Pressure Cooker #1, 11-9-17

Thursday, November 9th


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Up anybody and gone ninety wrong. KR IC you've done now. Anybody. He called. And ran radio dot com. Hi guys can I hear the news on C. Last night my child decided to ruin the Christmas budget. Hi my grew waving his mom's car keys no bushel cost about 300 dollars three plays and there are comic guy. San Humphrey eighty Christmas budget is only 300 bucks a call for his mom. We'll. So you. Won't be easy day. So yeah. Says. And that's a great story should go to red radio dot com you should submitted for the 27 yeah. This please know lots of aren't let's all brought to Barroso on the that we love stories like that news actually every Immersion. And then there's this email. From a Michael in my goal he says hey rob since you all are off tomorrow memories talking like my fiance yeah. Yeah our veterans David best of show and says I rounds is all they can't is on our tomorrow and yeah all couples. Hot last year can you all do a shout out for the Marine Corps oh that's right. Maria for birthday. And can you use the Family Guy clip when Lois talks about they marine. Join me calm me tell you know frankly how he's weak and I Marines now that I'm paying one half. Good these days family feud they call their version fast money course. I'm far more generous than that host Steve Harvey your questions or hardware. Yeah. First of all you more time thirty seconds my questions which words in June blood on the radio or dude aren't even my question a little hash tag by England and he's an Oregon Brandon writes the pressure cooker questions now if you get five right in thirty seconds. You winning four pack of tickets to see Guns 'N Roses I'll tell you Saturday November 18 of the golden one senator. In Sacramento California this is the first of two pressure cookers today. As we try to give away these ads against what for this show which is a week from Saturday caller eighteen is Emily. Am O meter and I love. I don't have allowed. All right Emily K here's how this works. Your time began when I finish reading the first question masses little of single series on now the first one is usually game in his. It didn't let that it's true or false so you got a 5050 shot yet you don't you don't need a way after that. Negative for more right in thirty seconds normal when you're against with a total of five right even passes many questions as you want you just say El Paso. And I won't say they were going to text team along. As we go through it. I'm not gonna tell you if you are old correct or else though it's an odd and would you. Mom of course when we're done and go back in a minute re read each question. Loudly if necessary I'll go away he can tell you if your right or wrong. Because it would be else do we know I need to learn not to do that could offensive tail number one but Brandon Newman being offensive to all these translators or by a loser after trying to translate just sad ending I can't remember I think the first thing you say it's obviously all top and they say keep fossil. I think or not. As your answer your questions. Harper and her own so he stands 10 the most people new to this country are okay really. Okay are he's giggle in the candidates can't take those convicted though it was a bit better. Arrogant streak everybody. And sneezes regularly exceed 100 miles per hour. Her name the NFL team in New Orleans. In Star Wars at stands for all terrain armored lines. My hair that curls back oneself and penetrates the skin is known as what's. Earlier just. How many yards and they and how many yards or a football fields. A hundred. What type of metal are you rewarded for second place in the Olympics. Over what's the first letter of the word W. That's wrong and who's gonna give you correct answer. The question was what's the first letter of the word word I'll get there hands as I screwed it up on give me the correct answer on that once. I am a technical a technical problems. So let's go back got seven questions what do you bruised on the instabilities and men and see how we did true single and yeah. You need a true or false sneezes regularly exceed a hundred miles an hour he said true. And in southern give me I'm minister of Canada but it does it figure because then it goes a fact check. Out. In the NFL team in New Orleans he said the same. In Star Wars. At the stands were all terrain armored what he passed a man does that. And so this is I'm not bad. I'll I'll I'll. At all a dream harm heard a contains Rockies sit track track tracker train. Friends jittery and her heart and I'm four O. Where Star Wars fans and her. But the big camels try to very mechanical looking armed earnings after I was just since he wears so listen did hear any singing. I sit trends generally radiant smile. Okay. Okay I'm just looking. All people in this day and it is yeah I don't want anybody I love all people. I'm just dumb and don't know words. Hair that curls back on itself and that penetrates. The skin is not what he sent in ground. And ends trick question and and how many yards and a football field he's set under. Today no sound and it and you have to include the end zones each of which are ten yards 220 yard. And for the entire football season. Okay and person they look small on CBO looks much bigger. But when I'm good conduit gala at noon trust small huge strain. I'm a girl what type of metal you awarded for second place in the Olympics he says sober. This loser at the buzzer I said what's the first letter of the word W Bush's. Question was because the first letter word the word trash it would have been always. As did film and I remember right to do that so go blank yourself plus replaying again today and more times next week and he got five. Welcome to the country yes Susan and I wanted to know that Americans are getting new. Year. Love new. And then remembered read neural pro stock up on the show. Are we have another four pack of tickets to see Guns 'N Roses live on Saturday November 18 later on this morning another pressure cooker in your chest. Dawn show.