Pressure Cooker #2, 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th


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Now back to rub anybody and gone on now I need rock. Fifty yards you got next. Listening to. And dawn. Obviously something. Grady red radio dot com from one of the 83 share roles that listen right unless they are. I would adjust in the magazine the little girl. And her father rather why she's an eighty Sorin syllable that's mom's favorite thing arose spelled backwards. And and she says things says no problem Lana and thus a share or is that I just wrote down the name on a hot. I can't. Very glad it is how girl of that we had this from Danny played daddy say that used to birthdays today rob I've been listening Houston's 1999. I always pay attention when you give your opinions on everything because you're so intelligent and your words so well thought out. All of regular LV sound and act more intelligence are these your drawings since the first. Little you recorded the Bryan processing your kitchen I follow step by step from my first Turkey ever in my family told my family to me was the best Turkey never had. And it was my grandma's last meal ever last mile. Come see how she died on Thanksgiving nice shot to death row hopefully she's a last Thanksgiving I'll cash my son was two when necessary listening you and he just turned 21. Today that's a math work that's a very good thanks to everyone I look forward to spending another twenty years or longer to know. Let's play in the end. These days family feud they're versions called fast money course I'm far more generous man who knows Steve art. Your question is are hearted. Yeah yeah. Have a happy birthday I give you more as high as thirty seconds my questions are just impugn. My birthday live on the radio. On my question how. Hash tag when Brandon is brand new well now he writes these things are not Beatles my birthday because his job. I've Greg thirty seconds. When I take SE Deep Purple and Judas Priest Sunday September 30 at the Toyota amphitheater caller eighteen is Camille like him you know. Good morning or yeah and you that doesn't make any questions any easier. I your time again when I finished reading the first question that one is again the issue. After that or more right first of the Jimmy is well she's almost being given its denial he might be gender it's about me and the science and nothing I expression anyway you enter the ads of five impasse. Passes many questions as you want I won't tell you right away your right or wrong will go back. And re read each of the questions and you viewing and playing along at home the answers and remember feel I think the first thing they say CJ. And I think. I think guest stars is the answer any questions. Now also I had a and nobody else so many great things don't say hello. My first couple and now it's yeah. The only true or false dolphins are fish so. Current what is the favorite fruit of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. TARP which wedding anniversary edition your birds as the golden yeah. Anniversary. It's funny car. What US agencies motto was fidelity bravery and integrity. How many teens are in the NFL. Oh forgot I had no idea. National park would you find the guys are known as old faithful snow. Well we're glad you cannot. OK okay I take that as long as long as I start the question before the buzzer we take your hands that was the sixth question I keep. Well all right let's say. Sensitive schoolgirl killer falls dolphins or fish she said certain. This follows. The this is there any three news. Mammals might remember there's some former fish are mammals and run. Okay the pressure whenever and you know we we we we could probably even argue about about being nice over that when it mattered it doesn't trust okay yeah what is the favorite food of the teenage mutant ninja turtles she said past. He is a to me. I'll tell us which way anniversaries traditionally the first is the golden wedding anniversary since all that bad. This is at fifty that's so twice hit the silver and fifty only physical as the golden wedding and it don't are you had your. Then she passed on what US agencies motto is fidelity bravery integrity of the US agency yes fidelity. Bravery integrity well armed forces and our brains are not but far. Della the bar raid her re being this is their motto in half. Beyond me. OK she passed. Hasn't had since how he needs a big that was seven times I said Coleman. I'm eighteen during the NFL she says something like oh for God's sakes I don't know. Winning by 32 movies that's an owner thank you she could set a number. And then at the buzzer I said in which national park would you find the guys are known as old faithful she's allies that I Yosemite. Sandra Pelosi on the other Y yeah. I guess she got zero U. Right yeah. Announcing T. Yeah. Can commend them. Yeah. Including these. The news to me you are unique. Yeah the only are now until somebody ties you the only person that lets you. No pressure no winner would play the pressure cooker twice tomorrow for your chance both times a Deep Purple and used. And dawn show.