Pressure Cooker #2, 9-14-18

Friday, September 14th


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Anybody who don't. It's PRG dot net. You're listening to. The radio I. Females are 8 PM rap radio guy. Imagined Miriam came Marianne we're talking about a producer of clothes you show modern family Miley comes back September 26 when deserted new episodes and ABC not this early that episode sometime this season they're gonna kill off the character. We're talking about once a comedy do we have to get serious he is he's making it sound like in his interviews he's going to be darkened unity theory often but he said. Not a main character but a significant character and so once we talked it through and then that maggot that called man up and said that at the the east. Now it seems like a lot of people are gone all cash makes that would work well yes and so a lot of people are embracing that Clinton is it that potential storm or another this character named Haley. That sort of dot SE oldest daughter so let them do you main character my. Or she don't know she's again I mean I I dined on not you I'm not familiar enough for the show it's known seasoning here turnout. Bitten you know here's what's hard about that show is that there are all. Always featured she's not as prominent I mean obviously Anne O'Neil Sophia for dar act. The other two parents are expert and very calm very prominent and very hey I'm not putted and I could name. The sister who's been buried her husband and then the brother and investigate couple and their. All they're always a part of it right and the kids. You know there intertwined so I think gotten older they're not. As much a part of like amp. Re single thing as a non van that would sound to me like significant but not McCain yeah so I got them in there and says the girl that plays alien real life hasn't seriously her shoe oh had a transplant maybe she can't carry the media. You know what seemed so happy about that is that. She's always been really pretty and there was a season where she didn't look right. And people were really making fun of her like Alec how ugly she's got what age and that plastic surgery sudden she's really young. And she was just keep your health issues Friday. And it got to a point where they finally let some of that leak it was just because of his liver disease what's going on with her what was happening with just her face and her shape and everything. So at that point all of those individuals went back to social media to apologize and wish her well off. Bernie I need help for a on the shocking news right. It's one slice. CS system. Sunlight because pregnancy whisperer. I can spot abroad on TV and tell you that she's pregnant before it's announced her before she showing because you can see the life sucking out. Most prominent because I have to have it on all day long in the background with Fox News anchor that's because obviously you've ever been gone to that channel you know. That the first and only qualification for being a female on Fox News is you looked really good and miniskirts. So you want to help and sell it does not it does elevate you bet com and so they're always on display and and they are they're pretty attractive and they run the gamut of all ages and I'll look at and so I know all these phases and I'll look at these broads and calcium one day and an Ozzie and next thing I'll say it might wanna hug don't just pregnant how did she make that hasn't. She well and sure enough two weeks later yeah she's right. Now all you can sell their face was getting bad news. Colonel yellow light is on your character. Actually has no zest for life and longer. I'll play the pressure cooker. That is similar to the speed that they're not bodily danger these days Stanley you know they call their version fast money course I am far more generous man knows the heart and all right Robert your questions are harder and yeah I had beings that need eased down really Nieminen preview and look look look look I need more time thirty seconds my questions for Justin viewed live on the radio who aren't even my question. How fast they blame Brandon spread welcome he writes these things furry first grader this time really you I guess. Chrysler writes a genius for extra guy in thirty seconds again parenting is is he Billy Idol tonight at the thunder valley casino resort's outdoor amphitheater Telerate news mark hello mark. I don't know what it did you graduate first grade with. Yeah they're a good then your qualified that's not your first question here's how does that work and your time begins when I finished reading that first question. Four more after that yet thirty seconds to do it and win your ticket she impasse any questions I won't tell you right or wrong will go back I'll tell you then can we read all the questions I get to the first thing is saying mark. So he's faced Al. And they say hey he can help as your answered every questions. No I could luck true they are well I only saw. Think it's not that's the last I thought current falls boiling water is hot. Under short friendships oil and Oriole all types of what. Thirty yeah typically how do you legs is that cats have its sport what kind of beverage does that juice box contained. Bill is the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Garofalo and what is the name of Harry potters pet apple. Patent what does Fred Flintstones wearing around his neck. That would. All right that was the seventh questioned. Yeah 85 let's see how we did. First grader drew hill yeah DA mark of Freddie guys Jesus is Smart people think things are easy. Oh it's true or false boiling water is hot he said that's true. Usually about relative though Philip boiling water is not plot to release on personal. I'm getting on the spot on the morning on the back and they actually they takes these women boiling water. Short bridge at some point Oreo all types of what he's in cookie. Typically. Not always been typically how do you legs as a cat have resentful. What I asked and I only know. Adriana mover enough that you both. Lay. Dead. What kind of beverage as the juice box contained. In June. A very good and who's the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers he proved he was a man he's had to rappel. Asked all the mobile homes are going to be Madison. He passed on the name of Harry Potter is pat how wall I'm who'll be. Harry Potter fit well and every now rises out Harry Potter is the person. And we're looking for his foul tip cook. Look Harry Potter is out there ha ha ha ha why is this so difficult. I don't understand. What this is the the same owl that we found out via a joke dies or their alert how. Today you still. Hedge wig and rig and went head wig and when things with that right league ends and later some though not a factor. Crew let's stand at the buzzer I asked what does Fred Flintstones where around his neck these and necklace he's a necklace. Color it it's a tie it wears a tie. We now. Demi well where's. Pearl necklace no doubt. This do you like I don't know why a college with a bones. While it is the flags Eminem is there of their black tie event. He changes into. But I. I started strong finished week he got five. Yeah. You know. All right now Monday morning we continue with the pressure cooker we've got one more pair of tickets for you see ghosts on November 13 infantry senator theatre we got to give those away. And then once we do we say we are second pressure cooker all next week we'll be giving away tickets for you to see Deep Purple and Judas priest's clothes at the Toyota and the theater on Sunday September 30 that starts Monday bras. And Don.