Pressure Cooker #2, 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th


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Of anybody and don't show on 98 rock. You're listening. And dawn should. Called them any. 999011. Or listen on. I've read and rate. That I did it again my morning. Loses Florida my mouth or vice Versa. But this is the most. Close the tune in tell everyone's all sides from Kevin's take Kevin says rob during the ISS at CNN Africa. This horse I was little no no you're trying to make a point to dawn who doesn't even cares I don't know why you. I. You said the Baltimore Ravens handy Indianapolis Colts the Baltimore colts moved to India the ravens are the original Cleveland Browns ice. Ancient these days Stanley feel they call their version fast money. Of course I'm far more generous man host Steve aren't I yeah I hear. Questions are harder now. Okay yeah I got my head. Personally more times thirty seconds my questions which were just in June live on the Brady Lulu to. Aren't in my question. Hash tag blamed Brandon thinks the logo he writes the pressure cooker questions got get fired right thirty seconds if you do we have a four pack let's you and three friends if you have them. For tickets to see Guns 'N Roses life. Saturday November 18 at the golden one senator in Sacramento California coloring Tina's Iran Iran. All right here's others were your time serbians when I finish reading. The first question that one's unique meaning you really only ideas for writing the following thirty seconds to get a total of five right. And when your tickets you can pass as many questions as you want as we go through them I'm not in the sugar timers and very well. Rate loans safe on the playground that's like five seconds I just you yeah kind of Richard let me admitted that there's another way NBA Richard. And the answers were on. A golf course we're done I'm gonna go back come and go to the question be any answers those either claim one moment your office. And even though are actually run normal if you got the answers correct some fish we set an all Italian life do what I heard a brand. And I'm fine. And I thank you enough for you MobileMe. Now there's godfather and for. And I have to say leave. First thing you say Sunnis say the colts and using the Brown's uneasy is the Indians in the music the chiefs. Identical sister answered every questions. Merit or blood buddy. True or false Jim Henson was the creator of the Muppets. True what does the numerical value of the Roman numeral X I X. According to Franklin Delano Roosevelt won is the only thing we have to fear. You're what fictional city is the home of back and proper it's in the domain one type of animal was bay but I'm very. Traditionally how many wonders of the world are there. Are ordered what is the tallest mammal. Era in which city is Jim Morse is married. In the mud hole and embarrassed by applause the question is begun before the buzzer we take whatever the answer is that's eight questions. Is not yet by a break let's the only insurer falls Jim Henson was the creator of the Muppet he said true. What is the what was the joke we decided they wanted Kermit the frogs and Jim Henson's funeral. Nothing that. Numeric value of the Roman numeral X I X he says once a so close society Antonio 119. X.s and taxes to end the one in the middle. Is you subtract one so it's nineteen minutes RX XIOC. 11. Google. A I'm doing nowadays except sixth according to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Delano not Dell nor you idiots the action. Pisses me that's just talking in the titans finally he was president of the United States Israel and we don't know that either of them. According to Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only thing we have to fear he said fear itself. NASA and the callers and bronze and medals it's. Oh which fictional city is the Roman Batman he's a got a. In the film may have what type from animals babies and pain. Traditionally how many wonders of the world are there he's had seven. Call us ma'am all he said draft. What city Jim Morrison buried in the mothers and parents. This is for him and did any of you know it or yeah. And they question examiner I. Yeah yeah. I. You win that's been in my dad's birthday we had two winners with both pro. Ollie out of three can do adapt a winner are. Here's my son Jesus I really am we have another form action taken sons of Guns 'N Roses tomorrow and the pressure. And dawn show.