Pressure Cooker #1 ,11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th


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It's a brand new for. So this is the third of three who wore and then and Amanda doing their podcast there and the producers so it's broadcast EAC. Is free and available Brad radio dot com which is also home to these stupid store first. Which has the list of all the find vendors were you can still get our Turkey Brian. Only nine days ago. I yeah Christmas and Thanksgiving morning. You people are intact or nine days ago until Thanksgiving on lying there is no Brian. That has been sold out could slow you have a Elmo is. And neither does sunrise natural foods they are sold out there are other products I is about all the bloody marys and on another sub but John Bryant has gone there as our vendors are starting to run out the Errol listed their red radio dot com including the flags storms. I'm Linda Evans RC so has some. Another bucket but yeah he's choosing an AFC team and Medford a well and yeah I saw was their spirits are better pass route in Truckee California butcher boy meat market. Who own a plum lane in Reno Nevada and of course this weekend we will be out on Saturday for our Brian blues a man. Will be at two locations where they will have Brian. Selling the last summit starting at the smoke John. AM. We will be there to also a sign an autograph photos take pictures with you. And of course they will once again be serving their famous Red Bryant households Turkey sandwiches. Man we're gonna hit the road once we get to the long morning company in California from two to 5 PM everything's 10% off their. When you purchased the red Turkey Bryant and again we'll have glossy photos and take pictures with you glossy photo apply you. A rain or shine event right now the the forecast is column for just cloudy and cool. So hopefully just gonna be a nice fall day but I had. And radio and I. These days Stanley if you they call their version fast money of course is far more generous and I know Steve Harvey. You know your. Questions Carter's. I had here you guys easy hey hey food. First of all you need more time thirty seconds my questions which were just and you know I'm on the radio Rudy with Arnie and my question. Tag blame branding on the lump Brennan writes these questions yet to get five right in thirty seconds if you do. You and four back and take this is a dozen roses. And I was Saturday November 18 that's this Saturday right on this Saturday if anybody had seen Saturdays Christ. I want senator. Yeah Sacramento California caller 18 is Michelle good morning Michelle. Warning read radio Karen here's how this works I'm your timer won't. When I finished reading the first question now. That one is designed to be a Guinea but he is one of those where you're gonna have to think for just a quick Obama's suit is that he gets away from there but it's it's still true false they got a 5050 shot after that younger former right thirty seconds in order to well against five right when you take it. You passes many questions as you want. As we do go through them I'm not gonna say run it wrong wrote songs tuneup time and be unfair exiles gummery in the game at that point. But additionally usually are not rigging the game when we get dumber and go back. Rob is gonna redo every question and tell you the answer is not just Michelle is quite yet tens and tens of people's work you know. Homes in our car and they wanna know the answer let me go back and don't get it back and yeah. Oh my gosh you working and surprisingly pleasant there mile an ally in the mail that they'll line chilly yell about the glossy photos. Answers. He wants me is do you do you know you're. Oh and Herman show I think the first thing you say is a music broadcast and you say Bryant believes I have to prod cast as a answered you have any questions. Rory. Because under your belt just eat. True or false Halloween was on a Tuesday this year yes or no is the lead singer review to. I'll borrow what color is American she's. Yellow Smith & Wesson manufacturers one product to the judge yeah and what singles Barack Obama allegedly morning. Hawaii. Which went into the solar system is known for having a ring. That and what nationality was Marco Polo. And that's an. The brand and a break like to save some of these questions are eager and excited. There's a point that we just don't need to ask anymore that was seven questions. Let's see chassis how she did you ever balls Halloween was on Tuesday this year she said true. And I was like well that there are real daggers or was I don't Aaron who is close and Halloween. Really easy for parents are. Early yeah in fact I voted so close the Halloween than it was in the present tense I had to change it yeah I'm right now and Halloween is on a Tuesday image of marijuana and Obama. Law who has the lead singer viewed sushi said Bonner. When the second day accepted Bono was. Are what color is American she is she said yellow. Smith & Wesson or manufacturers what product she's a dark. Exempted ammunition as well does that make both I guess we would technically except imperiled as I that's. My lesson right armed. Gone you not to give them another show. In what state was Barack Obama a letter. Good morning and she and Hawaii. Don't believe it or. Are there so don't have enough power band that's great people working on this we're gonna show he's never we're never show. It's extraordinary. Suspense. Which planet in the solar system is known for having a ring SA. Bathtub in the universe. Fatality was Marco Polo she said. Tired that was seven out of seven we. Room we still have more of these and. One new. And we'll let the pressure cooker again later on this morning for another four back into Vegas to Guns 'N Roses.