Pressure Cooker 3-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th


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You've got now. Sound of the printed out email all Marty read graded on how. And similar but now I'm needs actually helps bring it out. I'll sounds similar but the Internet weird today as we remember the FaceBook posts I think it's always different paper. It's and no we got from Christine tiger seeing she says I know everyone always talks about how the first thing we noticed on Amanda's are nice big tough task ahead. Slots. He says I would just say a man even though you do you have pretty round. It was your pretty smiled and caught all all alone. And I amazed well. These days family feud they call their version. Fast money of course I'm far more generous about post Steve Harvey bull K but your questions are harder the the way. First of all give you more time thirty seconds my questions which were just in June blood on the radio bread food aren't even my question. State plane and spend your welcome Miranda rights the impression from your questions vibrant thirty seconds this time for a pair of tickets you came to the cage. Presents an evening of live MMA fights. Our batters out his works you're tiger begins when I finish reading the first question how. I had to read yesterday's news and bad move when he all of those questions and dude only got three that was but he was kind of stupid to all of you pass on how many Doe's this. This team incidentally have. And her own now usually the first question is did he let you display just know it. But this this is more than you I don't know it or you don't starter Schuker. For the first question you Lyndon resource stick into the game about halfway to a 5050 proposition so I mean at least that's the good news brand because it's still true false high. Question after that. I let my went well I don't know which one I would just acts on. Is there question is there that super easy could switch your list are gonna start screwing and Brandon I'm okay. Gonna talk smack about. You pretty sure Salisbury and you gotta get. Or more right to be a bad first one against all. Oh I play and win your tickets you passes many questions as you want even that first one ton can anyone think one of the two choices. As we go through them I'm not gonna tell you if you're right or wrong about three questions so you and everybody is playing along at home. What the very difficult to get answers were I am I remember. And I don't think the first thing you say so he's a top house and he's a smile I am today talk Zaza as your answer to integrate. I don't I. I actually do you think you can do this you just a stay focused Dario out time. True or false the Eiffel Tower is taller than the statue of liberty. So how many fingers of the Simpsons cartoon there. Current streak in which US stay. Can find mount Rushmore. There's got hurt in a blizzard of toss what did you scarecrow one from the wizards. February. What does the smallest state in the US. Parent co was the lead singer of the band between us. There at the buzzer she even got a band you I have. All of that was the sixth breast killing these five all right let's go back and see how we did the first one was this true or false question through. They had the Eiffel Tower is taller than the statue of liberty is that common knowledge that I don't know last night and I don't know yet has yet to gas right yeah yeah I guess is that I could tell -- looks pretty tall I was so does is that who it is true Rihanna and Rihanna and juries did you guests on that one or did or or or do you think you knew it. And I told yes she said true. And Fraser has given us their tallest thing. We don't. I don't zags are this bad again Paul Paul Paul and by the way it and fun. Sure it's not even close it's just one of those things I don't know how you know what the Eiffel Tower is 984 feet. This attitude liberties 305000. Easily I an ideology and if you include the the tower though though the radio towers and I'm on my ass out of the scene inside myself I snow yeah. Miss February took a huge email they see these ads you have anything. And it can be tricky because there. Well Steve is surrounded by Alice Waters the lady is taller than it looks next question how many fingers of the Simpsons cartoon characters have she said through. Yeah 44. Or yellow fingers even notice that. Oh with all the same reasons why you are. I hear these younger late 1920 games. In nineteen drive yeah there's. Even let me in. Nineteen. Holds no actually I finally admits. Not years old. It's in which US stay would you climb mount Rushmore she said north the governor. You're so close south south to the outside aid a mount Rushmore. Pennsylvania yeah. The rocks of the president Roosevelt Lawson thanks Jeff old cell site even. Falcon Colonna. Just outside the rough rider down here. In the wizard of what the scarecrow I want to win the moment she said a brain. Terrain that's another woman in the moment I was leg. Let's read Brian's questions and figure out how well I know them that was I had to go through which takes a few guys in the hearts and could go lion wanna encourage jam. Came in one of the car and it doesn't like what did that in the end it's near zero Craig yeah. Remote Pacific what does the smallest stadium as she said something like Rhode Island. That's close enough as it is and she passed on to with the singer of the band queen the highest Mercury. Is a coup there fiance and friend. And jump through the last. She got some sort of bug god damn and or something from a man. It wouldn't have mattered you know would've gotten that Julia Louis. Answer now let me out you didn't get these tickets away my friend and I am yeah. And learn and that's usually OK thank. I got tomorrow's scheduled pressure cooker in front of me so there red banners are automatically starting to email us am. And telling us that the Simpsons on three fingers and one far. Oscar you know he's now oh no it's still Lehman digits and everybody knows it. No and no and plus it doesn't matter she's only gotten four rat the you sell now comes gonna. Knowing that yes the leadoff man made me and I mean like delete them from ten. Are missing. Tomorrow obviously still have MMA tickets for Friday night into Toshiba a C would they do that yes and see what Brandon has plans you're OK first I want okay that's pretty easy is that going on all boy. Yeah okay name means cats you have kind of a chance to win. Tomorrow in the pressure.