Pressure Cooker 11-22-17

Wednesday, November 22nd


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on 98 rock. Anybody need. Feel very near red green dot com for. Cleanup I hear me just got done talking things can fix a ball three games tomorrow. Please tell. And then game on Sunday the raiders played. Diners plays Sunday in green is is hearing rob say he chose the niners to win makes me excited for this game. Oh hi also want Jimmy crap load and play to see who's got Obama Girl and I love football go niners I. You. Here's sharing you know new current cup. Then we had this from Alina. She says Brad anxiety please confirm I'll mr. and mrs. Brandon and rose bill last night between 530 and 6 PM at the grocery store where they almost forgot their gum. Not forget the guy. Brandon you and your wife fear beautiful. I love her natural red hair I was the weirdo behind you with us if you leggings trying not to weird you all out. Well you're just trying to be normal people's yeah. That was me pretty much picked up on the wife's description that had never getting the guy I might that kind of thing happens loves Allen and it was nice. Pain sure these days family feud they call their version fast money. Corzine's are more generous than that those Steve Barbie the amateur questions are there. Yeah its first volley anymore I'm thirty seconds my questions which were just don't live on the radio brood are even my question I'll hash tag in Brandon thanks. Oh god he writes the pressure cooker and there's a seemed to today's. Very interesting still Tribune though fibroid thirty seconds do you do that for packaging to see trans Siberian orchestra at the golden one center in Sacramento California on Friday. December 1 at 8 PM tolerating and Robert Heller Robert. Whatever the yeah. Oh hello. Try a little jerky cheers started early for Robert hears us. I hear time began when I finish reading the first question that one is truly unique. So you only have to get four write the following thirty seconds get a total of five and win your ticket you can pass any questions that you want. As we go through the gamer market and you your time like a minute shootout Turkey tomorrow. Those thing by telling if you're right Iran drags on but of course when we're done yet we're gonna go back and goes through. The question doesn't tell you whether you are right or wrong because that's my job. The missiles taste. My main defeated you Brandon. John you might now. Sydney it's easy. And remember there's a red river line Robert. Let's take the first thing he's saying did he say dumb and I think conveyor belt I have to say dumb as your answered any questions. Note I collect buddy. Welcome. True or false Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Or what company sponsors the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade of and what does the name of the Greek goddess of corn. What does the famous what is the name of the famous rock credited to where pilgrims first landed. You're. The daily mundane things stand under a jerk is neck is called what it's. Or blood the president made Thanksgiving a national holiday. I don't hurt her Jordan didn't get a fair. I believe senator collisions me. Which he obviously knows. What as long as we start the question before the buzzer we allow whatever answer they come up with a minute. No reasonable times will allow that answer which is six questions okay we're. Saying he can miss one that's sure that's true it'll say oh you did apparently there's the same. True or false for Thanksgiving. Is tomorrow he said true. Oh another thing in my. What company sponsors the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade somehow we've figured out Macy's. And then it all went to health buddy pass on this one was the name of the Greek goddess of corn. The thousands he passed it doesn't matter. I think the answer and the answer she is wrong okay what would have been the answer a meter. Okay why did you put cornucopia because I think somebody was making a joke on a stupid trivia. Whole darn it seemed Pastor Wright doesn't matter and that's a hard question I had no idea Dmitry Demeter but the nature meets her. That's the that's the new system of measurement they use in Europe it's eater. On the third and a half pound man driving candid I'm like really high there. So that's part and we all phenomena are we all know Canada's not Europe they also. A larger Rais. What I learned that what is the name. The famous rock credited where pilgrims first landed he said pilgrim rocks. Plymouth Rock is Eric. Then leaves skin under Turkey's neck is called what he said the gambler. This could help want to edit immunology at the same family. Is we announced that he in my. Now I don't know I know they did blitz earlier ground outside Mugabe and his into a block got to know that block block sooty what. 00 and. Lulu. Marriott no way they do you know how hard on. So yeah also shocked the neck golf but you know what's the word nasty as they get to renting out there. Never did that my husband did sick I was. You shine on you because when you worry that bird though. Cocktail now what the president made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. You though Jones well. As Abraham Lincoln's. That was from yesterday's quick Ari since we have the Thanksgiving theme. Top kill is the law. Loves pretty dead wrong and these an army Brandon ran out that's a got these. These three questions I've got three left messages. There was an instance Brandon wrote and I can't ask him no Amanda yeah. Don't know what protein was served in the first Thanksgiving celebration and Turkey no fish. Don who was the first president to stupidly pardon a Turkey. Elizabeth there we had a day of shame or clay which is not. Hoover. It was Harry Truman and I say to each other for. Party together college and that's the last question is my favorite one of all time how can Turkey drowned when it's raining. How is this a joke like lucky enough. Police think about it. Yeah thing. Apple that I on the so. It's. Back to Robert of these six questions he got to do. I had already there's only. PodZinger team. Yeah. Send them and really influence in the west gym. Blaming trans Siberian orchestra show is not instill next Friday December 1 so we have next week desire. Resilience and will play the pressure from her again on Monday. He's on show.