Pressure Cooker 3-19-18

Monday, March 19th


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Love anybody in John. BMI. Funding and all this is from name withheld came first. She writes I work for a preschool in a head start preschool we are required to weigh and measure the kids are BMI graphs in preschool. If fans are underweight overweight or obese they receive nutritional and activity information and are offered consultation with the school districts dietitian. It is a federal requirement for our funding to be able to save head start preschool I hated. I've worked for health clubs for 37 years and I know the BMI is outdated garbage. Explain the parent and their child is obese is extremely touchy they think you're saying something is wrong when their child all the job they're doing as a parent. Did find their daddy to the dawn. Long term they're costly do those test Friday they get. Not every parent takes their kid to a doctors still early sure the school doesn't the school doesn't know how. Running here's one from please don't use my name a person she says when I was in high school if you did not pass those five tests and we talked about earlier. They may June tape PE in your junior and senior year or until you passed. Well everyone else could be done to be after their sophomore year so there is the punishment mechanism released her school he can't pass. Ask those five out of six test you keep taking PE NC neither graduate are finally can pass them off. She says take our BMI we would have to go to room with a few other kids and they would take our height and make a step on a scale that measured or BMI. I pass but I was still embarrassed when that is just. Brennan described is an. Just like now I better. About her daughter yeah will be you know meet. That's our funding schools and on the water and only I got a fact yeah. Yeah that's why the pressure grows daily journey in a similar to the speed round and America's most popular game show these days Stanley if you call their version fast money course. Far more generous amount host Steve Harvey what ever your question is are harder day in Baghdad. Personal you know more I'm thirty seconds my questions which were just in June live on the radio or lose my even my questions. Hash tag by Brandon and human rights pressure cooker questions this week if you get by Brady thirty seconds you. When compared to Vegas to see Morris day and the sorrow we know we. So it will be at the crest theatre in Sacramento California on Saturday. 31 Hillary team is just an I love Justin. They don't. Say how old are yours others were just in your time begins when I finish reading the first question which is Guinea. Mean he really only have to get four right following thirty seconds first hole five when you take it you can pass as many questions as you want. As I go throwing I'm not going to should translate to Ryder wrong on the back reread each question you view. And everyone playing along at home only answers or member asked take the first thing you say. So do you say overweight and and you say obese plastic overweight as are answered any questions. I could. True or false first warns live in the sky. Well what do what food do these make using the nectar from my. What country is home of the kangaroo the Foster global triangle and square are all types of one's. Here let her do it. What kind of what I fear is market as the king of Budweiser. It was entertaining of the Greek gods AKA the god of thunder. Board which holds. But Delorean merit points to start the question. Beforehand so are we allowed an answer that was the seventh question really Ireland see how he did shortfalls performs live in the sky decent fall. I mean this guy forms hello all only doubt I he's earth. What soon to be easy use what food v.s made using the nectar from flowers he said Ari. Aren't coming yeah they're coming back okay thank you bend and by the way there are just a quick. So important until they're on you can't walk around hypocritical east. Stan how many intellectual credibility stating that. Human beings. Are air again and shouldn't try to control nature and shout out to the policy in which we should try to control nature. Owner know there are people that like hey man don't just treat people a day try these these guys and our answers. So doctor Paul see the. We have been shouting is seen the bees since the Haditha decent. Do we not fine. There are important yes we should be and the sands species. In disappear from the earth every 25 the day and yet we're all still here. I'm sure that the earth would find a way to mutate so if they lost since they dual otherwise. EA you unlock and yes a long list so to construction workers are under way by iRobot. What country is the kangaroo reset Australia. I. Mobile triangle and square all types of what we have very specific you can just say shades season. Your mantra train. Just taken takes us. What beer is marketed as the king of Beers he says but why. It was the king of the Greek gods AKA the god of thunder that's where we are very specific he said full. This sort of got he is a thunder god he's not the king of the Greek guy. That would be what Amanda said slow Zeus and then at the buzz Horace and which sports car was used in the eighties film back in the future he said the lowering. The doors and open upwards. Isn't this why there and the creator of the Delorean used sued to shuttle cocaine yeah Danny's shift cocaine was in the arsenic. Stainless steel built they contracted it didn't go look at. All are Justin he had six right now. The guy who who started the war. We will play the pressure heard in tomorrow for another pair of tickets to see Morris day and time. Dawn show.