Pressure Cooker 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th


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That's the rub anybody you don't show on 98 rock. They aren't you done next. You're listening to the anyway and dawn show called limit any time any. 899. Speed wrong I'm. Kevin Spacey has been accused by more than. They say he sexually harass growth assault Thursday. To read them and allegations spanning decades since the first Anthony rap started this all on October 29 here is the latest boy when news conference just finished. In which Heather on route a former TV news anchor in Boston. Said in the press conference at the Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey assaulting her son. Who is eighteen at the time. Holding back tears missed onerous said in July of 26 team. Spacey stuck his hand and her son's pants and on his genitals and a bar in Nantucket Massachusetts she is. As she continued saying the Spacey urged her son to go to private after party but the concern bystander. Astro summit he was okay when he relayed that he was not on earth said the woman told her son to run when she did and this is this onerous says quote nothing could have prepared my son for how that sexual assault would make him feel as a man. It harmed him and it cannot be on done the end quote just the latest. Altman can. Other factors to this monster. Wow all right the pressure cooker out of our daily trivia games. It's similar to the speed round and America's most popular game show these days and the few they call their version. Fast money question and far more generous man Steve Harvey ask isn't your questions are harder now. And you need okay. You need more time thirty seconds my questions which were just in June the line on the radio food and Arnie then my question. Hash tag blame or and then all of welcome please write the pressure her questions nowadays get get five right. In thirty seconds if you did today you get a full packed up. That's you can transport data yeah. Is a Guns 'N Roses live Saturday November 18 of the golden one senator in Sacramento California caller eighteen as dog hello Doug. Good morning well what you. Dodgers others' works or timers gonna begin when I finish reading. The first question not one isn't anything which means really have to get four right in the following thirty seconds get a total of five right and win your back. Oh okay I'm zeros is exciting and passes many questions as you want as real through them. I'm not gonna interrupt you and should your time as android wrong room as strong personal bad radios and knowing plus is unfair to you but of course the bad radio. I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna reread the questions it would be battery and not do that because not only does don't wanna know what towards the right or wrong it's going. And tens of tens of people who work. I'm playing along. With the game and they want a little bit on the question right so we re all questioned yeah. Black baby it's an art he's hair and what. These are key to the tens and tens of peace well. I'm not your dues of five people we don't give the answers are remembered I also think the very first thing that you say is a music paradise city in the music welcome to the jungle and stick paradise city is your answer any questions. Hi good luck. Thank you you're welcome shutoff its wholly. True or false pull it all when we go. Is an American territory yes. What game is also known as the game of strategic conquests. I'll guy back how many messages are in the word desperate. Also is entitled what he's serial. I'll put it. Change in the movies why don't and what is Peter Parker's professions. I don't know road suited to. Interest specializes in his body are safe. I. Could affect you may yeah. I'm okay but. That's well above the. Six questions out. And it would CO NN Suffolk. Pure polls upon polls only goal is an American territory he said true. I got it I know you're. You don't mind me really. You can come over here on the show whenever you're ready blonde might do as good as June bought. Oh yeah where do we. We look away. And we also love. Couric. Yeah question pass on this one. What more games also known as the game of strategic conquest of her status. Was. I'm just just really just your taking a look at the army take the world and say it that way you actually feel like Napoleon row. Get your colony and Danny K that it is proudly bond due pods. And how this one shocks the world. How many asses are in the word desert he said zero. Plunge there's. Know passes in desert I silent Asean's one world DES ERT dessert is the one with two US is but. I SA bodies make zero is an amateur I yeah. And we all know that I endorse seller of all time at bat higher amber and a dessert has to ashes just gives you always want. Seconds with disaster. Let's iron and mind games are great I liked it Amanda yeah. Yeah. Is the type of what he said yeah. And woods. Next question in the movie Spider-Man was Peter Parker's profession he saw. This is due and art and photo journalist once this reporter Porter. Photojournalist a blogger first they were true. And daily. That's Superman. Long and Jamison is the boss and they use super. Peter Berger was a stringer for your history of our savings on top mine now finally tell them. And really given all that's right a daily I know little Spider-Man thinks. It's really important to leave well. We just pulled on him a few belongs and then we asked them Dieter specializes in which by you parties and is there. Here is eaten yet the geyser and optometrists. Insiders does your put your feet you're put scenes. He's very good and a little subtle and I mean yeah. And the and he got to a some are all the crowds losing. We need. There get a sponsor. Well I love it this this Guns 'N Roses shows they week. From Saturday the Saturday this tomorrow is our Friday tomorrow's Thursday but on Friday you're gonna get a best of show to its veterans day as happy veterans and we always say veterans day also and we have a member tomorrow morning and in some special my fiancee Christina. There is an active interest on reserves she's done two tours in Afghanistan she's going to be here she and yeah we're gonna do a live on air taste test of MO RE now. I need to slap on the end of the world we might even. And that's you know these are. It feels great either this is what our boys and girls actually eat when they're out in the she's gonna yes they take their magnesium. Cookies out there I'm blown up ice that's. Senior fellow a couple of. That's and he doesn't it tomorrow we're going to be playing at these four accidents that you see him away our Guns 'N Roses didn't get a winner and is a play to pressure brokers tomorrow you know who do you chances at four packs to see Guns 'N Roses live Saturday November 18 of the gold ones that are in Sacramento California that'll come tomorrow.