Pressure Cooker 3-20-17

Monday, March 20th


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Back to the rub anybody and don't show on 98 rock. I think TR SQ darknets. Listening to them. And and dawn mission. Call them any time man he need 999011. Or listen on line and ran radio about. Granted it. Grant and on yeah did you see that's that's the only thing I didn't time fellows sleep sorry. Yeah really. Really good good plays find links. Episodes we've been waiting for him. I gave slightly down day certainly a solid a big given but you know my opinion. Of having watched it. While little tired but I laughed. And M and amp. And listen to actually be any classic you're watching and I'm tired this or it's a sea and I was just looking for any reason left but I think I don't think so yeah because it but it includes. But it includes two main story lines and one of them in this is usually the death knell for the show and an a OK I. And maybe this is because personal all of us she goes in the roller derby Hollowell. So funny what you today Elena sitting sport for May do meanwhile Peter Peters are. Here's starts a food truck all that seats are. I read in the description because I wanted to make sure it was a new episode coming out and when I read that he was gonna start a food truck I thought that. This going to be pretty good it is they'd say they they nailed it. What's he serve readers I get away well he would veto it they well. So Lois and go to the jokes are still there's not like ruining their second game of drones to. Lois goes off I mean that the show starts with this wonderful satire of Netflix and what it's like to watch Netflix. Which I doubt I won't ruin the joke where and then it Lois goes on this health care. And turns the family into a bunch of deacons. Now so Peter rebels. And real inserts cooking food in this car. He makes these ridiculous combinations of bread and meat and hot dogs in season Cadbury free man. And then and then allow every other man in town that has also seen the same documentary that Lois saw that made her made them begin. So they all start come into his car go to her room that's feels really good to be tougher standards. So he opens up a food truck and is the worst imaginable is the only joke ballroom Korea the name of the food truck is eat my John. Pressure from your brains out. The pressure for her work is. Lord this year. Most popular game show these days Stanley feud they call it fast money Scion are more generous than that host Steve Harvey. You're questions are harder and first of all you need more time thirty seconds plus my questions which were just tune on the radio real. Are designed. Shoe is level. Had a mirror in front of me now the first one is. It's it's always a do you mean I will say that I'm upping the ante just a little this week on the first ones and you know the first one should be a Guinea today and really should be. But I sure maturity well underneath it what my. Off second 14 grader has no idea all right third 14 Bruno's fourth on no idea fifth one no idea. 61 and no idea okay look you're not fourth grader that was easy yeah get five right in thirty seconds if you do you win a pair of tickets to see corn life. Thursday June 22 along with stone sour. They don't add up yelled no no that's a ban baby metal. Yellow walls and islander Lucian now. Their all of the shoreline amphitheater and now you California tolerate our I mean they're at it as Jamie dawn doesn't mean that high Janie good morning. Hi good morning Harry. I here's how this works Cheney your time will begin when I finish reading the first question that one is pretty close to a game you really should get it Han. Golf I which means you really want to get four right in the following thirty seconds get your total of five that you need in order to win you can pass as many questions as you want. I will not tell you as we go through the questions whether you're right or wrong but yes people laugh I will go back and add them up live on the air you yell at them. Scam always emailers I call the I really tell her she's just of course we are at all. Chest hurts and the remember I think the first thing you say so you say truck and they say. There will be an take food truck is your first answer do you have any questions game now I can. True or false today is the first day of spring series. It's your half black half white argue more lobs no formal launch now. Come on out. Is good banana fruit or vegetable. Fruit if you're a sex is an area and you are at least how many years old. Fast. In one million Patrick Tracy famously saved. Ask. Courtesy Rory I was the first movie to star whom is James months. At the. A little all. All the only aired SR for those view than heard kind of an edited version of that but during one of the questions she went oh boy I can't have it and it hurt so. I made only that he's the questionable repeal malls or go through a year and a half alone paying our cash he had six questions okay are these. Yes lets it out and all of a right there tour false today is the first day of spring she said true. When you do you remember. Oh man this sort of get high and I. And I did this remember. That's what happened I just say it anyway what is debut and Hammond knows this is what I do. If you're half black half white or you Milan doe or Milan know she said Milan know. Simon and I'm ready to laugh or Alyssa I'm I had lost yet though there are a lot of dough with a is a banana fruit or vegetables she said fruit. If you're a sex engineering you were at least how many years old she passed 6060. So and I like sixteen. How 69 year old in this scenario except that I okay thanks. And then if you're seventy you're a seven these areas. A set with experience. If you're eighty you're octogenarian. You talk to Andrea and uniting your dad. I should pass on this one and what movie did Patrick Swayze famously saying nobody puts baby in the corner that's where she constantly asks and then pass dirty didn't need. And I passed casino Royale was the first movie star who was James Bond and she passed on that angle Greg there we go so. She got. Two. It's your. Crazy dance card. Yeah even if Satan. Willow and give away another pair of tickets to see format tomorrow morning and the pressure.