Pressure Cooker 1-19-18

Friday, January 19th


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Buddy and don't. Any time. Listen online at. You ran radio dot com. Our previous segment first on his. I could see we have the the the request before premier school for something bigger than moussaoui's case for the girl wrestler. Sleep after twelve key and and then and then you see an eleven hour shift today he's on no sleep so if she wanted to hear one of my fiance is boxes. Eight. But Cody says. Landon was mean to tell that woman to take it cat mapped smaller cat is taken a dirt mess. Trying to be helpful you know does sometimes work. And they don't get the the creep your cool a segment of the woman giving birth quote unquote to her new kitten and her birth announcement. And Melinda wanted to chime in with this story if she says when they put my child on my chest after I gave birth to him I didn't even touch him. Massimo you'll clear must make yeah if you could hurt and slimy stuff. Like eight or nine years. These days family feud they call their version passed money. Course I'm far more generous man knows Steve Harvey show whenever your questions are so much harder. My god I knew that yeah. First of all you be more signs is that yes my question is how well you're just in June live on the radio rude did Arnie and my question ash dangling Brandon. And then don't Brenda writes the pressure cooker questions got to get vibrate. In thirty seconds if you do we have a four pack of tickets. To the professional bull riders 25 anniversary tour stuff all week from tomorrow it's happening all weekend next weekend. And I don't want center in Sacramento California color he is Jared Jared. 00. As well as worship time Libyans when I finish treating the first question which is not at all and Jimmy brown the old days. I mean this is Mormon you either know or you don't I always go to our audience I I. My health if you get that first one Jerry doll body the other who won't do you which I'm not it's. On the line I mean isn't 5050 anyways that is true or false or if you donate though you blurt out one of the any idea what war right now following thirty seconds in order get a total of five you can pass as many questions as you want as we go through them. I am not going to tell you bands if you're right or wrong but once we're done I will go back and read the extremely hard questions and Brandon has Crowley. And now hard and give out the answers. No really and with our audience who's got a nice and remember Jarrett I think the first thing you say so vis a cat -- many say dirt nap. At math. Do you have any crash. Good luck buddy you're a true or false the great pyramid of d.'s that was built in Turkey needs the ball. Julius Caesar and Beth and handle it. What does all. Largest motion in the world. It's under him Joseph was the main factor in the movie cocktail. What color is the American president's houses. White what does the Epstein and pour an FBI. Federal who played Rachel green in grand. Yes people. What's it dawns this guy has deemed passed last question members long as I begin before the buzzer we let them answer but he does pass it and that was at least seven question Lilly. I earned it and see how he did. First one juror falsely great period of Giza was built in Turkey and false. It wasn't course builds in each and just yes very good and Nancy are seen as easy. And easy does it easy for me it was I guess yeah I mean I wonder if it wasn't true false name because of pyramid. If your common sense thing that person you're gonna say agent that's the only reason that it. Contact group wrote Julius Caesar Macbeth and Hamlin he said shakes me. An old mill. Large and world that is. Is it goes and takes up one more than 13 of the Earth's surface. Pretty followed in order by. Well this day Indian aunt and Berrian and Arctic for us the very end. Do you there's one between Indian and articulate. I'm that cares ECC. Now. I oceans it's believed a well known oceans called the Southern Ocean no bounds whatever and now. Hanging in my. Hunter race is that. He's been very good men their only friend. All white sharks. So the one who was the main actor in the movie cac tale. The guy. I'd stupid conquers. He does just go by Tom Cruise now. Then he went by students on. I distinctions now and we're going stoic solid what color is the American president's house he said don's favorite color white. Paris Keller now he never got a couple why he's now rang. It's up and what does the can't stand for an FBI needs instead. Your love and us in the game. And then at the buzzer he passed on the last Paul lo who played Rachel green in frenzy tennis and yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. And then you knew I am saying you shouldn't be dead and I'll tell us okay. Got the word games sentence. The guy who basically owns Bravo TV who I really like an hour. And he does is watch it happens live he had on Gerard better card now now the hotline. To learn Butler. And I'm not on May be. How do you mind and he's been in. Movies with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie so we asked is that. Lot is the best kisser and it he says Jennifer Aniston and. I'll train my residence there is really EAG and a student shoot. And less than an hour and let me just say on behalf of the audience thank you. In the end of the million. But the F five right. They're not nearly three Julie yeah. Brand in my notes indicate we have one more for pac. Actually journalism. Has even though some of them phone's screen right on the spot live on the air I mean we could have prepared this and it looked at and said if I get a winner here don't you have a meeting every morning we tested and around the Pope than that now and I talked. Yeah we have one more impaired we have our one full pack a packet could you just staring each. And Zorn. You know you are playing the pressure cooker again Monday morning.