Pressure Cooker #2 10-12-17

Thursday, October 12th


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on 98 rock. I think they are rescued us next. All right. CEO RED rendering it amounts needed. As she writes oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my god I wrote in a birthday shout out from my brother but I forgot to add the day pause. It is not too late can I get a birthday shout out for my brother Edgar who is attorney Edgar is only when he six today from the EU EU is wrong. There will allow an hour. Dave's family team and they call it fast money course I am far more generous than that those Steve Harvey these questions are harder though. Okay. I give you more time thirty seconds my questions which were just if you live on the radio Bruins are no longer even my questions crashed and blame Brandon he. Are now either way you got to get five right in thirty seconds if you do you and a pair of tickets to see George Lopez lie he always says. He has two shows this Saturday night and silver legacy grand exposition hall and bring. Winner chooses the 630 aura of the 930 show Keller 18 is rob morning rob. Yeah rob here's how does work prototype on the scholar fund what I'm working for like three hours are you calling me. You say hey rides and yet again I don't and the heat up for you get Michelle and I and I'm back so normal temperature okay. Okay thanks iso rob here's how this works your timing will begin when I finish treating the first question that one is pretty much a Guinea meaning you really only immediate for right. In the following thirty seconds get a total of five. And win that your tickets I impasse is many questions as you want. As it goes through them I'm not an issue wintertime and tell you whether you're right or wrong that would be rude to you and cutting your eyes. But both need more rude to listening audience would be if we just never told you the answers. Which we would never do because we're not brute as we've established they are the common courtesy discussion we are the arbiters of non brood so when we're down will go back to the question getting the answers I'm quite I'm rob got my right. Your two. Yeah. To brand the asking and militants still take back the American family they freed this morning if we don't give the answers Sunday and root them on Hamilton who don't. And remember rob I have to thank the first thing you say it's a music top. And they say talk pop I have to take either answered any questions. Good luck. It's true you don't you're welcome you an extra. Holes Georgia is known for producing banana business. Mean the actors that played the character Dexter. That's what kind of animal was Moby Dick. The way now what was the longest river. And I know what is the abbreviation for the state and may even. And I did it in the NFL what is the Broncos hometown. Denver what's in the seven boards actually do for a living. Miners and how many prongs are on the floor. We got eight questions okay. Shop and see how he did I also I had a clarifying answered questions from the staff as we go through on fox first one Georgia is known for producing the man as he says. I don't know that they don't growing bananas in Georgia but they're known for producing peaches. Potty pass on this one who's the actor that played the character Dexter. I was just as I know are not pay. I see a very nice guy is sixteen under two. Might. COLT who blinks and now let's think you're a philosophy. He and a. I. Ask Michael C. Hall the hall hole hole and Paul at all. I don't want to show Michael Steele hopefully Dexter are the majority of the clarification we ask what kind of animals Moby Dick now he said weigh all. But technically Moby Dick was a sperm whale. It says yeah well world goodwill I'll tell you okay. What do you longest river in the world he said the nod. It's convenient. Come on and Euphrates just on a name big river mine look at. That and there we go. Lord what is the abbreviation for me he said I am and he says he really appreciate you turning in his and eat. In the NFL what is the Broncos hometown he proved he was a man by saints and hurt. What did the seven dwarves do for a living he said there were mighty miners are. I had no idea I did not know yeah Elaine yeah I was a lot of work on in the mines to get all those tools they get the jeweled globe and a Helio early did four I think most of them are elderly now. And right at the buzzer. And render us. Questions cards before the buzzer things we let him answer how many prongs or before she said for. Powell is this an artist ai are standard orbit since we had four is the answer yeah we will except the answering because we wouldn't have any other. During the day. Standards for example. Plus media Lisa gets away neophyte right. Next time ran the question should read how many prongs are on a four pronged fork. And still more George George Lopez Agassi giveaway we will play the pressure cooker again tomorrow.