Pressure Cooker 3-17-17

Friday, March 17th


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Anybody and gone on 98 rock. I think TR XQ dot net. You're listening to. Anybody and. All right. Sorry you ran radio dot com. We did our same man. After state audio. Matters can be random I am going Donna than last. Ever painted Steen says Irish trivia wheel sympathizing whenever Irish trivia was awesome well. Except for dawn I want to change its gentler time she opened her complaining now. Oh that's so sad. You just shut up and suck it trivial like all adults do body to show us. Pressure from. Popular game show these days Stanley feud they call it fast money of course I'm far more generous than that host Steve learn rally amateur courses are harder. I am. I give you more times thirty seconds plus my questions which were just in June live on the radio and just under normal circumstances designed for a fourth grader in she asked level what we're seeing today feet I don't know that applies to a fourth grader because today it anyway and got in front of me everybody knows the first 12 one. That's tough third one's third C a third one of an adult should know and a fourth grader shouldn't know how my day. Our fourth one I think fourth grader knows that if one fans went into my name and the point is we don't have forced British plane I hope not so idea five right in thirty seconds. You win a pair of tickets to see corn lie. A long. With a bunch of bands dawn was never heard of that never stone sour and eighty metal. Yell wolf an islander heard Ari Thursday June 22. And the shoreline amphitheater in Mountain View California caller 18 is Eric Good Morning America. Ordered our here's how this works did. Time will begin when I finish reading the first question that one is a total gimme so you should get it which means you really have to get four right in the following thirty seconds. To get your total of five right you can pass as many questions as you want I won't tell you as we go through if you're right around the time nobody in the your time but have. Or eight all I'm going to go back in Panama after work you Jelena all of the people there. Do you know we know you don't get Jolie threw on his scale really people are your grandmother FaceBook and right now stand a damn all caps stand. Seeing as a sought after and say. Delete that person well found and remember. I do not think the first thing you say so you Shea if you say shut up many say socket. And they show up there's your answer the questions and marrow blood buddies true order. Our area are true or false. Today is Saint Patrick's Day. Or the national flag of Ireland is green white and what color. Hurt the saint james' gate brewery in Dublin is home to a famous Irish now be you're just according to false legend what reptiles in saint Patrick driver out of Ireland. And it. Bono was the Irish lead singer of what band U2 what major American city dies for. The greens celebrate today. Often what cable news channel was still early on its. First since the. You're not suffering hack now saw him. So I didn't start started karaoke guy said yeah campaign are back. Act as seven question how bad I get vibrancy awaited sure falsity is Saint Patrick's Day he claims that's true. The national flag of Ireland is green white and what color he said read I think it's. Orange orange who know what I read was rightly vertical lines. Around the east saint james' gate brewery in Dublin is on what famous Irish stout beer he said Guinness. And I would say given the way I phrase the question and everything trying to help. According to false legend what reptiles at saint Patrick drive out of Ireland peace and snake. There were no snakes there was seen Almeida. But always the Irish lead singer boy band he said YouTube. Major American city die its river green celebrate today he said Boston. Well yeah Chicago's. As the Chicago river although Boston is the home to the very first saint Patrick's dates parade and celebration ever. Because an American invent an holiday that down we forced the Irish are celebrating them because we won't give them for an eight if we don't. I don't exclude people that way. And that's the basic history. Oh man could don't answer that seeing collapsed it. And today off it and they did every other day off from the Internet they'll put what cable news channel was Bill O'Reilly on get it. I am a dead fox good now. I did to others. We'll see you guys know I. They help us figure out the theme. So both I will bet they're both little tough that's why put them at the end of two anybody know what the free no Google me okay. Think I yeah. Oh in the air anybody know what the phrase every AB but not everybody be a Lotta Lotta times on this day you hear eagle rock right. And we know what Erin go brawl means forever Ireland. And I am Ireland forever but I would have taken that forever Ireland Ireland forever and I. I'm wrong you know and I go broke. And that organization the actual Irish phrase and Obama well we turn in Erin go yeah. Forever Ireland or Ireland for a and the other one corned beef comes from what parts of the towel. I'll look I'll I'll older. The stomach now Pakistan run in the bottom half shoulders close in this sense I think it technically comes from the brisket. Which is just under the top site of the cal below the shoulder but actually called the restore the sober sided nationally. And those are tough cuts requiring long slow cooking take and that's all corn beef isn't brisket the pickles the typical risk sting. Just got a tour of the meat department at Texas Tech wow and they had this good time. Bearing interest steamed but yeah mark on this chat show here and meet some. On this seven question that the Eric got a wide variety. And yeah me now not only him but yeah on June. Renew the events in her own and we'll have more corn tickets on Monday. And in the pressure.