Pressure Cooker 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on. He rocked. Anybody any. And dawn. Sorry he had ran as a radio dot com it's right. I'm Shelby vice drink your. Breaks I'm flying to New York the first star. Do you now have to thank you very entertaining meanwhile a drive to San Francisco I am nervous about flying though all of your stingers in the hand are easy. Running through. My city daily call them every now. Those things that could happen. The danger these days and the few they call their version fast money. Of course I'm far more generous than that host Steve Harvey who cares or questions are harder. Please can you get into. Why give you more time thirty seconds plus my questions which were just in human alive on the radio rude Arnie and my questions cool hash tag blame. But the Purdue services. Hey producer we have unleashed a man. I knew OK ASU the pressure well both she and Brandon are submitting the question how Nevada which one of them might give Chet. Either way getting you five right thirty seconds for a pair of tickets to see collective soul live in concert say Saturday may fifth that's a good tomorrow. Ran as part Mexicans and the shows that the silver legacy grand exposition hall in Reno Nevada college scene is Thomas hello Tom asks. Current that's worth your time will begin when I finished reading the first question which is beginning after that yet for more right now following thirty seconds for a total of five. And when your ticket she can pass as many questions as you want as we go through my won't tell you if you're right or wrong. We'll go back reread each question for you and everyone playing on home and remember Tom asks how high. I have to take the first thing you say police say Brandon and they say Amanda as big brand and as your answered any questions. Note there all right good luck at all you. Thing. Here kind enhance our. I'm not a claim to be buoyed by true you have it your living up to it true or false. The sun is a star. Her name the first African American president of America. Obama which actor appeared to American graffiti before star and Star Wars. What color is Marge Simpson's hair. The world Lake Tahoe was between the borders of which cheese steaks the California Nevada as the CEO for Amazon. What is the legal voting age in the United States. It is sterilize. At the buzzer he got the answer end and that was his eight question million. Hi Larry let's see how it goes through Susie if I didn't I didn't look at all the I wants him and guess which ones Amanda root me meets. Insurer falls the sun is also star or is a star is that your. In the first African American president he said Obama. Last name's Ian and Barack Obama. Which and I passed on this from this and Amanda this Amanda. From which actor appeared to American graffiti before Star Wars I was not I'm so pretty. The answer in borrowers Null and I mean well yeah president question I would think Amanda and even more than that is the answer is Luke. OK first of all we wouldn't we wouldn't accept the characters' names a little toddler Leslie I'm just gonna saying. I and I don't know the answer doesn't she says blue cross seamer camel brilliant really know what no other and I thought it was an Amanda question is harassing her. And you need him to love their ironies are whose teaser act. He's too pocket and it to death right he's not Greg he's not knowing really rather not do that now. And she block I would like saints and get the whole. But. Come on let's lose money there is a land line the millennium falcon money is only one man behind. Let the heat so he's giving you my word clue is I am down there and I should be getting it. It's right there he. It's borrower alert his character's dead now you know I know I saw. Okay I'm married to lift the flock. Yeah is that the book and doesn't care. Wasn't helpful. Could it wouldn't do and apparently they're okay that's all he's. Saying now saying ads are girl. Laura. You often don't Ali McBeal reference. Me what color is Marge Simpson's Mary said. Enthusiastically how. Lake Tahoe is between and finally is it blew down that archived a half an arsonist or not she's not an hardwood floors just turn that you know there's a porno there has to be right there is it blew the porno in the day. Don't know either. Guys like Morgan Stanley I'd porno sometimes. Sometimes Lois is as hardwood floors and sometimes she's got the fire crotch weren't they don't know I'm not really focus on the blue and focusing on the think that. Lake Tahoe is between that the board of trustees say that California Nevada. Asked on what is the C who is the CEO brands on her bays bays those Jeff birdie there is those answers to take and I want. I did Solana what is the illegal voting age United States he's at eight the a man at the buzzer I asked him dead or alive Don Imus and he said dad. Learn all see his career is dead and the whole locker room nightclub for God's side where he's gonna happen in my glove. Grandchildren drums down for a women earn moon an interval of drones but I Hugh Grant park. Tom mascot five round. This makes him. Yeah yeah. One. And now we have another pair of collective sold tickets to avoid tomorrow in the pressure cooker and there will be a scene and I see. Another Hansen the C. They all are written by only Moran and you know he's very familiar. He and he's. He had gone.