Connecticut. Messaging no Massachusetts hi I'm sandy and a. Massachusetts is safe and David yeah. Then re he is harder. Oh Larry you're all Carter newsroom horror part. Sion yeah. By the way is Boston capital Massachusetts I know I. Still it's a good thing Kevin Massachusetts thought it was some different numbers are pretty much yeah Boston's captain. I should never questioned on on my belly amass oh come on I've picked up every time Pinocchio lies what happened she says his nose grew. Mel's I didn't even know. Yeah I hear that in the media is mean. And what is the hardest natural substance that she's a gold so yeah. Those are demo artist master substance. Natural being comes out of the earth oh it is hard nowadays this is just so you really should know as of yet. Yeah. On win. She. Yeah you. PodZinger team. It was yeah a lot of pressure. Finally you know. We already had plans to play the pressure cooker again this morning and will try again later on your way those George Lopez take it seriously though I. Right right now let's see if we get your chance at a thousand dollars. From a fun game the game. I want games fun to listen to the other one not so much but you get a chance of 2000 bug yeah. He's finally introduced X today's code word from her. Winner just 717881. Of the taxi number messaging data rates apply your word today is trail trail ultra mixes. Owns all the happy trail yes I kind of data. TR a guy Al text the word trail TR BIL 7881. Right now for your chance 2000.