Pressure Cooker #2, 2-23-18

Friday, February 23rd


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Back to rub anybody and gone on 98 rock. I think KR excuse guy. Pat Bradley you. Just wrapped that thing. We're not gonna renamed on anybody her husband. So and then move the magazine with a vividly when way to game the most everything you know the music coming into yet more email is so good it turns into this thing. His first ones from Andy Andy now about dawn whining. And he says oh my god that's so Ron and Harry Connick junior is gave way Don sisters concerts aids he had juror how I get neither in this makes me not like him even more that's messed I'm sorry I. Yeah personal business needs an eighth when he showed beyoncé and T Drake on June. Yeah government yeah. Obviously this note mega day. Says I think they must be missing something are you still love Chris rock's old stuff and hearing Brendan and rob recommendation I was excited for the new one. I got through over half of it before finally turning it off total. Why does besides few chuckles I thought it was terrible things just didn't see his funny at all compared to anything he has done in the past and it was almost putting me to sleep. My wife did falsely gloves one minutes and because she didn't like it either that's what I actually expected don't and I am very low I love Chris Rock. But then what I've seen him do recently Academy Awards things like that in just. No good I did not expect bunting and just talking about it on on very show but man I I laughed and I'd really likes. It was simply not as high energy is as his previous standards specials he didn't seem to kind of talk a lot more than you know Janet jokes because that's just Apollo that's the climate there were any and he was just being a lot more real and rob this time we show up. These. What we're talking about strep throat move the throat viruses going around envoy and other core septic throat spray is helpful as I know I mean I've gone through a case summit last week. Well there's no words about ninety seconds and you back on the air to your stupid radio show and your throat hurts again the standard I am real problems there. Well the way I do it and does let me see what Bob just so I hope you find. Thank you. Sure currently send us an intern and America's most. Popular game show these days and if you they call their version fast money I'm far more generous man toasty marble Cambridge courses are a lot of our. It could pick a little personality anymore I'm thirty seconds plus my questions for just in June live on the radio rude or even my question. Polls hash tag blame Brandon they spread the on the right the pressure cooker got to get five right thirty seconds or parenting is to see Eddie Izzard. Tomorrow night stand up comedy and the silver legacy no Yo-Yo yo bit grand exit and oh yeah. Yeah. I thought that's what minute mark. Most of the day. Less is more it's my fault lies like obviously I obviously hit the encore septic toolbar I decide where and I'm video we Odeo. Past and going yeah. Great I mean yeah it is that I am only yellow morning. I and that may have all right here's another middle name actors tell us your thoughts on your part in the beginning when I finish reading the first question. That one's instinct it's designed to meet anybody could Trippi up because of the pressures and take the moment of OK so solid and her base seen little bit numbers in both. They got to get four more runs probably thirty seconds to get until five. And win your tickets you can pass as many questions as you want as a go through my won't tell you if you're right or wrong Labatt reread the questions give you never want playing along at home the answers and remember. I think the first thing you say animal eats. So they. Say. Harry Connick junior the Cummings junior the annual as sirens or do you have any questions. Good luck. And he shot just lol I schedule. True or false there are thirty days in the month of July. What kind of animals would be in the movie frequently. Natural substances harder. Would or diamond. Nice that it's what almost to the southern Florida. The world what did you mean they important. What is the hard white stuff LT plus to me you know to do it to its tight race is set. Oh. All right now we buzzer as long as we start to question. We allow you to answering count that was the seventh question all right elite. As if she did true or false there are thirty days in the month of July she took her time and said false. Thirty days that's true. That's allied to and I kind of handle. So frequent and Terry go about it. Every question there are 31 total there is that there are thirty there are thirty pitted tricky we wanted to set the true or false. All we know that you don't pointed it out what the candidates. How we feel about her answer on what kind of animal was Willie in the movie free Willey she said orca and as far as I said. Kind of animal was excellent center. I'm tired of fighting a few people yeah. Which natural substances harder thing. Woods OK or diamond she's a dark. And. Woods fadeaway how did he ask. The same would they had this same critical acclaim I mean they do you 9/11 there. What goal is to the south of Florida she said the Gulf of Mexico. I'm credits for Mexico. In the tech world what does PC stand for she said personal from. What does the hard white stuff. The elephant tusks are made of cheese and ivory. Dreamed up this beautiful creatures. Oh. At the buzzer I asked the statue of liberty was gifted the US but which country she's ever Paul Brown. Clean sweep Seattle San. Think girls are on track for the. One. And now we're off next week for annual winter vacation will return following Monday which is march something or other fifth. I am and we'll have the pressure is going to be a surprise you he was installed just for a second I can tell that email out that I sent you out Palin yeah. Yeah sorry and and satellite into an imperfect as we've got pairs of tickets to go see outing in the cage and then they hiding in the summer legacy on March 16 that'll be your next pressure Booker prize when we return a week from a. Dawn show.