Pressure Cooker 2-17-17

Friday, February 17th


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Bunny and gone on 98 rock. They tiara as she who got nets are. You're listening to the Iraq. Kenny Mike and Don show called rock. Or. Our dear Brad radio. From Samantha. No man's land says hey guys my husband filed before the day before yesterday. Sorry and I spent yesterday talking to his girlfriend that I didn't know I would kinda old line a guy death. I just wanna say thank you for making laughter. In trying to keep a normal appearance for our daughter home you guys are awesome and. We're glad for that Miley if there was a guy ready in the same scenario. Don's response to be well conceded that he's doing you. And they're. America's most popular game through these days Stanley feud they call it fast money. Of course I'd far more generous than that though Steve. Yeah classes are hard earned. I. I need more time thirty seconds plus questions which were just in June live on the radio real. Are designed to appeal to kind of fourth greater issue issue is a level of mentality and got a right here in front of me every knows the first one done doom. Second one and I don't know if a fourth grader knows that OK third 14 grader probably knows that force one may be OK it's 14 grader should know I can't remember NN. Known chance on NAFTA not know doesn't matter you're not a fourth grader if you get five right in thirty seconds if you do you wanna pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi live. The show is Tuesday February 28. At the golden one senator in Sacramento California caller 18 is Lisa good morning Lisa. Green at. Our concept here's how this works were gonna begin your timer actually starts after I finish reading. The first question that first one as a Guinea so you really only after you have four right in the following thirty seconds to get five total. Are you can pass as many questions you want I won't tell you if you're right or wrong as it goes through them. Obviously Pete. All when we're done we're gonna go back and add a mop the case settled down to a lull now we're execs I didn't hear that well when what are rub it until you're ready to run. Would you do it wasn't near third and remember at least I just take the first thing you say so if you say divorce and then you say girlfriend. I have to take divorces are answered any questions. True or false your son's son. Is your grandson. Of Jakarta is the capital city of what country. Robert a question what would Jakarta is the capital city of port contract. What's the name of the little yellow bird the Sylvester the cat is always trying to geeks. Dead or alive Harrison Ford. I liked what is the square root C. 64. And I don't Roger adultery and Peter Townsend are associated with what's being as rock bands. How many sorry that many seconds or minute. There aren't very since I barely started and rule is. With the buzzer did started so we finish the question for a so went back we got went and and backpack and seven quest nice aren't I got five right let's see. How she did true or false your sons son is your grandson she century. Delete all and yeah that's passed on Jakarta is the capital city of what country if Jordan. You know. Jordan and a solid Middle East Indonesia off. Asia believe I can't say the least is an Asia topical grants and pregnant pigs is not a consonants you're and who did you say. In Indonesia Indonesia Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. You bet you do it now. What's the name of the little yellow bird Sylvester the cat is always trying to eat she said two weeks. Look at dad. And little trivia thing that we learned a few years ago from the Warner Bros. people Tweety bird. It's not a bird. Sorry please mantle. Lot of people thought it was a female yeah Australian bird was a male assigning the hill dead or alive Harrison Ford she sent a lot. Early. After almost landing on a Boeing 737 earlier this week long term another plane our own Boeing was in the wrong this one is so hard because you girls don't like math hate math I'll come what does the square root 64 she said seven. Eight yes seven is a square root of 49 rights whenever you multiply the same number by itself to get to that number I just say that my dad he hardly whose reroute a durable goods look good. I'll. Your butt is part of the kids don't say today when you go to math class that these square root of another your math teacher is asking is hereby. Yeah I feel like my smile on his body or her butter any real Obama. Nice little bit because elated. I think aren't. As is his mind right now when you square root Susie on an email that you bundled these but innings and use the word but early afternoon and. Eleven year old daughter is learning algebra are ready she's laughing. Why does that sound odd to you how great is that I meet and certainly not a brutal left hold the cigarette he's buried yeah that's an. I yeah well and I was also young I was the youngest kid in the class so an eleven I was in junior high learned algebra and seventh grade. Eleventh was yes it's a greater degree at my. I went all the way through for economic tree because I'm a bit I'm a man I no matter how does she affect their sick brain and eye such is eleventh. Roger adultery and Pete Townsend are associated with what famous rock bands you passed them little. That's when I asked Chris. The fans. How many seconds and a minute she said sixty. Is there for you. You know man. Properties but that was their we'll have another pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi live. On Tuesday morning and when you bet is yeah. Up Monday is President's Day losers. So are those you do have to work but it's a holiday we are not here we are back live. On Tuesday morning let's get to the free cash freeway we are word on the musical montage of cartoon character sublime skiing. The clock to Murray he's cut three need to tell. Everything now get email gases from people who wanna know they've gone on because we don't repeat the guesses and second and gives them an inside track we're happy to do that. On sometimes though I will repeat the gasses like this email from Sam. As Sam sands guesses for the a cartoon characters he says count one is don's who knew says. You just Christians Pyongyang's rivalry is a man is far far. I don't know hundred of them than us. It is going to lose this no not to close down things. And I like how are you ask is one of them. You know you you can't just write down and sergeant Gary as the old Collins drank this is from that he has a guest for got one. Nancy not so easy grabbed this is from Nicole Nicole she has no gas or cut too but cut one. Three. It's the Caribbean nice have played an easy one million winner here and we we love I doubt it. This is from Jan she is a guess on cut wants. Please don't email me call phone Bordeaux. Oh I know. I usually get emailers say yes. This is from tray and rob their Tina I. We have collectively come into our answers so hopefully we have something right OK cut one. Don't cut the re all. Cut to. It's a telephone. These are cartoon character guys walk me. The clock to Murray he's cut three he just. Everything phone numbers 88898998118889891911. Caller eighteen gets to hear the montage two more times and playing. Or 200 dollars cash in the free cash freeway.