Pressure Cooker 2-16-17

Thursday, February 16th


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Anybody until. I'm 98 rock. Putting money. Email sorry dear friend radio dot com reports from Dana Dana's. And Dana. That's my son is six and still likes his nails three. When I paint mine doesn't mean he's going to grow to begin oh and by the way there's nothing wrong with that if he were they. He digs in dirt he bolts he's pretty gross like all the boys but he likes his nails done big freaking deal is what there's game that dig in there and her the only hide this from Eddie I had these as what's the difference freedom and the pain her son's nails and kids walking around the house played fully in mom's high heels button which I then there's. For instance they're plainly. I was I was walking on my sister's life. Still I can't. On Monday the I don't know we're on. Question now drinks were. We're off the air between any one of the five misses what goes wrong with people. Yeah I'm really here's Johnny pressure cooker works. It's a lot like sort of status a little bit similar. To these B Braun and America's most popular game show these days family feud they called fast money of course I'm far more generous than that host Steve hard day your questions aren't are. And it's. I give you more time thirty seconds plus my questions which were just in June live on the radio code are designed for forced British see this level. I'm gonna right here on Friday to the first one's always easy second and why and move worker remains that. Third one of sport's great Hirsch prop I don't know for the Washington still four I don't know. I think in since wounds and resumes and our needs 61 vote against them Watson and it doesn't matter what I can craters on the air. You need to get five right in thirty seconds if you do you when compared to to see Bon Jovi guy. Tuesday February 28 at the gold one senator in Sacramento California caller 18 is Chad good morning Chad. Good morning Heidi has done. It's good shed how this works or timers gonna begin when I finish reading the first question that once again be so you really only have to get. For right now following thirty seconds to get your total of five right and win. You can pass as many questions as you want. I won't tell you if you're right or wrong as we go through the questions done when we're done we'll go back in Panama hello all I know I can tell us eighteen year old people right. A do you go. And remember I have to take the first thing that you say that you say gay and he's a stray a big day is your answer any questions. I did not make it true. True or false most lions are green side. True the overwhelming majority of starfish have how many arms. In looney tunes yeah and what type of animals have been viewed. What continent in Indonesia located in. Hey you are still as the new head coach of the zags at the 49ers. In the lion king's symbol wasn't some of what father and I'm sorry repeat that please. Who aren't very good we let him get it out even though the buzzer sounded because I started the question at a time Tampa and are packed six questions we'll. Oh and is close razors and is get five of the six forever ago. True or false most lines are green he said true. The overwhelming majority of starfish have how many arms he said five. Most beautiful starfish guy we have ever seen as rumor has and I will be cruise to Alaska and a rich fishing. On the shoreline oh my god these bright each and purple was so beautiful. Most star fish for the record have five arms there are cease stars with 1020 or even forty arms all I'm saying it's now see storms see stars rather with forty arms are called sons stars. She's ash and they vary in size they usually finds it changes in the ninth and and web tools and how. Little question that it and it just does not only got. And then maybe it's a horrible question ask you can you can eat starfish. Chair. Want to you know I've never heard it though I don't think day I think it was a part of a cuisine or anything like that around the travels around the world away. Stand back I I don't know what is Billy and we resent our. Have life broads and. And it seems moot but sounds more cruel like to either starfish because they're so cute and beautiful or whatever don't need another grammatical error creating. He's yeah. Why did he eat whatever don't DC ever perfectly set out to be thrown in deep Fryer is bred him deep fried. Outside crisis you may have no I had no idea apparently sounds. I certain species of starfish are attainable and some countries such as Japan starfish is considered to dealt a delicacy. Sorry Christine bake tomorrow. Feelings as you sir I severed and open. Three the animal flesh inside which is scooped out with a small forks. The class Bradley had a big. Hey I'll have. In looney tunes when and what type of animal as Pepe the pew he said skunk. On yeah Brazilian. I knew Lindsay is you and did you have as well as red ones in back of your black cat inside I just content and maybe you always come home. Own an old man at all. And then the they tear a heartless and now. A bug rollodexes. Bonds bonds due ascent because he's the womanizer and then beat up and then follow it down because he's waiting. The fourth or fifth best fairly I had they you know I hate Tweety Tweety is my most eight. Yeah hey do you wanna cat named pat Barry yes yeah. That's why I am Yasser and I'm Norman in them that I forgot what I was black. Maybe that's why maybe I thought I don't know I don't remember I was sweeps the pack and murder. Love that happened or are. I know whining and I'll check down that. Yeah congress' sole named after Shepard Smith on Fox News or shirt ship's life matters it did that's sweet reveal them people. Take a bureau of land management's current. Our other simulators that joke yeah yeah animated. Fluid protest near the next question what continent is Indonesia are located in East Asia. Starting in southeast Asia just above Australia don't wait yeah he. Asked on there was an editor Ed in the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers nine. So tired. Yes some guy would not have been example is I danced the youngest guy right youngest I gave it an easy beyond the did you say it is a young Kyle Shanahan they son of Mike Shanahan I knew there I don't know if he's the youngest coach in the NFL I don't care mice can. He did let the Broncos are senators Mike Shanahan was the offensive coordinator of the 49ers are a couple of their symbols and yes he did coach he was head coach of the Broncos. Under John Elway and that's me yeah definitely donkey meat and home kitty Pollyanna. The thought and hand in the Lion King Sambo was the son of what father we had to wait till after the buzzer and and he said move fox. Gave him vibrate yeah. A. France is so long into over the question probably do any immediate approval are some people maybe they feel I need to be calm. And you knowing it brag and is being emotional is shout out do you like me you'll lose so I'm happy to be taken time to let them. We have another good we can be good in Google and now this area so every pass on it. Another pair of Bon Jovi tomorrow more. Mean but in the pressure cooker now it is time to get back to the free cash freeway were some 300 dollars cash. As we continue to work on the montage of songs from school house rock got one. Cut to. Cut three. Cut it was identified in the last hour that's one and three no law on the air but we have had emails people know them the oh yes just a couple would probably still but it's get a bowl it's my. Yeah we we had a hundred dollars every time we don't get a win that's why ripped a 300 bucks these are songs from school house rock like one. Caught two guys. Cut three. Phone numbers 8889899811888989911. Call Larry team plays the which went on free cash realized. Pressure cooker is singer Rihanna contest I was actually in my head hearing pressure for. Leeway for 300 dollars right now.